Monday, June 29, 2009

Micheal Jackson - Now Billy Mays Dead

Billy Mays has also died this week at the age of 50. Unfortunately there is a good chance that Micheal Jackson's death and Billy Mays' death have similar foundations. (medically assisted death is actually the leading cause of death in North America)

It was reported that Billy Mays may have suffered a head injury, from a hard airplane landing, in the days before his death. He returned home and was found dead the next morning.

Did Billy Mays take a prescription or an over the counter painkiller to help him with the pain? Do you think he was aware that taking any painkiller increased his chance of death substantially? Now that he has passed away, how many people around him are likely to be focusing on the medication (if he took some) as the cause of his death?

I have personally observed cases right here in Cornwall when people have passed away just after taking new medications and the medication was never even considered as the cause of death. (even though death from regular dose medication is one of the leading causes of death in North America) Giving the medical industry a perpetual green light, to operate without question, is proving more than a little dangerous.

As noted in the Micheal Jackson blog below, painkillers increase heart attack risk dramatically. Aspirin also increases the risk of bleeding in the brain substantially. This of course could prove immediately fatal for anyone who had already suffered a blow to the head. (an injury that may already involve bleeding in the brain - like in the case of Billy Mays)

Many people take aspirin (via advice from their doctors) yet aspirin has been proven to do absolutely nothing to prevent early death from heart attack or stroke yet has been proven to increase the chances of death from all other causes. Just another dangerous drug masquarding as a healthy choice.

I cannot explain just how dangerous these common painkillers are. Another reason they prove fatal is that they lower temperature. (by shutting down the immune system) This allows the foreign organisms, which were being targeted by the immune system, to further infiltrate the body. How healthy does that sound?

Your body also uses high temperature to hunt and kill cancer cells. How many parents have been explained that when a child is running a very high temperature that the body is protecting itself? When my child was born, the local health unit delivered a care package that included children's Tylenol. The employee of the Health Unit, who delivered the Tylenol, was not aware of these dangers. Why such an effort to push disease causing medication on an unknowing public?

Do you think Bayer, the makers of aspirin, are going to start warning people about the dangers of their products or the dangers associated with painkillers in general? These corporations have long histories of lying to the public. No company is in the business of putting themselves out of business. Bayer was implicated recently for selling HIV tainted medications to third world nations because they refused to dispose of it once it was found to be contaminated here in North America. It was a child's based medication on top of that. Not exactly a company you want to place your trust in.

Remember Bernie Mack, Liam Neeson's wife, Health Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Anna Nicole Smith's son, the mother of Kayne West or Tim Russet? How about the not so famous 106,000 people who died as a direct result of prescription medication, in 1999. (that was only the numbers collected from the United States)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson's Death - How You Can Avoid The Same Fate

Why did Micheal Jackson's heart malfunction at the age of 50? How about this Russian hockey star who suffered heart failure when he was only 19? How about the Captain of the Windsor's Spitfires Hockey Team, right here in Canada, who dropped dead of heart failure at the age of 19 as well?

Unfortunately this is getting common and the public are consistently keep at arm's length regarding what is really causing this new wave of heart failure.

Here are the big 4 causes of this modern wave of premature death via heart failure.

1. All pain killers increase heart attack risk because they are designed to interfere with cellular communication. The same cellular communication, which transmits pain, is also responsible for the running of every organ in your body. When you dull that communication or interfere with it, all organs will not perform optimally. (or they can fail altogether) If your bowel does not work properly (because you ingested painkillers that stop cellular communication) you may get constipated but if your heart does work properly you can have a heart attack and die. Simple stuff really. Vioxx, a regular prescription painkiller, was pulled from the market for causing at least 60,000 deaths world wide via heart failure. Heart failure (via painkillers) is rumoured to be the cause of Micheal Jackson's death.

2. MSG, (mono sodium glutamate) a common food additive used to increase the addictive properties of processed food also interferes with the electrical operation of the heart. (causing heart failure) The ingestion of this product can induce instant death via cardiac malfunction and MSG is in the great majority of processed, non organic products. Dr. Russell Blaylock elaborates in this short video report. He also explains in this interview transcript. You will happy to know that MSG laced food is served at every hospital in Canada, to heart attack and cancer patient alike. (it grows cancer as well)

3. High caffeine drinks like Red Bull and Rock Star. These drinks have also been linked to cardiac failure and oddly enough I believe they are also laced with MSG. If you think MSG is on the label you will be sadly mistaken because our government has given the users of this toxin the green light to call MSG any other ingredient's name, as long as the MSG does not exceed 98% of that ingredient. That means you can have 98% MSG and 2% sodium casinate and the government allows it to be labelled as sodium casinate. This is the biggest reason to avoid non organic foods. This untruthful labeling is not permitted on certified organic foods/products.

4. Water also helps run the heart. (because it conducts electricity and plenty of cellular communication is based on electrical impulses)

Take a hypothetical situation involving a 19 hockey player here in North America. The night prior to a game they start consuming MSG laced processed foods followed by some alcoholic drinks. (alcohol removes water from the system) Many popular drink choices today (actually found on restaurant drink menus) are often mixed with caffeine laced Red Bull (Red Bull may also have MSG in it under a different name). The player awakes hung over, takes a Tylenol, has a coffee (more caffeine) and eats more MSG laced processed foods. They do not drink enough water during the day, then they play a full hockey game (losing more water) and maybe even consume one or more Red Bulls before the game itself.

More heart attacks deaths are coming guaranteed.

Micheal Jackson's death was not from heart failure, it was from something that caused the heart failure. AIDS patients usually die from the medications and not the disease. Cancer patients usually die from the chemo/radiation and not cancer itself. The medical field's deception also lies in how deaths are described. If you were a victim of a gun shot wound to the chest and die of heart failure, the cause of death was the bullet. If you die of a heart attack after drinking Red Bull, the cause of death was Red Bull. If you take a pain killer and drop dead within 1 hour, the cause of death was the painkiller. Making sure the public keeps thinking chemicals are healthy is all part of the medical system's ultimate design to keep you sick.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nike's Ad Could Make You Fat, Less Toned and Weaker

Can you tell what is wrong with this 1 minute TV commercial from Nike? How is your exercise knowledge? What false exercise belief does this commercial perpetuate?

Have you ever heard a food company brag that their product is low in fat. The truth about low fat products are they are very unhealthy, they will actually make you pack on the pounds and they will accelerate disease at break neck speed. False ideas, which hold the potential to make you very unhealthy and overweight, are everywhere. That Nike commercial is no exception.

That Nike commercial keeps one colossal false idea circulating among our population. It perpetuates the most dangerous health based myth of all time. That commercial indirectly tells people that jogging for leisure (low intensity steady state exercise) is the same as running for your life, fighting in a war etc.(high intensity primal exercise). Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Click here to look at this study or click here for another that proves low intensity exercise actually does very little (if anything) to burn fat or to promote optimal health. High intensity exercise (running for your life, waging war, lifting weights) trumps low intensity exercise (jogging, any aerobic exercise) every time for fat burning.

Think of jogging (the most popular form of low intensity steady state cardio) as losing money on your financial investments when everyone else on your street are getting a 12% return. With many people making excuses about time, in regards to never making it to a fitness club, it is best to know how 10 minutes of high intensity exercise can burn more overall fat than one hour of low intensity exercise.

If you do not know why long distance runners look different (low muscle content, low weight, tired, long workouts at the same pace) than sprinters (high muscle, firm, powerful, very short workouts at high intensity) then you need to come up to speed with the information highlighted throughout this article.

5000 Meter Runner - exercise duration approximately 13 minutes

100-400 Meter Runner - exercise duration approximately 10-45 seconds.

Dr. Al Sears' Program or Craig Ballantyne's Program will not only bring you up to speed on why jogging (or any other low intensity steady state cardio exercise) is not good for fat loss or optimal health but these programs also clearly demonstrate why that Nike commercial keeps people running east looking for a sunset. As Mark Twain said, "It is not what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It is what you know for sure that just ain't so!" Leave a comment.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Human Shield Affect - The Latest Form of Child Abuse


The phrase "human shield" is a military and political term describing the presence of civilians in or around combat targets to deter an enemy from attacking those targets. It may also refer to the use of civilians to literally shield combatants during attacks, by forcing the civilians to march in front of the soldiers. The use of human shields in war is against international law.

You may be very surprised to learn that unhealthy food companies have been using human shields in North America for decades and they have been doing it right under our noses. Today is the day this form of child abuse is cast out in the open.

The use of innocent people as pawns during times of war is known by seasoned military personal as one of the lowest forms of military strategy imaginable. Commanders who use human shields often lose the respect of their own soldiers but some North American businesses have made a complete science out of using human shields, most often children.

Here is an example below of an unhealthy company using children to shield itself from all the negativity associated with it's products. Without this company helping children, what other positives can you say about it? Without these types of companies, how many sick children would there be in the first place? Without this company helping children, all that is left are unhealthy products that hurt child and adult alike.

Regardless if it is Dairy Queen Blizzard Day For CHEO or Tim Horton's Kids Camps/Timbits Hockey, anyone who ponders the idea of exposing the devastating unhealthy affects of these products are indirectly told to think twice and back off.

These companies figuratively hold children in front of them to shield themselves from criticism. Anything that hurts these companies will indirectly hurt the children and that is exactly why these companies do it. If these companies really cared for children they would stop serving items proven to accelerate disease.

It is hard to place the cross hairs of a sniper rifle on the people who serve unhealthy products when they are surrounded by our own children. In reality these products often help create the same diseases/injuries they raise money for. Selling Dairy Queen Blizzards to help injured/sick kids is as asinine as selling guns to fight crime. It makes no sense what so ever. Click here to listen to Dr. Blaylock explain why dumb ideas are now becoming more and more common.

Boycotting these businesses altogether would do more for the health of children than anything else possible. Want to see what high sugar/highly processed food products really do to children? Here you go and this is just a short report. Click here for the full report. Just take some time to learn how unhealthy these products really are. The key is education.

If North America wants to pull out of it's current economic and health care crisis, regular citizens (like you and me) have to tell these companies that we will not buy their unhealthy products regardless of what children they surround themselves with. Saying that more children would be helped if these companies closed is the understatement of the century. Lets get these companies out in the open and away from the children. I guarantee that without our own children surrounding them, they will look very different in the public eye.

Let Physical Limits help you navigate the highway to optimal health. Let us lead the way. Call 613 932 4766 today and start with our $10 for 1 month trial. I will see you there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Cluster Effect - One Article - All The Answers

As a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level II) and a CHEK Exercise Coach, I provide my advice on health constantly throughout the day. People often stop me during my workouts or at the grocery store to ask my advice on health improvement.

What I can tell you (with 100% certainty) is that if a person believes one false government endorsed health position, they usually believe them all....or at least a large chunk of them.

False government endorsed beliefs pray heavily on the genetic programming of the human being. Humans feel very comfortable and safe when they are part of the crowd. Everyone wants to fit in and to be accepted.

The urge to fit in is so strong that most people today actually feel more comfortable dying early and taking toxic medications than living their best life just because that is what everyone else is doing.

Our teaching structures have taught the majority of the population to fear independent thought more than death itself. Fitting in with health, inside North America, often means repeating the false government based health information when a particular topic comes up in conversation at the coffee shop, at work, at home etc.

Unfortunately, many people are infected with this false information and they spread these mind viruses to whom ever will listen. These people are very easy to pick out in a crowd and I over hear them all the time.

This false information, in most cases, has never had any benefit for the person spreading it and therefore will have no benefit for the person receiving it. I had a friend recently who was going through a hard time. Her girl friend recommended antidepressants because she had starting taking them 3 years prior. The friend suggesting the medications had gained tremendous amounts of weight and had become more depressed and more dysfunctional while taking the antidepressants. So why recommend them to her friend?

That is the primary factor that demonstrates the power of this type of programming. The information spread to others (the virus) often brings the exact opposite result everyone is looking for. (antidepressants bringing more depression, vaccines causing more disease, Special K causing more weight instability, chemotherapy/radiation causing more cancer etc) The information being spread has usually failed the person who is spreading it in every way possible. Although the information is completely wrong, the person spreads it to gain acceptance with the largest group in society.

These people talk about getting vaccinated against the flu (yet get the flu anyway, even though they got the shot), calcium in milk for strong bones (yet have weaker bones and other calcium control problems like arterial clotting/heart disease, bone spurs, arthritis), potassium in bananas (yet have no idea what potassium is, what it does or why it is important) and they often have praise for the latest medications they have been given or the great anxiety they feel waiting for the final results of some new medical test they took weeks prior (yet have only experienced decreases in health under their doctor's care).

That is why people who are unhealthy usually just accelerate in that direction. They have been conditioned to completely ignore the results of the information they have and to focus solely on the fact that said information came from a higher authority. The fact that the information works or not is rarely considered. It is not like a person just believes the false information in one area, they usually believe it all and that is why it is called the "Cluster Effect". It means people who are sick, get really sick in a hurry and rarely pull out of this conditioned nose dive.

It means that the people follow the rules even though those rules are killing them. It is mind programming at the highest level. A free society where no one is really free.

The cluster effects means if someone gets the flu shot or the HPV vaccine they are also very likely to stay out of the sun or use toxic sunblock when in it, avoid butter, eat whole grain products, not question surgery recommendations, eat margarine/commercial salad dressings etc, take antibiotics, over consume red wine when they hear it may have health benefits, take aspirin/Tylenol and other painkillers, feed their children baby formula, run to the hospital when ill even though the reason for the illness most likely stems from what goes on in the house (usually the kitchen), avoid breastfeeding to get back to work or avoid breast feeding altogether, eat whole grain cereals/juice and yogurts for breakfast, take any drug their doctor prescribes to them, consume pasteurized milk products often, tell their friends their diseases are genetic, help raise money for charities who funnel diseased/poor people's money to drug companies who push unhealthy and often fatal agendas, eats lots of fruit as snacks, think all fruit juices are healthy for their kids, think steady state cardio exercise will make them lose weight, feed Cheerios to their infants as snacks, think continental breakfasts are a good item to consider when picking a hotel, think high cholesterol is bad, participate in all medical tests without question, (all designed to get you on drugs or on the surgery table more quickly) travel to specialists outside of town for more unhealthy advice/tests/medications, shop food based on price/spend lavishly on items that hold no potential to improve quality of life long term, have coffee addictions, follow the food guide's advice for eating, use Pepsico's SMART SPOT system or The Heart and Stroke's Health Check system to help them shop for food, use Crest/Colgate or other fluoride laced toothpastes, believe that the news reports are not controlled by the businesses they are trying to sell them unhealthy products, believe drugs are safe, legitimate, beyond corruption and tested properly, think that infertility is a call for extra medical pollution in the body, think mercury fillings are safe, the fat in food causes fat gain, high cholesterol and heart disease, use Teflon pans.. etc etc.

The more someone believes in this system, the quicker they get sick. It feeds on itself because everything above has been linked to advanced illness yet the more sick people get the more they adhere to items on the list. The more sick they become the farther into the system they walk.

The mind programming designed to ensure people ignore results (like telling a child that if drink milk they will be tall and have strong bones) starts at an early age. My rebellious state as a child (and that of many other children) stem from attempting to fight against the programming or the death of "self". I never had ADHD, I just understood that adults generally never looked happy to me so I wanted nothing to do with the information that produced generally unhappy people. Follow information that makes me overweight, medicatied and depressed.......thanks but no thanks. I fought it tooth and nail then and I fight it now in the same way.

There is a way out and there is hope. It is never too late to get healthy and it can happen overnight. It starts with what you believe and it starts with you taking action. Just start doing something. Read a book for example. Paul Chek's book, "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" is great or try Dr. Mark Hyman's book "Ultra Metabolism".

Thanks for the sell out of my free seminar last Sunday at Summit. Watch for another free seminar coming your way soon. Everyone deserves to be healthy. That is why I do the free seminars and write the free blog. Have a great day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Does Your Doctor Tell You The Truth

The phrase "side effects" often gives a patient the distinct impression that these effects should never be viewed directly or considered in a serious way. Side dishes are things that make up the minority of what comes on your plate at a restaurant and side effects are things that are supposed to happen just "sometimes"........just minor stuff.

The question is, "is this really the case?". Another question is, "is your doctor telling you the truth about what they are prescribing to you or to your children?".

In the very last link, at the end of this blog, we have a host of medical doctors telling the camera that they rarely inform their patients of all the side effects regarding the medications because there are just so many. Do you think doctors shy away from being truthful in this area because not many patients would accept such medication if they actually heard all the side effects?

Watch this 45 second commercial for more information on that subject because this is what honesty should look like when drugs are being prescribed.

Click here for another brilliant movie trailer that exhibits medical professional after medical professional dishing the "real news" regarding their very own profession. It also shows children themselves reviewing what they really think of the medication side effects their parents often subject them to. It is time we listened to the children, who understand clearly that these medications are not healthy what so ever.

I cannot say enough about the organization who made this movie or the other movies they provide to the general public. The movies are brilliant, truthful and so important for the health of our population. My hat goes off to them.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rx Drug Rep Comes Clean

Gwen Olsen was a medical drug rep for 15 years. That 15 years of behind the scenes work came in handy when she decided to let her story be told. Her spirit got the better of her and the story she tells is valuable.

A story of profit at all costs. A story of profit before patient health. A story of how drug companies try to make sure people get sick and stay sick for as long as possible. A long disease filled and miserable existence is the goal and you do not need to look too far to see that this is true. Our streets are becoming something out of a science fiction novel. The amount of dysfunction is literally unmeasurable.

Bravo to Gwen Olsen for coming out and sacrificing her career to educate her fellow citizens. Her message is a valuable one for anyone taking medications, raising money for drug endorsing charities or anyone caught inside the North American medical system. The mouse trap is set. Once you are in, you are not getting out. That is the way it is designed.

Just listen to Gwen's amazing tales from inside the walls of our medical establishment. How many stories like this are needed before people stop going back to the very system that is literally designed to kill them more quickly.

The cures are indeed out there but they rest in you and you only. Never leave your house running for the hospital when in most cases all the attention needs to be focused on what happens inside the home. (mostly the kitchen) You can't change your lifestyle while you sit in the emergency room waiting for a doctor to give you medication designed to keep you sick. Let us show you how to be healthy and to avoid the traps that have already snared a great number of our finest citizens. Call us today at 613 932 4766. Start with our $10 for 1 month trial. Take your first step toward your ultimate life. Let us teach you how.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Students Behavior Changes With Good Food

The proof is in the pudding, literally. Lets watch a short video where a school completely banned it's students from eating certain processed foods. The turn around in the children's behavior happened in a matter of days. How valuable an exercise is this for the children be taught that what they eat will affect their mood, I.Q., behavior and ultimately everything from their income to their reproductive capability?

Just in case anyone forgot about the North American solution for kids hyped up on foods that starve their brains of nutrients, here it is. In most cases the schools themselves provide the kids with the foods that starve the brain. Many schools then become well motivated and an integral part of transporting dangerous mind altering medications into the mouths of the students.

Again, the drug companies target government institutions for the potential of abuse the employee/employer relationship holds in North America. (i.e. loss of a pay cheque, especially in a society that places stuff above almost everything else, can lubricate even the most well meaning person toward actions that they know are not sound)

It is becoming a civil war type scenario here in North America with healthy people lining up on one side, against the people who take drugs or work in the system of drug distribution on the other. (mostly government run institutions who fly the flag of health while their efforts only achieve new heights of disease, obesity and behavior disorders for our population)

Come to Physical Limits today and take action on a healthy lifestyle. Join our fight and spread the virus of health to anyone who will listen. Become healthy and live your best life despite the constant pressure to do otherwise. Be a rebel. Be different. Be healthy. Let us show you how. Call 613 932 4766 today to start your $10 for 1 month trial. We are the only fitness club in Ontario to enrol each of it's members on an elaborate e-mail education system that will teach them what it takes to be thin and disease free for life.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gardasil - Illness and Death

Lets roll the CBS news coverage of some of the side effects that have been linked to getting the Gardasil shot. (HPV vaccine) Why is something that has been linked to 29 deaths promoted within our city, at a government institution that holds the title of "Health Unit"? What does early death and permanent injury have to do with health? Leave a comment below.

Click here to listen to Health Ranger Show #75: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Dangers of Vaccines. Scroll down to interview 75.

Click here to visit her website called "Saying No To Vaccines".

Why did this information not make it to any Internet homepage? Would any teacher in Cornwall give their students a writing exercise asking them to write an essay concerning the safety of vaccines? If teachers did allow the students to investigate the safety of vaccines, how would the teachers mark the essay? Would the students who presented the unbiased research receive a stellar grade or would they fail the exercise?

Are good marks given for free thought or are our best students just the ones who take their place in the line that leads toward the cliff's edge? Click here to listen to this educator regarding free thought inside our education system.

Leave a comment below. I would enjoy hearing of any situation where a government employee went against the grain and openly spoke against our own government's unhealthy agenda that is often promoted within most government institutions. (opening the doors of our schools to mass vaccination, the over prescribing of children with behavior altering medications, unhealthy foods fed to our children at school, children's Tylenol/unhealthy baby formula delivered free to all mothers courtesy of our health unit etc) I am looking for a hero to highlight.

Drug companies salivate at the wild profit involved with pushing their unhealthy products into government run institutions. It is all about controlling the shepherd to get to the sheep.

Come to Physical Limits today. Try our $10 for 1 month trial. Health is about looking both ways before you cross the street and our health education system can make sure you get both sides of each issue before you make any decision. Call us today at 613 932 4766.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Which Foods Make Us Fat

Lets watch a 2 minute trailer of a new movie letting us know (without a doubt) what foods are making us fat and sick. The movie then goes on to let us know that there is hope and tells us what to do in order to stay thin and healthy for life.

Here is another movie trailer that tells us the same thing. A brilliant movie and one I have shown in it's entirety during my lectures many times.

I have often come home exhausted and also watched movies like the ones above. The question that often runs through my mind like a freight train is, "why do people who are already healthy (like me and the people who make these movies) take time out of their day (usually for free) to try and make unhealthy people change their habits?" The answer is quite simple and it shows just how intelligent our genes are.

There is something in all humans that knows right from wrong and it is with us from the first day we are conceived. The ancient foundations of what we call "LAW" is just a reflection of how we feel inside about being treated unfairly and our quest to be treated justly. If any of us observed a bully hurting a younger person outisde our house today, our genes would let us know that this is unfair and call us to law required. Where does that idea of justice come from? No one really knows.

Some things "get us going" deep down inside and force us to take action, without considering ourselves. When the government becomes more of a corporate headquarters for big business it summons the same kind of feelings in all people. Nothing gets humans going more than being treated unfairly, especially by the people whose job it is to watch out for the greater good.

Our schools are teaching plenty of information that is dangerous to our spiritual and physical health, our government gives us plenty of incentives to hurt ourselves and our environment but no incentives for us to be healthy and our medical system is based on sickness.....not health. (our government has given you a $1500 tax credit for spending money on a home renovation in the new budget but where is the tax credit for having a good weight, not going to the hospital or walking to work???) All the carrots around our necks keep us running toward the cliff's edge!!

Our medical system and our food system have teamed up with our government to keep us less educated, less healthy and less vibrant than we were born to be. This is unfair and this is why you will not be able to take your eyes off the information I present at my seminar. You will be drawn to it because it proves you are not being treated fairly.

These sorts of issues are discussed heavily in my upcoming free seminar on Ultimate Health this Sunday at Summit Fitness from 8:30 to 11:30. It is already full but you can get in if you call today and I will just add more chairs. Today is the cut off. Call Physical Limits to reserve your spot at 613 932 4766.