Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alzheimer's Society of Canada Causing Brain Damage

Continued from part 1...........

It takes a lot of effort and coordination to get 80% of the world to do one thing or another, even if it is positive. If I invited 100 people to go for an organic barbeque on a cruise ship (on a hot sunny day) you still are not going to get 80% compliance.

Getting 80% of the world on drugs and accepting of their worst lives takes so much coordination, it literally baffles the mind. That is where most main stream charities come in.

They front themselves as a group fighting a disease but they often just end up towing the line by endorsing drugs, holding back any information that would cure the disease, down playing the nutritional foundation of the disease and playing "nice nice" with any other group who is doing the same. Why are charities doing this?

Well, generally the people behind such charities are heavy on the "caring" but a little "light" on the processes that actually create the groups they are trying to help. By not understanding that drugs cause disease and that food cures disease, these charities continually raise money for companies who sell drugs and block diet information that would cure the targeted disease.

This "do gooder" effect could very well be the corner stone upon which the collapse of our civilization is built upon. This "do gooder" effect is also highly an endless supply of disease causing charity events parade through our town on a weekly basis, with no one the wiser.

There is nothing more dangerous than people trying to do good without knowing if it is working or not. (and not really caring long as they make the paper and are perceived as a swell guy or swell gal)

I know a swell guy who works a good 16 hours per day destroying his health. When he takes a break from destroying his own health, you will usually find him behind one of many disease charities in town. Regardless of what fund raising drive you find him at, the event always serves foods that cause the targeted disease and the money raised goes to drug companies who in turn create more disease with toxic medications, surgeries etc. (the same companies receiving the charity money also suppress any nutritional cures for the disease)

My options are to tell him he is killing his fellow citizens or let him continue to kill his fellow citizens, in order for him to feel like a swell guy. Both options are equally grim and that is how far we have come down this road of insanity.

It doesn't help when charities are infiltrated by the enemy. Click here or here to see such an example where the Diabetes Association teamed up with Schweppes/Cadbury (the largest sugar distributor in the world). Not soon after, the President of the Diabetes Association actually came forward questioning sugar's role in the disease......with many diabetic zombies cheering on the indirect order to consume excess sugar at will. If sugar does not cause type II diabetes why is it cured in as little as 7 days when excess sugar is removed from the diet?

Bottom line is this. If someone you know is relying on any charity for their disease information, they are literally gambling with life itself. If someone you know is raising money for these charities, they should be aware that they are part of the huge drive I talked about in the first paragraph......about the mass coordination it takes to make this many people sick at the same time. Sorry to say but true.

Today people are literally going out and raising money for the same companies and forces that gave them their disease or actually ended the lives of their loves ones prematurely..............and there is no shortage of takers to this classic scam.

To fix this massive problem someone (somewhere) would have to admit they are wrong but we all know the chances of that happening are slim to you need to take care of yourself. It always comes down to the control coming back into your hands.

Lets go to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada's website and see what I just described above. On this page we see the charity playing "nice nice" with the government regarding The Canadian Food Guide. There is one problem with that. The Canadian Food Guide has not only been proven corrupt (large companies playing a game of bribe "leap frog" with each other to have the consumption of their products increased) but the food guide has been proven to cause obesity and disease due to it's corrupt foundations.

Then we go to this page for a recipe that is supposed to give you a healthy brain. Instead of going over everything that is wrong with this recipe and how it will facilitate cellular damage in anyone who eats it (including brain damage) I have linked articles to each highlighted word to prove just how unhealthy this recipe really is.

Tex Mex Scrambled Eggs

1 tbsp margarine, divided 15 mL
1/4 cup each chopped red pepper and green onion 50 mL
3 tbsp finely chopped sodium-reduced ham 45 mL
1 pasteurized carton liquid eggs (250 mL)
1/4 cup milk 50 mL
Pinch ground cumin and chili powder
1/3 cup mild salsa (optional) 75 mL
1/4 cup shredded, reduced-fat Cheddar cheese 50 mL
8 slices, whole grain with flax toast

Like I said, it takes a huge effort to make 80% of the population diseased and dysfunctional. Like most other main stream disease charities (who only stay alive as long as the disease is alive) the Alzheimer's Society of Canada is working around the clock to do their part.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Regular Items That Cause Dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimers

Click here or watch the same video below regarding all the items, which contain hidden traces of aluminum. This toxic metal (and all other toxic metals) decays the brain by getting caught in the brain tissue. Once toxins are caught in the brain tissue the immune system continually focuses its' attack on the poison, literally opening fire on the area with a blast of free radicals. (those free radicals being generated by the immune system itself)

With the aluminium being very difficult to remove from the body and with the constant ingestion of unhealthy foods (a precursor to most disease), the immune system's bombardment of the area never ceases.........ending with the areas of dead tissue these diseases are famous for.

The cause of most diseases are toxins, in conjunction with nutritionally depleted the nutrition in live organic food holds the key to transporting the toxins safely out of the body. The worst foods of course hold the most toxins. That means the toxic loads are the highest in processed foods, with the same processed foods having almost no ability what so ever to help the body remove the poisons. Think about it like moving toward your worst life at warp speed.

The people who eat unhealthy foods are also most likely to seek toxic drug treatments instead of considering diet and lifestyle changes to address their loss of vitality.

It is easy to pinpoint people who live inside this cycle. You greet them as any other person and they start into a long rant about drugs, doctors, their pain, their diseases, upcoming medical tests, the results of past medical tests, their disease being genetic and very rare, new appointments coming up with out of town specialists etc etc. You know the type. You see them 6 years later and guess what............they are more sick even though all they do is take drugs, talk to doctors who sell drugs and never change their lifestyle. Imagine that.

Do you think that the Alzheimer's Society of Canada tells their members about the items highlighted in the video above, proven to cause Alzheimers? Do you think the Alzheimer's Society of Canada sells natural cures on their website or drugs and treatments? (treatments mean you coach the disease to stay around as long as possible....they also call it "managing the disease".........just like managing a business but there are no rewards...only failures and more disease) Take a look for yourself by visiting their site.

Building a hospital at the bottom of a steep cliff and caring for the people as they fall down the cliff is not sound charity work.

In the next blog I will review a "healthy brain" recipe on the website of The Alzheimer's Society of Canada and prove (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that consuming it will cause a full out disease state in the body, which includes cellular brain damage.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Government Promoters of Vaccines - On Payroll of Vaccine Companies

Click here or watch the same video below to find out what happened when leading health authorities, who endorse vaccines, were investigated regarding their financial ties with vaccine manufacturers.

Oddly enough the same parties and government bodies who endorse vaccines we also at this secret meeting (not so secret anymore) in Norcross Georgia where concrete links between Autism and vaccines were established and then subsequently covered up.

Before the general public will get the truth about vaccines parents will have to admit they have potentially endangered the safety of themselves and more importantly their children, by believing in a system that has no track record of making people healthy. That means not only will adults have to admit they may have been conned, they will have to admit they may have been conned by one of the weakest sales pitches you could place the people they were relying on to make them healthy...........have never made anyone healthy. (other than victims of acute care emergencies etc).

Conventional medical doctors will also have to come forward with similar admissions and investigate the historical role of conventional medicine in the act of controlling certain segments of the population through chemical manipulation, premature death etc. (I apologize for the graphic images at the end of that video)

(click here to view the population report penned for Jimmy Carter by Henry Kissinger referred to in the prior link)

Can't say any of that will be coming around soon. Do your homework. The name of the game for the parties involved in vaccination is.........if you can tell a lie loud enough and long enough then everyone will eventually believe it as it works itself into every nook and cranny of society.

After this process is complete the human ego takes it from there without any more manipulation needed by the original parties. Basically the first story out wins..... regardless of proof, logic or rational thought. The human ego believes it is too intelligent to be sold a fib or untruth and is therefore more likely to continue with the fib as compared to admitting fault.

Tame the ego and investigate why 80% of North Americans are overweight, diseased and in debt. It could very well set you up for your best life. At this point in the game, you are forced to be your own teacher. Not exactly the most widely sought after role in a society based on third parties dictating the lives of most citizens, on a minute by minute basis. It is a choice. You don't have to be sick.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vaccine Cripples Soldier

Click here or watch the same video below in order to view what a vaccination did to this American solider. "Vaccines help more people than they hurt", is what medical professionals parrot out in the media but where is the proof that vaccines help anyone?

Have you noticed that medical authorities never track the general population after their vaccinations to collect the data, which would end the ongoing debate of vaccine safety once and for all?

Why do you think conventional doctors do not track the health of their vaccinated patients in order to prove that vaccines provide immunity to the targeted disease?

Too bad the people getting the vaccines (like this solider) are not aware of why their health history is not documented before or after each vaccine.

Dr. Sherill Tenpenny reviews some unqiue information about vaccines. Think vaccines have anything to do with health? You may want to listen in on Dr. Tenpenny's lecture.

Want to know the long term plan for getting everyone vaccinated? The answer is government employment. The person who gave this soldier the vaccine never questioned his orders because of the almighty dollar and the solider himself also fell prey to the same wage control. Think you would not hurt your fellow man or stand in line to get poisoned for money............because it happens everyday.

Government workers poisoning other government workers.......that is what happened in the video above. The people getting poisoned might want to find out why they are being poisoned because people like me (who write these sorts of articles) already know why.

You would think the targets of a scam would be the most interested in this sort of information but then again..........that is maybe why they are the targets. Help someone you love understand what is happening and then spread the word, one person at a time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stories of Drug Free Disease Reversal - Using Diet and Lifestyle

Click here or watch the same video below of modern medical doctor (Dr. John McDougall) curing patients of many different diseases with the exact same diet.

The diet Dr. McDougall uses builds health and the body does the rest. Just like when a cut heals on the body, the body is always in a permanent state of healing. We don't really have to do anything. All we need to do is support the body and not fight against it.

Medication poisons the body and surgeries tax the body's nutrition stores beyond what is available during a disease crisis. Both options worsen health. Both options do not address the causes of the illness. Both options set up a state of "make believe" health for the patient. Both options are designed to make the patient a permanent customer of a system that profits most when people are sick. Both options have never worked, people are catching on and millions are taking independent control of their health.

People who are healthy have the rest of the day to do what ever they wish. When people are sick the whole day is dedicated to talking about how sick they are. That goes on so long they forget what it is like to be independent and healthy. They get sold a fib that they strap on everyday and carry around with them. When you are living your worst life, you can't live your best one. It is time to take control.

Click here or watch the same video below to learn about Norm Weinstein, one of Dr. McDougall's patients who was 440lbs with heart disease and high cholesterol. Norm's local family doctor suggested adding toxic medications along with Norm's terrible diet plus some unhealthy surgeries. Norm was a wise patient and took independent control of his health by applying what Dr. McDougall taught him 6 years earlier. What an amazing story.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dangers of Margarine and Vegetable Oils

What happens when you get food makers wanting to push unhealthy crops as being good for your health? (just because those crops are cheap to grow and therefore highly profitable) You get margarine and an organized media attack on butter, which all started well before many of us were even born?

What happens when you put things in your mouth that your body has never seen before? You get disease on a massive scale? (the exact same diseases that margarine was advertised to decrease)

Click here or watch the same video below to find out how the vegetable oil scam started and why the saturated fat scare is one of the largest dietary myths of all time. When settlers landed on the east coast of North America, they did not make it safely across to California eating low fat milk and margarine. I can assure you of that.

Just this week a conventional medical doctor called for a ban on butter, basically because he has an ego. As stated in many previous blogs, an egos' most dangerous characteristic is that it believes it is too intelligent to be sold a fib or untruth.

Doctor's are groomed into a large ego position by their governing bodies (who are in turn controlled by the forces who know exactly how to use that rock solid ego to their advantage) and this makes medical doctors the best sales people for any idea that makes no sense what so ever. (and ideas that have no observational evidence to back them up)

Click here or watch the same video below regarding the historical benefits of butter and clean saturated fat.

When someone follows one piece of government sanctioned advice, without any independent research, they usually follow it all and this is called The Cluster Effect. The Cluster Effect takes people down like a assassin's shot to the temple.

The conventional medical establishment endorses most if not all of the factors listed in this Cluster Effect article and that is why anyone under the care of that system is extremely sick and never regains optimal health. These people stay sick because the information is wrong. The negative results are nothing more than a reflection of incorrect information. We all know what bad results look like and we all know bad information gives incorrect results.

Click here and here to read about the dangers of margarine and vegetable oils. (and the doctor who said to ban butter) In my lectures I rank the dangers of processed vegetable oils higher than anything else you could place in your mouth. They are deadly and unhealthy.

Always remember how unhealthy conventional medical professionals protect themselves from these types of articles. First, I am not a doctor so I do not know what I am talking about. (that is their first line of defense) As for the doctors inside the videos and articles throughout this blog post, who say clean butter and clean saturated fats are healthy and margarine is unhealthy........they are then called quacks. (that is the second line of defense) As for anyone who uses this information to get then becomes chance coincidence, insignificant or a medical miracle. (even though conventional medicine had nothing to do with the healing......they step right in and quickly attach the word "medicine" to the word "miracle" when the body is the only factor responsible for the healing)

Just know the cycle and know how the scam works, inside and out.

If I was hired by the CIA to kill someone and make it look accidental or disempower them on all levels, I would start with giving the target as much margarine and vegetable oil based salad dressing as possible. Then when the target gets sick I would encourage them to go see their doctor.

The medical system would just take care of it from there and my work is done. (bad food + toxic drugs = an accelerated death) That is how you turn powerful humans into sheep who complain all day long about their drugs, their pain, their medical tests and their new appointments with out of town specialists for more drugs.........that never work and only increase the pain. The point is that when you are living your worst life, you can't live your best one.

Such unhealthy vegetable oils are also directly related to cancer growth and spread, as described here in Dr. Blaylock's ground breaking cancer treatment (cure) book.

Think you are not eating any of these unhealthy vegetable oils? Check the box of any processes food, spread or salad dressing you have in your fridge right now. Check for soy oil, canola oil, safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil or cotton seed oil.

Think going to your doctor is good for your health? Find someone who goes to their doctor on a regular basis, your eyes and then think about the amount of resources it must have taken to teach an entire generation that being sick is a the best way to stay healthy?

A fib so large that it is obvious why most people can't consider it for more than a couple seconds. When you realize you have been sold a fib, the ego wants to run and run fast.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Healthy By Becoming Sick - The Fib That Powers The Economy

Click here or watch the same video below to observe some young women who had severe side effects after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Click here to read over 300 personal adverse reaction stories regarding Gardasil. Click here for many other stories proving Gardasil is not healthy and even fatal in some cases.

As usual, the makers of the HPV shot swear on a stack of bibles that their vaccine is safe. When is the last time Grandma's organic soup made you collapse to the floor or die hours after eating it.

Do healthy things make you get more sick or are we just avoiding the obvious? Is it that hard to resist a sales pitch, even if the pitch means that you ingest or inject poison into your body? Is it that hard to resist a smile and a nudge from perceived authority? Are we so programmed to please others that we will literally do anything to fit in......even if it means bringing our own children to wait in line for the poison?

What is going on when things that are supposed to be healthy, kill people? Well, people eventually think that dying early while in the care of the medical system is completely normal but that is not the point today.

The killing of people slowly with chemicals is indeed happening and the people who are in the culling line aren't even noticing the trends and patterns (so saving them is no easy task)............but the question is, "why is it happening?"

I believe this very popular TV show may be the Trojan horse that gets many people around the world thinking about what is currently happening in what is now a world where most definitions are literally inside out.

Many citizens are too busy with shallow entertainment to notice what is happening, so what happens when you make education on these complex issues shallow entertainment? Oddly enough you get millions tuning in. WOW, never thought of approaching it like that.

What happens when you take a former United States Governor and give him his own flashy Hollywood production regarding the investigation of certain conspiracy theories?

Well, you get a very popular and mainstream TV production that teaches the average person all the forces and parties behind vaccinations, toxic medications and chemicals in the food supply etc. A powerful message delivered with a hot dog, Pepsi and a side of apple pie. Now that is something the average Joe can bite into and digest. Could this be the vehicle to get these crucial ideas to the masses?

Click here or watch the same video below regarding a segment from Governor Ventura's new TV show, as his team investigates who is trying to hurt/sterilize the population with toxins and why they are trying to do it.

Entertaining if nothing else. Get familiar with the players mentioned in the show because if you dig a little deeper yourself you will come across the same people and the same families over and over again. If you want to watch this whole episode just start here and watch each of 6 parts in sequence.

Regardless if you believe this stuff or not you can't get around the fact that 80% of the population is diseased and overweight. (many unable to reproduce, having smaller families, living in debt and dying highly profitable/premature deaths) Imagine trying to get 80% of North Americans to do something positive. How hard would that be? OK, now think about trying to get 80% of the population to stand in line, in order to participate in and demand their worst lives?

What idea is more likely to be in play?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

H1N1 Vaccine Makers Now Under Criminal Investigation

Where was the H1N1 pandemic that was supposed to kill millions across the world? That is what countries around the globe are now asking as well and they may want their money back if they can prove criminal collusion (fraud) between vaccine manufacturers and The WHO. (The World Health Organization).

Should be pretty easy given many of the members of The WHO are also employed by vaccine manufacturers and are placed on The WHO to influence policy. Click here or watch the same video below.

Near 2 billion dollars was hijacked from Canadian wallets and shipped overseas to foreign drug manufacturers. That is theft, plain and simple with many of our own government authorities cheer leading the entire propaganda campaign.

Canadians should also do their own investigation regarding what happened federally, provincially and locally. Some Canadian health officials are still parroting the swine flu con. Either Canadians health authorities are part and parcel of the deception or at the very least are lacking any "outside the box" thinking ability. The bigger the ego, the less likely the ego will ever consider the idea that a third party sold them a fib or untruth.

We all need to move away from taking drugs in an attempt to be healthy. It does not work, never has and never will. What is ending as the most elaborate drug scam in recorded history may start what our health care system fears the most................a spiritual awakening of the masses....where millions are waking up to the fact that we all have been taken advantage of for the people we trust with our health.

No one who participates in the health system is healthy. That should also be the first clue.

Take care of your own health and put them out of business. It is that simple. Send them all packing to the unemployment lines. The people who steal your money, worsen your health and end the lives of your loved ones prematurely deserve no better treatment than being put to the curb.

Stop taking drugs (all drugs, not just prescription) and apply the simple foundations of health to your life, in order to build health. Read this book, this book or watch this DVD to learn about the foundations of health. It is that simple. Choke off the profit that feeds the system by making yourself healthy and do not buy their products.........even if they are offered for in the case of the H1N1 vaccine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doctor Kills 6000 Children and Gives Thousands Cancer

I can tell you this story will not be hitting your MSN homepage anytime soon. Just another story of medical doctors playing God with people's lives and the victims playing right along side, blindly following an imaginary hierarchy of intelligence and power....based on length of education. (sort of like what you see today with mass vaccinations.)

This award winning documentary or the same one below exhibits all the regular actors inside our modern health care system. First, everyone involved has a human ego. (this unfortunately also includes the parents of the victims) An egos' most dangerous attribute is that it believes it is too intelligent to be sold a fib or untruth, especially one that hurts/kills children.

That means an ego is more likely to keep moving toward the slaughter (whether they are doing the killing or the ones being killed) because admitting you are not as intelligent as you think is not really an option.

Then we have the government using tax payers money to fund the project and pay the wages of the people doing the killing.

Then we have the uneducated public standing in line to get slaughtered because they think all doctors are great and only do things that are healthy.

This is a story of the Ring Worm Children, a group of 100,000 children who underwent radiation treatments on their scalps for ringworm (a fungal infection) at the hands of government sanctioned medical professionals, working for the Ministry of Health.

6000 children died shortly after the treatments, with many more dying of horrible upper body cancers ever since.

Yes, many people inside the award wining documentary testify that the entire project was done on purpose, to cleanse the population of undesirables.

An acceleration of Darwin like theories on evolution, to make sure the feeble minded did not breed with the better half and therefore pollute the gene pool. What is widely known as Eugenics, a word that can get you thrown into the conspiracy closet in short order.

There are plenty of situations happening right here in our area that mimic such eugenic based ideas; hysterectomies, cancer causing mammograms, birth control pills, toxic medications, hormone replacement, preventive mastectomies etc etc.... with very few people connecting the dots that female reproduction is the heavy historical target inside Eugenic philosophy.....all delivered under the same doctor/government partnership today as in the past

Combine all those factors and you get THIS EFFECT without all the negative press.

There is that pesky human ego again. "This sort of thing can't he happening right in front of my eyes or I would surely notice". "I am too intelligent to miss anything of that nature in my home town, country or government".

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here. No big deal. Minor stuff really.

Who got voted off Idol last week? Anybody know?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cancer Cure - Is The Cure Love Itself?

Click here or watch the same video below regarding how vitamin C is directly related to fighting cancer.

Not only does vitamin C battle cancer, vitamin C reverses many other diseases as well. As Dr. Levy explains, all disease and all degeneration in the body are part and parcel of the body starving for nutrition.

Vitamin C fights the disease process because it is an anti-oxidant and a powerful nutrient. Nutrition fights disease and today many people's non organic foods are void of key nutrients. This means many people are placing things in their mouths that are not food. These "food like things" are missing the components parts that have defined "food" for millions of years. Therefore many people are literally starving to death yet they are eating 4-6 times per day.

If you listen to the lecture closely Dr. Levy talks about electron theft or electrons that are missing their electron partner (free radicals), as molecules that are unstable, sick and dangerous to other cells. Think about it in terms of how people are more stable and more productive when they are paired up in life with another caring human being. A paired relationship produces energy, stability and love itself.......but what is love?

What Dr. Levy means is that molecules, which are unstable because they are literally by themselves and lonely, drain the energy of the molecules that are stable and paired.

Energy inside the body is created via cooperation between two or more parties, who produce energy as a team. Life is a cooperative and a far cry from the survival of the fittest theory, as teams of cooperative organisms will always flourish more efficiently than super strong singles. Life is about shaking hands and making friends, not about dominating others.

Is essence, life itself is team work and all the energy in the entire Universe is produced by this "dance of life" between male and female spirits or charges. (negative and positive charges rotating around each other to create motion and therefore energy flow) Life is nothing more than a simple electric motor. Is love the energy source of life itself?

When two separate charges are attracted to each other, the love of the bond produces the energy. All Dr. Levy is talking about is that energy is love and without love you get sick but you can't talk about such things at a medical conference. Ancient cultures have been telling the same story for years, without charging for it.

Love is not a notion, it is the real energy that drives life. When you are in love, you are a blossoming flower with all life's potential as options.

The earth and the sun also dance around each other in this orbit of love, as does every stable and healthy cell in the entire body. Disease itself is the disturbance of love or what Dr. Levy calls the disturbance of energy flow. No love = no energy flow = disease and decay.

Is the answer that we just need to start loving again, having our new born children cuddle their parents instead of being placed off in a crib, working less, learning to love ourselves and our planet, cooking meals full or nutrient dense food for the people we love? Is it that simple?

Similar to inside the body with what creates disease, we are moving toward a tipping point where the high energy and accumulated positive resources of a few healthy groups are now being drained down to dangerous levels, by the growing dysfunctional masses. (who are unhealthy for no other reason than a very small elite class profits immensely by coordinating the dysfunction of the masses via vaccines, education that breeds conformity and not true intelligence, government handouts that disempower and enslave on every level, toxic medications, surgeries that worsen health, the restriction of real foods, the restriction of peace through war, over taxation, non spiritual living and superficial living in general)

As is in the body, so is outside the body. If the body is drained of energy because it's cells are more sick than healthy, the body will die. If our society is drained of energy because it's citizens are more sick than healthy, the society will die.

Imagine there are 10 people at your place of work and 1 is sick. OK, now imagine 7 are sick. What happens to the company? What happens to the country? What happens to the economy? This is where we are going but there is still time to take control and it starts with what we place in our mouths and the mouths of our children.

Mimicking the lessons inside the body can help us manage our affairs outside the body. Sickness inside and outside the body are caused by a lack of love. Plain and simple. You can't get around it. We are running a love deficit so today spread some love, anyway you can.

In the end all you need is love and organic food (the nutrition Dr. Levy talks about) is the love child between the earth and the sun, produced everyday for you free of charge. Love is like that, it gives and never expects anything in return. Love just hopes for the best and trusts everything is as it should be.

Can you feel change blowing in the wind? Many others can as well. It all starts with health. Get healthy and everything else will come together instantly.

You do not need to know how real whole unprocessed organic food works...........just eat some and the love inside the food will take it from there.

Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Live To 100.......

Have you ever noticed that when on oncologist hands down their famous terminal sentences (to the cancer patients they are charged to care for) that they never give any options, other than a quick death. (or a rush into treatments proven to increase cancer and accelerate death)

Oncologists are famous for their death sentences such as, "you have X weeks to live, please get your affairs in order". For the people who believe in their conventional doctors wholeheartedly, this can be devastating and can set off a metabolic hormonal cascade that has actually been proven to bend the patient's will toward death on or around the exact date the doctor set.

The power of suggestion is very strong when you have a massive belief in the person doing the suggesting. It is like the power of positive thinking in reverse. It is what Bob Proctor teaches but instead of manifesting your best life, you manifest your own demise.

Unfortunately, conventional oncologists understand that the weapons they are provided with to fight cancer have proven complete failures and that is why they are so quick with the declarations of their patient's death sentences. There are methods that cure advanced and terminal cancer (as reviewed in this documentary) but conventional oncologists have no access to those therapies. Curing is not permitted in a system that profits only when people are ill.

What Henry Kissinger reported back to then President Jimmy Carter also has plenty to do with "official medical policy", whether people want to believe it or not.

I have never heard an oncologist tell their patient that......."you could die in x weeks or you could to live until you are 100". The question is, "why don't you ever hear anything like that?"

You never hear that because basically the oncologist would have to tell the patient how they could live to be 100. It is an open ended statement where more information is needed. That would really let the cat out of the bag because living long has nothing do to with doctors, drugs or surgeries. Telling people how to live until they are 100 would instantly show the patient that the doctor and the entire medical system the patient thinks is healthy, has everything to do with dying early and nothing to do with living a long healthy life. (except if you are in a car accident etc)

Click here or watch the same video below and find out what it takes to live until you are 100. Near the end of the clip you get to see a 102 year old Japanese fisherman who fishes every day and a 95 year old heart surgeon who operates many times per year and rides his horse every day. How do they do it? In the entire presentation can you spot any hint that taking drugs, listening to doctors who push drugs or getting surgeries has anything to do with living until you are 100? You already know the answer.

What an amazing clip. Can you believe the state of health of those people? It is so rare to see old people in perfect health that it rocks the reality of the general populations right to the core. What a beautiful clip. I have never seen more healthy and beautiful people, at any age.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cow's Milk Deception

It is hard to get a different result when you always do the same thing but this appears to be the primary strategy for many people's health pursuits in this day and age.

Many people I see keep eating the same unhealthy foods and then add exercise a couple times per week into the fold, hoping for some miraculous turn around in their health. This does not work.

There are 168 hours in a week so if you are unhealthy for 165 of those hours and exercise an unhealthy body for 3 of those hours, nothing good happens........and oddly enough exercising an unhealthy body can accelerate ill health.

How about if many people have been conditioned to believe that foods, which make them fat and sick, are the foods that will make them thin and healthy? If that happens we see people eat the bad foods and then consequently get sick and fat. Due to their original programming and conditioning they would now want to search out foods that make them thin and healthy.........which in their minds are the foods that are making them sick and fat.

So that incorrectly conditioned person eats more foods that make them sick and fat (thinking those foods will make them thin and healthy) and then they get more sick and more fat. That leaves them alone with their conditioning again so they keep eating the bad foods because conditioning is about never questioning the results and always relying on the original programming. Just like in a can't expect a different result with the same inputs unless you first change the program.

That is why unhealthy companies and unhealthy government institutions always try and get involved with teaching us fibs from an early age. Once one program is running in someone's brain, it is hard to knock out and replace.....even if the first idea is not producing any positive results.

Cow's milk falls into this category. There is nothing healthy about milk products. If you eat/drink them, your health will suffer. Picking up some yogurt to put in your lunch or your kids lunch?? Not a good idea. Is milk healthy or are you conditioned to think it is healthy? Those are two different concepts.

All you need to do is change the programming and stop consuming all milk products for 4 weeks. Then by all means re-introduce milk into your diet again. At that point your body will take it from there and let you know, in no uncertain terms, that it will not be doing all that again.

I will let Dr. Mark Hyman take it from here, as he dishes the absolute truth on milk. Click here or watch the same video below.

Nothing kicks off ill health today like cow's milk. Avoid giving it to children, infants and to yourself as an adult. Not only is cow's milk not healthy in general, most cows providing these unhealthy milk products are diseased on top of that. This can be seen in this video. Get all the facts on cow's milk in this new documentary.

Milk is meant to place about 400lbs on a baby calf so don't drink it and then complain you can't lose weight. (that includes yogurt as well) Milk is a weight gainer in every species and it always has been. To think otherwise only proves how powerful conditioning can be.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biggest Health Scams Of The Decade

In no particular order.

continued from the last blog............

4. The H1N1 swine flu no-demic. Anyone who did not get the swine flu shot may want to stand up and say "I told ya so" and anyone who got the shot are still wondering if they did the right thing.

Regardless of which side you are on, everyone involved can see that the pandemic was over hyped and heavily manipulated. The scam would not be so obvious if the parties doing the "over hyping" and "manipulating" where not the same government institutions and companies who benefit directly from vaccine sales, fear and the on going illnesses vaccines are famous for facilitating.

Canadians have got to start refusing to allow the government institutions they pay for, with their tax dollars, from being hijacked by corporate interests. Freedom means knowing vaccines are available and getting them if someone chooses to, after getting both sides of the story or doing their own research. (if they even think doing the research is even worth the bother)

Freedom is not about trusted government institutions forwarding an entirely one sided argument regarding a product and then drowning Canadians under a tsunami of one sided advertising regarding the same product.

I did not get the swine flu vaccine. My wife did not get it and of course my daughter did not receive the H1N1 vaccine, as she has never had one vaccine in her entire life. (and yes she still goes to school because you do not need to be vaccinated to go to any school in Canada)

I personally know of about 5 people who received the H1N1 shot and everyone who received the vaccine got extremely ill in the week following. One almost died right after the shot. A couple readers from the U.S. also e-mailed telling me that they were paralyzed in their extremities after the shot. That is a very small group to draw any hard conclusions from.

In reality the people I know who got the shot are always sick, as they all lead unhealthy lifestyles so to blame their sickness on the vaccines may be actually going too far. Saying that, having them all fall ill after the vaccination is highly suspicious.

Given the circulating ideas about vaccines there is a good chance my friends are always sick because of their constant use of vaccines and their constant involvement with the drug and cut based medical system. Putting chemicals in the body in the pursuit of health improvement has to be biggest bold faced lie ever circulated in recorded history.

The idea that vaccines are designed to increase illness and profit by making a certain class of people perpetually ill is discussed here by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

I believe the point is that vaccines are just an extension of an already unhealthy lifestyle, belief system and mental program. On the most basic level, without any medical training what so ever, any person can investigate the common ingredients in vaccines and see they are indeed poisonous. Anyone can also easily understand that the body's evolutionary defenses are based on eating poisons or absorbing poisons through one of the open holes in the body (the nose, the anus, the urethra, the eyes etc). To think the immune system is designed to safely detox poisons injected under the skin is not logical.

Health is about living naturally, as all healthy living principles are built upon this simple foundation. Injecting man made toxins under the skin is not natural and the people who get all their vaccines are often very far from optimal wellness.

The links below should be watched carefully before the next fear based vaccine promotional drive is cut loose on our society by the people and institutions who profit when we are obese, diseased, mentally impaired and dysfunctional.

Click here to watch some of the world's most educated doctors speak against the H1N1 vaccine.

Click here to listen to a doctor admit that the H1N1 vaccine is far more deadly than the virus and that he in no way intends on giving it to himself or any of his family.

Click here to watch Gary Null PhD testify against vaccine safety in regards to the forced vaccination of New York State Health Workers. After the evidence was presented, the state backed down for obvious reasons and no forced vaccination declaration was passed.

Click here to listen to Dr. Russell Blaylock review the dangers of vaccines in general.

Click here to watch one of the world's leading pediatricians warn parents about the dangers of vaccines.

Click here to listen to one of Canada's leading medical professionals regarding the business behind vaccinations.

Click here to read the explosive story, reporting how vaccine manufacturers found out vaccines did cause Autism and what they did to cover it up.

Click here to listen to The Head of The National Vaccine Information Center talk about vaccine safety.

Here are some other good documentaries on the dangers of vaccines in general.

Click here to watch "Autism: Made in the USA"

Click here to watch "Vaccine Nation".

Click here to watch "Vaccines: The Hidden Truth"

Click here to watch a trailer for the documentary, "Autism Yesterday-Autism is Reversible"

Click here to watch a trailer for the autism documentary, "Finding The Words"

Click here to listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explain the dangers of all vaccines.

Click here to listen to a really interesting interview with health expert Aajonus Vonderplanitz, regarding the vaccination hoax.

Some more links about the truth about vaccines are below.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Biggest Health Scams Of The Decade

In no particular order.

1. Genetically modified food. The hard science proves genetically modified food is dangerous, in every way, to any organism who eats it. The government permits this food on your table even though the science screams it is overwhelmingly unhealthy to consume it. Click here, here and here for more information about the dangers of genetically modified food. Avoid GMO's by eating organic. No certified organic food contains GMO product.

2. Anti Depressant Medication. In the world of medications, SSRI's and other anti depression medications are the Olympic champions in several unhealthy categories. These medications cause the most weight gain, are the most likely to cause the same disease they are treating, are the most toxic, the least effective (a tabulation of all studies on anti depressants proved them not effective what so ever except for major depression and those improvements were non significant.........which means in the world of science the improvements were so small they are not worth reporting in any category), the most over prescribed because no test exists to prove someone is mentally ill and these medications are also some of the most side effect laden. Click here or here for more information.

3. Global Warning. Would you get mad next year if the government placed a per kilometer travel tax on your car and your airline tickets? Would you get mad next year if the government taxed each child that was born into your family? Would you get mad next year if the government taxed your favourite foods because they travelled over the ocean to get to you?

Yes, the government already knows you would be more than mad, you may even take to the streets...........but that is why the global warming swindle exists. World governments and the corporations who now run many of them need more of your money and you are already taxed to what is known as the "upper limit" of what a population will tolerate without physical resistance. Rebellion is guaranteed for more taxes above what is currently in place so if you are part of the ruling do you satisfy your greed and need to disempower the general population? Easy! You create a fear based advertising campaign where the general public demands the very taxes you were afraid to levy. It is brilliant and you call it global warming. You stick to it even when the temperature plummets in Beijing, London and Florida.

The new taxes on your cars, gas, travel, children and foods will be called "carbon taxes" and you are supposed to feel great about the taxes because you get to think you are saving the earth. At worst it sounds like manipulation for an honorable goal but very little of the global warming data is true.

No reduction of pollution is ever intended........just a taxing of the pollution and a selling/purchasing of the right to pollute. Nothing more and nothing less....and wait to you see how the corporations pass those extra expenses on to you...the consumer. Same just get more poor.....and most people are right behind this because they react so well to the fear/solution sales pitches of modern government.

Governments have gotten so tired of trying to tax and control people that they now spend decades inventing plans so people agree and even cheer lead the taxing and controlling. Why make it so obvious with the guns, the direct taxes, the internment camps and everything else WW II was famous for? Why the investment, the trouble and the severe consequences associated with all those messy direct methods of controlling the "undesirables" and "feeble minded" when all you have to do is convince people to think giving their money and civil rights away is the best thing for the world, their country or their fellow man. It is just much easier and it is brilliant when you think about it.

Banks are merging to gain more control over the common person, airlines are doing the same, restaurant chains are doing the same.........governments are also meeting and doing the exact same thing. (ex. The European Union and the soon to be North American Union)

If you think global warming and the need for immediate action is real you should spend some time on the links below. This one needs to be looked at closely. Click here, here, here or here for more information.

More coming................

Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Bread Healthy?

The word "repeater" comes up many times in this blog and this issue is no exception. If you ask someone on the street what is a healthy bread most will "parrot" out the answer provided to them by the food guide (the food pyramid in the U.S), the TV or their government sanctioned health professional etc.

You know the answer...........many people think whole wheat bread, 7 or 12 grain bread etc is really healthy. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth and this slight of hand in the world of nutrition can be fatal. (not exaggerating here)

When you get "wrong" results, wrong information is always at the root of the problem. The fact that most people who eat whole wheat or whole grain breads (containing gluten based grains) are not healthy does not stop the same people from trumpeting its' health benefits.

The funny thing about living inside "the matrix" is that false advertising can trump observational evidence every time. That means advertising can make people draw conclusions about products that are not based on what results the people are receiving from those products. (ex. Special K is a weight gainer but the advertising tells people it is good for weight loss so many believe it is good for weight loss yet gain weight from it or do not lose any weight while eating it.....yet they will never change their weight loss programming about the Speical K)

Click here or watch the same video below to learn why whole grain bread (made from wheat or other gluten based grains) is not only unhealthy but it can end your life very prematurely. Dr. Mark Hyman provides the information.

Avoid the diseases caused by gluten by consuming gluten free breads like rice bread. You can get this rice bread in Cornwall at Baxstrom's in the organic freezer. Sprouted Ezekiel wheat/buckwheat (buckwheat is gluten free) bread from Food For Life is also available at Baxstrom's in the same freezer, in the organic section.

Sprouted breads somewhat deactivate the negative effects of gluten as well. Rice bread eliminates the gluten reaction (because rice is free of gluten) and sprouted Ezekiel bread reduces the gluten reaction. Avoid wheat based pastas as well and move toward organic rice pastas. Rice is gluten free and you can also find organic rice pastas at Baxstrom's in Cornwall.

The fact that the Canadian Food Guide endorses the mass consumption of gluten based grains and that our local health unit fails to educate the public on the dangers of gluten should come as no shock to anyone who reads the blog on a regular basis.

The idea is to know that profit based manipulation of government systems will always be present within our society. In order to stay safe all you need to do is recognize and avoid the fibs. Just avoid the traps our government and the unhealthy corporations set for us. Just walk around the traps.

That is how you stay healthy. Just stop following the food guide or going to Health Unit and eventually they will cease to exist. The masses control the country, not the small number of business people who manipulate our system to push their unhealthy products. The general population has the power. You have the power and with every dollar you spend you cast a vote for what foods you want. Vote healthy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buy This Product Or Go To Jail............

In the U.S. many people loved the idea of Barrack Obama but the people who "picked" him already knew he would be a hit. Do you think Barrack Obama is a great leader? Do you think his Presidency means change or do you think it means more of the same?

Well, if you are in the majority you think Obama is sent to save the day and there could not have been a better pick for President.

Like anything else, there are two sides of the story. Click here or here for some of the "other stories" regarding President Barrack Obama.

When President Barack Obama was running for President I wrote about The United States Mother's Act that would allow third party health professionals to force medicate new mothers and pregnant mothers (against their will) with drugs proven to endanger the life of both mother and child.

All interference like this is based on ideas that "higher ups" are decreed a natural right to interfere and control others. (the feeble minded etc)

Senator Barrack Obama (not President at the time) and Senator Hilary Clinton both had a hand in formulating the Mother's Act. Both have received financial support from drug companies so that whom ever gets elected can place drugs before liberty and personal safety.

Just in the blog below I wrote this quote yesterday; "Imagine a business that can make laws, which force you to buy their products against your free will?" Well, Barack Obama pushed through a health care reform bill that forces Americans to submit to toxic drugs and surgeries or they will be thrown in jail. Click here or watch the same 1 minute video below.

Step one, tax the people to pay for the police and armed forces. Step two, use that might to force people to participate in a system that only worsens their health and life on every level imaginable. Step three, employee as many people within the government to get automatic loyalty from that part of the population and then hope that support creates a domino effect and tsunami of social pressure that ends with a wave of conformity........regardless if it worsens life, liberty, health, the family unit etc. Step four, sell unhealthy ideas using fear and promote laws that restrict your freedom of choice as improving your safety, supporting the troops, improving national security etc.

You cannot be healthy taking drugs and removing your organs. The people who make the drugs and do the surgeries are already aware of that so why do you think they are trying to force medicate and keep removing organs from regular Americans? Dr. Russell Blaylock has the answer. Click here to listen.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are You Only Free Until You Step Out Of Line?

Are you sure you are free? Would you know if your freedoms were being taken away?

Well, you don't really know if you are free until you try to execute those freedoms.....then you'll find out. Freedom is worthless unless you are prepared to defend those freedoms........just ask Robert Wanek.....a student suspended and assaulted by teachers (at his own school) for trying to inform other students about the proven dangers of vaccination.

Click here or watch the same video below regarding Robert's story.

Why do rational humans side with government/corporate objectives? (getting harder and harder to tell the difference between government and business these days) Because the wages of many rational and good people are now controlled by various government bodies. You want to eat right? Well, you do what we say. Only one step down from "gun in the face" style persuasion.

Imagine a business that can make laws, which force you to buy their products against your free will? (by raising your taxes) Well, that is what is going on here. The more our tax money piles up in one spot (Ottawa or Toronto), the more parasitical greedy companies line up to fight for it. This is already built into a capitalistic system and that is why the only solution is to keep the money in our pockets. If you want to get rid of the ants at a picnic......just remove the sugar.

Why do corporations lobby governments to push their unhealthy products, like vaccines, Tamiflu, baby formula, children's Tylenol, milk etc? Why not sell vaccines door to door like any other "for profit" product? Because the corporations understand the control behind owning someone's wage and employment. The more government employment in any country, the more uniformity and the more control over the population. It is hard to say "no" to any idea if your wages are controlled by the same people who are promoting that idea.

That means every new government job brings with it the greater probability that the situation above is likely to occur. Our ancestors have always known this valuable lesson. Government is meant to guide in areas where others will not.......government is not supposed to take the position of parent in every situation imaginable. For every tax payer dollar sent out, complete obedience is indirectly or directly expected in return. Pretend freedom....and less and less of it as time passes.

What does this have to do with health? Well, without the freedom to say "no" to dangerous products and unhealthy systems you can't lead your best life. Our choices are being narrowed down for us by a very small group of people.

When I was in school no teacher asked any class I was in if the class would like to write an essay about the dangers of vaccinations. Funny how that goes.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

What Causes Breast Cancer?

Dr. Hyman is a great doctor because he tells the truth about how bad medications are and the amazing healing power of whole, live, organic foods.

Dr. Hyman just added a stellar choice to his health team, Dr. Elizabeth Boham. Today she talks about what causes breast cancer and what you can do to reduce your risk and even how to prevent recurrence.

Did you know that the more you use anti-biotics and the more body fat you have..........the greater the chances of breast cancer?

It is such a breath of fresh air when a health professional actually gives information that makes people healthy instead of conventional medical professionals who give drugs, which guarantees each patient accelerates into ill health and their worst life.

Click here to see that video clip with Dr. Boham or watch the same one below.

During 2009 I heard Phillip Day lay down a very powerful idea, which I always knew was true yet I had never found the proper way to express it. I knew the idea was a huge problem but wondered if anyone else shared my view point.

Well, Phillip Day does share my view point. Phillip Day said during one of his lectures that, "many people today raise money for the charities who had a direct hand in killing their relatives or their immediate family members".

Learn about the "real" cure for cancer from Phillip Day by clicking here. His ground breaking lecture is titled "Cancer, Why We Are Still Dying to Know The Truth".

Read this book as your step by step guide of how to reverse cancer.

I don''t give to most charities because they are in partnership with the very forces they are telling people they are against. Disease will never be cured by chemicals because chemicals cause disease. If you are waiting for a pill that cures a will be waiting a very long time.........and you will most likely be hanging around a hospital while you wait. Stick real, whole, live organic food in your mouth, not pills.........and the body will take care of the rest.

What Dr. Boham does not mention above is that mammograms have recently been proven to increase breast cancer risk dramatically. We are still waiting for a time when the average patient starts understanding that "testing" and "screening" really means "recruiting" and "profit".

Again, we see many cancer charities playing a large role in getting women to line up for breast cancer screening yet restricting information that educates about the true causes of cancer at the same time. The fantasy of North American medicine continues for many who are still on the receiving end of the main stream information.

I have to be honest. Nothing scares me more than hearing someone is "going for testing" or "going to see their doctor". There is no evidence what so ever that this does anything other than worsen health. Never run out of the house looking for help when all the problems are caused in the kitchen. Don't run in the wrong direction. Don't run east looking for a sunset.

If you are in a car accident, drugs and surgeries are just what is needed. If you have chronic disease because you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, don't stick chemicals in your mouth with the bad food as the primary "game plan" to improve your health. It does not work...never has and never will. Reverse disease by eliminating what causes disease.

Rich and poor, educated and non educated etc are no longer the primary dividing lines within our society. The main division lines are now healthy and not healthy, diseased and not diseased, medicated and not medicated, government controlled and not controlled..........and they are all really close to meaning the same thing.

In 2010 just be healthy because what ever you do or want to need good health to do it.