Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fired for Protecting Your Children

Below is a CTV video link to an interview with Canada's most famous whistle blower, Dr. Shiv Chopra. He was fired for doing his job at Health Canada.

He was charged with assessing the dangers of new drugs on behalf of the Canadian public. When he reported the dangers involved with a new drug....... he was bullied, professionally attacked and removed from his position by his superiors at Health Canada. This sent a clear message to the new doctors who filled his vacant position.

Click here to see the video interview on CTV. Dr. Chopra's firing from Health Canada facilitated a global uproar regarding how global pharmaceutical giants attempt to force their products on world populations by controlling the entire approval process.

Dr. Chopra has also written a new book explaining just how deep the corruption is within Health Canada called "Corrupt to the Core". Another book highlighting the dangerous inefficiencies of The Canadian Health Care System is "Squandering Billions" by Gary Bannerman and Don Nixdorf, DC.

Click here or watch the video below regarding a group of Fox News Reporters who were fired for exactly the same issue, regarding the exact same drug that got Dr. Chopra fired.

Are you curious as to what drug it was or what company has the power to move dangerous drugs into our society unchallenged?

If you have gone into the United States to eat in the last 10 years or have vacationed in the Caribbean there is a good chance you have already been exposed to this dangerous substance. In 2008 some large companies started to finally take Dr. Chopra's lead and independently ban this drug from their products.

Standard North American software programming comes with the idea that the government is out there watching for any dangerous drugs/products that may harm the population. The truth is very different and the results speak for themselves.

In the last 20 years our government has become more of corporate headquarters than a representation of the people.

Government scandals 20 years ago simply involved various people in power stealing money or playing favourites with government contracts. Theft of tax dollars....yes. Directly hurting the health of Canadians...no.

Allowing toxic and fatal drugs into the bodies of Canadians goes well beyond conventional government scandal. This is criminal yet so many people are employed by the government that not many people are willing to take the first step. Employment often forces people to turn a blind eye and this is unfortunate. I see it everyday.

Click here to read an article by Dr. Mark Hyman regarding how North American food policy is designed to make people sick and fat. Click here to read an article that includes Ottawa doctor, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, stating that the Canadian Food Guide is obesogenic. That means if you eat according to the food guide you are very likely to become overweight and diseased.

Today is a good day for a change. There is hope and it involves you taking action and getting yourself healthy. Come to Physical Limits and start your journey with the information that will get you the results you need. Find out the simple solutions to weight loss, disease reversal and your best life. Today is the best day to start. Call us at Physical Limits and try our $10 for 1 month trial 613 932 4766.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Cure For Cancer

The title should really be "A cure for cancer" because there are literally hundreds of cures for cancer. Saying "THE cure for cancer" simply perpetuates the false idea our medical establishment uses regarding all disease.

Modern medicine tries to convince patients that each disease is separate and that each disease has a very different treatment, surgery or pill. This eventually translates into a software programming problem for the patients, as nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you really think someone's thyroid cells are malfunctioning but the rest of their cells everywhere else in their body are completely healthy? That is what many North Americans with thyroid disease are lead to believe by their conventional medical professionals.

Do you really think a type II diabetic has to only worry about their blood sugar levels and nothing else? That is what many North Americans with diabetes are lead to believe by their conventional medical professionals.

Do you think a cancer patient only has to be concerned with the cancer cells that are targeted by surgery or chemo? Caner grows from certain foods and certain lifestyles. The tumour is never the cancer because if it was the cancer the tumour would not come back and we know with cancer patients, who do not change their lifestyles, that the cancer does indeed come back in most cases.

If you are programmed with the usual North American based software these are just some of the ideas you are most likely to believe. A health system should never set up a hospital at the bottom of a steep cliff. A health care system needs to build a fence at the top of cliff so no one ever falls down the cliff. One system makes money by keeping people sick (and looks really inviting when you are injured after falling down the cliff) and one makes hardly any money by making people healthy.

Not only are cancer cures simple (North American medical software programming makes sure people believe fighting disease is hard or impossible) but none of these simple cures are offered within the conventional North American medical system.

If you have cancer the only treatments you are offered are the ones proven to be complete failures.

Want to hear about the protocols thousands of people are using to reverse cancer? Want to hear about how the treatments offered in North America (radiation and chemotherapy) actually worsen a patient's health as compared to doing absolutely nothing? Want to hear about the study that showed 1 out of 4 cancer patients actually died from their treatments.......and not from their cancer? Want to learn about how cancer charities suck communities dry of financial resources and then dump that money off to drug companies who are in fact not looking for cure. This may sound odd but people today are actually raising money for the companies who have killed their family members.

The people at The Canadian Cancer Society will not post this video (or anything like it) on their website because if they did they get an odd reward. They get to go home and tell their families that they no longer have jobs. If simple cancer cures are published then we obviously have no need for the bloated cancer bureaucracy that currently runs the cancer empire. From top to bottom, the drive is detection and treatment of cancer. That is very different than curing cancer.

You can also use the presentation below to test your own software programming. On the most basic level people who are well programmed by the North American medical establishment will always turn their back on any information regarding a cure for cancer..........even if they are looking for a cure, raising money for a cure or have cancer themselves. Self education is the first step needed to acquire new and successful programming regarding cancer and all disease.

Strap yourself in for this once in a lifetime cancer presentation by leading anti-cancer researcher Phillip Day. I am not sure how long this presentation will stay on line for free so hurry and click here to get it. Follow the instructions on the page and then click the appropriate icon to roll this short film titled "CANCER, WHY WE ARE STILL DYING TO KNOW THE TRUTH".

These are exciting times for people who are willing to be reprogrammed with the idea that their health is within their control.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Is Your Weight Gain or Disease Due to Chemical Toxicity?

Are you toxic? Find out from Dr. Hyman and find out what to do about it if you are.

The worse thing about toxins is that they force the body to produce metabolic changes that promote water retention and fat cell production. The body does this in order to dilute the toxins. Diluted toxins are much safer than concentrated toxins. The body gets big and fat on purpose to protect itself.

The water dilutes the toxins and the new fat cells are the safest place to store poisons until a time when the liver gives the fat cell the green light for their release and eventual breakdown in the liver. If someone ingests chemicals daily, that green light is never given and that person will just get bigger/fatter/heavier regardless of exercise, dieting etc.

As the body gets big and fat it hopes the owner of the body picks up on those signals to make the appropriate changes with diet, exercise, lifestyle etc. A bigger body is the physical cue that one is toxic. Disease, dysfunction and pain are the metabolic cues the body sends in order to communicate the same message.

As the body is trying to scream to it's owner that change is needed many North Americans drive more toxins into their body via medications. The symptoms of toxicity are not a call to place more toxins into the body. The cure for chemical toxicity is not more chemicals.

The programming that drives people toward medications when they are sick only brings more illness, as all medications have long lists of side effects. These side effects in turn are often misdiagnosed as new diseases.......which in turn need more medications.

The profit lies in keeping the patient ill, especially if the patient believes that the cure for illness is found in medical tests, surgeries and medications.

At that point the cycle of ill health spirals out of control. The mental software programming that allows this to happen also eliminates the idea that the patient ever sees that they are getting much worse under their doctor's care. This incorrect software programming keeps this sort of patient running back to a system that is designed to make them sick..........all the time thinking it will make them better.

That is called a "software" issue, as what the patient believes is the foundation of their illness. This can also be called a "mind virus" and that infection can be easily spread to friends and family.....especially children. That is how one sick generation simply duplicates dysfunction, disease and obesity into the next. If a mother takes a tylenol after eating poorly, the child is very likely to just follow suit.

Many medications have "weight gain" as a listed side effect because those medications are toxic to the body. Patients are never told all the side effects and that is just part of the sales pitch to get people on drugs.

Cancer is also highly related to toxicity, as the highest cancer rates are associated with the most toxic citizens or groups of citizens. Cancer is also thought by many to also be a defensive mechanism of the body, in response to toxins. (just like extra fat cells and water retention defends the body by diluting toxins) Cancer is often found to surround a pocket of dangerous toxins. A sort of tissue based firewall.

In the end, being toxic is not healthy and that is putting it mildly. Before 1945 there were very few chemicals in the world. Today there are over 70,000 chemicals approved for use on humans or the materials we use on a daily basis.

Click here or play the video below to listen to Dr. Hyman review the symptoms of being toxic and how to get the toxins out of your system.

Physical Limits offers many step by step programs to aid our clients in detoxing. Once chemicals are removed from your habits you will lose weight, gain energy, reverse disease and feel your very best. I will see you at Physical Limits for a great workout and some life saving health advice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#1 Most Dangerous Job - How Government Silently Strong Arms Dangerous Vaccines Into Their Own Workers

In Canada and the U.S. the most dangerous job may be working for the government, in any capacity.

The danger I talk of becomes most evident anytime pharmaceutical giants hijack government channels to push their unhealthy products. (like in the case of vaccines)

Government workers in North America number in the hundreds of thousands and this massive pool of potential customers has large drug companies fighting each other for a chance to belly up this enormous monetary feed trough.

The equation is simple. Drug companies make one sales pitch to high ranking government officials and then have those government officials "suggest" compliance to all government workers simultaneously. (this happens often but we can actually observe it in the coming months in regards to the swine flu vaccine).

Drug companies know that the fear of subtle negative repercussions, common within the standard employee/employer relationship, (being passed over for promotions, social isolation within the work place, not fitting in with the crowd or even the threat of job loss during a flu outbreak) will then take the "vaccine suggestion" into full compliance very quickly. It is a form of job harassment that is not even classified because our own government is the biggest perpetrator.

With thousands of compliant citizens walking around telling stories of their vaccination, other citizens are more likely to follow especially when exposed to the fear based advertising that is just ramping up now regarding the swine flu and the new swine flu vaccine. Throw in government funded clinics, advertising campaigns and other various forms of fear based promotion........and this system produces exponential profits.

This is actually an old sales pitch, not unlike bringing old cloths fashions back to popularity 30 years after their original introduction, as this swine flu profit model has been tried already in 1976. 4000 people died or were paralyzed from that vaccine.

Click here or watch the video below to view a 60 Minutes report regarding this old pharmaceutical business model and the 4000 people who were killed or paralyzed last time the "swine flu fear business model" was unleashed on the general public.

You will probably not be happy to know that Baxter (the company employed by the government to make the new swine flu vaccine) was just implicated to have placed live avian flu virus in one of their European avian flu vaccines. Although this live virus was caught by Czech officials (by testing some newly purchased vaccines on animals, which in turn died) Baxter has still been accused by many of actually trying to initiate a world wide avian flu pandemic in order to raise shareholder value.

Dr. Russell Blaylock will tell you that vaccines are often more dangerous than the diseases they target and that Baxter is a company that should not be heading the research in this area.

Baxter (in conjunction with Bayer) has also been implicated in selling medicine tainted with hepatitis C and the AIDS virus even though they were well aware it was contaminated . Click here to watch the video or roll the same video below clearly demonstrating that the death of innocent patients is just standard practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you kill someone you will go to jail. If they do it, it is a fine and a quick government approval of the next drug that will hurt innocent people.

Baxter is now charged with making the new swine flu vaccine that will be promoted weekly until it arrives at your local doctor's office, health unit and place of work. If you work for the government you are expected to be first to bat with this dangerous vaccine.

People you know and trust are employed to carry these needles into your government based place of work. Those shots are not mandatory. Will you play your part?

Ask yourself this, "what happens if the information above is wrong and you avoid the shot?" Well, you get the flu. "What happens if the government is wrong and you take the shot?" Well, you could die or acquire a crippling disease. Always work with the worst case scenario to simplify any issue.

Always remember that the flu is the flu. You have got it before, you will get it again and all foreign chemicals reduce immunity..........they have no ability to improve it. Click here for your free swine flu report.

Protect yourself by building your immunity naturally at Physical Limits with proper exercise and the diet advice promoted by the world's top health professionals. See you soon on the club floor for an awesome workout and some great health advice.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recipe For Weight Gain/Disease - The Genetic Lie

"Your disease is genetic!", states your conventional medical doctor. "Your mother had it, her mother had it.......now you and your sister have the same disease..........and you all require the same surgeries and drugs for life".

Unfortunately this is just not true and it has proven not to be true in land mark experiments that you never hear about. Click here to review just one of them or view the video below.

Basically it has been shown that family members who eat the same bad diets and live the same bad lifestyles get the exact same diseases.......even if they were adopted. So it is the food/lifestyle and not the genes. Pretty simple stuff.

The reason the majority of conventional medical professionals often repeat the genetic lie is that it lubricates what is known as the "medication pathway" into your mouth. When a respected medical professional blames your genes and not you, you will automatically feel good because that shines the spotlight elsewhere. Your doctor will take advantage of this newly formed bond to push as many toxic medications and unecessary surgeries as they can upon you.

The genetic lie comes from a long line of manipulative tactics (often initiated and taught to doctors by pharmaceutical companies) that cleverly strip power away from the patient.

Once a patient enters the conventional medical system they are under a constant barrage of propaganda, all directed at one very important goal that drives medical profits through the roof. That goal is to make sure the patient is never aware that they can change their situation without the help of medications, surgeries or medical intervention. Every other circumstance is blamed for the patient's condition except the one that would empower the patient. The focus is to avoid even hinting to the patient that they made themselves sick or that they can make themselves better by exercising, eating whole unprocessed foods and relaxing.

The success of such tactics has the overwhelming number of Canadians getting sick and never reviewing how their own habits are impacting their health. Canadians are taught that the answer for their dysfunctions lie outside their home, outside their control, outside their budget of time, outside their budget of money....anywhere but within their power.

Canadians are taught that health is controlled by doctors, drugs, surgeries, medical tests etc...anything and everything but the patients themselves. This is an odd stance to take as healthy people are healthy because they avoid drugs, bogus medical tests and unnecessary surgeries. If you feel sick when you go into the hospital, adding drugs to what you place in your body is not going to make you feel any better. No medical degree required with that statement.

Click hear to listen to Dr. James Chestnut expand on this idea or watch the same talk in the video below.

Bottom line is that your genes are not set. Your genetic code reacts like a Swiss Army Knife to whatever it encounters in the environment, on a second by second basis. Your genes expose the best knife blade for the given situation. If someone is attractive (pretty or handsome) your body has one genetic reaction and if someone eats bad food there is another genetic reaction. We are merely passengers along for the ride and have very little say in the reaction but we can control the environment.

Our current medical system is designed to never educate patients that they control their health fate. If you hear a medical professional ever try and tell you the "genetic lie" followed by the "drug lie" that usually follows........it is best to just get up and leave.

Come to Physical Limits, name your disease and I will personally provide you with a step by step guide on how to reverse it, all written by health professionals who are willing to tell the truth.

Click here to view just a few of these programs designed to reverse diabetes, depression, cancer and heart disease. You don't get that information at the hospital or your doctor's office because they were never taught that disease can be cured. Disease management is what they offer, making the disease your companion for life. The companies who run the entire system just don't want you to be healthy.

The proof is in the result. We need to start believing what we see and stopping seeing what we believe. You are literally worth millions if you are sick and worth pennies if you are healthy. It is time for you to break the cycle. If you already have broken the cycle, share your story with others.

The cures are out there. The first step is admitting that you have the power to change your health and that you are responsible for everything in your life. It is hard to sell responsibility when our government sells the opposite idea. Blaming your genes is just a more attractive idea at this point in time. Don't believe it. You can change your life, I guarantee it. See you at Physical Limits for a workout and some great health advice. 613 932 4766 Leave a comment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

24 Year Old Tennis Star Dead - Another Heart Attack

Rising tennis star Mathieu Montcourt (ranked just outside the top 100 tennis players in the world) has died of a heart attack. He was 24. According to French authorities, that qualifies as dying from "natural causes." A tip of the hat to the medical professionals who are declaring that a healthy 24 year old dying of a heart attack is natural.

Athletes actually appear most at risk for heart attack these days from the factors I talked about in the Micheal Jackson article. This is due to their unique lifestyles.

A professional athlete's constant exposure to MSG-laced processed/non-organic foods, (even at the finest restaurants), MSG/caffeine laced sports drinks (like Red Bull and Rock Star etc), potential frequent exposure to over the counter pain killers and chronic dehydration due to their vigorous sports schedules places them at much higher risk for this sort of cardiac malfunction. For more information about how these factors combine to increase heart attack risk dramatically please click here.

At the rate our culture is poisoning itself there is little hope that mainstream science will ever catch up and start investigating the lifestyles of our youth who are now dropping dead from heart attacks, in greater and greater numbers.

The government has approved all the chemicals, which are killing large portions of our population prematurely, so it is not logical to expect them to come forward with any news that may place their judgement in a negative light. You need to protect yourself. There is really no other option.

Science holds firm that trials of man made chemicals be limited to testing one substance at a time. This is only one of the fatal flaws in our modern medical/science based system, as no one is exposed to just one chemical at a time.

There is plenty of proof that our society's love affair with unnatural compounds (including all medications) has reached what is known as "critical mass". Our streets are looking like scenes from zombie b-movies, our hospitals are bankrupt due to over use and our finest citizens (like Mathieu Montcourt) are literally dropping dead from toxicity.

In order to protect yourself against this sort of sudden death via heart attack you need to avoid painkillers (prescription and over the counter), increase your consumption of clean spring water, avoid caffeinated beverages and all quick blast energy drinks/substances, reduce alcohol intake (2-3 drinks per weeks is plenty), engage in moderate exercise that is preferable anaerobic in nature, eat plenty of whole, live, organically grown produce with minor amounts of organically grown meat selections, reduce chemical use in general to stop poisoning the land/air/water we need to live, reduce personal exposure to chemicals and don't sub your health out to third parties......like conventional medical professionals. (who have a history of only offering treatments that have already been proven complete failures)

You need to be sick for your doctor to get paid so what treatments do you think they have in store for you? You are the only one who can control your health. If you are healthy it was all you. If you are sick it was all you as well. You need to participate.

Come to Physical Limits today. I will see you on the fitness club floor for some exercise and some great health advice. 613 932 4766

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canadian Dentist Poisoned - Who Did It?

The odd answer is that the dentist himself and the Canadian Dental Association may be the ones responsible for the poisoning. If you have a black mercury filling in your mouth, this article will interest you.

Click here to read about a Nova Scotian dental surgeon who has sued the owners of his building. Dr. Duncan MacIntyre accused his landlord of literally poisoning him with heavy metals during a recent building renovation. The legal accusation revolves around the idea that the dust from the renovations were laced with various forms of heavy metals. The claim was that these heavy metals poisoned Dr. MacIntyre, pretty well crippling him and leaving him unable to work as a dental surgeon.

I completely believe the dentist, as heavy metal poisoning is common and can actually mimic everything from MS to lupus and from autism to schizophrenia. One big question raced through my mind when I read this story.

How can a dental surgeon, whose governing body states that mercury (a heavy metal) is not toxic, sue another entity claiming that heavy metals are indeed toxic? The answer is simple and straight forward.

In a world where mammograms can cause cancer, chemotherapy/radiation treatments increase cancer risk and anti depression medications increase depression.....it is not uncommon today for logic to be completely thrown out the window.

Common sense is not so common anymore. Even the judge in this case admitted that heavy metals were indeed toxic yet could not rule with the dentist because the dentist could not prove specifically that the heavy metals came from the building renovations.

So where is the news coverage regarding everyone but the dental patients knowing that heavy metals are toxic and cause illness? The judge knows, the dentist knows so why not the general public?

How many dental patients know mercury fillings are toxic? If you think your mercury fillings do not leak mercury into your body, think again and watch this video. Just for the record mercury holds the title as either #1 or #2 most toxic substance on the planet.

In reality the dentist should also sue himself and his dental association (who swears certain heavy metals are safe when used in your mouth) because the evidence that mercury is toxic is overwhelming. The irony of the situation is that dentists and anyone who works in their offices (dental assistants, office staff etc) are testing for the some of the highest levels of mercury out of any profession.

All dentists who use mercury in their offices have always been at one of the largest risks for heavy metal poisoning mostly due to their illogical (and in this case almost fatal) stance that mercury and other highly toxic materials are safe for their patients.

In an attempt to avoid a complete on slot of law suits, North American dental associations still stubbornly insist that heavy metals are safe for their patients even though some European countries have banned mercury altogether because it is toxic. Mercury has been shown to mimic or even play a part in developing the diseases listed below.

Addison's Disease/Gastritis/Allergies/Hypogonadism/Alzheimer's' disease Hypothyroidism/Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis/Infertility/Ankylosing spondylitis Insomnia/Anorexia nervosa/Irritable bowel syndrome/Anxiety/Juvenile arthritis
Asthma/Learning disabilities/Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/Lupus/Erythromatosus/Autoimmune disease/Manic depression/Bipolar disorder Multiple chemical sensitivities/Borderline personality disorder/Multiple sclerosis
Bulimia Myasthenia gravis/Candidiasis/Obsessive-compulsive disorder/Chronic fatigue Panic attacks/Colitis/Parkinson's disease/Crohn's disease/Pervasive developmental disorder/Depression/Psychosis/Endocrine disorders/Rheumatoid arthritis
Environmental illness/Schizophrenia/Fibromyalgia/Sciatica/Food allergies/Sleep disorders/Yeast syndrome

Even in Canada, stern warnings to avoid mercury fillings are given to pregnant women and young children by our own government. Why is mercury dangerous for some and not for others? When unhealthy companies (and their friends in government) know the jig is up, they often choose to let the truth out in little bits. This helps bad people play the role of "being part of the solution" instead of being highlighted for their part in the early death of the people they were sworn to protect.

The reason the government holds onto the lie of "mercury being safe" is that other profitable lies are directly tied to the mercury lie. If government admits mercury is toxic then many other profitable lies start to crumble as well. (like the vaccination/mercury connection and industrial polluters who keep the stock market humming along etc).

Lets just leave the story with this quote from Dentist David Kennedy "...if they have as few as 4 amalgam fillings present in their mouth, the average person's saliva is so high in mercury they cannot legally spit into the toilet. Their saliva exceeds the EPA maximum legal municipal discharge standard for mercury..--David Kennedy D.D.S.

If you have mercury fillings and want a guide to what to do you can visit this website.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stop Exercising and Lose Weight

Two blogs ago I wrote about how a Nike commercial perpetuated one of the world's biggest exercise myths. That exercise myth was that jogging or walking (long steady state aerobic exercise) was the same as short duration, intense, anaerobic exercise. (like hand to hand combat, running for your life etc).

Aerobic exercise (like jogging and walking) does indeed burn fat but when you burn fat at a high rate the body simply sees it as a command to replenish what fat was lost and to produce extra fat for the next jog or walk.

If an exercise burns fat, the body is never going to gamble and run out of fat in mid exercise session. Logical ideas like "the more I jog/walk, the more fat I will lose", just don't apply here. The body has it's own way of helping you survive and it's answer to losing fat via aerobic exercise is to simply pile on more.

The video below is testament to this. Nutritional psychologist Marc David was given a client who jogged 7 miles per day during the week and 15 miles per day on the weekend. She could have also been walking 7 miles per day. The same outcome was guaranteed.

She ate only 1400 calories per day and avoided fat. She did this because she wanted to lose 25lbs. After a full year of jogging 10 miles per day and eating next to nothing, she had not lost one pound.

This clients' family doctor referred her to Marc David because the doctor actually believed she was lying. Her family doctor believed there was no way she could be exercising that much, eating that little and not losing weight. Just another example of a conventional doctor seeing what they believe and not believing what they see. Doctors don't learn anything about exercise or diet in med school so it is silly for a patient to ask a doctor about weight loss in the first place.

Marc David knew different and understood that it was very likely this client was indeed exercising that much and eating that little. Marc David knew that jogging, walking and low fat diets prime the body for fat gain. Marc told the client to stop jogging immediately and to add good fats to her diet. The client lost 15lbs in the first 30 days after changing her routine. This client now understood that the over exercise myth, the calorie myth and the low fat myth were what was keeping her fat. Click here to see the interview with Marc.

The body never wants the owner of the body to run out of fat when they are jogging or walking, so the body goes into fat production and fat conservation mode. It is that simple.

The body's genetic adaptions to jogging and walking are 1) decreases in muscle mass (because muscle eats fat and the body needs fat for the jogging/walking) 2) increases in fat conservation hormones (because the body wants to make one molecule of fat last as long as possible during the jog/walk) 3) a lower metabolic rate (so that fat is conserved during the times when the jogger/walker is resting) and 4) increases in fat production hormones. (so the body builds more fat from the same or lesser amounts of food because fat is needed during the jog/walk)

Think of the body like a Geni, granting every wish asked of it. Aerobic exercises (like jogging and walking) do burn fat but again the body hears the command that the owner of the body needs fat in order to jog or walk. The scientists who discovered that jogging burns fat were 100% correct but they packed up the experiment too soon. If they would have studied the joggers longer they would have discovered that a jogger's body starts becoming a fat production and fat conservation powerhouse.

The body's genetic adaptation of over producing fat, in response to jogging or walking, can unfortunately translate into unhealthy exercise addictions. The body's fat storing hormones always want to stay one step ahead of the jogger or walker. This basically shows up as weight loss plateaus, increases in weight or increases in fatty content. If the body is really good at storing fat those effects can show up when a jogger stops jogging or a walker stops walking for only one day. This can get the jogger or walker out on the road sooner than they should. This is how a leisurely jog or walk, 2 days per week for 30 minutes, can escalate to 1-2 hour jogs or walks/6-7 days per week. The answers to combat this are described in Marc David's interview above. This UK trainer explains the same concept.

In order to learn the proper format for cardio exercise please read Dr. Al Sears' Pace Program or Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. Let the results guide you.

Bottom line is that jogging just makes you a better jogger and walking just makes you a better walker. Jogging and walking are not good for fat loss so do not use them for fat loss. Jogging and walking actually add fat storing hormones to the body and they will win out over everything else the person is doing.

Keep jogging if you do it for pleasure but most of my clients do it because they want to lose fat.

Don't be afraid to try something new when the old way is not working. Don't go back to what doesn't work. It doesn't make any sense.

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