Monday, September 28, 2009

Hospital Fundraiser - selling cookies

Looking for a gas leak with a match in your hand is one stupid idea. Another stupid idea is raising money for the hospital with foods that place people in the hospital?

Do we really need a cookie drive to raise money for our hospital? What are the people in that photo smiling about? Making Cornwall sick for $11,000 should result in losing your job and maybe a public inquiry. How many people in Cornwall need more reasons to eat more processed crap food that makes them sick and over weight?

Why not sell guns in order to raise money for the police or a night of running over animals in our cars to raise money for the SPCA? Why not a vaccine night for Autism or a pub crawl for the Liver Foundation? How about a donut eating contest to raise money for obesity? How about selling pop and hot dogs to raise money for cancer even though pop and hot dogs cause cancer.........wait a minute I see that at least 10 times per year in Cornwall that is already a reality. I also see people selling chocolate bars to raise money for The Diabetes Association. That is called recruiting.........not fundraising.

Who are the people allowing this to happen and why do they still have jobs? Talk about letting the wolf in the hen house. Should promoting unhealthy foods even be allowed in a hospital? You think foods proven to cause cancer and foods proven to lower immunity would be least inside the hospital. Calling cookies food is actually an insult to everything that is real food. Manure from an organic animal has more nutrition.

Is it a surprise that our local hospital is posting a $5 million dollar deficit? Is it a surprise that our government is $55 billion in debt and scheduling tax increases across the board in the upcoming years?

With the hospital partnering up with unhealthy companies there is little hope that Cornwall will become the vibrant town local business leaders are hoping for. There is a tipping point where the rich can no longer support the poor and the healthy can no longer do the work of the unhealthy. If 10 people work at a business and 4 call in sick for more than a couple of weeks.........the business closes. We are getting close to this point. Selling cookies at the hospital doesn't help.

Is there a competition that I am not aware of where there is a prize for making people explode from weight gain? Did I miss that article in the paper? It is obvious no one loses their job anymore in this country for doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing. Our society is sick and fat because our health leaders are making us sick and fat. I got off that ride a decade ago. It may be time for others to join me.

Read more about why unhealthy companies enjoy associating themselves with anything other than their own this article.

We can only get healthy if we first stop making ourselves sick. No degree in anything needed to make that statement. Dr. Thomas Lodi explains that concept in this great lecture regarding curing cancer.

I am sure everyone involved in the drive to raise money is sincere yet history shows you can indeed be sincere but you can also be sincerely wrong. If selling cookies to raise money for a bankrupt hospital is the right thing to do................I would hate to see the wrong thing to do.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Proven Healthier Without Vaccination

Click here or watch the video below showing that deaths of children, under 5 years of age, skyrocketed after they were targeted by drug companies to start receiving the flu shot in 2002.

How does that sound for "healthy"? Right in line with other drug interventions aimed at improving health..............they actually increase death. Always have........always will.

The same video shows the number of deaths from the flu is in the hundreds per year while the medical institutions charged with protecting our health exaggerate the death toll from the flu into the tens of thousands.

All designed to spread fear and panic. All to get us moving toward placing chemicals into our bodies. All designed to make sure North Americans believe that third parties who sell drugs are essential for health. Listen to comedian Bill Mayer sums things up in his unique way about the drug industry.

A master study of all major vaccine information ended with this conclusion, "vaccination of healthy adults is not supported by the data". 70% of doctors do not get vaccinated. Should we really be surprised that people with the best view of the vaccine debate avoid getting the shot. Should that not be enough proof? How about the fact that doctor's visits are directly correlated to further decreases in health? How much proof will be needed for a society of repeaters. In 100 years they may look back and say, "they literally got what was coming to them for not questioning these things that made no sense what so ever".

Would historians be wrong to brand this generation as a group of adults who could not mature past a child like state? You can't get healthier by poisoning yourself.

I had a friend literally blast me (3 years ago) for not giving my child any vaccines. She vaccinated her child soon after and the child acquired autism. (a form of brain damage) We all were devastated regardless of our position on the issue. She called and apologized to me and my wife. She also sought help for any resources regarding treatment. I called her back within 48 hours and in that time her doctor had the child on medication and had convinced the mother that the baby had a genetic defect that made it more susceptible to autism from vaccines. She informed me that she no longer required my information..................this form of repeat business is exactly what Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warns parents about regarding vaccination.

You would think people would be more apt to place their belief behind a doctor who preaches the dangers of drugs.....but sadly this is not the case.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mini Strokes Common In Vaccinated Children

A ground breaking theory placed forward by Dr. Andrew Moulden. Dr. Moulden has traced the clotting blood, common in the metabolism after vaccination, to brain damage in many children. Just skip to the 7 minute and 20 second mark of the video to see this concept discussed. (just drag the cursor up the scale to fast forward the clip)

Click here to watch a family's story of child vaccine injury. A family who sued the makers of the MMR vaccine for causing their child's brain damage..........and they won the law suit.

Watch for news stories like this one, claiming there will be a shortage of vaccines. This is done in order to prompt the uneducated masses to actually stand in line for the very product that is tied to grave decreases in overall health and immunity.

Watch for new stories like this one as well, that attempt to get the misinformed public on side for purchasing toxic vaccines for third world countries. Getting countries into various forms of debt is another part of the puzzle.

Canada borrows money just like you do. Getting countries into massive debt means big interest payments for large banks and that translates into huge tax increases like the HST coming July 1st 2010. (in Ontario and other provinces)

Massive profits from the vaccines are the first step, getting Canada into debt to pay for those vaccines is just another step, the medical injuries from the vaccines is one more step that increases both personal and government the vaccine injuries get more people running to the bankrupt medical system (plus injured people must borrow money personally because they cannot work...or charity drives are started for the victims....or the government gives vaccine injury victims pensions for is debt none the less) etc etc.. THE MAIN GOAL IS DEBT! It is all about making people sick and getting everyone into debt (even whole countries)....nothing more and nothing less.

Watch for news stories like this that are meant to bring fear to aboriginal communities. Unfortunately it worked and some native populations in Canada are now lining up, literally begging for the very product that will hurt them. How quick our native populations have forgotten how they have been targeted with vaccines in the past.

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Please forward this to any native North American in your e-mail list.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vaccine Scientist Trys To Warn Public

Click here to read about one of the developing scientists who came clean on the dangers of the Garadsil (HPV) vaccine. 32 deaths, 12,000 adverse reaction reports and the worst part...........estimates place accurate reporting of adverse events at 1-10% of what really occurs.

Click here to watch a video regarding the often fatal side effects of the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine. Watch the conventional medical doctor state that the vaccine caused his daughter's crippled state.

Proving that it may take 7 years of medical training to convince highly intelligent people that chemicals are really good for them and their children.........when really they are not..........and when those highly intelligent people get caught in the same toxic situations as their is unfortunately too late.

Click here for another video regarding the crippling and sometimes fatal side effects of the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine.

In the two videos above, drug manufacturers state that the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine is safe because it has not killed as many people as other vaccines. Funny, I didn't hear anything like that in the TV ads or in the radio ads sponsored by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Maybe they wanted to put it in but forgot. It is not really that important, right?

Less deaths means it is safe. Great logic for profit but I have a feeling that the people who died (and their families) may have a slightly different take on that issue.

Jump ahead 1 year from today and picture the same sort of "oops, sorry about that" story regarding the swine flu vaccine. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit actively promotes Gardasil and it has killed 32 people thus far and injured 12,000. They are back on the job again, applying the same cycle of fear regarding the swine flu.

It may be time for Canadians to step out of that line, which is moving toward the cliff's edge. Spread the word to the uneducated and defenceless people in our society, as they are the true targets.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Doctors Trying To Help Your Family

Click here or just press play on the same video below regarding a conference held last week in Montreal where leading medical professionals and leading legal experts tried to warn Canadians what is exactly occurring in regards to the swine flu promotion.

Again, some of the most intelligent, most qualified and most respected minds in both the legal and medical fields have gathered to clear the air and to warn Canadians that this vaccine is much more than just unhealthy.

The swine flu vaccine is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. A puzzle that has been in the works for some time, a puzzle designed to change our country's very laws.

A new structure for governing people. A new structure of government that invents and dramatically exaggerates states of crisis and confusion in order to pass unfavorable legislation. Legislation designed to increase corporate profit/corporate control and legislation that erodes our Canadian right to decide many things for ourselves. A New World Order where a couple off shore entities decide what is best for Canadians.

No big conspiracy theories here. In this case greedy drug companies, who already force vaccinations in the U.S., want the same laws to govern Canada and the rest of the world. It is just business on a bigger scale.

The World Health Organization is littered with drug representatives yet the average person in Canada believes it sounds like a caring health organization giving good health advice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The political game of poker has now been taken from "catch me if you can" to "OK, so now you know we are manipulating you............what are you really going to do about it?"

Thanks to the Internet many governments around the world are getting caught red handed in this sort of manipulation but have now taken on a new attitude of, "too you know.......big what.......try and stop us......we've made the majority of you sick, lazy and fat on purpose so you could never do anything when you eventually did find this out........we have even tied many of your incomes to keeping your fellow citizens sick or restricting health are stuck...........if you help people get healthy or spread the truth about being healthy many of you will have no jobs and the economy will collapse..............we were working on that for decades through the health care system and by approving the worst processed foods and chemicals for you and your families.......we have employed millions of you directly in order to maximize control over you.........we even know teachers will sit idle in schools while we vaccinate our youth because we have taught you to place money before anything else.....this entire system took decades to set up but we did it and all under your nose........we wonder why you have never placed it all together cannot even get up off the couch to change the channel on your TV......our first job was to disable you.......and now it is time to reap the big rewards we have been eying for decades......we did not work 40 years to get here and turn back just before the final part of the puzzle is in place".

It may be time to for Canadians to make a move toward a new way of life. You can fight all this by just getting healthy. Health gives us everything they are trying to take away.

One primary directive of the Health Conference was to make sure the public are well aware that genetic tests lean toward the swine flu virus being man made and being planted on purpose to increase vaccine sales.

The other primary directive of the Health Conference was to inform the public that various laws have been passed over the last 10 years that limit any product or service that can improve our health while many other laws have been passed increasing the powers of the government to force unhealthy products and services on all Canadians against their will.

The New World Order is about transferring our rights offshore to international governing bodies like the WHO (The World Health Organization) or being governed by international laws set down in private (without the Canadian public voting on those laws) like the laws found in the new Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

My stand in the process is to personally say no to the vaccine and to spread the word to others. No one in my family has ever had a vaccine in the past 10 years. My daughter has had no vaccines in her life. She is free to attend school (she is in school right now) and her immunity is strong from good nutrition.

Know your rights and know how your body works.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Dangers in Vaccine - Protect Your Family

Click here to read about the dangerous ingredients in the swine flu vaccine. Local health officials are not including this crucial information in their promotional material.

Click here to see that today native leaders took the bait....hook, line and sinker. Fear is a powerful weapon. Body bags were purposely included in their swine flu kits to drive fear into the native communities. The fear generated a media frenzy. (which the body bags were designed to do)

Native leaders called a press conference demanding "medicine" instead of body bags. This is exactly what drug companies wanted when they included body bags in the swine flu kits. Talk about walking right into it. These native leaders are literally demanding the very product that will make them sick. With this new wave of sickness native leaders will surely demand more government help and the cycle unfortunately never ends.

Can you literally get people to beg for the products that will hurt them? Sure you can, you just have to know the "ins" and "outs" of marketing. Native leaders may indeed need those body bags because the makers of the swine flu vaccine have already been caught loading flu vaccines with live viruses. That means you would get the flu if you took that particular vaccine.

The groups of people who are organizing this sort of fear based drive, to sell vaccines, have been in the business of "ruling" or "governing" the masses for hundreds of years. You get better at your job the more you do it and so do they. These ruling/elite groups are well aware of the patterns of human behavior and how to execute control over huge populations using nothing but fear. The average person does not stand a chance against the amount of accumulated experience these groups hold in regards to "getting their way". The only way you can disempower these forces is to not react to the fear, which in turn chocks off their money supply.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Jason Live On Video - Cornwall Media Alert

Watch the video first.

Appropriate links are listed below.

The below information is missing from the Cornwall media's coverage of the swine flu, the swine flu vaccine and Tamiflu.

Click here to read the Toronto Sun report documenting the discovery of live avian flu virus in Baxter's flu vaccine. (this company is also making the new swine flu vaccine)

Click here to see the Health Canada warning about Tamiflu...side effects include "death" but The Eastern Ontario Health Unit in Cornwall is endorsing it anyway.

The staff at most government run organizations are simply "repeaters", repeating instructions from higher ups in compensation for a wage. Learn what repeaters are and how to spot them. It could save your life.

Click here to read Dr. Russell Blaylock explain how cancer viruses and HIV (the virus suspected of causing AIDS) are routinely found in most vaccines.

Click here to watch Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD explain autism's (a word that means "brain damage") direct connections to vaccines and other toxins, often promoted as healthy through government channels.

Click here to learn about a complete weekend dedicated to medical professionals who tell the truth about vaccinations. (you can be sure no one from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit will be attending)

All that money from Cornwall citizens in order to make our local health care system a bigger version of what it was to begin with........a system that promotes sickness in the name of health.

Do you think when everyone is on disability payments that the average person will finally put it all together?

Click here to watch a little clip regarding what is known as The Shock Doctrine because that model is applied to Canadians about 2-3 times per year. The Shock Doctrine allows such things, as listed above, to happen without much public interference.

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Get Sick at The Health Unit

As is the case with so many North American institutions, the definitions of commonly used words are severely abused. The most commonly misused word in North America and around the world for that matter is the word "health".

What happened to the old dictionary definition of health and when did it come to mean making you sick or accelerating your death?

For example, take the Eastern Ontario Health Unit in Cornwall. Just some of the "healthy" products you can pick up there are; vaccines, baby formula, children's Tylenol, the birth control pill and now Tamiflu as well.

If you are unaware of how unhealthy these products are just roll over the blue highlighted words and click them for more information.

Just this week, after endorsing toxic vaccines to the community, the health unit decided to start talking about Tamiflu. Tamiflu is a medication designed to reduce the duration of the flu by one day.

In one recent Health Canada warning regarding Tamiflu, (the article highlighted above on Tamiflu) 84 adverse reactions were reported ......including 10 deaths........yes I said deaths. Shocking to say the least. Ready for your swine flu vaccine and your dose of Tamiflu? It baffles the mind.

This is happening in your town right now, it is being advised by top health authorities (local business organizations are also now being hijacked by the Health Unit to push untruths on our fine community) and to top it all off........Tamiflu is being advised to children as well.

How does this report on Tamiflu look to you? How about this one? Do they look healthy to you?

In some of the articles above there are "qualified" health professionals saying something like this, "well, we have to look at the benefits of the drug in comparison to the side effects". A chance of death in order to make the flu last one day less (which has never really been proven by the way). You have got to be joking. Got to enjoy that kind of logic.

In many situations people think advertising is simply a form of repetitive persuasion yet many studies prove that advertising is taken as a "direct download" by people who are exposed to it. People are generally inclined to believe anything they hear verbatim, as long as the source appears credible.

Although looking at the results of the information is much more effective than just believing the information, people are more inclined to see what they believe and not to believe what they see.

How else could you explain a situation where a poison distribution center (masquerading as a health based organization) can poison people everyday.........without any questions from the very people they are poisoning.

Looking for health at the Health Unit makes the Da Vinci Code look like an Easter egg hunt in short grass. Take care of your own health. It is the only answer.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About The Swine Flu Vaccine

The first 5 items were covered in the blog below this. Now for the top 5 things you may not know about the swine flu vaccine.

5. Although early government efforts suggest that the elderly line up in advance to get the swine flu shot, they have been proven most at risk for severe complications (including brain damage) from any vaccine. Children are also at a higher risk for complications from the shot and so are women who are pregnant yet they are all suggested for early vaccination. The children are at a higher risk for complications because they carry an immature immune system. Pregnant women are at risk because they have to share nutrients with the fetus and activation of the immune system draws nutrients away from both mother and unborn child. The logic is just not sound. No wonder everyone involved is looking for blanket immunity from prosecution.

4. This study demonstrates that vaccinated children are more sick, more often and have more severe symptoms because the vaccines are believed to interfere with the natural operation of the immune system........and not enhance it's is commonly suggested by the people who get paid to jab you.

3. Standard Canadian Law states that health care recipients who are at risk of injury or death must be informed of those risks prior to the procedure. Vaccines carry these risks yet most Canadian Health Care workers will never discuss this with their patients and even make them feel very uncomfortable when patients question anything regarding their care. Some doctors even threaten to cut off their service to indirectly force the vaccination onto their patients. Fear is their main weapon but the fear is based on ignorance. Education proves that these threats are empty. Breaking away from someone who is trying to vaccinate you by intimidation is a wise move.

2. The largest outbreaks of the diseases that vaccines are designed to target have often occurred in vaccinated communities and populations. Not only do many people who are vaccinated get the exact same disease they were vaccinated for, they also test for an increase in antibodies. Science sells the public that an increase in antibodies ensures increased protection against disease and is a sign that the vaccine worked. Tell that to the people who were vaccinated, tested for those exact antibodies and still acquired the same disease they were vaccinated against. This book lists those cases like no other. This video also documents this phenomena as well. That video also clearly demonstrates the governments have lied and reinvented definitions to cover up the large increases in targeted diseases after large vaccination campaigns. Vaccines are not effective, they are not healthy, they are sometimes fatal, they too often carry crippling side effects and the government knows it but they give them anyway. The drug manufactures strong arm politicians to use fear in order to curb your better judgement. That is the whole drive behind why people like me try to warn you about the vaccines. It is that simple.

1. Vaccine recipients are not protected in anyway against death, paralysis, coma or other long term immune problems. (even cancer and HIV are known vaccine transfer agents) Who wants to get injected with cancer viruses from other animals and/or the virus suspected to cause AIDS in order to avoid getting the flu? The government is asking you to trust them again with your health when their intervention in the health field has created the most unhealthy population in world history. A pretty big request to consider and some pretty heavy risks for a flu that is expected to be no worse than the common cold.

Lets have some fun and watch this great video by Health Ranger Mike Adams. It sums things up perfectly in regards to this issue.

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Top 10 Things You May Not Know About The Swine Flu Vaccine

This article is not all business today. A great video has been placed at the end of the list to give you a good laugh.

Here is the list starting at #10. I only review 5 items today and the remaining 5 this Sunday.

10. The makers of the swine flu vaccine have already been caught using HIV tainted medications (the virus suspected to initiate AIDS) even after finding out that it was tainted. ( the drug tainted with HIV was a medication often used for children no less) This same company was also caught placing live flu virus in their vaccines.....just this year. (meaning if you would have got that shot you would get the flu). This company (Baxter) are also being sued in world court, accused of trying to make people sick in order to boost sales. A vaccine that gives the flu in order to start a wave of people running for the shot which in turn increases the number of people with the flu....which in turn starts more panic and so on and so on etc. If they are producing our flu vaccine........who is running hell? ha ha

9. As of May 2009, reports placed swine flu deaths out of Mexico at 159 yet the real death count was actually 7. There is also no way to verify if the swine flu actually killed anyone. If a drug addict is found dead in a gutter and they test positive for swine flu, it requires a pretty biased view to attribute the death solely to the swine flu virus. Regardless, the bad news is always hyped to get the stampede moving in the direction of the vaccine. In this case, as in so many others, the public is just lied to.

8. Governments around the world use the word "Pandemic" in their press releases for the same reason that The WHO (The World Health Organization) raised their Pandemic Alert status from 5 to 6. Such wording and classification automatically triggers legal clauses in past legislation (funny how that legislation was in place long before the flu came about) that allows fast tracking of the swine flu vaccine (with less testing than usual), full legal immunity from prosecution for doctors, politicians and vaccine manufacturers when the vaccine kills/cripples people and some forms of martial laws during said "Pandemics". I clever game of mouse trap indeed.

7. This entire swine flu vaccine business model was previously executed in 1976 with the vaccine killing 25 and crippling near 4000 . One person died from the actual swine flu in that year. Again, if a person eats donuts all day, falls fatally ill and tests for the swine flu takes a big leap of faith to attribute the death solely to swine flu and not to a self inducted immune deficiency that literally invited the virus into the body. Viruses are nature's police force and are designed to "round up the weak". Should we really be surprised that viruses take down people who are not healthy. Funny how the government endorses food that makes us weak and then tries to fight the natural processes that are designed to eliminate weakness from humanity? Would it not be more effective to fed us all real food and place some restrictions on the foods that make us more susceptible to getting sick? Just a word to the Canadian Government......don't build a hospital at the bottom of a cliff, throw us down the cliff and then sell us the idea that you care. Building a fence at the top of the cliff is what we are looking for.

6. Even anti vaccination activists and pro vaccination doctors are agreeing on the issue that the media is not giving the public both sides of the story. Both sides are agreeing that the entire swine flu issue is over hyped and is driving people to consider measures that aren't necessary and/or even dangerous. Watch the video below to see this happen live on a major TV news show. (click here to go right to my blog if you cannot see the video)

In the end, just don't worry about it. Just relax and live your regular life. Remember the bird flu 2 years ago, that never came? They try this tactic every year. (just like political parties saying they will not raise taxes if elected) Our memories are just too short.

Vaccines are always about the money. Enjoy this video and lets have a laugh together. It sums up the real drive behind the swine flu vaccine propaganda, for all countries around the world. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu Update Sept 1st 2009

This video sums things up best regarding the upcoming swine flu vaccine and vaccines in general.

I have heard many confused parents and frightened health care workers wonder about or even state that vaccines are mandatory for themselves or their children.

No vaccine is mandatory anywhere in Canada or within any profession/job or occupation. There are no exceptions to this rule, you do not have to get vaccinated if you do not want to.

Click here for your official Canadian exemption paperwork.

In a recent survey half of doctors polled and 1/3 of secondary health care workers stated they will refuse the vaccine. They are concerned that the vaccine may not be safe, as it will not have been thoroughly tested and it may not work. They also feel that swine flu is a more benign virus than early reports suggest.

It would be wise to re-poll the same group of workers on vaccination day, as many doctors and nurses who said they would get the shot will not. Many will just discretely avoid the vaccination but would never announce publicly that they do not trust the shot. They just want to avoid going on record in order to avoid the exact situation talked of in this article.

What people must understand is that trade agreements like The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (and many other laws being passed behind closed doors and with little fan fare/without your knowledge etc) all aim to take away your right to be healthy and/or to circulate truthful information.

One of those rights being targeted is the Canadian right to refuse vaccines. Vaccine companies in the United States are not impressed with the fact that they cannot force their toxic injections into Canadians like they so often do with citizens of the U.S.

That is why U.S. politicians make it a habit to travel to Canada and lean heavily on our politicians (our rather naive representatives are always hand pumping/smiling and not really seeing the full picture) to sign such agreements, literally making it illegal to run our own laws in times of "a health crisis" or "terrorists crisis" etc.

With the legal trap now set, U.S. companies hurry back home (laughing at how easy to was to fool the Canadians reps) and actually invent and promote what ever crisis is necessary to trigger the "emergency clauses" in these agreements......all in order to force American laws onto Canadians. Always marketed under the veil of safety for all involved.

All these agreements have one common times of crisis (the government invents the definition to what a "crisis" is....not the general population) your rights are taken away, your children can be taken away without your permission, you can have your assets seized against fines for non compliance etc. This article sums up what is now happening in the U.S. The companies who orchestrated those laws are trying to do the exact same in Canada.

Pretty severe action for a flu that is expected to be no worse than the common cold. It is never about any flu, it is about controlling populations and making profit. Vaccines are a $50 per head tax on people who believe everything they see on TV or read in the newspaper.....but paying the tax can end in death, coma, paralysis etc

When you hear the phrase "New World Order", this sort of "corporate manipulation of our laws" is what they are referring to. Countries everywhere are being forced to adopt universal laws that have nothing to do with what their people really want. No votes taken, just pure manipulation and bullying.

The question is, "why would people enslave themselves and subject themselves to such tyranny (like getting the shot) when they do not have to"? Look at the results of all the other government endorsed health information? Do the results indicate they know what they are doing or have your best interests at heart?

Protect yourself and get up to date with truthful information about the swine flu promotion. Click here, here or here for other updates I have written on the subject of vaccination and swine flu. How much proof will be needed?

During the time of slavery in the United States, American slave owners made it illegal for slaves to learn how to read or write. Keeping populations illiterate (like never telling them the truth about health) is the most powerful form of control ever invented.

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