Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why Detox?? - Disease Cures and Weight Loss

Do you know someone with cancer, learning disorders, dementia, auto-immune disorders, consistent weight gain in the face of diet and exercise, sleep problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, personality disorders, behavior issues, addictions, fertility problems, autism, asthma, COPD, allergies, fibro, MS, kidney disease, liver disease or chronically ill children? If you or a loved one goes to the hospital or the doctor more than once every 3 years than a detox can help greatly. Here is why.

Toxins play a leading role in all of those disorders. The body does have the ability to remove poison (detoxification) but today the amount of chemicals people are exposed to dwarfs the body's ability to remove those toxins. The body needs extra help to get those toxins out and if that help is not provided disease and weight gain are a sure thing. After the detox pathways are clogged disease/weight gain accelerate at breakneck speed, appearing as a set of seemingly unrelated disorders.

Today I offer my readers a world class detox package, a detox diet, a detox based exercise program and a highly acclaimed movie to teach the whole family about the benefits of healthy living. Here is a short video below, which provides the firm reasons why everyone needs to detox at least twice per year.

This is what is included in your detox package...........

- a complete detox kit - value $300
- a one month membership to Physical Limits (if you are a member you can give it to a friend)- value $85
- a detox workout program designed to drain the lymphatic system of accumulated toxins - value $199
- a detox diet plan designed to cleanse the body from the inside out - value $199
- a ground breaking movie on how to stay healthy for life in a toxic world and how to make the world a healthier place for everyone - value $39

This customized health program is on sale for only $399 and it can be the 30 day treatment plan that will motivate you to be healthy for the rest of your life. Give your body 30 days and it will give you back a lifetime of success in all areas. I only have 6 of these detox packages in stock. E-mail me at to reserve your package for the new year. Give yourself or a loved one the ultimate gift of love and respect this year. Give the gift of life.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lose That Last 10lbs - Lose 10lbs in 14 days

Losing weight in a healthy way is easy if you have the right diet plan, exercise routine and diet products. I have recently received a brand new product that aids weight loss and toning tremendously. I know some of my readers will want this new diet product.

If I owned a factory that made healthy products for weight loss, this is the product I would have developed for my family and friends. It not only helps the body lose weight safely, it helps tone the body as well. An amazing new product to say the least.

When this product is used inside a weight loss program the results are outstanding. Like all weight loss products, this product is best used as part of a short term diet change and in conjunction with a proper exercise routine.

I only have a very limited amount of this new product in stock (as it is selling out all over North America) and I was hoping to give 7 of my readers an opportunity to try this amazing new weight loss protocol.

The diet protocol, which I have developed using this product, will help anyone lose 10lbs in 2 weeks. Perfect for the holiday season or you can reserve it now and use it in the new year. The best part about it is not expensive. Anyone can afford it!

This brand new weight loss package includes

- a 14 day supply of this amazing diet product (chemical free, all natural ingredients)
- a diet guide written by myself that specifies exactly what to eat (all day long) to make the weight melt off
- a one on one diet consultation with myself to explain the 2 week diet and exercise procedure
- a custom made exercise program that is designed specifically to melt the fat away and tone the body over night
- a free demonstration of that exercise program so you fully understand it
- a free month membership at Physical Limits (if you are already a member you can give it away to friend)
- enrollment on my custom made e-mail education system with unlimited e-mail access to myself

This quick and easy weight loss package would make a great Christmas gift for you or a loved one. Man, woman or child. Anyone who needs to lose weight and kick start a healthy lifestyle. Perfectly healthy and perfectly safe.

This package is only $199 and there is a very limited amount of product in our stock room. If interested please e-mail me at to reserve your package. Leave a phone number and time when I can get a hold of you. I will go down the e-mails in order, as they are received. Have a great Christmas.

Lets hear from Brenda McIntosh of Cornwall about the last 15lbs I helped her lose..........

"I wanted to weigh what I did 10 years ago when I met my husband but I could not lose that last 10 lbs. I tried every fad diet and spent lots of money on books. It was always a temporary fix. I tried coaching myself for 4 months and could not lose a pound. I approached Jason one day at his center. He told me my old style beliefs about food and exercise were holding me back. I took his advice and he was right. I finally learned how to eat properly. In 2 weeks with Jason’s advice, I lost that 10 lbs, I've never felt better and I actually eat more and exercise less than I ever did before in my life. I had no idea small things could make such a big difference."

Brenda M

E-mail right now at

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Cure for Type II Diabetes

Is there a cure for all disease? Is there a cure for type II diabetes? The cure for type II diabetes is easy but it never comes in pill or injectable form. The real cure is as simple as a lifestyle change. So why is it so hard to do?

How important is it to teach ourselves to eat properly from an early age? Can that one cookie or that one treat completely change a child's life for the worst? What about if what we know as "treats" are much worse than we could ever imagine? How about if what we know as "healthy foods" are just treats in disguise?

In many cases kids and adults are eating bad foods when they are consuming their "treats" and more bad foods when they think they are "eating healthy". Did you know that a Dairy Queen Blizzard and Special K (with skim milk) both spike your blood sugar into an unhealthy range?

Teaching our kids to eat properly is more important than anyone ever believed. Changing one's eating habits can indeed be difficult in a society that makes the most simple goals appear monumental and in situations where common foods are designed to be highly addictive.

Changing one's eating habits can also be hard when the food manufacturers convince the general public that their "processed, high glycemic, food like products", proven more addictive than street narcotics, are great healthy choices.

The more sick a patient is, the less likely they are to change the way they eat...........even if their very life depends on it. If people who eat bad food cannot change the way they eat, in order to save their lives or even to save their families of the grief associated with their death...........then how addictive are these "food like products"? How important do you think it is to never place these toxic products in a child's mouth or have them in the house? Why are these allowed for sale in the first place? Why are these products sold to patients inside our hospitals? Why are these products sold to our children at school?

Type II diabetes (a disease directly related to an over consumption of highly processed, high glycemic toxic food choices) can be completely reversed in as little as 14 days. The video below documents the full reversal of this disease.

Click here if you cannot see the video clip.

E-mail me at if you would like to participate in a similar program, designed to reverse type II diabetes. Make this year the year you reach out and take hold of your best life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mamograms Increase Breast Cancer Risk

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In Dr. Russell Blaylock's amazing book, "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" he reviews the data which clearly indicates that mammograms (and all forms of internal imaging devices) increase cancer risk. The more mammograms taken in one's life, the greater the chance of full blown breast cancer.

Mammogram based radiation (and all imaging based radiation) can mutate cellular DNA, initiating the primary mechanism of cancer genesis. The pressure used during mammograms can rupture cysts and cause what is known as "cancer seeding", freely spreading cancer cells into the bloodstream to infect other areas of the body.


Although the above study focuses on certain gene types that are more susceptible to cancer, one must remember all genes can either be turned "on" or turned "off" like a light switch. Just because a cancer gene is found in the body does not mean it is active or "on". Our diet dictates what genes are active and which are not. You can have genetic cancer activation at breakfast and it can be off by noon........all depending on what you ate, thought and experienced that day.

I have even heard of some doctors testing for the cancer gene and then advising a preventative mastectomy for their female patients. I am sure those surgeons are not telling their patients that the gene may in fact be dormant and not active, even if it is present in the body. Here is Dr. Hyman explaining this genetic "on" and "off" discovery.


Many early detection procedures like mammograms are clever marketing tools for drug companies and hospital administrators. Finding cancer in someone's body is not as hard as many believe, as all people have cancer cells within them at any given time. All humans are expected to form cancerous growths inside their bodies 4-6 times during their lifetime.

In most cases the person is not even aware of the cancerous growths because the immune system destroys the cancer cells while pancreatic enzymes dissolve the tumour back into the blood stream. Our immune system either fights the cancer, as it is designed to, or allows it's growth. When cancer grows it is the body itself that supplies it with food and permits it's growth. The body decides and is in control.

The bodies that are fed the worst foods and exposed to the most toxic habits appear to have very limited patience for their owners. Adding chemo, medication and radiation based toxins to the body simply fuels the mechanisms that start cancer in the first place.

The golden rule of cancer is, "the more toxins...the weaker the immune system and the faster the cancer genesis, growth and spread". Unfortunately remission, via chemo and radiation, often means the weaker cancer cells were killed off but the stronger ones survived and start to reproduce. There is only one substance clinically proven to kill all cancer cells and that is whole, live organic foods. The best foods proven to reverse cancer growth and spread are listed in Dr. Blaylock's book.

Toxins are toxins and the body never knows which is which or what is what. The body does not know a chocolate bar from an Advil or hair dye from the birth control pill......but it does know those are all toxins and that all toxins make for a painful existence.

The body and the owner of the body have to get along as a team. If the owner of the body starts to chronically abuse the body itself, the body reserves the right to sound it's final and last warning to the owner. This is so simple to observe but it can never be fully explained. We will never understand how it works but natural, whole foods are proven to kill cancer and toxins cause cancer to grow.

Modern medicine, with it's drive to interfere with natural healing and it's thirst for profit (above patient health) keeps inventing ingenious sales pitches to get people onto drugs earlier and earlier in their lives. Most doctors in the field are very sincere about their work but as history shows...."you can be sincere but you can also be sincerely wrong at the same time". Dr. Hyman says it best regarding conventional medicine.... "the most well meaning doctors are often ill doing".

Click here to read about the medical study showing what the body has been doing for hundreds of thousands of years.........curing breast cancer itself if just left alone and given the chance.

Dr. Thomas Lodi M.D. provides a perfect story as to how cancer can be reversed. Dr. Lodi cures cancer every day within his own clinic. The cancer industry works around the clock to make sure the public only hears about the treatments designed to prolong the life of the disease and never the cures.


Want to hear the true statistics regarding the success of chemotherapy and radiation from doctors involved in the fight to cure cancer, even in terminal cases? Want to see real patients who were cured of terminal cancer? Watch the trailer for the movie, "Healing Cancer from the Inside Out" below.


If anyone would like a full report on how to cure cancer by Dr. Micheal Cutler just e-mail me at

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry About The Brain Damage - My Bad (Mercury Filling Dangers)


Today we start off with a short video on the dangers of mercury fillings. You must see this short clip yourself to believe it. If you have black fillings in your mouth or your dentist ever suggests new amalgam mercury laced fillings for your cavities then you may want to press play. If you desire a long disease free life with optimal health then mercury is something you need to avoid at all costs. (high levels of mercury can also be found in multi shot vaccinations)


The toxicity of mercury and it's ability to cause destruction of the brain/nerve tissues (and other organ tissue) is the reason why many European countries have already banned the use of mercury in fillings. What has the Canadian government done to protect you? Nothing, unfortunately. Norway has protected it's citizens.


In Dr. Russell Blaylock's book "Health and Nutrition Secrets That Could Save Your Life", he explains that the first association of dental surgeons in North America originally banned mercury fillings because of their obvious dangers. That original association of dentists and dental surgeons instituted the ban in the early 1900's.

Mercury is cheap (as well as toxic) so many "not so upstanding dentists" at the time often failed to adhere to the standards they had taken an oath to uphold and they used mercury to aid in filling their patient's cavities. When their original governing organization eventually heard of this break in policy, offending dentists were ostracized. (kicked out)

With so many dentists being kicked out because of their refusal to stop using mercury, (to save money and attract clients with a cheaper and very dangerous cavity filling material) the large group of ostracized dentists started to form their own organization and guess what they called it? They called it The American Dental Association or ADA. As on organization based on profit, more than client safety, they trumped up various studies bragging of mercury's safety.

Many dentists today are not even aware of their own profession's dark history. You do not see that story on your MSN or Yahoo homepage, that is for sure. There is much more very interesting information in Dr. Blaylock's book. Dr. Blaylock is one of the world's leading experts on brain function and overall health. Dr. Blaylock is a board certified brain surgeon.


Today even the U.S. government (the Canadian and US situations are mirror images of each other) is starting to admit that it was all a big mistake. North American governments are starting to be buried under an avalanche of proof regarding the toxicity of mercury.



Today in Canada you are still exposed to this danger. One of the main pillars of North American society is never admitting you are wrong, especially when doing so could cost you your career, income and security.

If we are ever going to get healthy, we as the general public must promise not to sue people if medical professionals come forward and admit to their mistakes.....even though some of those mistakes are placing our family members in early graves. If the general public never makes that promise and goes first in this war on the toxins that are killing us, the information that can save us will always stay hidden.

If you have mercury fillings and want them removed (which is a good idea) please adhere to this report as to how they are to be removed safely. Many dentists are not equipped with the safe removal technology.


Inside Dr. Blaylock's book as well, he lists dietary protocols that should be followed before mercury fillings are extracted in order to protect the body just in case some mercury gets loose during the extraction process. Good food protects against all toxins.

Oddly enough, in Dr. Blaylock's book, he reviews the profession that fails for the highest concentration of mercury in their neurological tissues. That group ironically are dentists and all their staff. (as mercury vapor will easily infuse itself over large areas and impregnate any living thing in that area with it's toxic load) Dentists also have some of the highest incidences of mercury induced neurological problems as well. At this point we actually need to save these professionals from themselves and not just save their patients.