Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swine Flu Update

When doing a puzzle you do not really get a clear idea of what the final picture is going to look like until some of the missing pieces are placed in.

The same people who have brought you publicly run casinos, government run alcohol outlets, tobacco products and the idea that poisonous medications are your key to health are vigorously trying to convince you that your health is their #1 priority.

If you believe that, chances are you will actually get the swine flu shot without blinking an eye lash but you best look both ways before crossing the street with this issue.

The general health of our population is the only evidence you need as to their true intentions and true motivations.

Today pharmacists in Ontario (and all across Canada) are trying to belly up to the financial feed trough regarding the swine flu vaccine, by working behind the scenes to gain authorization to administer the vaccines anywhere someone will roll up their sleeve. In some provinces paramedics are also being considered for the task.

This drug company backed business move will help pharmacists gain highly profitable distribution fees for administering the vaccine but also helps the makers of the vaccine immensely.

There is a need to get as many people vaccinated simultaneously before the guaranteed side effects (death, paralysis, fever, loss of consciousness etc......all signs of poisoning by the way) drive people away from the vaccine clinics.

The last time this business model was put into action in 1976, the swine flu vaccine clinics were shut down in 10 weeks because of the deaths and paralysis associated with the swine flu vaccine.

The drug companies' newest strategy is to get the vaccine into as many people, as quick as possible, in order to maximize profits. It is a fight with time so many more soldiers are needed on the ground to push the vaccine and that is where the pharmacists will come in.

In what is now known as the forced drugging epicenter of North America, Massachusetts state government has now passed legislation for a $1000 fine/per day for refusing the vaccine and/or...jail time/quarantine. Think it cannot happen in Canada? Think again, in some provinces aspects of this are already the law. Click here regarding that issue.

This swine flu vaccine has nothing to do with what Canadians want and everything to do with what drug companies want. If forced vaccinations ever come to Cornwall I will personal refuse regardless of consequence. I own my body and decide what will enter it. This is a basic human right.

Victims of forced vaccinations in the United States are supposed to be placed at ease by knowing that their government has also set up a vaccine compensation fund (all funded by the taxpayers) to pay family members if someone dies or is crippled by the vaccine.

In Canada we coincidentally are set to have exactly the same compensation fund. I thought we were separate countries? Two different cultures but coincidentally the exact same laws on the issue. What are the chances of that happening if drug companies are not controlling the governments on both sides of the border? International trade agreements like NAFTA that push for similar laws for all member countries are not looking too good right now, are they?

Click here to see Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explain that all vaccines are designed to keep world populations down mentally/physically and away from their best lives. Once in a chronic crisis mode, populations are easier to manipulate and govern for profit.

If you have kids it may be good to run this entertaining music video regarding saying no to vaccines. It is catchy and stays with you after you hear it.

This business plan has been in play for many years as the company making the swine flu vaccine actually applied for a patent on this vaccine a full 2 years before the outbreak in Mexico.

Something is coming in October/November.......but it has very little to do with health.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychiatrists Admit They Cannot Cure Anything

Psychiatrists were interviewed outside a psychiatric convention. They were asked two questions. "What biological or physical test exists to support the existence of mental illness?" and "Have you ever cured anyone?".

Click here to watch those interviews. If psychiatrists admit they cannot cure anyone and admit that more depression is a side effect of the drugs they prescribe, why don't their patients know that and why are people still taking these drugs?

The movie titled Generation Rx has an important message to parents who believe their conventional doctor knows best.

Click here to watch leading doctors explain that the chemical imbalance theory of behavior disorders and depression is a complete fraud. (their words, not mine) Although the phrase "chemical imbalance" is often mentioned to patients, there is not one test to find the chemicals that are out of balance. Drug companies are inventing diseases (based on normal life events) and literally marketing illness.

How long has the medical profession being trying to develop drugs that target the readjustment of brain function? Click here to find out. They are indeed trying to alter your brain function but not in the way you think and not for the reasons you are led to believe.

Click here to learn of a world famous doctor who has a tested cure for depression. What is his secret? He uses food instead of drugs because drugs don't work. Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman.

Do you think your local hospital or local Health Unit stocks any of Dr. Hyman's effective and inexpensive material on how to cure yourself? You can get birth control pills, baby formula, children's Tylenol, vaccines, gastric bypass (a mere $19,000 of tax payers money for that surgery) and motorized scooters for free at the why not a $20 book on how to cure yourself? You already know the answer.

Click here to learn about the supplement Health Canada tried to keep off the market. Why would Health Canada try and take a simple vitamin supplement off the market that cured depression and/or significantly reduced depression symptoms in clinical trials? A Health Canada backed court battle to keep a healthy vitamin supplement away from Canadians while approving all the drugs highlighted in our videos above. Think it is about money? When these people get caught they are hoping you think it is only about money. The real reason these drugs are pushed on the public goes well beyond the scope of this blog.

Ready for your Health Canada endorsed swine flu shot this fall?

Watch for repeaters.

Click here to learn what repeaters are.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccines - The Hidden Truth

Click here if you wish to get familiar with what vaccine injury looks like in children.

Just this week we have heard tragic and sad news from the world of NHL hockey. The 2 month old son of former Montreal Canadians' star goaltender, Jose Theodore, has passed away. A sad day indeed for all parents around the world. One must wonder if a vaccine was delivered days prior to the child's death, as is scheduled at the 2 month mark in the U.S. and Canada. Are the Theodore's and other families aware that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has been a word actually invented by the medical community to deflect attention away from vaccine related deaths?

When the new swine flu vaccine makes you sick or kills you (or a family member) you get to sue yourself. The ultimate profit scenario. The Canadian public pays for the TV ads, the vaccines themselves, the doctors, the needles, the nurses, the rent, the heat, the hydro, the pens, the paper, the support staff, the property tax and when the vaccines kill or cripple us or our fellow citizens.........we pay for the legal settlements as well. If the vaccines were safe why are the drug companies so interested in blanket immunity from prosecution?

Regardless, the vaccine manufacturers are coming after government workers first. This sector of the work force is most at risk.

Baxter (the maker of the new swine flu vaccine) has already been caught placing live flu virus in their vaccines. They are actually being sued in world court for doing it on purpose to cause a flu outbreak and to control "undesirables" in the population. This is just business as usual for these companies.

If what happened in Europe happens in Canada it means the people getting the swine flu shot would get the swine flu and it then spreads like wild fire. (killing and hurting people all across the country literally overnight). The World Health Organization (The WHO) and Health Canada chalk up the out break to just how deadly the virus is and then call for more vaccines, mandatory vaccinations for all Canadians, secondary vaccines or just other forced forms of drugging. The outbreak comes but it happens because of the vaccine. The conditioned portion of the population then line up again to take a nose dive off the cliff's edge. (that is...if they are not already in the hospital or at the funeral home)

The repeaters in the newspapers and the Health Unit in Cornwall just keeping repeating and the band marches on. You become a repeater in our medical system or you are fired, it is that simple.

Click here to read about the doctors who warn patients against vaccinations for themselves and their children.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lie about Depression and ADHD

Click here to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman discuss the study that not only proved anti-depression drugs are ineffective but the doctors who did the research lied about the results of the studies.

Chemist admits on camera that he develops anti-depressants that proved deadly in his lab, that proved deadly in other people's labs and that they are dangerous, ineffective and cause the exact same symptoms they are being prescribed for...........yet they are being approved for use anyway.

Click here for the movie trailer about the corruption surrounding any and all doctor based behavior disorder diagnosis.

Is your child on a mind altering drug? Click here to see what your meeting with the doctor should have looked like.

Click here for a short explanation about why mental screening tests for children are done to push toxic medications and nothing else. Proving that, "if you think you're healthy, you just haven't had enough medical testing yet"

Drug companies are pushing for all new mothers and even their unborn children to be on these highly toxic and dangerous medications.

Mothers on these medications have patterns of violence against there own family members, including the killing of their own children.

News report shows drug companies aware that thoughts of suicide or thoughts regarding the killing of others were evident in clinical trial for an anti-depressant. If you think your child is wild now, wait until they get a hold of these drugs.

Click here to see doctors caught on tape admitting they never fully explain the side effects of anti-depressants to their patients.

Watch a TV commercial that states never to prescribe this particular drug to people under 18 and then watch this news report showing doctors being caught prescribing that exact same drug to people under 18.........which in turn caused many deaths via suicide.

A BBC News report about the corruption inside the anti-depressant industry.

Honest doctor warns that anti-depressants can cost you your marriage, your job and your life.

Full movie on the dangers of mind altering drugs for children.

Full PBS documentary on the dangers of these drugs for children.

Movie trailer showing how drug companies help healthy people believe they are sick and in need of dangerous medication.

Doctor dedicates his entire life to warning people about the 3 most unhealthy and dangerous medications in history. Guess what made the list?

Come download some truthful computer software programming at Physical Limits. How is your health using the traditional government backed programming that tells you drugs and surgeries will make you healthy? Ready for a change? How much time do you have?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flu Vaccine Warning

Click here to read my article on the swine flu and vaccinations that was just banned from entering a local newspaper.

Click here to see the 60 Minutes report showing government employees getting caught lying on camera about the safety of the 1976 swine flu vaccine that killed 25 people and crippled 4000 in the United States alone.

Baxter, (the parent company of Bayer) is one company granted the task of preparing the new swine flu vaccine. Click here to watch how Baxter has been caught distributing HIV tainted medication to children, even after they found it was contaminated with the virus believed to cause AIDS.

Click here to read how Baxter was just caught placing live Avian flu virus in their seasonal European flu vaccines. That means anyone getting the vaccine would have developed transmittable Avian flu and Baxter is now being sued, being accused of doing it on purpose to increase profit.

Click here to listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny tell listeners that all vaccines are designed to worsen the health of a population in order to keep people patients for life. (scroll down to interview #75 to hear Dr. Tenpenny)

Did you know that your swine flu vaccine could be contaminated with the AIDS virus? World famous neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock explains how in this report. Read Dr. Blaylock's book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life" to also discover how cancer viruses are a common by product found in vaccines.

Click here for the full movie showing medical professional after medical professional warning the public about the dangers of vaccinations and how vaccines are in no way connected to any decreases in disease around the world.

Doctors don't know best. Click here to watch why one family now has 2 children with Autism because their doctor took full advantage of them, not telling them they have the right to deny vaccinations for their children.

Watch for your medical authorities to outright lie to you regarding the safety of vaccines. When they do state "everything is perfectly safe", offer them to sign this form guaranteeing the safety of the vaccine. Promises and actions that do not back up those promises will expose your danger immediately. The lying will also come from other government administrators telling you vaccines are mandatory AND THEY ARE NOT. Click here to get the form you need to fill out in Ontario to avoid vaccinations for your children and if you are a government worker.

There is no doubt about it, government employees and their families are the sure target in this swine flu vaccination experiment.

Watch out for "repeaters" in this up coming push to poison our great nation with the swine flu vaccine. Repeaters are people who do no research and just repeat what someone else has told them. Our highest paid medical professionals are the people who were the best "repeaters", as critical thinking often leads to ejection and failure in medical school. Never confuse high intelligence with a profession the demands memorization only, without critical thinking. The doctors repeat what the drug companies say. The newspapers repeat what the doctors say and the public repeats what the newspapers say. What is being repeated does not work because 70% of Canadians are already extremely ill.

The silence on the issue that vaccines are dangerous is deafening in Cornwall's mainstream "repeating" media.

Protect yourself the only way the body ever could by reading this article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Banned Vaccine Article

Can you blame a local newspaper for not wanting to run an article telling the other side of the vaccine story? You cannot blame them at all but the other side does exist and it does not look anything like what the local hospital or local health unit is trying to tell the fine people of Cornwall.

Running this story the same week that the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is advertising a Flu Pandemic Work Shop may not have been the best PR move for the newspaper and I understand that. (A Pandemic Work Shop is "business talk" for having the Eastern Ontario Health Unit hijack a legitimate business organization to help push unhealthy vaccines on non-government employees)

Government workers are the first in line as guinea pigs in the swine flu vaccine agenda but that leaves a whole section of the workforce who are more likely to just avoid the shot because their wage is not controlled by the people giving the vaccine.

In an effort to maximize drug company profits local government health authorities all across Canada have been charged with the job of trying to rally local businesses, to indirectly play the part of the government, in order to strong arm unhealthy vaccinations into the non-government work force.

Drug companies fully understand the power of the employer/employee relationship and since they got the government workers covered in that area.......the only thing to do is to have private sector employers bully their employees to get the shot.

Quite ingenious really.....and a concrete sign of how aggressive big pharma is becoming in their attempt to force unhealthy vaccines on as many people as possible. Here is the article that was banned.


In May 2009 at a meeting of the American Thoracic Society it was reported that children who had received a flu shot were at a three times higher risk for hospitalization than their non-vaccinated counterparts.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester made the discovery after studying 263 children who had the flu. The study also raised concerns whether the flu shot actually prevented the participants from acquiring the flu, as everyone in the study was chosen because they had the flu yet some were vaccinated.

In conclusion, the vaccinated children where three times more likely to need hospital care then those not vaccinated and the risk was even higher for children who had asthma. The full report can be read here.

In a recent report written by Dr. Russell Blaylock he reviews why the swine flu vaccine may be more dangerous than the swine flu itself.

Dr. Russell Blaylock openly questions several key aspects of the swine flu information that is currently being circulated by Cornwall's government backed health community.

Dr. Blaylock gives a brief yet effective description of what the public is often not told about their vaccines or the new swine flu vaccine.

African green monkeys are often the host of choice to grow the live flu viruses, which are then harvested by killing thousands of monkeys. “This same animal tissue transmits a number of vaccine-contaminating viruses, including the HIV virus”, states Blaylock.

Baxter Pharmaceuticals is just one company that was granted the rights to manufacture the swine flu vaccine. Dr. Blaylock goes on to state that, “The Baxter company has been associated with two deadly scandals. The first event occurred in 2006 when hemophiliac components were contaminated with HIV virus and injected in tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children. Baxter continued to release the HIV contaminated vaccine even after the contamination was known. The second event occurred recently when it was discovered that Baxter had released a seasonal flu vaccine containing the bird flu virus, which would have produced a real world pandemic, to 18 countries. Fortunately, astute lab workers in the Czech Republic discovered the deadly combination and blew the whistle before a worldwide disaster was unleashed.” Read the entire article

We are always told the swine flu or flu is coming this fall yet the outbreak’s connection to a retreating sun (and decreasing vitamin D levels) is never fully explained to the public. The swine flu is out there right now yet the sun keeps it at bay somehow. There is plenty of evidence that other natural factors (diet, exercise, stress management) play a huge roll in immunity yet we are often herded toward medical/chemical solutions and away from natural ones.

In some cases it appears our health information is cherry picked and natural solutions down played. There are definitely two sides to every story. No one is right and no one is wrong. Just look both ways before crossing the street. My family and myself believe in natural immunity and take no vaccines. For more information on health you can register for my blog at WHAT HAPPENED TO HEALTH.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Warning

Standard North American software programming is going to be placed to the test this coming fall with the promotion of the swine flu and the swine flu vaccine.

So far in the United States 45 people have died from the swine flu and of those people, many were already severely ill. That means these people did indeed test for the swine flu virus (upon their death) but they could have also had cancer, lupus, type II diabetes or have been extremely obese.........yet those details are never highlighted in the mainstream media. The drive is to make people think the swine flu (and any flu) can take down healthy people like an assassin's kill shot. Get the people stampeding in fear. Get the conditioned cattle drive moving.

Last time this swine flu business model was unleashed on North America in 1976 the vaccine itself killed 25 people and permanently crippled over 4000 in the U.S. alone. This is an extremely high injury number as only 1-10% of adverse medication or vaccine reactions are reported. Watch this 60 Minutes report for amazing details on that issue.

Since April 2009 45 people have died in the United States and they have indeed been tested to have the swine flu virus yet during the exact same period 56,000 people in the United States have died from medical mistakes..........30,000 of those people dying from regular dose/properly prescribed medication. (that number of deaths is actually an underestimation because that is based on data from 1999.....these numbers reported by doctor's themselves in their own Journal, The Journal of The American Medical Association)

The public are expected to believe that the people who sell us tobacco, alcohol and toxic/fatal medications are very concerned about our health and want to interfere with anything that may cause us harm or death. Since April 2009, 56,000 have died at the hands of modern medicine with no reporting and 45 have died from the swine flu with a call for immediate action and billions in spending. An interesting sales pitch indeed.

The U.S. and Canada have already spent over 1 billion dollars on swine flu vaccine preparations. Early reviews of the new vaccine formulations show them as being more toxic to human health than the one given in 1976. (and that vaccine killed 25/crippled 4000) In Germany no one has died of swine flu yet they have already pledged over 3 billion dollars toward vaccination efforts. Smells like money to me.

Fear is the a primary reason people believe they need to be governed. Health has never been tied to chemicals being taken into the body via the mouth or a needle. With 70% of Canadians diseased and overweight it is time to tell our government that their model of health does not work.

Lets listen to Barbara Loe Fisher, one of the world's leading experts on vaccination injury and President of the National Vaccine Information Center.

I stopped taking vaccines in 1998 (that year I took a flu shot and became extremly ill) and my daughter has never received one vaccine. She is perfectly healthy and I have no fear that her immune system can fend off any flu, even if she becomes infected. I have no fear of illness as it is part of life. You can fend off illness as much as you can fend off death itself. Leave a commnent

Watch Your Way To A Toned, Thin and Disease Free Body

Looking for a good idea for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift? How about a gift that can make you live a longer, happier and more successful life? Health is the base of all life success.

Teach the entire family how to be toned, thin and disease free for life. Check out the promotional trailers of these 5 great movies on food and health. Purchase them for yourself, for friends and for your loved ones.

Your local health unit, your local hospital and your conventional medical doctor will not tell you to watch any movie or read any book that places the power to heal back in your hands, where it has always belonged. Being healthy is something you do not sub out to third parties.

Imagine never going to the hospital, your body looking like it was when you were 21 and never gaining weight ever again? All the secrets are in these movies and to be honest all the movies tell about the same secret......just in different ways. Leave a comment and tell me what that secret is?

Just click the highlighted blue words to watch the trailers. Check out Processed People, Food Matters , Food Inc
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Leave a comment below by using the comment button and tell me the secret that all these movies talk about.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Test Your Programming - the answers

Click the blue highlighted words in the blog for more information and then use your back button to get back to the blog.

This blog is linked directly to the blog below. In the previous blog I asked you to tell me what you see when you watch this short 1 minute TV ad for Abilify. It was meant to test your conditioning or what I like to call "software programming".

I have had both forms of conditioning or software programming.

The standard "software programming" allows a person to view that ad and think nothing of it. If a person with the standard software programming comes across that ad they literally never give it a second thought. "Doctors know what they are doing and it is not my area of expertise", is the standard programming position.

The healthy "software programming" allows a person to view that ad and........

1) understand that the commercial starts off by admitting anti-depression drugs don't work in the majority of cases

2) see that a solution of stacking more drugs on top of drugs, which already do not work, will have little chance of success

3) see that North American medicine has made a profit cycle out of convincing healthy they are sick - depression is a normal part of life and in most cases a very valuable feedback mechanism indicating that change is needed....these drugs often trap people inside the depression by never allowing the action or closure that is needed to move out of it

4) that these patients have never been told that exercise, certain nutrients and healthy diets have been proven to relieve depression in a good number of cases

5) understand that the FDA (and Health Canada) have been caught in scandal after scandal...literally being controlled by the very industry they are charged with reviewing and governing

6) see that "worsening depression or thoughts of suicide" as a listed side effect should be the first clue that this anti-depression drug is not a logical choice

7) see that all side effects listed in the commercial are the same listed symptoms of someone who is poisoned......nothing more and nothing less....things placed in the mouth either nourish or poison.....there is no in between

8) understand that the inclusion of the side effect "uncontrolled muscle movements that can become permanent" is lawyer talk for the firing of a gun in order to waive liability in any lawsuits where school shooters have been taking anti depressants

9) understand that people who are not overweight, who eat fruit, who have clean well kept houses and who have loving families/spouses/friends (as portrayed in the commercial) are not a good representation of people who are depressed in North America

10) understand that the listed side effect of "increased blood sugar" proves that chemicals can increase blood sugar (and not just food) to cause type II diabetes and therefore can in turn cause hundreds of other diseases tied to blood sugar fluctuations......and the drug companies know this....all poisons cause blood sugar fluctuations....not just sugar

11) understand that the last line in the ad regarding "the benefits of Ability" is a one way street.......only your doctor, drug companies and the medical profession will ever benefit from you taking this drug........sick people equals big profits and job security

12) understand that even though there is a strict warning that this drug is not approved for people under 18 (the idea that these drugs effect by age is another lie) doctors have already been caught over prescribing it to people under 18

13) understand that healthy people take no drugs so why are some people programmed to believe that taking drugs will make them healthy

If I offered a health program where death was a known and listed side effect, would you think of joining?

I think you get the point. Our software programming can actually warp the way we see everything and there is no right or wrong answer. The truth is in the results. If you like the results then the product works. If you do not like the results, change your programming because going back for more of what is not working can be a deadly cycle. Without changing one's software programming a person can literally medicate themselves into an early grave because their standard programming may not allow for any other options when they are sick.

Leave a comment or add to the list of what you see in the ad.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Test Your Programming

I often talk about something called "software programming" when trying to get people onto the healthy path in life. What this means is that from an early age people have been "programmed" to believe in certain things, concepts and ideas.

For example, one person may believe that getting ill is a signal to run out of the house toward hospitals/doctors, medications and surgeries etc. Another person may believe illness is a cue to review key lifestyle habits and/or their order to pin point the cause of the illness.

One type of programming empowers and the other takes away power. (by giving the power to others - this often leaves the person feeling "powerless" and may make them feel empty inside) One program teaches self responsibility and one teaches people to hand over responsibility to third parties. One teaches self-control and the other does not.

Regardless of issue, one type of programming prepares a person to look outwards for help and the other teaches a person to look inward for help.

You can test your own programming right now. Click here or press play on the same video below. Watch this 1 minute TV ad and tell me what you see.

In a later post I will describe how two people can watch the exact same TV ad and see two completely different things.

I used to have the standard "software programming" and now I have healthy "software programming". Can you guess which one brought me health, wealth and happiness? In the next blog I will compare the software programming I had 10 years ago and the one I have now. (in regards to the ad below)

What do you see in this ad? Share your comments by using the "comment" button below the video.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

7th Grader Told to Drink Coke to Lose Weight

Click here or watch the two minute video below of a 7th grader. He was handed a homework assignment on weight loss. He was told that if he wanted to lose weight he may want to consider eating hamburgers, bacon, french fries, pie, milk (a liquid designed by nature to double or triple birth weight) and pop.

We can only assume the student is telling the truth as he clearly states that his school suggested that in order to lose weight, these foods should be consumed.

The assignment appears to also give the impression that these bad foods should be consumed in "moderation" (working on the calorie end of things), regardless of the other hidden hazards associated with their consumption.

No education appears as to why those foods are bad, (pesticides, GMO concerns, processing etc) or what actually counts as "healthy food".

No education appears to be provided that the calorie counting idea is actually a myth, as equal calorie meals have been proven to have very different effects on the body. Chemically laced foods with no calories have also been proven to cause weight gain. Many chemicals medications also cause weight gain yet they have no calories. Weight gain is now thought to be more tied to chemical toxicity than the storage of excess energy.

Is this really the best we can do? The real dangers of processed foods are frequently hidden from the parents and the children because the schools often sell the same foods within their cafeteria.

I know there are plenty of intelligent readers out there. Would someone like to suggest an explanation as to why some governments are so heavily invested in making their populations unhealthy? Who has the answer? Leave a comment or leave an answer to that question.