Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Cure For Cancer - and why many don't want it

The primary flaw of the war against cancer is that the cures have already been found and documented. The war on cancer has gone on so long that most people are literally programmed to reject the existing cures for the disease. When cures are mentioned, the people who need the cures the most literally cannot believe that the cure has been found and often reject the idea based on conditioning alone. If you have been taught that the cure for cancer is highly elusive, you are going to feel pretty silly when someone tells you that the cure was right under your nose the whole time.

I get asked for "Walk For Hope" cancer donations (and that is what they are really....donations for cancer and not against cancer) every year and one of the people who requests the donation smokes and eats gummie bears by the hand full everyday. This sheds light on just some of the structural flaws in the system.

Walking around a track will never cure cancer, especially when the cure for cancer has already been well documented. Cancer grows off sugar (candy) and toxins (smoking) so why would a person ask for money to cure cancer and live a life that ensures them of getting cancer. (the person I speak of has been battling cancer for many years) Asking for money to cure disease and walking around a track, in the middle of the night, is just much easier than quitting smoking and eating right.

Instead of taking the time to ask for donations, why doesn't this person just stay at home and listen to a free MP3 on the Internet that teaches the simple steps to stop smoking? Why doesn't this person take the same time to shop healthy foods and cook them self to better health? If this person is doing many things to cause themselves cancer, why am I being asked for money to stop cancer? If they really wanted to contribute to the war on cancer should they not just stop smoking, instead of asking me for money? I am supposed to give money because this person cannot find a way to quit smoking and save themselves? This person holds more power in the war on cancer than I ever could. Why are more people not asking these simple questions? Why am I being asked to be a participant in this orchastrated dance of futility?

Is this person looking for a cure or are they really looking for a pill so they can eat terrible foods/smoke and not get cancer? Due to the way the body is designed, that pill will never be found. All organisms are designed to decompose prematurely when faced with a polluted environment. You cannot fool mother nature.

Our own government has actually laid down structures and administration so that it is easier for Canadians to be sick than it is for them to be healthy. Why do Canadians continually focus on charity drives that facilitate a long comfortable death instead of a vibrant exciting life? It is a concept as silly as a prearranged funeral. Living a good life means never even considering any service or product that is associated with death. What is happening to our ability to think things through?

Dr. Russell Blaylock has some straight forward thoughts on that matter that are hard to swallow for many. (1 min)

Here is a typical story of a cancer patient who talks to conventional doctors about cancer and their chances of survival.

David Servan-Schreiber was 31 when he was diagnosed with a walnut-size brain tumor and given 6 months to live. After surgery and chemotherapy, the young neuroscientist asked his oncologist if he should change his diet.

"Eat whatever you like," his doctor told him. "It won't make much of a difference."

Servan-Schreiber thought otherwise. For the next 15 years, he threw himself into researching the body's natural defenses; today he believes dietary and other lifestyle changes are powerful and underutilized cancer-fighting tools.


Here is Dr. Hyman talking about the cure of cancer documented 30 years ago and how the medical industry got involved to make sure it never reached the mainstream. (7 mins)

Curing cancer will not come from a person you do not know in a hospital far away. Curing cancer starts in your kitchen and it starts with the person you know the! This is the hardest sell about actually curing disease, it brings responsibility back to each person for their own lives and their own state of health. You can't blame your genes and your parents. What you see in the mirror is a result of what you have done. You did it but you can also undo it. In the end that is the hardest mental leap of faith anyone can make. Thanks for learning.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Disease Epidemic – are the obvious patterns being overlooked?

After reading hundreds of books and articles on health I found it important to develop the ability to identify patterns. This makes things easier to understand and to explain. Oddly enough writing that sentence just made me think of one of the patterns I identify on a daily basis. Conventional medicine makes the functioning of the body so complex that patients are quickly broken into a child like state and then easily coerced in one direction or another. (the main direction being expensive but not necessarily the most effective treatments)

This video provides excellent confirmation as to the toxicity and ill effects of most medications.

The primary patterns that continually expose themselves in my readings are 1) the body is in full control at all times and everything it does has a benefit 2) most modern classifications of “disease” are nothing more than a description of a body’s defense mechanisms in action 3) interfering with these defense mechanisms often ends with additional problems long term and 4) the body’s defense mechanisms can indeed cause premature death but a much quicker death (sometimes instant) would result without them.

For example, lets start with something very simple like getting a sunburn. The body is in control at all times and protects the owner of the body by bringing “pain” in order to force you to shelter yourself away from the sun. The body darkens the skin on purpose, as darker skin absorbs less damaging UV. The use of highly unnatural and conventional sunscreen (the blocking of UVB and not UVA) actually bypasses the skin’s defense mechanisms, allowing the person to stay in the sun much too long and absorb dangerous amounts of UVA. This has been proven to increase cancer risk not to mention the irony that the great majority of popular sunscreen ingredients cause cancer.

Lets look at anemia caused by a lack of iron in the blood. Again, the body is in full control at all time and protects the owner of body by removing iron from circulation because cancer, funguses, dangerous bacteria, yeasts and many other decomposing microbes use iron to grow. Interfering with this metabolic protection mechanism via iron shots or iron supplementation may actually help grow a current infection, which may be causing the illness. Cancer itself is highly dependent on iron for growth and iron is often found in dead areas of brain in Parkinson’s patients.

Lets look at cholesterol. Again, the body is in full control at all times. Cholesterol is what the body uses to patch holes and make repairs on a cellular level. The body is constantly in a repair state. The more abuse it encounters the more repairs it has to do. A high cholesterol count reflects the amount of abuse a person is exposing their body to and excess cholesterol is again defensive by design. By unnaturally shutting down the liver’s cholesterol production with a statin drug, the daily repairs are never made. Given that cells use cholesterol to maintain their cellular integrity, in order to avoid being hijacked by roaming cancer cells, it is no wonder the first trials of statin drugs caused increases in cancer. The most dangerous pattern is that the general public rarely gets the truth about health, the body or their options.

Click here to learn the inside story on cholesterol.

A grass roots movement describes a paradigm shift that comes from the people and not from the government. Whether the North American drug/surgery medical model is simply a scam or just a result of highly educated people running east looking for a sunset, it fails to deliver on it’s promises. It is time we all supported our bodies with less chemicals, more organic whole food and a greater love for the planet.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Easy Exercise Cures the Blind

The exercise I talk about is just using plain rational logic and the blindness I speak of is only figurative. Most of my patient interactions (and the real curing of disease) revolves around simply reawakening basic logic systems, which have been put to pasture long ago by clever marketing.

For example, I often ask my patients to name one above ground organism on the planet that will be healthier if you kept it out of the sun. After they answer "none", I ask them why they would want to hide away from the sun or use sunblock. I often ask my patients to guess how I have gained my optimal health. I ask my patient, "do you think I am healthy because I take lots of medications or do you think I am healthy because I take none?" I go on to ask them, "do you think medications would take me to a higher level of health or a lower level, if I were to take some". They say,"obviously lower!". So I follow with, "why would it be any different for you then?". With so much to do on a daily basis it is hard to take the time to think things through.

I have a friend who placed a sign on his lawn for the PC party, for the upcoming election. A large part of his family likes the PC party due to that party's support of business "interests" (otherwise known as "making you work harder to buy more stuff you don't need") yet this family has also been recently ravaged by numerous deaths at the hands of our medical system. Useless and expensive surgeries, toxic medications and quick deaths, very soon after the family members are admitted. Although the pattern of accelerated expensive death is obvious to me, the family only has praise for the system. How can two people see two different things, when looking at the same situation? It is important to know the difference between conditioning based thinking and results based thinking? The medical system runs a long history of mistakes, they are only human.

Click Here To Watch A Short Video On The Long History of Medical Mistakes

The elected PC party is now forwarding legislation to make sure Canadians are literally trapped in the cycle of ill health. As Canadians find out medication and surgeries are not worth the side effects, drug companies are forcing the government to further strip away the healthy options Canadians currently have. Here is a good video regarding Bill C-51/52. More at that tomorrow. Lets reawaken our spirit of thought. It is our ultimate freedom.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Am Lecturing in My Underwear

Me and the other 7000 graduates of the CHEK Institute in San Diego California not only have to be masters of nutrition and health but we are required by our certification to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk". We are required by our certification to be fully able to lecture in our underwear so our clients can view the physical benefits of following the CHEK philosophy. Our lectures also display the intellectual advantages of living in harmony with our body's genetic code. If you have not heard of Paul Chek (the founder of the CHEK Institute) I can assure you that he is as healthy a human as you will ever find. (although Paul comes off as "not so serious" in the video below he is one of the most respected health minds in the world today)

In the field of healthy living Paul Chek is the most highly sought after lecturer in the entire world, as he sells out 100 lectures per year all over the planet. He is 46 years old. Here is a short video clip of him explaining this requirement (the ability to lecture in your underwear) that he asks of his graduating students. Yes, he takes his own shirt off.

My lecture on Sunday is actually sold out except for one seat remaining. Although I will not take my shirt off during any of my public appearances I can certainly share with you all the secrets of health so you live the longest and best life possible. Have a great night and if you want that last spot call 613 932 4766.

I am also lecturing this coming Tuesday night at Summit Fitness for 1 hour regarding what foods and what exercises maximize toning, fat burning and the expression of genetic codes that fight disease. That lecture is free (very rare) so call 613 930 2445 if interested. Thank you for taking care of your health.