Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Medication That Causes The Most Weight Gain....

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. David Edselon elaborate on the class of medication that causes the most weight gain in his patients. I call this "the science of half truth" and unfortunately it's very common within the medical industry.

Weight gain is how the body protects itself against toxins. When polluted, the body adds water and additional fat cells to dilute it's overall toxic load. The body itself has many defense mechanisms that are meant to maximize life span and minimize damage from threats in our environment. A small amount of weight gain is a sign of minor toxicity.....a large amount of weight gain (which is a side effect of most anti depressants) is a sign of major toxicity.

The science of half truth is in play here because a meta analysis of all anti depressant trials revealed that in fact they are not effective what so ever with treating anything but major depression and even in that group the improvements where not statistically significant to warrant a conclusion that they were effective either. Telling patients that anti depressants can cause weight gain is only part of the story.

Click here or watch the same video below to hear Dr. Hyman explain the results of the meta analysis, which declared anti depressants ineffective at treating depression. I don't know many people taking anti depressants who are aware of the results of this study, which were published in one of the world's top medical journals.

Click here, here and here to learn about the method, which is proven highly effective at reversing depression.