Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anti Depressants - What is The Truth About Them?

The definition of truth includes the idea that there is only one truth.....not two. The mind is like a young child, who wants to play with all ideas. The mind does not discriminate as to what ideas it will bring to life or try to live. The mind is easily manipulated by advertising, authority or money.

Truth means only one thing. Truth means that what the mind believes is aligned exactly with what the body knows as true. For example, the mind is the only entity that can believe a medication is healthy....the body can't and that is why all medications have side effects.

What drug companies call side effects are the truth of the body ......trying to warn the mind that it's living a lie. A lie to the body is anything that ends it's life prematurely and takes away from pleasure.

The body is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Police strap a lie detector on some one's body ......not a doctor on the payroll of a drug company and not a government health official on the take. Police strap a lie detector on some one's body because the body has no ability to live a lie and the body gets very stressed when living a lie. A lie detector picks up stress in the body ....that's how it works. Only the mind can live a lie, the body can't. The body itself has a great communication system to alert the mind (and the owner of the body) as to what is a lie. The body gives pain.

What happens when the mind is tricked into believing that pain will make it more healthy and more happy?

Click here to listen to the side effects of anti depressants. When you poison the body you get pain because the "pain" system is supposed to warn the owner of the body that what's going on will end life prematurely. Only the mind can live a lie. A mind that is living a fib often seeks other minds who are living a similar fib because like attracts like........and from that idea comes the typical North American patient/doctor relationship.

One mind living a fib for a pay cheque and another mind living a fib in search of pain reduction. Living more fibs only increases pain and the side effects are the extra pain. Both minds need plenty of distractions in order to avoid what their souls are screaming at them. When you find fibs, you will always find distractions that deflect the truth of the body. (distractions are often addictions.....alcohol, smoking, food, work, drugs, TV, exercise, coffee, charity work addictions etc...anything that avoids the owner of the body having quiet "one on one" time with the body itself)

Click here to start watching that entire movie in parts about the truth about anti depressants. If you can get your head around the idea that fibs bring pain, then you can certainly draw your own conclusions about the side effects of all medications.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver vs. The Most Diseased and Obese Town In America

The human body is already programmed with what is true and what are fibs. Think of a fib as anything that would end your life prematurely because in nature, that is exactly what a lie is. The body knew that definition and how dangerous lies were well before humans could form words. Fibs are dangerous for you and for others, as they always end in premature death. Stress kills, as all lies bring increased stress... as a bare minimum. Some lies kill outright.......just ask Julius Caesar.

Due to the fact that the body is actually a walking survival based computer system (taking in stimulation from the environment and making millions of calculations per second to maximize your lifespan) it should be pretty obvious why people like Jamie Oliver and other whistle blowers exist in the first place.

Have you ever wondered why someone like Jamie Oliver would put himself into this awkward position, when the chances of personal pain are high and the chances of personal pleasure are low? The reason we see people all over the world taking action for truth is because truth is already programmed into our DNA. One of the foundations of truth is that we are all connected, so what hurts someone else hurts you directly. Truth brings pleasure to you by bringing pleasure to others.

You can also identify the amount of "fibs" a person is living by attempting to quantify how much pain a person has in their life. Pain distorts the physical body in most cases (obesity and disease) but people in pain also can be judged by their actions. An action that hurts another human originates with internal pain.

My office is a lie free zone because I can tell if a client is living a lie as soon as they step in the door. The body tells the truth, as the body is simply a reflection of what ideas someone believes. If someone believes in fibs, the pain screams like a radio station for all to hear and for all to see. Nature wants others to see the fibs, as any fib is dangerous for you as well.

Only the mind can live a fib, the body can't. For example, the minds of some of the people in the town Jamie is trying to help think they are doing the best they can for their health and the health of their children.

That would be an example of the mind living a lie. The example of the body not being able to live a lie is how sick, how fat and how much pain these people are really in. The mind says the food is good (because the mind is a child and can be easily fooled by advertising or easily conned with a pay cheque).......but the food habits of the town are a fib and we know they are because the body can't lie. Only a lie can deform the body in that way.

Obesity and disease (early death) are why lies are so dangerous and why the body is programmed against them in the first place.

Click here to watch the trailer of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution or watch the same video below. As you can see, when one person lives a lie.....the pain moves out to anyone else in the immediate area and far beyond. (we see this when the fibs of the town also bring extreme pain to Jamie)

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Day I Made I Major Health Mistake With My Daughter

The more books I read the more I understand clearly that, "what is unnatural" is rarely healthy. When my daughter was born I was intent on making sure she lived the most healthy life possible. I saved up lots of money and arranged for lots of time off work in her early years. I was ready for anything.

After her birth a nurse insisted that my daughter be weighed and before you knew it there was a needle sticking in little Sophia's body, with the nurse's hand on the other end of the needle.

I was horrified and I alarmingly stated, "what was that?". It was a vitamin K shot. The nurse looked at me like, "don't worry, this is healthy for your baby".....and I was thinking, "lady, there is nothing healthy about 95% of what goes on in here".

This is what went through my mind next.

- typical North American health care to never ask a parent what they want for their children

- vitamin K was a highly toxic oil based substance in high doses

- the human body has never seen synthetic vitamins directly injected into the blood stream in its' evolution history

- the nurse's body reflected her beliefs on health so lets just say that she was not a healthy person and would have near zero experience with healthy living.....any discussion about the dangers of vitamin K was not happening.....so I got to keep my anger to myself......this is not healthy either

- the medical system's track record for making children healthy is non existent in my mind unless the child was in an acute care emergency like a car accident etc

- I have failed as a parent right away

- my research on eugenics and that concept's historic reflection in the North American medical system got my blood pressure up for sure.

I just knew that vitamin K was not necessary if the parents were healthy. Both myself and my wife are healthy and would have rejected the shot if we were given a choice. Sophia has never been vaccinated as well and is a healthy child. She eats organic food, drinks properly ph balanced water, gets plenty of sleep, plenty of play time etc.

I still carry concerns about the one shot that entered my daughter's body when my back was turned. Don't let this happen to you. Get educated before the birth of your next child regarding vitamin K.

Click here or here to listen to several medical professional discuss their concerns with the vitamin K shot.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Autism Cure - Final Post On Autism - Dr. Hyman Speaks About the Cure

Click here or watch the same video below as Dr. Mark Hyman speaks regarding the cure for autism, ADHD, aspergers and other forms of minor and major chemically induced brain damage.

As for the drugs that are often given to children who have ADHD, autism and aspergers..........that is a whole other area but one could click here, here or here to find out the other side of the story regarding those medications.

This is the final call for the reversing autism seminar. Just call 613 932 4766 to place yourself on the reservation list. Thanks for making Cornwall a healthier place to live.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Autism Reversal - How What We Eat Affects The Brain

Click here or watch the same video trailer below in order to understand how our nutrition affects brain function and our DNA.

Want to watch the entire lecture from Dr. Russell Blaylock? Just click here or watch the same video below. (let it play a bit and then drag the cursor back to the start to avoid any delays)

My reversing autism seminar is now taking clients. Please call 613 932 4766 for full details. Thank you for making your community a healthier place to live.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Autism Cure - The Full History All Parents Need To Know

People want to do good. That is a genetic certainty. Today most autism awareness is diverted to dealing with autism after the fact. The charities and government institutions do very little to warn parents about what causes autism or how to avoid becoming autistic.

Building a hospital at the bottom of a dangerous cliff can appear to be an act of kindness until you find out that the people who own the hospital took no action on building a fence at the top of the cliff. (so no one falls down and gets injured in the first place). On the surface it looks like the hospital cares but if it really cared it would make sure people didn't hurt themselves in the first place, as opposed to rushing to the injured (after the fact) and "acting" like they are "do-gooders".

Wait until you find out anyone suggesting building a fence at the top of the cliff is fired from the hospital or their government health care position or that the hospital is actually driving people to the top of the cliff and then rifling them down the slope. Wait until you find out the charities surrounding the disease receive funding from the parties who profit the most from the disease, literally ensuring the information the public needs to protect themselves is hidden away.

The truth is stranger than fiction. This is why curing autism is hard. It depends on the parents first changing their mind. (if they have not already) The difficulty of changing "mind" will also be discussed at the seminar.

Click here or watch the same video documentary below. It is an award winning documentary by Gay Null PhD. Gary tells parents of autistic children what the medical industry and the charities don't want them to hear.

Click here to watch the rest of the documentary in parts. They are listed down the right hand side of that page.

If you would still like to attend my autism reversal seminar you still have a small window of time. Please contact me directly at jason@revolutionweightlossclinic.com.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Autism Cure - Doctor Speaks Of A Primary Autism Trigger

Click here to watch a very extensive interview with Dr. David Ayoub regarding a well known cause of brain damage (cellular death), which the medical community now calls autism.

The date for the autism reversal seminar is coming up fast. All interested parties (who have e-mailed me personally at jason@revolutionweightlossclinic.com) will be contacted within the next couple of days. The response has been massive and the people who don't want to hear about a cure (for any disease) have also made their voices heard.

Most of those voices are from the industries and government institutions who operate at peak capacity when the population is sick, overweight and dysfunctional. People don't want to lose their jobs in the health care field and I understand that but that is why it is so dangerous to have let the cycles of sickness get this large in the first place. Less and less people want health because more and more of our economy depends on illness.

Why would people not want to hear about the step by step process for reversing autism or the success stories of curing the disease? (parents sharing stories as to what caused the autism and what reversed it)

Have you ever tried to touch similar poles of separate magnets together? You can't because they repel each other. Two different ideas about truth will always fight each other. Not every one's truth is the same but there is always a referee that can place any dispute (as to what is right and what is wrong) to bed. The body is already programmed with what is right and what is wrong.

Truth = pleasure (example. sex feels good)

Fibs = pain (example. sexuality is a sin..tone down your sexual desires)

If you just felt funny reading those two lines (uncomfortable, embarrassed, tense, thinking I am a pervert) then you just felt some pain and you may want to examine the process by which pain is sold to you as something "good".

Pain is never good. That is why the body is programmed to make pain hurt. Pain hurts because you are supposed to avoid it. Things that are painful only make your life worse. That is how and why the body is programmed the way it is. It tags pain to anything that can interfere with your best life.

The body can't stand pain but if the owner of the body is living a fib they often have to shut the body up with alcohol, smoking, excess spending, narcotics, food addiction, chronic media exposure (music, TV, video games, junky magazines), work addictions or what is known as constant distractions to avoid the truth. It takes huge distractions to live a fib and that is why distraction is our nation's #1 past time. Living in pain is the foundation of addiction and therefore the foundation of dysfunction.

When you live a fib you always get pain, mental disease and then a physical manifestation of that disease. The outside reflects the inside. The body's mental and physical health are the GPS to if some one is living a life of pain or not. The more distorted or dysfunctional the body.....the more pain it holds and the more fibs it is being exposed to.

You only get pain when you live a fib. The more pain in your life, the more fibs you are living and the more masks you need to wear inside a society that is based mostly on perception and not reality.

Only the mind can live a lie, the body can't. Look at your body naked in the mirror.......what does it say to you?? (as to the rules that are programmed into your mental computer). Does it look like something is bulging to get out? (maybe out of the stomach) That would be the fib. Is your skin starting to have rashes or acne? That is the fib trying to get out.

Your body is a mirror of your ideas. Your doctor can lie to you and say you are healthy...........but what does your body say? Do you have any pain when you look in the mirror naked? Love yourself because every cell is eavesdropping on every thing you are thinking.

You don't have to tell a cut to heal. The body is always trying to heal itself. All you need to do is identify the fib, remove it and the pain goes away automatically. That is why you may want to come hear my talk on autism. I can get you started on how to find truth and avoid fibs.

Come learn how to be your best and how to help your children be healthy. Life is about cooperation. Learn the other side of the story from some one whose job does not depend on the outcomes of what you believe or not. I do this for the children themselves as they are the next generation.

Not living "natural truth" is like having several windows open on your lap top simultaneously.........it drains the battery really quickly. The more fibs you live, the more windows are open on your computer and the more masks you need to wear as you walk the streets. It is exhausting trying to live a fib, let alone lots of fibs.

You have indeed heard both sides of every story. (vaccines are good/vaccines are bad......baby formula is good/baby formula is bad........antibiotics are good/antibiotics are bad........children's Tylenol is good/children's Tylenol is bad etc etc)

At the seminar the main talk will focus on teaching everyone attending how to access the "doctor within", to help guide you as to what is truth and what are fibs.

Spotting truth today is getting to be very hard for most people because they never see it.....so they are forgetting what it looks like. The secret is that you already know the truth. It may be time to reboot your computer and start again. There will be plenty of support at the seminar for this as well.

Let me help you awaken your "doctor within" so the doctor is with you 24hrs per day, 365 days per year. You don't need to travel out of the house, just travel inward. 99.9% of your DNA is exactly the same as mine. (and every one's in the world for that matter) Guess what that that DNA holds? You guessed it! The rules of truth. You carry the truth with you at all times.

No one on the planet takes care of your children's health (or any of your affairs) better than you. I know it can be scary taking responsibility for new things but we will talk about that as well.

Thanks for taking the time for your health.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Autism Cure - Doctor Specializing In Reversing Autism

Click here or watch the same video below of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a doctor who specializes in reversing autism and other forms of vaccine damage. The other 3 parts to his talk appear down the right hand side of this page.

Can you imagine what would happen if conventional medical doctors came forward to admit that vaccines hurt child, adult and animal alike?

How many would trust the medical profession again? What about the law suits? What about the public's demand for jail time, the stripping of medical licences and the fines? What about the riots and acts of civil disobedience? What about the public's call to stop supporting a disease based health care system with our tax dollars? What about the massive egos of the highest educated people, within a society based on academia and not results? Would the general public even believe in higher education again? The ramifications of the truth coming out are mind boggling.......and that is why the truth is guarded like Fort Knox.

If mercury is deadly in vaccines, what about teeth fillings or environmental heavy metal pollution from coal powered electrical plants? What else is the medical profession fibbing about?

What about removing people's organs under the promise of better health? What about chemical medications under the promise of better health? What about an entire system of selling disease as "normal" and then treating disease with protocols that cause more disease? What about cancer treatments that cause more cancer?

In order to get these issues out in the open maybe the public has to promise not to attack the medical profession, if they finally come forward and admit to some of these grave errors.

So the medical profession comes forward to admit they have been hurting the health of billions of people over 50 years or the public comes forward to tell the medical profession that nothing will happen if the mistakes are admitted.

Who wants to go first?

In the meantime you may want to self educate in order to avoid the pain that comes when fibs are tabled as truth.

I spend $500 per month just on clean water.

I spend $500 per month just to hire a person to prepare the nuts I eat.

I have no financial or any other limit as to what I will do to make myself or my family healthy.

If vaccines were healthy, would you not believe I would be first in line?

The first step in reversing autism has to do with the parents and not with the child. The parents have to get the proper information, accept it and move on to appropriate actions that are proven to reverse the dysfunction. The brain of a child does not run on chemicals nor is it made out of chemicals so chemical based medications only cover up symptoms..........and that means the damage is always boiling and worsening just below the surface.

Are vaccines to blame for autism, all on their own? No.

Compromised health of any kind is a nutrition based issue.

Click here to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman talk about what it takes to reverse autism.

Have you noticed many organizations have no problem asking you for money to find a cure but have you also noticed what happens to people like Dr. Buttar and Dr. Hyman when they forward a cure?

Everyone raises money for the cure but when one is found.....it's rejected by the people who take your money to look for the cure. Keep sending money but at the same time.......no cure will ever be considered.

That means not only does the cycle never end but the problems only worsen as the root cause of the dysfunction is ignored. Chemical medications (and other unhealthy protocols supported by government and charity money) worsen the health of the patients........making the patients more and more dysfunctional as time passes............which then leads to greater cries for the cure..........and then you book a permanent ticket on the pain train......and then the whole economy collapses because no one is working because they are either sick or raising money to give to companies who sell chemicals to sick people.

There is no money in healthy people and there is no money in dead people.........the really big money is in the "in between"......people who are not dead but not really alive either.

The end result of that is lots of hype about diseases, plenty of money flowing from the poor to the mega rich, the dysfunction grows as the focus is about adding chemical treatments to already sick patients and that is about it. A tax on the least educated of our society......so basically nothing new there.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this short documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at jason@revolutionweightlossclinic.com.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Autism Cure - The Government's Role In Autism

Click here or watch the same video below regarding an organization that specializes in truth and autism recovery.

When you walk the planet it's wise to carry with you at least one math equation that can help determine the truth from fibs. The equation is below.

Truth = pleasure

Fibs = pain

Fibs don't last long inside a true free market economy. I could advertise that my restaurant's food is great and if I'm fibbing, the free market eliminates me. If a diet product doesn't produce weight loss, that diet product will no longer exist because no one will buy it.

That is the way nature works as well. Things that don't work die off so that something else gets a chance.

Only the mind can live a fib. The body can't. That means if a conventional medical professional says mercury laced vaccines are safe but another modern doctor says they're not........the body is going to let you know who is telling the truth. The body never lies. True capitalistic markets can't live fibs either.

If a product doesn't do what it claims (like vaccines claiming to make our children more healthy), in a free market economy, the product gets eliminated naturally because it runs out of energy or what you know as money.

If a restaurant advertises that its' food tastes great (and the food is actually terrible) that restaurant runs out of money. A weight loss product that makes people fat or doesn't help them lose weight will run out of money as well. Things that don't work are supposed to give way to things that might work. Pretty simple stuff.

In order to get fibs advertised as truth for long periods of time you are going to need an unlimited supply of cash and that is why most fib products (products that don't do what they say) are sold through government channels and supported by your unlimited tax dollars.

Are all government institutions bad? No.

Are all government workers bad? No.

Does a government control what their work force does? Yes.

Is government now controlled in part by corporate interests? Yes.

So there is the main problem.

That is why the companies who sell "fib like products" line up a mile deep at the government "money give away" office. That is why the business of lobbying even exists. This is why our government has become more of a corporate headquarters than a place for the people.

When a product doesn't work, the only place you can sell it is through government channels because no one in their right mind would pay for those products if they were sold door to door. Imagine a sales person coming to your door trying to convince you that a mercury laced vaccine is great for your child. Would you buy it?

People think these products are "free" and they're not. We pay inflated prices through our tax dollars and then we pay for the rest of our lives because of the dysfunction the fibs manifest. The main dysfunction they provide is the idea that someone else will take care of your health (you don't have to) and that chemicals will help improve your health. Believe those two fibs and you best get ready for the pain train.

Unhealthy products use our government to gain a legitimacy with the people but in reality no product should be pushed through the government in the first place..........that is not a government's job but we often forget that today, as more and more companies line up to take full advantage of this new marketing structure. It's free, it's powerful and the profit is beyond imagination when a government uses it's resources to push one product or another.

The more government in a country, the more people are tied to believing the government automatically. The more government interference in one's life, the less likely the people are to question the daily interference. The more government tells them what to do, the less they remember how to take care of themselves. The more pain the government fibs bring, the more the population demands government interference. As true freedom advocates understand, the more government.........the less freedom. Yes, no outside threats are invading our country right now but our citizens are very sick because a new enemy exists. An enemy inside the borders.

The fibs sold through government channels make huge profits and when the government/economy collapses, we suffer and the whole cycle continues. Fibs = pain, no matter how you cut it. Our economies are in trouble because what out government is supporting with our tax dollars is not true. You can't invest in fibs and expect the economy to grow.

This way the fibs don't die because they never run out of money. The fibs would go away in a free market economy but they don't in the structure of government we now have. When fibs don't die because they are supported unnaturally (because money is only supposed to chase truth) all parties go bankrupt.

Look around. All levels of government are bankrupt. Our local hospital is bankrupt because it rarely makes people healthy. The people working there want everything to stay the same but again if it was a private firm all staff would be forced to make people healthy or the place would close. No such fear exists for most government run institutions.

Where you find pain you will always find fibs. Hurt people, make people healthy.........who cares..........everyone gets paid regardless. Not exactly a sound foundation of health care.

Many charities also pitch in, to resurrect untruths from a place they belong. (fibs need to die and go away......not to be given new life) When a fib is artificially supported by money it creates debt, chaos and pain because the problem never goes away........so it always needs more and more money.

When fibs are dominant inside charities or government institutions, which are artificially supported with "funny money" (money is supposed to be a reward for a job well done....not a reward for a job poorly done) you get something very odd as well.......you get an expansion of that organization.

In a free market, expansion of a company means the company is doing well and providing a valuable service to society but in this case the opposite occurs......the expansion happens because the fibs create more of the same problem for the citizens. (charities giving money to find drug cures creates more disease because drugs cause disease......those diseases are listed on each drug)

The expansion occurs because the root cause of the issues are never addressed so the problems those organizations are designed to eliminate just grow and grow. This way these organizations act like a money and human resource black hole.......sweeping across our society and sucking us dry of the resources we need to be happy.

How are we missing all of this?

If something is bankrupt it means someone is doing a terrible job somewhere. Keeping the fib train rolling is never the answer.

You might as well be telling people that jumping out of a building will cause them to float or that fire is great for sun burns. Those are fibs and that's why pain hurts. We are supposed to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

Because so many government structures are currently arranged around selling fibs, the general public are now seeking fibs and avoiding truth. In most cases, it's all backwards. (the food guide is healthy, vaccines are safe and provide immunity, medications are good, chemotherapy and radiation fight cancer, the body runs better after you remove some organs, pesticides on your food aren't a big issue, the government is not run by corporate interests, milk is healthy, GMO foods are great, fluoride is safe, war is good for your safety, killing people half way across the world will make your family safer in the future, junk food in schools is normal, baby formula is not bad for children, our mothers need to get back to work as soon as possible after giving birth.....not exactly sound logic to say the least.....and we are going physically, spiritually and financially bankrupt because of the fibbing)

If someone believes one fib, they are likely to believe all of them. This is called the Cluster Affect.

In reality, the companies who are fibbing to us are making us pay for the fibs that cause us the pain. We are paying to hurt ourselves and the more we hurt ourselves the more we run to them and ask them to take more of our money.......to make all the pain go away.

This truth/fib concept will be discussed during my autism reversal seminar. There are now 30 people on the list. I will need to have the seminar in 2-3 weeks. I will contact everyone soon. Thanks for the support.

A few charities and government offices have called the organizations I write for to make sure the truth comes out as slow as possible. When your income is tied to fibs, you have no choice but to attack the truth. I understand that but how much longer do you think we have? Only organizations that get "given" money (as oppsed to earning it through positive results) can be motivated to cover up the truth.

Bad things can only happen when good people sit idle. Thanks for taking action.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Autism Cure - Why Are Toxic Items Promoted As Healthy For Children?

How does mercury (a known neurotoxin) get into tooth fillings, vaccines or even into processed sugary foods?

How do processed foods get into our schools? How does a food additive, which causes brain damage and heart attacks, get to be the #1 non-food ingredient added to our food supply? How do medications that kill 110,000 people in the U.S every year get accepted as something to do with being healthy?

You first have to start with masses of intelligent people and literally dumb them down with processed information and processed foods. Then you teach that society that personal power and personal observation are enemies of science. Then you pay off the doctors of science, just like in the case of Dr. Scott Reuben. The doctors are the target of massive pay offs because the system of never questioning them or their findings is already set in stone, for the majority of the population.

Due to the fact that people believe medical studies are the new Gospel, no one questions them (even if our children are sick or dying because of these fibs or half truths) because our greatest fear rotates around what other people think of us. In a society that is powered by fibs, people who tell the truth don't fit in.

Smile on the way to the vaccine clinic and when you or your loved ones get sick or worse (die) just keep smiling and supporting the system. Keep shopping, working yourself into the ground, go into debt, keep watching the TV and do your part. Don't self educate or even believe what you are seeing. Just see what you believe and keep the system humming along. Find people who tell the truth and attack them, fine them and teach them who is really sheriff of fib town.

There is hope because it means we can willingly participate or we can openly choose not to.

Want to know how unhealthy products get into the mouths of our children, to cause them cellular damage. Click here or watch the same video below. Regardless of which unhealthy product we are talking about..........this is the process by which it makes it into your doctor's office or onto your dinner table.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autism Cure - A Wave Of Change Sweeping The Planet

As you can see from this clip or from the same video below, many people across the world are thinking the exact same thoughts regarding our mainstream belief system.

It is no surprise that people half way across the world have the same message for the populations of Europe as I have for my local community.

A wave of change is sweeping the planet. The percentage of the population who are willing to embrace change is growing.

Fire will burn you in Canada and fire will burn you the U.K. Fire will burn you anywhere in the world and if you can manage to get a fire going anywhere else in the entire Universe......it will also burn you. That means that fire's ability to burn you is a Universal Truth.

Just like other universal laws, like the law of gravity........they apply to all people, at all times and in all places.

Mercury is a poison. Mercury kills brain cells in humans, mice and all living organisms. Mercury is listed as a toxin by all world governments and avoiding mercury is suggested for pregnant women because mercury can hurt the brain of the fetus. Mercury is a poison in Canada, in the U.K., across the world and across the entire Universe.

Why is mercury in vaccines and teeth fillings? Why was the mercury laced H1N1 vaccine suggested for pregnant mothers? Why is brain damage from mercury diagnosed everywhere else in medical science, except when it comes to vaccines and teeth fillings?

Mercury safety is what I call a fib. Basically saying mercury is safe in vaccines is like saying fire will not burn you or that jumping out of a building will cause you to float upwards? When you live by a fib, you always get pain.

The fib can be anticipated and the pain avoided by using logic or one can experience the massive pain that comes with living a fib and then reverse engineer that they were indeed sold a fib. The first course of action is obviously the most desirable but today many people have lost their ability to process any information beyond what authority figures say.....regardless of how illogical that information appears.

I have the math to help you detect fibs.

Only logic can detect fibs before they cause pain but this math equation can detect fibs after the fact.......so at least it can help people avoid repeat visits to the source of the fib. (hoping to help parents of vaccine injured children from asking the same system that hurt their children to help their children get better)

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it".......Albert Einstein

I usually start with math when I teach my clients how to be healthy. They can carry math with them where ever they go.

Truth = pleasure.

Fibs = pain.

The more pain in your life, the more fibs you have been exposed to. In order to get more pleasure in your life, you need to live truth.

How much pain do you see in the world today? If the mainstream information was truthful, where is the pain coming from? What is the logical conclusion?

Got pain? Seek truth.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Autism Cure - Another Doctor Who Cures Autism

Click here to view one of many Internet pages regarding Dr. Buttar. The video on the page, which starts to play immediately, is a report from CBS News.

The report shines some very damaging light on one of the primary factors suspected of playing a roll in autism. I am well known for my ability to find any video on the Internet. That video I couldn't find anywhere (after hours of looking) except on Dr. Buttar's site.

Why would a heavily damaging report regarding vaccines, presented by CBS News, be so hard to find on the Internet?

In the video we see a group of women (whose children have been hurt by vaccines) yelling at a male authority figure for answers. You can't help but to feel enraged as you see the smirk on the male's face.....as he keeps telling the mothers that everything is OK and to keep trusting the system that hurt their children.

Women may want to click here to find out the historical story of how males managed to get women to start relying on men for the health of their children in the first place. (.....no they don't teach that in our schools for obvious reasons but they will hold vaccine clinics at the schools)

When is the last time your English teacher in high school asked you to write an essay about the pros and cons of vaccination, before the school held a vaccine clinic? What forces are at play within our schools where some educational staff members, who privately question vaccine safety, don't take action on their "gut feelings" to educate students as to both sides of the vaccine story? Why do educators often draw the line and refuse to educate on topics not endorsed by the government? If the government views were always correct, why are so many of the students ill? Why are we not questioning the entire system? What had to happen to get us to where we are today?

What would an ancient mother say about sleeping without her child? (when entire families shared the same bed throughout history) What would an ancient mother say about baby formula, vaccination, C-sections to work around a doctor's schedule, not raising their own children, having both parents out of the home, processed foods, children's Tylenol, video games, TV etc? What is the track record when males bully and manipulate their way into the role of health care provider when they were not historically involved in that role? What happens when male based profit ideas try and take over traditional areas that were historical performed by powerful women? (who worked without compensation) Is our present health care disaster the product of men trying to charge for services, which were always done for free in the past?

If someone hurts a child with a drug, surgery or other medical intervention.......is the person more often male or more often female? Why are many females now trusting male dominated professions, without question in most cases, with the things most valuable to them (their children)......when those male dominated institutions have absolutely no track record of success with making anyone healthy? (child, animal, man, women etc) Why do mother's (parents) so easily believe the fibs these male based institutions are saying, after it is so obvious that the medical interventions decreased the health and vitality of their children?

How can the doctors themselves ignore the fact that they are paid to see sick people, that making people healthy places their careers in financial jeopardy, that most of their patients only experience decreases in health under the conventional medical system and that they are forbidden to use non-drug protocols by their governing boards who are in turn controlled by drug companies.

Dr Buttar first became interested in the protocols to reverse autism after his son came down with the diagnosis. Dr. Buttar and his wife had agreed not to vaccinate their son yet unfortunately the mother succumbed to the fear based medical pressure and brought the child to get vaccinated in secret.

The child became autistic after the vaccination. Dr. Buttar then dedicated his life to the quest of saving his son (and he did) and now he reverses autism for many parents across the world.

What does Dr. Buttar get for helping cure his patients? Well, his own medical board actually sued him (and lost) when he eliminated a cancer tumor in one of his patients using nutrition therapy. The board sued Dr. Butter claiming he had not used the standard therapies of chemo, radiation or surgery.....which are all proven to damage the body and increase cancer growth, spread and recurrence.

In short, the law suit was meant to send a clear signal to anyone who forgot who was paying the wages of the doctors and the rules they were supposed to follow. In short, doctors were warned that curing is not permitted and that everyone must drug/cut their patients...even though no observational evidence exists that those protocols improves the health of the patient. Yes, there are studies but there are no healthy patients. You don't need to be a weather man to know which way the wind is blowing.

Dr. Buttar is also regularly attacked for his non-drug protocols that reverse disease and improve the health of his patients. How popular is Dr. Buttar? Find a picture of his clinic and you'll see just how popular. You can't build a clinic like that unless many people believe in what you do.

Dr. Buttar is often called a "quack" inside conventional drug and cut medical circles. Quack is a word that comes from our recent past. Quack is a word commonly used 200 years ago where people, who pretended they were healers, travelled the country side selling "fake" miracle cures to unsuspecting citizens.

Often the "fake" medicine would include mercury and therefore would hurt or even kill the people who were victims of this scam. Quack refers to a duck and how water beads off a duck's back like mercury beads up when you place it on any surface.

There is enough irony in there to choke a rhino, as conventional medical professionals routinely use mercury in their vaccines and declare them as safe.......even though vaccines have already been directly tied to autism by leading scientists.

What is autism? What does the word really mean? What events have to happen in the metabolism for autism to occur? Can autism be reversed if those metabolic occurrences are eliminated? Yes, it can.

To place yourself on the interest sheet for the seminar please contact me directly at jason@revolutionweightlossclinic.com The last 12 blogs have also been dedicated to information regarding reversing autism.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Autism Cure - The Myth That Diseases Are Seperate

Click here or watch the same video below regarding the direct link of diet to brain function and behavior.

Are diseases and their symptoms separate? Will mercury inside a tooth filling affect a brain cell different than the mercury inside a vaccine? Will a processed nutrient void diet hurt brain function more than gut function or even sperm/ovary function? Unfortunately the answer is no, all cells have equal defenses against chemical insults.

The reason this is not often discussed is because of the implications relating to one unhealthy lifestyle causing many diseases and therefore the elimination of that unhealthy lifestyle could cure many diseases. In order to keep people believing that one separate pill is required for each disease symptom, this foundation of separation has to be sold to the public.

By never teaching the general public that one unhealthy product can cause 10 diseases, you can easily get that person taking 10 medications..........without ever addressing the food that is causing the disease in the first place.

One unhealthy food can indeed cause hundreds of seemingly unrelated diseases.

If one area is showing disease, it's a clear reflection of total cellular health. Is it possible for the brain to malfunction but the eye and even scrotum/uterus to be working fine? No, this is not possible.......as all cells share disease and health equally.

What is autism? What does the word really mean? What events had to happen in the metabolism for autism to occur? Can autism be reversed if those metabolic occurrences are eliminated? Yes, it can.

To place yourself on the interest sheet for the seminar please contact me directly at jason@revolutionweightlossclinic.com The last 12 blogs have also been dedicated to information regarding reversing autism.