Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Man With The Perfect Life

Click here or view the video below regarding the plan that has brought Jon Butcher his perfect life.

Guess where health ranks on his 12 step plan to the perfect life?

Anthony Robbins told me, "if you don't have will never be able to do anything I talk about or teach". Health is more than how you defines what sort of environment your mind is floating in. A toxic environment for the brain creates toxic thoughts and toxic thoughts create a toxic life. Think about some one's life as their thoughts and beliefs in motion.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Is Disease and How To Avoid It

When you pull a carrot out of the ground it will start to rot because it has been disconnected from it's source of nutrition. There is something in the soil and earth that when combined with sunlight.....makes life itself.

A connection with that life force directly (like a rooted vegetable) or an indirect connection with that life force (like animals eating the rooted vegetable) allows that life force to flow into the plant or into us.

Now, when we don't reconnect with that life force during the day (because we are not eating real food) we start to rot, just like any plant rots when it's uprooted.

Name a disease that you know. OK, that is simply a name of how humans rot when they are disconnected from that life force in the earth because they don't use their mouth for real food. Disease names only describe how someone is dying and not what to do about it. The majority of medical drugs today block the metabolic signals, which tell the owner of the body, that the body is dying.

Great if you want to avoid the pain associated with dying early. Not good if you want to live a long healthy life.

If you want to avoid disease and find out what qualifies as real food you can join The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic today. You will lose 12-28lbs per month and have those results guaranteed on paper or you get your money back. Call 613.932.4766 for more information. We ship our service and product right across Canada.

Thank you for being healthy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fat Gaining and Disease Causing Beliefs - Mind Viruses

How do thoughts and ideas work inside the brain? Science is still searching for answers but some shocking new revelations are now being considered. For example, advertising is believed to operate more like a direct opposed to advertising providing "choices" or "options" that the consumer "thinks about".

The brain simply wants to live and act upon every command it gets. This is how we can explain people eating themselves to death or purchasing items when they have no way of paying the money back. It also explains why the average person keeps returning to the conventional health system even though health improvement is rarely the end result.

The brain is now believed to operate like a computer, where ideas are downloaded and integrated into the basic programming of the belief system. Ideas that are integrated into the belief system, which bring an early death to the host, are known as mind viruses. Like all viruses.......their existence cause the premature death of the host.

Do you own your own mind? Do you have mind viruses that are causing you to become over fat and diseased? Do you think you are intelligent enough to pick out if you are infected with an idea that will cause your early death and sub par life enjoyment.

Click here or watch the 1 minute video below.....and ask yourself........what sort of mind virus makes people believe that this product is healthy? Can your mind pick out what is so obviously wrong regarding this product?

The ad above can only be sold as "healthy" if the viewer is running what is known as a mind virus complex........a huge cluster of viruses (false beliefs) that support each other. In order to think that product is healthy you need to be running hundreds of false belief systems regarding drugs, doctors, education, health, food, confidence, personal health responsibility, government control, disease causality etc etc.

Mind viruses hurt the host by eliminating independent thought and forcing the host to ignore the obvious. (...the drug is for depression and one of the side effects is a worsening of depression)

Want to clear your belief system of ideas that produce disease and weight gain? Come to the The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic today at 613.932.4766. We specialize in the re-education and re-programming needed to rid the body of fat gaining mind viruses.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foods That Make People Fat and Depressed....

Click here or watch the same video below regarding a short clip from Dr. Russell Blaylock's lecture titled "Nutrition and Behavior ". When we place non-food items into our mouths...we go crazy......but the body does this on purpose. Let me explain.

The simple fact of the matter is that when people place non-foods into their bodies, the body reacts like it is being poisoned. Poison entering the metabolism is taken as a signal from the physical environment that food is becoming very rare and hard to find. (the body thinks why else would someone place poison in their mouth unless food was not available) The body sees this situation as something along the lines of..."there is one rotten banana to eat and 4 monkeys in the can I change the way I behave in order to maximize my survival?"

The body has very precise reactions to times when there is not enough real food to go around for everyone who lives in the jungle. The body activates a part of the brain that reduces intelligence and logic. That same activation increases violence, depression, paranoia, jealously, fear, rage and all characteristics that promote the body's ability to kill the other monkeys for that one remaining banana. A do or die situation....literally. The body does this by shutting down the more advanced part of the brain (the part you need to be loving and fun to be around) and simultaneously activating the most primal parts of the brain.

The reason the body does this should be obvious. When there is a limited amount of food around to be eaten, what food that remains will go to the most crazy and most violent organism. Survival of the fittest at work. When people eat things that aren't food..........this is what happens in the body.......people go crazy, logic is shut down and so is I.Q.

If you want to reverse disease, attain a more stable mood and lose weight you can call 613.932.4766 to inquire about my upcoming seminar titled "Maximizing Your Weight Loss". The foods that make people crazy also make them over fat. All participants will get a copy of my 8 CD audio set titled "The Biggest Weight Loss Secret In The World". Get healthy, lose weight and reverse disease. I can show you how.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learn How To Lose Weight and Beat Cancer

When you read hundreds of books about natural healing and weight loss you start to realize one very important point. All the diets that cure disease and all the diets that facilitate weight loss are based on the exact same principles. Eat real food and the body can heal itself. The body's natural state is health. Click here to view Phillip Day's on line lecture on reversing cancer. The same principles that help the body heal from cancer will maximize your weight loss as well.

Watch for my upcoming seminar on weight loss and disease cures, being held in late September. Enjoy the day.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How To Make Sure You Never Die of a Heart Attack

Does eating fat cause heart attacks? According to the conventional medical establishment, fat and cholesterol clog arteries and this leads to a heart attack. This is just another example of how the public doesn't get the full story.

The story of a heart attack starts with a lack of nutrition and anything that depletes existing nutrition from the body. Click here to watch Phillip Day's accurate explanation regarding heart attacks and how to avoid them. (open the page and let the page sit for about 5-10 minutes to load before you press play)

As your body lacks nutrition, tissues start to flake away and decay. The arteries of the heart are no exception. The body uses cholesterol (a healing paste produced by the liver - not the enemy conventional medicine depicts it as) to patch the decaying tissue.

As a person's nutrition deficiencies increase....the bigger the decaying area on the inside of your body and therefore the bigger the cholesterol deposits. (much like a bigger hole in a bike tire needs a bigger patch)

This growing road block of material then catches everything from chemicals to medications, acting much like a dam. Voila, some of your arteries get completely blocked and you are on your way to a full blown heart attack.

If you die after that heart attack (as 50% of first heart attacks end in death), they open you up to find a fatty/cholesterol based deposit that started because of a lack of nutrition.........not because you ate too much fat or ate cholesterol laden food.

The cholesterol they find inside a person's arteries comes from their own liver and the damage all started by the person eating too much processed sugary foods and chemical laden junk food. Patients are just not getting this information.

Oddly enough healthy fats heal the arteries as well so reducing all fats in a person's diet actually dramatically increases a person's chance of having and dying of a heart attack.

What is also ironic is that conventional medicine teaches people to reduce their cholesterol, which is the body's healing paste. Cholesterol is designed to patch the holes that sometime appear in the body due to a lack of nutrition or in times of extreme stress. All stress depletes nutrition. (mental stress, bad food, a lack of sleep, excess exercise etc)

With conventional medical doctors not addressing their patient's nutrition plus the unhealthy drive to reduce a patient's cholesterol.....a patient's body keeps decaying and as an extra bonus.....cholesterol medication reduces a healing substance the body produces....that was designed by nature to heal us. So the bad food keeps piling into the mouth and one of the body's defense systems is shut off by the statin medication. Brilliant. Bravo.

The end result is the patient getting more ill and then returning to the conventional medical doctor......who literally started the landslide of misinformation in the first place. The well meaning are often ill doing.

This is why we are running out of money inside the conventional medical system. We are treating disease with disease.

Want the solution? Want to live a long time? Want your health span to equal your life span? Want to keep learning about the dangers of having third parties take care of your health? Watch for information regarding my upcoming health seminar or you can join The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic where each client receives my 13 hour CD audio series regarding everything a person needs to know about staying thin, healthy and toned for life. Have a great day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Make-Up Causes Fat and Cellulite

Click here or watch the same video below to view the story of cosmetics. You may be shocked to find out what they are made of and what chemicals many people expose themselves and their families to everyday.

I have met many women and men (mostly women) who lather their bodies with the most toxic substances on the market yet still wonder where their constant fat gain and accelerating disease is coming from.

Toxic body care products cause fat gain and disease for one simple reason.

The body adds extra fat cells and extra water to it's metabolism when it's poisoned. Fat cells can be replicated at anytime in the body and the body knows that fat cells are safer storage units for toxins, compared to letting the toxins float around and destroy tissues one cell at a time.

The extra water also helps dilute the overall toxic load in the body. When the body is poisoned it produces hormones that make sure you hold more of the water you bring in and those same hormones make sure you produce extra fat cells in order to "jail" the dangerous toxins. People who are "overfat" are often super toxic and until they address chemicals in their bodies they will rarely lose the weight they want.

Toxins cause disease because the body dedicates enormous amounts of nutrition to deal with the dangerous intruders. Those are the nutrients you need to stay young and healthy so with the nutrition going toward the war with toxins.......and not toward making you young and age well before your time. (that means you die earlier)

The body absorbs any material right through the skin......and that is why true health professionals often say, "if you would not eat it, don't put it on your skin"

All toxins have the same effect on the body regardless of source. Daily toxins cause the most damage. Conventional cosmetics and body care products play a huge role in fat gain and disease for many.

What is ironic is that make-up ages the body at an accelerated rate (about 25% faster from my calculations) and make-up is marketed to help fight the effects of aging.

The cycle of getting the exact opposite of what is advertised is just part and parcel of the conventional North American sales pitch. (cancer treatments giving more cancer, health care taking away your health, fluoride increasing tooth decay, medications adding extra disease, government school systems setting you up for a lifetime of mediocrity, vaccines weakening immunity etc etc)

I am having a health and fat burning seminar in September. Watch for the announcement. This seminar will also be the launch date for my new 8 CD audio set titled "The Biggest Weight Loss Secret In The World". Enjoy your summer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Medication That Causes The Most Weight Gain....

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. David Edselon elaborate on the class of medication that causes the most weight gain in his patients. I call this "the science of half truth" and unfortunately it's very common within the medical industry.

Weight gain is how the body protects itself against toxins. When polluted, the body adds water and additional fat cells to dilute it's overall toxic load. The body itself has many defense mechanisms that are meant to maximize life span and minimize damage from threats in our environment. A small amount of weight gain is a sign of minor toxicity.....a large amount of weight gain (which is a side effect of most anti depressants) is a sign of major toxicity.

The science of half truth is in play here because a meta analysis of all anti depressant trials revealed that in fact they are not effective what so ever with treating anything but major depression and even in that group the improvements where not statistically significant to warrant a conclusion that they were effective either. Telling patients that anti depressants can cause weight gain is only part of the story.

Click here or watch the same video below to hear Dr. Hyman explain the results of the meta analysis, which declared anti depressants ineffective at treating depression. I don't know many people taking anti depressants who are aware of the results of this study, which were published in one of the world's top medical journals.

Click here, here and here to learn about the method, which is proven highly effective at reversing depression.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Common Food That Is Making Millions Fat........

Click here or watch the same video below in order to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman discuss the common food component millions are eating......which is making them fat and taking years off their lives.

At the Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic our diet eliminates gluten right away and this helps kick start our client's amazing weight loss results. Call Mari or Tara today at The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic (613.932.4766) for your free consultation and your free samples of our delicious diet product. Revolution ships across Canada for anyone not in our immediate area.

Lose 12-28lbs per month and have those results guaranteed or your money back. Call Mari or Tara at 613.932.4766 for full details. Revolution is also now providing 2 week trials of our rapid weight loss protocol. (average weight loss during 2 week trial is 6-14lbs)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toxic Weight Gaining Poison - remove it for health and weight loss

Click here or watch the same video below in order to understand why one of my clients wrote me last night to say that I had saved her life.

One of my clients was experiencing a large number of seemingly unrelated disease symptoms, which her conventional doctors could not connect. I simply went through my standard list of items regarding general health/toxicity and we discovered her mouth was loaded with mercury below for her direct e-mail to me.

I have been to the dentist in Ottawa the past 2 months ½ and it has been a life-saving decision. I have to thank you for helping make that decision. When I attended your seminar at the Parkway, you stressed the importance of getting rid of those mercury amalgam. My old amalgam were a disaster to happen. The dentist had never seen such putrefied teeth. While mercury is harmful it is what you find underneath that is alarming also. Under my fillings were decayed teeth, black as asphalt. It is a miracle I wasn't more sick. She said I must have a very strong immune system. In those months , I had 6 extractions and 3 composite fillings. A horror story. Thank you for having the courage to voice your beliefs and persevere even through criticism. Along with my dentist, Dr France Chevalier, you saved my life.

Thank you


Make sure your dentist is complying with standard and safe mercury filling removing protocols. Click here for more information.

Thank you Raymonde for having the courage to change directions in life. The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic teaches each and every client how to take full control of their health.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dr. Hyman Explains How to Get Perfect Skin

Click here or watch the same video below in order to view Dr. Hyman explaining the steps necessary to achieve perfect skin.

Bad skin (acne, rashes etc) and premature aging of the skin are tied directly to the body's internal environment. As our bodies become clogged with toxins, the metabolic pathways force excess toxins through our skin. Unhealthy skin is not a sign that you need prescription medication. (as all medications are toxic and therefore only increase the chances of worsening the issue) The key to having perfect skin is leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you are in Cornwall you can certainly start that healthy lifestyle by visiting The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Not only do our clients experience rapid weight loss (12-28lbs per month on average).......they learn what it takes to stay thin, toned and disease free for life.

Being healthy is about getting the right information and that's what The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic is all about. Click here for complete details regarding The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic.

If you're in the Montreal area you can also visit Canadian health guru Annick Robinson. Annick Robinson offers a highly effective 10 day detox protocol out of the Victoria Park Health Club. Click here for more information. Contact Annick at this e-mail address..... or call Victoria Health Club directly at 514.488.5182.

For some quick nutrition tips right now via video (from Annick) you can also click here.

Thank you for keeping your health a top priority.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Click here or watch the same video below of Jessica, as she demonstrates the age old practice of positive thinking.

Can positive thought increase weight loss and optimal wellness? Just look at the increases in health associated with what is known as the placebo effect.

For more information on the power of positive thinking and it's ability to change future reality you can also click here and here.

Thank you for making Cornwall a healthy place to live. The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic is now offering a 2 week trial with no strings attached. Call 613 932 4766 for more information. We ship to all parts of Canada.

Tip of the hat to fitness guru A. Robinson for providing the video.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough.........

Click here or watch the same video below regarding the cholesterol lowering drug Vytorin.

A common myth that often comes with such ads is that the consumer is told to come use the drug after their attempt at controlling their cholesterol fails using diet and exercise....... "when diet and exercise aren't enough".

Diet and exercise are always enough to lower cholesterol........but you need the proper information regarding diet and exercise. Are conventional medical professionals experts on diet or exercise? Unfortunately they're not...........and if they were they would only prescribe medications in very rare circumstances.

Click here to learn about The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. A weight loss clinic designed to make sure clients lose 12-28lbs (average weight loss) per month plus they learn about all the healthy habits that can make sure they stay thin, toned and disease free for life.

For more information on the side effects of statin medications, which are often not discussed with patients please click here.

Thanks for making the world a healthy place to live.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Surgeon General Admits Obesity #1 Threat To U.S.

Click here or watch the same video below regarding a documentary, which reviews the unseen costs related to obesity.

To access this documentary click here.

If you would like to lose 16-25lbs per month you may be interested in The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. We also provide our famous service to clients outside our area, through the mail/Internet and using on line consultation with live Revolution weight loss experts.

Click here for more information, e-mail me any questions at or call the Revolution Weight Loss Clinic directly at 613 932 4766 and ask for Mari or Tara. (Revolution operates out of Cornwall's most luxurious fitness club........Physical Limits Fitness)

Thanks for making the world a healthy place to live.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reversing Diabetes Seminar a Great Success

The diabetes seminar went off very well last night. Everyone learned something, even the people who were well aware that diabetes is easily reversible. An eye opening experience for all who attended. Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to come have fun with me in Cornwall. I really enjoyed everyone who came, especially Norm.

There are so many reversing diabetes programs that they are literally coming out of the wood work. We reviewed Dr. Hyman's and Dr. Gabriel Counsens' programs last night but I just came across another one this morning in my e-mail. Click here to view Dr. Stefan Ripich's new program. Dr. Whittiker also has one, Dr McDougall has one and the list gos on and on...

Want to know a little something about the forces that keep these simple cures away from the general public. Click here and here.

If you would like to master what it takes to lose weight and reverse disease you can now request my audio set "The Biggest Weight Loss Secret In The World" over the Internet. Please e-mail me at This audio set is a complete guide to healthy living. Over 12 hours of audio revealing the biggest weight loss secret in the world.......this one secret can teach you how to lose any amount of weight you wish with ease. Want to live your best life? Write me an e-mail requesting this audio set.

The foods and habits that cause weight gain are the same ones that cause disease. This audio set takes care of both.

Thank you for taking time for your health.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dr. Hyman on Curing Diabetes - How Medication Makes Diabetes Worse

Click here or watch the same video below to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman review a study that proves trying to control blood sugar with medication (and not lifestyle) actually leads to more deaths and heart attacks.

The story is simple. Bad foods kill in many more ways than just raising blood sugar. Patients are sold the idea that all they have to do is control their blood sugar number and everything will be fine. This leads to a patient eating foods that can kill them a 1000 different ways, with the patient only controlling one aspect of how those foods can cause their premature death.

The other 999 ways bad foods can kill/ravage the body are never addressed. The root cause is ignored. As in so many other cases, the conventional health professional declares..."the procedure was a major success but unfortunately the patient has passed away".

The blood sugar is addressed with medication but the bad lifestyle just kills another way and this has already been proven in the lab and on the street. The big secret is that disease is not separate. The foods, habits and lifestyles that cause one disease, cause them all.

Diabetes medications treat a number, which has no relation to health or life expectancy. Diabetes medications literally roll out the red carpet to hundreds of other diseases by keeping the low quality foods flowing into the patient's mouth. The patient gets their gold star for getting their blood sugar numbers right yet end up riding a deformed/fatigued body into the grave yard well before their time. The patient ends up telling others that this is the best we can do and even raising money to fuel/energize a system that only provides further decreases in health.

My reversing diabetes seminar is officially set for Tuesday May 4th from 5:30 until 8:00 at the Parkway Inn and Conference Center. Call 613.932.4766 for quick registration over the phone.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Call For Reversing Diabetes Seminar - Dr. Hyman Reviews The Cure

If you want to attend my reversing diabetes seminar next Tuesday please call 613.932.4766 to register. Thank you for taking care of your health.

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. Hyman explain how diabetes, obesity and many other diseases are caused by the same lifestyle, foods and habits. Dr. Hyman also reviews the case study of one patient who cured many diseases (including diabetes) simultaneously by changing his lifestyle.

Thanks for taking care of your health.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Cure for Diabetes - Dying For The Cure

Click here or watch the same video below to view a cancer charity endorsing the consumption of Kentucky Fried Chicken, as a good way to help fight cancer. This is what I have called the Human Shield Effect in the past. So the best way to fight cancer is to eat foods that give cancer.

Everyone on the train to the hospital. Health and living a long life is so last year, disease is where it's at. Don't be healthy and feel lonely, be part of the crowd who are in line at the top of the cliff. Just don't be unhealthy, get behind efforts that make millions unhealthy. You will feel great and feel like you have contributed. I heard the US military are painting their artillery shells pink to start their own "kill for the cure" campaign.

Everyone has a mind and are therefore capable of living a fib. (fibs are ideas like medications are healthy, doctors are masters of health, killing people in another country will make us safer in the future or that eating KFC is good for cancer)

The unfortunate thing about many people is that they are not up to date with their history, especially the long history of eugenics. When uneducated people start tricking the minds of other uneducated people, like in the case of anyone serving cancer causing food as a cure for cancer, the eugenics proponents are laughing all the way to the bank.

Eugenics is the science of eliminating the uneducated masses through mind manipulation and it was actually a studied branch of science for many decades not more than 60 years ago. It has now gone underground but the evidence of its' existence is easy to see today.

Click here to see how the American Diabetic Association has taken millions of dollars from the biggest sugar distributor in the world, Cadbury/Schwepps. Same sort of thing as eating cancer causing foods, for cancer. After the donation was made to the ADA, the president of the ADA declared sugar was not directly implicated in diabetes.

Feed the concepts these groups are selling through your body to discover if they are true or not. Eat excess sugar and you will get diabetes, regardless of what the child like mind thinks. Anything that stresses, deforms or brings pain to the body is a fib. Anything that adds body symmetry, health and happiness is the truth. Run any idea you want through your genetic lie detector to find truth. Truth lies inside of you, nowhere else.

Last call for the reversing diabetes seminar. Call 613 932 4766 to register.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diabetes Cure - Pharmacist Sounds In With The Same Cure

What is the easiest way to become a mega millionaire today? The easiest way to get rich today is by coming out of the closet and telling the truth.

Telling the truth is the hottest trend right now throughout the world. Rare things are worth more and there is nothing more rare in this century than people in the halls of power telling the general public the truth about how they have been manipulated over the past 100 years.

The general public know they are overweight, diseased, fatigued and in debt.........and now they are finding out why. Truth telling is the hottest stock on the market today. The whistle blowers are coming out of the closet because of the huge benefit telling the truth brings.

My personal income alone has grown 6-8 fold since the day I decided to tell my clients the truth about health. As soon as I started telling the truth I started to make more money than I had thought possible. This is how life is designed. When you are is good.

The ability to get rich based on telling the truth is the Trojan horse that will bring our modern system down to the level where it needs to be.

First doctors were cashing in on truth. Health professionals like Dr. Blaylock, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Ray Strand, Dr. McDougall and thousands more........but now we see pharmacists and even politicians getting into the truth market. WOW! Making millions of dollars by actually helping people instead of making a couple hundred thousand by keeping people sick. Making more......and sleeping better at night........and growing off the love that your results produce. That is the life we were all designed to live.

The corrupt people make less, feel terrible doing it and die early because of the stress living a lie causes in the body. There is another way and Suzy Cohen is showing people that way.

When I put it like that.......I'm even hopeful for the future. Click here or watch the same video below regarding pharmacist Suzy Cohen and her new book about curing diabetes. No one tells the truth like Suzy, so look out! Truth is so hard to find today that many people forget what it looks like and are shocked when they hear it. It is like seeing a UFO......people just think it's from another planet.

Please notice how alive and happy Suzy is. That is what happens when what the "mind" believes and what the "body" knows as truth are aligned. The body performs optimally when it lives truth.

Almost last call for my reversing diabetes seminar. Please call 932 4766 to register.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Diabetes Cured - Dr. McDougall Cures Diabetes As Well

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. McDougall discuss some of the patients he has cured of diabetes. The big secret is that the same diet cures many diseases, as there is not one cure for diabetes and another cure for MS and another cure for depression etc. All the charities are looking for the exact same cure and they pass it everyday in the grocery store.

The basis of power throughout history is about one group knowing and another group not knowing. People without power often talk in the same way. Everything is out of their control....that is their basic mind set. One group is lucky and they are not. The powerless often believe they are destined to get done by life, as life blows them around like a leaf in the wind. It's all about what you know and that is why the easy disease cures are kept from the general public. If the greater populations realized their true power, that would not be good for the current group of people who profit from illness and dysfunction.

The uncomfortable thing about being powerful is that you instantly take responsibility for everything in your life. The good is your fault but so is the bad. You created everything in your life but with your power, you can change it at anytime. When you have power, there is no one else to blame for the bad or take credit for the good. You stand alone, the product of your efforts.

Teaching someone to cure disease is about first trying to teach them that they created that situation and that they have the power to reverse it at anytime.

The medical system caters to the "non-powerful" mentality by allowing the powerless to blame genetics or other factors for their illness. The powerless are more apt to take the bait because the alternative is blaming themselves. Blame storming is what conventional medicine sells and that is only one piece of the clever puzzle designed to keep the majority powerless.

When you make a powerless person sick with medicine, they actually demand more medicine. The powerless have lost their ability to think for themselves, use their eyes to see what is going on right in front of them, take action against people who hurt them, question authority or judge the results of their efforts.

Being powerful can be uncomfortable at first but it is better than the alternative. It may be time to re-educate and re-establish your personal power.

Contact 932 4766 to register yourself for my reversing diabetes seminar.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Cure For Diabetes - What You Are Not Being Told

When I talk to clients at my weight loss clinic or at my area fitness clubs, the story is usually the same. Generally many people have been told they are sick (by their conventional medical professional), they are taking lots of drugs, they are still really sick and that is basically all they know.

For example, people who have high cholesterol usually know absolutely nothing about what cholesterol is, what organ in the body produces cholesterol, why cholesterol is produced in the body, what cholesterol is used for in the body, why it is elevated etc. Forget about those people knowing anything negative or even fatal regarding cholesterol medication or the dangers of lowering cholesterol artificially.

Unfortunately the same can be said about the diabetics I talk to. To this day I have not met a diabetic who received any sound education from their health care professional about what raises blood sugar, how to control it naturally or the dangers of eating bad food and then using a blood sugar measurement as the water mark of health. To most diabetics I talk to, they believe that if their blood sugar is kept under control artificially then somehow they are doing the best they can do. This belief will imprison them as patients for life and take years (even decades) off their lives unless they take the time to self educate.

Most diabetic patients are kept in the dark purposely by the very system they run to for help. For example is there one diabetic reading this who can answer this question for me. If you click here or here (or watch the same videos below) you will see 2 TV commercials (1 minute each) for the world's most widely used class of medication. One commercial warns of blood sugar fluctuations so wild that the blood sugar fluctuations, from taking the medication, can lead to coma or death. The other commercial lists acquiring type II diabetes as a side effect.

Who can tell me why a medication raises blood sugar, when there is no sugar in those medications? (post your answer) Think your doctor is telling you the truth about everything that can aggravate your blood sugar? There are thousands of other substances that can raise blood sugar. (that are not sugar) Conventional doctors don't tell their patients about these factors because a doctor's income is directly tied to their patients being sick. To make people healthy, is to become unemployed.

Who would like to know why non sugar items (like medications) can raise blood sugar and give you type II diabetes?

For that answer you may need to come to my reversing diabetes seminar. Once you find out that answer, you will completely understand what diabetes is, how to reverse it and how little time it will take to accomplish that goal. Call 613 932 4766 to register.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Cure For Diabetes - Dr. Hyman Reviews The Basics

Click here or watch the same video below to see Dr. Hyman review the basics for reversing diabetes. A couple of years after that video Dr. Hyman released a full program to help clients reverse diabetes outright. Click here to view that program.

What is Dr. Hyman's secret? It's no secret, as thousand of health professional across the country are doing this everyday with hundreds of thousands already cured outright.

Why are drug companies, charities and government officials not releasing this easy to find information regarding the cure for diabetes? The reason is called the expansion principle.

All ideas grow like weeds in the mind. As a new idea takes root in the mind it expands into many other ideas, which are always slightly different but always built on the foundation of the original. For example, if one disease is curable....your mind can make the logical leap into understanding that other disease may also be curable. If medications make one disease worse.......your mind can make connect that conclusions to all medications.

Your mind can make those connections at lightening speed and that is why even the slimmest and faintest glimmer of truth about disease is snuffed out instantly by conventional medicine. For that system to employ who it does, you need to be sick. The more sick the better.

I am having a seminar describing the easy process of reversing diabetes. Call 932 4766 for details.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Cure For Diabetes - Drug Company Hides Cure from The Public

Think drug companies want to make sure you get healthy? If that was true they would actually be in the business of putting themselves out of business. Click here or watch the same video below to view a whistle blower, inside the medication industry, tell it like it is.

Remember that a whistle blower is a person whose body can no longer live the fib, which the mind is living. In reality the body hates fibs so much that it will eventually force the mind to live truth or it will eliminate the host. That is what forces a whistle blower to act, as the pain of telling the truth is no where near the amount of pain involved with living a lie.

Click here or watch the same video below to see what happened to Dr. Joel Fuhrman when he was invited to publish his diabetes cure inside a prominent medical journal. Guess who stepped in and made sure it didn't happen?

If you get healthy, the drug companies lose stock value and the politicians (who support disease by living their own set of fibs for a pay cheque) lose a good chunk of their political funding. You being happy and healthy is bad for the economy.

I am having a diabetes reversal seminar based on the work of Dr. Gabriel Counsens. Call 613 932 4766 to register.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Cure For Diabetes - Dr. Hyman Talks of The Same Cure

Dr. Hyman's diabetes cure is the same one that Dr. Cousens (highlighted in the blog post below) uses at his clinic. Many other health professionals will also be highlighted in upcoming weeks who use the exact same cure for diabetes.

According to the American Diabetic Association (and other diabetic associations around the world) there is still no cure for diabetes. How can a growing number of medical professionals be curing tens of thousands of patients of diabetes (type II and in some cases even type I) yet the charity representing diabetics avoids telling their members anything about the cure?

The answers to these questions become painfully obvious after attending one of my disease reversal seminars. Only the mind can live a fib, the body can't and unfortunately everyone on the face of the planet has a all are equally prone to living a fib here and there.

Medical professionals, charity workers and government officials are equally prone to living fibs. The more distractions in one's life, the easier it is to ignore the clear communication from the body....that it doesn't agree with living any fib. The more distractions in one's life the easier the mind can live an unnatural existance. (distractions are anything that shuts the body talk off or dulls hours of TV, alcohol, processed foods, pain killers, other medications, work addictions, surgeries and other forms of personal crisis etc)

All fibs hurt the the body and that is why the body is programmed to identify fibs and then warn the owner of the body against living them. To the body a fib is anything that will end it's life early. It should be pretty obvious why the body is equipped with an "early warning system" regarding fibs.

The body's first warning that a fib has been encountered is PAIN, both mental and physical. Ignore these signals long enough and eventually you get what conventional medicine calls a disease or what I like to call a physical deformation of the body.

Live fibs long enough and your body shape changes to actually warn others that you are living a fib. The body starts giving up on changing the mind and starts to protect the greater good by visually warning others. (obesity, rashes, thinning hair, acne, faulty posture, eyes not set, rotting teeth, cellulite, white complextion, bad attitude etc) That is how dangerous fibs are, the body is designed to tell others about you (to stay back from you) when you ignore truth. What you call "being physically attractive" is based on living truth........nothing else

As stated throughout my blog posts, (especially the ones dealing with reversing autism) the mind is most easily manipulated by money, fear, advertising and perceived authority. The mind protects it's own self interest while the body is programmed to place the greater good above all else.

Curing disease means anyone involved within the "disease system" would lose their job. (lose their money or security - so the mind sees a world of sick people and a job dealing with all those sick people as good -yet the body knows the entire society is prone to collapse anyway as soon as half the world is sick so that is much worse than looking for another job)

The mind is the child and the body is the wise adult. I like telling the truth to my clients because I am very in tune with my body and the truth it holds, where many medical professionals I know are living the fib that the entire world can be sick and some how the pleasure in their personal lives will not be affected. This is the difference between a wise man and an academic. A wise man's truth comes from the inside and an academics' truth comes from the outside.

A person in tune with nature sees the trade off between money (maybe losing your job) and the chance of having everyone healthy a great thing or a no brainer. When it comes down to the mind making a decision to let the cure out (most disease cures are exactly the same) or to keep the mind's source of income (it's job)........the mind will side with self interest. In a society based on ignoring body truth and placing self interest as the ultimate business model (capitalism gone wild) we get the situation we have today where both charity and medical system team up to make sure truth is hurried off the stage as fast as possible when it shows up.

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. Mark Hyman tell his patients that curing diabetes is easy.

I am having a diabetes reversal seminar May 4th 2010. Call 613 932 4766 to be placed on the list.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Cure For Diabetes - New Seminar

I am proud to announce a new disease reversal seminar May 4th from 5:30 to 8:30, which will reveal the well documented cure for diabetes. Click here or watch the same video below to watch the cure in full stride.........and not just for type II........type 1 as well.

The cure for diabetes has to be conventional medicines' worst kept secret. The cure rate of any person with diabetes has really nothing to do with the well documented plan to reverse that disease. (the cure has always been available in many doctor authored books) The cure rate has to do with a person's teachability index.

A person's teachability index is based on three factors. #1 Who is the patient listening to for their information? If a person is programmed to listen solely to the conventional medical professionals who focus on treatments (meaning the patient stays diseased) instead of cures, then a cure will rarely be considered by that patient.

If you have a goal in life, hang around people who have already accomplished that goal. Understand the difference between disease management/treatment (getting lots of attention but staying diseased) and cures. (meaning you are cured in as little as 7 days - as can be observed in the video above - and then you move on with other challenges in your life)

I will review the other factors contained within a person's teachability index in a following post Call 613 932 4766 to place yourself on the diabetes cure seminar list. Have a great day and see you there.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The government and ruling class liked to burn books throughout history because the elite class certainly knows the power of ideas. All ideas are considered by the mind as initially true. The more the mind hears about one idea or another the more likely it is to take action on it. That is what all advertising is based on.

How the mind processes ideas is a universal law, much like the law of relativity or the law of gravity. You can't shut down or destroy such laws (because they exist in all things, at all times and in every location simultaneously) so when you don't want others to see such laws......all you can do is hide them and then hope the working class never discover their true power. These universal laws are actually the foundational operating manual of life itself. Find out these laws and your power is unlimited.

There is still modern forms of book burning (what keeps the poor powerless), like in the case of any medical study that questions the foundations of profit....that our sick care economy is based on. Just like burning books, the entire drive is to make sure the average person is left to feed on ideas that continually dis-empower them.

The poor are always given the ideas that don't really work. Medicines that don't make them healthy. Financial planners that keep them poor and tax laws that see them punished for trying to do more. Do you ever wonder why most people are where they are? It's because the wrong information dis-empowers like no other.

Click here or watch the same video below to hear of such a case where the average Joe is kept dumb, poor, fat and dis-empowered by the medical community. The truth is always hurried off the stage so that Jane and Joe North American never remember what truth looks like. When you don't know what truth looks like, it's easier to live a life of fibs. Think your doctor is there to make you healthy? What proof are you basing this on?

In the video above and in the case of burning books the people behind the curtain are afraid of the expansion principle. The forces behind the injustices are aware that ideas take root in the brain and grow like trees. From one idea, can come many.

If you question vaccines because of the mercury than mercury teeth fillings are next. If you question doctors being in control of immunity, you may question doctors controlling cholesterol, mood, thyroid function and blood pressure etc. If you were ever to find out that the body knows best in one will quickly realize that the body knows best in all areas. If you ever find out the medical community has lied to you for 100 years about vaccines then that idea will expand into questioning more of what they do. If you ever found out that you can do it, then you don't need someone to do it for you.

The "idea seeds" that can blossom into you becoming independent of their control is what they are always trying to burn or destroy.

For things to stay the same for them, things must stay the same for you. The more power for you, the less for them. The more you know, the less they can sell you the ideas that they know. You can never avoid the forces of darkness. All you can do is educate yourself and avoid them.

It isn't what you don't know that gets you into's what you know for sure that just ain't so. (Mark Twain)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Autism Reversal Seminar - Smashing Success

Thank you to all who attended.

The reversing autism seminar went last night to rave reviews. Many parents and grand parents came in and left with the story, which the conventional medical community often hides from view.

One person attending had minor concerns that the seminar was advertised as "a cure" for autism.

This wonderful person's frequent communication with parties who have never cured any child of the disease, had set this false idea into her mind as "truth". (that there was no cure so by using the word "cure" I was false advertising or giving false hope etc)

I explained how the mind can live a lie, that the body can't and how to learn how to identify body truth from mind truth. The mind is the child who believes anything but the body is the ultimate truth who you can always rely on to guide you out of pain and into pleasure. That is where I start with all people.

When I rolled out this video or the same one below (and many more) this great person started to understand that the ideas sold to her in the past about autism were not the whole story. By the end of the seminar she was not only well aware that tens of thousands of families are curing their children everyday of all disorders on the autism spectrum but the information to cure is often purposely kept from parents by the charities, conventional medical professionals and government organizations that the parents often turn to for help.

We took the evidence and worked backwards, with plenty of help from other health professionals via video presentation. By the end of the seminar the chain of evidence was clear. The parents were not being told the whole story........not by a country mile.

This person knew of no "outright/full reversal" cures because everyone she consulted never cured anyone completely, so she believed no outright cure existed. This is logical. When you have any goal in life, hang around people who have already accomplished that goal. (like Dr. Hyman)

Every parent at the seminar is starting to cure their children this morning. That is a great feeling. Click here to view Dr. Mark Hyman's step by step guide for reversing autism and other learning disorders. (what he refers to as the cases of a broken brain)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Autism Cure - A Mother's Truth Is Based On Her Son's Autism

One more day until my reversing autism seminar. One quarter of my lecture is dedicated to how teachable a person is. Another quarter is dedicated to the process by which humans can find truth within absolutely any situation.

People must prepare for new ideas because the old ideas produced the old results. If change is wanted in some one's life, their life must change. A simple concept that many people battle when they first hear it. The first step is that you have to admit you don't know. That's hard and I talk about why it's hard and how to get past it.

Everything you know as truth comes directly from the body. Fire burns, falling out of a tree will break your leg, sex feels good and hugs feel good etc. You would know none of these things without your body letting you know what was what. Those truths are the same for me as they are for you.

To the body truth is anything that makes you live longer and fibs are anything that make you die early. The body connects fibs to pain so you avoid them and therefore you avoid dying early. The body connects truth to pleasure so you seek truth and therefore live the longest life possible.

Fibs hurt the body and deform the body. Truth helps the body. Are vaccines safe? If you want your answer you need do nothing more than pass it by the body because the body doesn't lie. (so inject them on in there at your own risk given what truth you have witnessed in other children who have been subjected to them) There is only one truth....not two. Nobody holds the truth except the body itself.

Pass what ever idea or product you wish by the body if you really want the truth about it.

Only the mind can live a lie. That means the mind can be easily convinced of anything but the body reserves the right to judge exclusively as to what is healthy for the body and what hurts it.

Can you find the medical doctor in this video or the same one below who has a mind that is living a fib? (for a pay cheque) The mind is easily manipulated by a pay cheque, perceived authority or advertising. The body is a walking lie detector.......feed any idea you like into it and watch the reaction......the body will let you know what "truth" is.

The mother (in the video above) knows the truth because she states, ".. all the proof I need is by looking at my son!". Our bodies don't lie.

How many fibs are you living? The more fibs you live, the more pain you will have, the more physical deformities you will have and the more mental deformities you will have. Take off your cloths and take a look.

The body shows its' insults/fibs physically and also mentally. Both are really easy to pick out. Remember a fib to the body is anything that ends its' life prematurely. The deformities are the body's smoke signal for you to take notice. Ignore those and you ignore everything ever encoded into your DNA.

Call 932 4766 for more information on attending the seminar.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Week In Review

Click here to view the "60 Minutes" report on the dangers of pesticides, which are covering all our non-organic food choices. People who refuse to take care of their health only transfer that responsibility to others. Sick people have to start understanding that they need to take care of themselves or they will take down everyone else with them. HINT........the stock markets are reflective of our ability to make good decisions and work. Bad food affects the mind and the body negatively.

Click here to learn about the dangers of genetically modified foods that are in the majority of non-organic processed "food-like" products.

Click here to watch Jamie Oliver on TED TALKS regarding what the government is feeding our children at school. It's hard to tell anymore if the educational content (based on teaching children what it takes to lead a very conformist lifestyle), the toxic learning medications endorsed by school officials, the cafeteria food or the one sided vaccine drives are the worst thing about our modern school system..........and we wonder why our kids are sick, fat and can't learn. The people who get paid by the government will back them with their lives but what about the results? What happened to judging the results? Full speed ahead, right off the cliff.

Click here to watch Dr. Gary Null's documentary, which explores the drugs parents are endorsing for their children. Don't do drugs except if they are from a doctor. Do you think those parents may want to start feeding their children healthy foods....which are proven to increase learning and not drugs that are linked to school shootings, increased depression and suicide? This cycle starts with parents thinking they are powerless and that "others" (never self) can remedy the issues. I can't but someone else can...........that is the foundation of being powerless. Drop off your problems at the doctor's office and pick the solved problems up after work. When a child's soul can tell that what they are being taught will most likely make them a slave....just drug them and keep it rolling. When the teachers feel the same way, drug them as well.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anti Depressants - What is The Truth About Them?

The definition of truth includes the idea that there is only one truth.....not two. The mind is like a young child, who wants to play with all ideas. The mind does not discriminate as to what ideas it will bring to life or try to live. The mind is easily manipulated by advertising, authority or money.

Truth means only one thing. Truth means that what the mind believes is aligned exactly with what the body knows as true. For example, the mind is the only entity that can believe a medication is healthy....the body can't and that is why all medications have side effects.

What drug companies call side effects are the truth of the body ......trying to warn the mind that it's living a lie. A lie to the body is anything that ends it's life prematurely and takes away from pleasure.

The body is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Police strap a lie detector on some one's body ......not a doctor on the payroll of a drug company and not a government health official on the take. Police strap a lie detector on some one's body because the body has no ability to live a lie and the body gets very stressed when living a lie. A lie detector picks up stress in the body ....that's how it works. Only the mind can live a lie, the body can't. The body itself has a great communication system to alert the mind (and the owner of the body) as to what is a lie. The body gives pain.

What happens when the mind is tricked into believing that pain will make it more healthy and more happy?

Click here to listen to the side effects of anti depressants. When you poison the body you get pain because the "pain" system is supposed to warn the owner of the body that what's going on will end life prematurely. Only the mind can live a lie. A mind that is living a fib often seeks other minds who are living a similar fib because like attracts like........and from that idea comes the typical North American patient/doctor relationship.

One mind living a fib for a pay cheque and another mind living a fib in search of pain reduction. Living more fibs only increases pain and the side effects are the extra pain. Both minds need plenty of distractions in order to avoid what their souls are screaming at them. When you find fibs, you will always find distractions that deflect the truth of the body. (distractions are often addictions.....alcohol, smoking, food, work, drugs, TV, exercise, coffee, charity work addictions etc...anything that avoids the owner of the body having quiet "one on one" time with the body itself)

Click here to start watching that entire movie in parts about the truth about anti depressants. If you can get your head around the idea that fibs bring pain, then you can certainly draw your own conclusions about the side effects of all medications.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver vs. The Most Diseased and Obese Town In America

The human body is already programmed with what is true and what are fibs. Think of a fib as anything that would end your life prematurely because in nature, that is exactly what a lie is. The body knew that definition and how dangerous lies were well before humans could form words. Fibs are dangerous for you and for others, as they always end in premature death. Stress kills, as all lies bring increased stress... as a bare minimum. Some lies kill outright.......just ask Julius Caesar.

Due to the fact that the body is actually a walking survival based computer system (taking in stimulation from the environment and making millions of calculations per second to maximize your lifespan) it should be pretty obvious why people like Jamie Oliver and other whistle blowers exist in the first place.

Have you ever wondered why someone like Jamie Oliver would put himself into this awkward position, when the chances of personal pain are high and the chances of personal pleasure are low? The reason we see people all over the world taking action for truth is because truth is already programmed into our DNA. One of the foundations of truth is that we are all connected, so what hurts someone else hurts you directly. Truth brings pleasure to you by bringing pleasure to others.

You can also identify the amount of "fibs" a person is living by attempting to quantify how much pain a person has in their life. Pain distorts the physical body in most cases (obesity and disease) but people in pain also can be judged by their actions. An action that hurts another human originates with internal pain.

My office is a lie free zone because I can tell if a client is living a lie as soon as they step in the door. The body tells the truth, as the body is simply a reflection of what ideas someone believes. If someone believes in fibs, the pain screams like a radio station for all to hear and for all to see. Nature wants others to see the fibs, as any fib is dangerous for you as well.

Only the mind can live a fib, the body can't. For example, the minds of some of the people in the town Jamie is trying to help think they are doing the best they can for their health and the health of their children.

That would be an example of the mind living a lie. The example of the body not being able to live a lie is how sick, how fat and how much pain these people are really in. The mind says the food is good (because the mind is a child and can be easily fooled by advertising or easily conned with a pay cheque).......but the food habits of the town are a fib and we know they are because the body can't lie. Only a lie can deform the body in that way.

Obesity and disease (early death) are why lies are so dangerous and why the body is programmed against them in the first place.

Click here to watch the trailer of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution or watch the same video below. As you can see, when one person lives a lie.....the pain moves out to anyone else in the immediate area and far beyond. (we see this when the fibs of the town also bring extreme pain to Jamie)

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Day I Made I Major Health Mistake With My Daughter

The more books I read the more I understand clearly that, "what is unnatural" is rarely healthy. When my daughter was born I was intent on making sure she lived the most healthy life possible. I saved up lots of money and arranged for lots of time off work in her early years. I was ready for anything.

After her birth a nurse insisted that my daughter be weighed and before you knew it there was a needle sticking in little Sophia's body, with the nurse's hand on the other end of the needle.

I was horrified and I alarmingly stated, "what was that?". It was a vitamin K shot. The nurse looked at me like, "don't worry, this is healthy for your baby".....and I was thinking, "lady, there is nothing healthy about 95% of what goes on in here".

This is what went through my mind next.

- typical North American health care to never ask a parent what they want for their children

- vitamin K was a highly toxic oil based substance in high doses

- the human body has never seen synthetic vitamins directly injected into the blood stream in its' evolution history

- the nurse's body reflected her beliefs on health so lets just say that she was not a healthy person and would have near zero experience with healthy living.....any discussion about the dangers of vitamin K was not I got to keep my anger to myself......this is not healthy either

- the medical system's track record for making children healthy is non existent in my mind unless the child was in an acute care emergency like a car accident etc

- I have failed as a parent right away

- my research on eugenics and that concept's historic reflection in the North American medical system got my blood pressure up for sure.

I just knew that vitamin K was not necessary if the parents were healthy. Both myself and my wife are healthy and would have rejected the shot if we were given a choice. Sophia has never been vaccinated as well and is a healthy child. She eats organic food, drinks properly ph balanced water, gets plenty of sleep, plenty of play time etc.

I still carry concerns about the one shot that entered my daughter's body when my back was turned. Don't let this happen to you. Get educated before the birth of your next child regarding vitamin K.

Click here or here to listen to several medical professional discuss their concerns with the vitamin K shot.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Autism Cure - Final Post On Autism - Dr. Hyman Speaks About the Cure

Click here or watch the same video below as Dr. Mark Hyman speaks regarding the cure for autism, ADHD, aspergers and other forms of minor and major chemically induced brain damage.

As for the drugs that are often given to children who have ADHD, autism and aspergers..........that is a whole other area but one could click here, here or here to find out the other side of the story regarding those medications.

This is the final call for the reversing autism seminar. Just call 613 932 4766 to place yourself on the reservation list. Thanks for making Cornwall a healthier place to live.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Autism Reversal - How What We Eat Affects The Brain

Click here or watch the same video trailer below in order to understand how our nutrition affects brain function and our DNA.

Want to watch the entire lecture from Dr. Russell Blaylock? Just click here or watch the same video below. (let it play a bit and then drag the cursor back to the start to avoid any delays)

My reversing autism seminar is now taking clients. Please call 613 932 4766 for full details. Thank you for making your community a healthier place to live.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Autism Cure - The Full History All Parents Need To Know

People want to do good. That is a genetic certainty. Today most autism awareness is diverted to dealing with autism after the fact. The charities and government institutions do very little to warn parents about what causes autism or how to avoid becoming autistic.

Building a hospital at the bottom of a dangerous cliff can appear to be an act of kindness until you find out that the people who own the hospital took no action on building a fence at the top of the cliff. (so no one falls down and gets injured in the first place). On the surface it looks like the hospital cares but if it really cared it would make sure people didn't hurt themselves in the first place, as opposed to rushing to the injured (after the fact) and "acting" like they are "do-gooders".

Wait until you find out anyone suggesting building a fence at the top of the cliff is fired from the hospital or their government health care position or that the hospital is actually driving people to the top of the cliff and then rifling them down the slope. Wait until you find out the charities surrounding the disease receive funding from the parties who profit the most from the disease, literally ensuring the information the public needs to protect themselves is hidden away.

The truth is stranger than fiction. This is why curing autism is hard. It depends on the parents first changing their mind. (if they have not already) The difficulty of changing "mind" will also be discussed at the seminar.

Click here or watch the same video documentary below. It is an award winning documentary by Gay Null PhD. Gary tells parents of autistic children what the medical industry and the charities don't want them to hear.

Click here to watch the rest of the documentary in parts. They are listed down the right hand side of that page.

If you would still like to attend my autism reversal seminar you still have a small window of time. Please contact me directly at