Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Lost Generation - Take The Test

Being in the health field, I am exposed to a great number of clients in the run of a day. Although many experience different signs of ill health, there is no getting around the fact that regardless of which tests their doctors run on them..........the conclusion is that their health is failing and they are in need of simple diet/habit modification.

One of my foundational beliefs is that in order to make 80% of the population overweight and sick, at least 80% of the conventional health information has to be wrong. It is only logical. I also believe in concepts like, "if the results are wrong, the information is wrong" and "if the conventional information is correct, where is all the extra health it is supposed to bring us".

Although the symptoms off ill health are vast, oddly they all appear to grow from a central set of false beliefs. It is this set of false beliefs that actually facilitates ill health. The large group of people who hold these beliefs are now known as "The Lost Generation". Reversing disease is as easy as reversing the false beliefs.

The Lost Generation describes an entire generation and sometimes up to 3 generations of people who are being born sick, living sick and dying sick. The Lost Generation wanders the earth, often medicated for no other reason than someone told them they had to.

The Lost Generation would literally have no real idea of what it is like to be "them". All chemicals, everything from processed foods to medications, alter our metabolic functions.......from behavior to digestion and from I.Q. to sex drive.

The Lost Generation would not know what their natural sex drive is, what their natural I.Q. is, what their natural weight is, what their natural mate choice is, what their natural bowel movements are, what their natural sleep patterns are, what their natural income is, what their natural sports performance is etc. The Lost Generation would have no way to gauge their full potential.

What ever god given talents the Lost Generation were granted, they would come no where near them because of the common sets of beliefs they hold. Everything that could have been, for the first time in the history of mankind, has been lost forever. (getting out of the Lost Generation means working on those false beliefs)

The Lost Generation will be studied for centuries to come, as the most diseased and most manipulated group of humans ever to walk the earth. Future scholars will be motivated by the morbid curiosity as to how all this was allowed to happen. The historians will ask, "How could they have fed their kids that crap?", "How could they have thought that eating chemical medications would make them healthier?" and "How could they work to buy commodities and never take care of themselves?" The Lost Generation will make the history books but for all the wrong reasons.

The Lost Generation are the first humans ever, to walk the face of the earth, who would have never achieved their full potential. There is hope for the new generations, as they are realizing that polluting our environment and our bodies with processed foods, chemicals and medications has no long term benefit. As for the 2-3 generations we have now lost, it is truly criminal. It is never too late to start reversing the false beliefs, which facilitate ill health and obesity.

In a society that practices "blame storming", the fault of this inevitably and unfortunately comes back to the lost generation themselves. It was a free country at the time and instead of using that freedom, which our forefathers fought for, the Lost Generation decided to dedicate themselves to the game of "Keeping up with The Joneses" The pursuit of "stuff" at all costs. A growing of the economy by overworking the population and destroying the environment.

Click here to watch this amazing movie, which will certainly enter into the historical debate on what happened to the Lost Generation. It is called The Story of Stuff and it's watching should be mandatory in all our public schools.

Historians will wonder why health was sacrificed for things we called kitchen reno's and plasma TVs. Historians will wonder why we continuously worked ourselves to death while we already had everything we could ever want. How could so many people not understand that growing the economy was based on them working more hours and then spending their extra earnings on 'stuff" that made them enjoy life less? Future criminals may even look upon it as a master blueprint to mimic. Some historians will surely conclude this may have been the largest con in recorded history.

Lets watch Dr. Russell Blaylock, in this short 1 minute video, describe the effect of chemicals on our I.Q. With lowered intelligence, there is not many in the Lost Generation who could have reversed out of this cycle. Historians will note that our polluting and chemical ways interfered with our ability to think rationally. In the future, this side effect of lowered I.Q (due to chemical toxicity) will force strict legislation that regulates or bans the use of all non-natural substances.

Some of the false beliefs, which are commonly held by the Lost Generation, are as follows.

- a good breakfast includes cereal, fruit juice, whole wheat breads, milks, yogurts and fruit
- headaches mean you are not getting enough Tylenol, aspirin or Advil
- go to the doctor anytime you don't feel well but never look at your own food or habits for the cause of the illness
- when the medications make you worse....go back and get more medications and maybe a surgery or two
- disease is genetic
- coffee is great
- cardio exercise is good for weight loss
- body parts like the uterus, tonsils, teeth and gallbladder are optional and can be removed to improve health
- the drugs I take are drugs are different
- milk is a good source of calcium
- milk is good for weight loss and is healthy in general
- whole grain breads are good for fiber
- vaccinations are good for immunity
- the birth control pill is standard medication at one time or another for all women
- health is too expensive but a $15,000 kitchen reno is affordable
- consuming unlimited low quality foods and alcohols is a vacation
- cooking is too hard
- charities are looking for disease cures...the cure is just around the corner
- meal skipping will aid with weight loss
- giving bad food to kids is good parenting
- eating the worst foods simply means giving oneself a "treat" or a "break"
- red wine is healthy

There are many more beliefs commonly held by the Lost Generation. Those are but a few. This is how an overweight and diseased population is manufactured. Mankind has never witnessed anything like it.

In my next article I will take on each one of those beliefs and demonstrate how they have lead to the formation and downfall of the Lost Generation. Here is a clip that historians will also look at and wonder why the warnings were not listened to at the time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why Was Bill Failing?

Before we review Bill's story lets review the meaning of the word "CAN". Lets watch the video below about a father and a son. The son's dream was to finish a triathlon and the father had never really exercised before plus he had heart trouble.

The word CAN is powerful. You CAN do it. It is never too late. We can help you get there. Start with the video. You will never look at the word "CAN" the same way ever again. Call my center at 613 932 4766 and ask for Katie or e-mail me. Just tell me what you need to do and I will tell you how to do it. Watch this video........

Team Hoyt's course record for the Boston Marathon is only 1/2 hour off the world record time!

In the course of any given week I meet many people and have many conversations regarding health and fitness. Last week I talked to Bill, a card carry member of what I call "The Can't Society". Bill agreed to share his story and is now on his way to optimal health.

Bill is a very nice man with lots of potential but when he talked about his health every sentence started with the word "CAN'T". His conversation went as follows, "I can't buy organic food because it is too expensive" and "I can't make a healthy meal for breakfast because I work too early" and "I can't eat chicken and vegetables because my kids like chicken fingers" and so on and so on. I think you get the picture.

Every year that goes by the "Can't Society" grows in number and power in Canada but as explained below it is not entirely their fault. (they get lots of help)

Basically when someone uses the word "can't" they are really saying "can" to the opposite of what they are talking about.

For example when someone says "I can't afford organic food", they are really saying "I can afford to eat processed food." When someone says "I can't afford to make a healthy meal for breakfast" they are really saying, "I can afford to eat an unhealthy meal for breakfast". When someone says, "I can't afford to convince my kids to eat healthy foods", they are really saying "I can afford all the disease, learning disorders, childhood obesity, medical bills, social dysfunction, lower income and premature death that comes from feeding my kids unhealthy foods".

If someone cannot afford to be healthy, wait to they get the bill that comes with being unhealthy. That bill is a whooper and includes non-monetary items like dying early, having someone change your diaper, a loss of sexual function, hours on the road driving from specialist to specialist, a loss of dignity and tests that involve strangers probing your private areas.

Being unhealthy always costs more. Healthy food actually costs much less than unhealthy food. One could argue that many fail to acknowledge the real progression of this scenario. The bad food comes first and then a limited income is merely a result of ever decreasing life performance. The low paying job comes after the person is intellectually and physically compromised by an unhealthy lifestyle. If someone is poor and closes the door on good food, due to the myth that good food is too expensive, they will be poor forever. (and diseased as well because that always comes as a package)

Was Bill to blame for the habits that kept him losing ground with his health and life performance? I would have to say no, not entirely.

Our government run education system places eating, health, organic farming and healthy meal preparation as a bottom priority. Those very important (and easy to learn) life skills are really not given their proper place and in a capitalistic society you would really think educators would understand that unhealthy people will always have low incomes.

Only 10% of our population actually think they "can" make a living without relying on others. (people who own their own businesses) Why such a low number of our population willing to think they "can" do things on their own?

Every grade I was in school, the whole system groomed me to rely on others for a salary, retirement, holiday pay etc. Working for someone else was always the focus of my entire education progression. As students we were all basically taught to wrap up the responsibility for our income, future, retirement and deliver that responsibility to a third party. Rely on others, never on yourself. Fear self-reliance. Even business courses at University primed the graduates to run other people's businesses. Well, unfortunately one could highlight that system as the birth place of the "can't society".

Could the public education system, we expose our children to, aid in our children developing the habit of continually relying on others and may that habit become exactly that.........a habit of giving responsibility for important things to other parties. Could this habit be why Canadians just keep going back to a health care system that never makes them healthy? Is our education system designed to set us up for success or is it actually designed to just set us up? Relying on ourselves gives us the power, relying on others simply means the power lies elsewhere.

The "can't" society "can't" get anything positive going with their health because they have been coerced into believe they "can't". They were taught they "can't" and that is the true injustice because they are all capable of the best life has to offer.

They can't make extra money because that is the responsibility of the person they work for. They can't get healthy because that is the responsibility of their doctor. They can't reverse disease because that is the responsibility of drugs. They can't pick good foods because that is the responsibility of the food guide. The can't worry about the immune system of their children because that is the responsibility of vaccinations. They can't invest money in curing their own disease because that is the responsibility of charities. They can't have a garden because that is the responsbility of the grocery store. Along with giving responsibility to others also goes the placing of blame to others, when things do not workout.

Regardless of what the truth is regarding this issue I do find the "can't" society are consistently standing with their mouths wide open for medications, their sleeves rolled up for vaccinations, their windows rolled down at the drive thru's and their doors open to give out Halloween candy. When someone can't think for themselves they have no choice but to get their ideas from other sources and big business/government (hard to tell the difference anymore) are always all too willing to let you know that an unhealthy lifestyle (using their products) is the right way to go.

I use the video above to let me know what CAN be done in life. As for the Bill, we are now working together to move him into the "can" society. You can do it to. You can stop the bad food/disease cycle anytime. YOU CAN. YOU WILL. YOU ARE READY. Call us at 613 932 4766 at ask about one of our amazing programs for weight loss and optimal health.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aspirin Offers No Protection Against Heart Attack and Increases Death Rates

One of my favourite sayings in the field of health is, "If you are confused about health I know you have been listening". As clients pass through my office I often hear about the "aspirin to thin blood" recommendations that their conventional MD's dole out to anyone who will listen.

I promptly ask my clients, "did your doctor explain why your blood was starting to thicken or clot, to the point where you need to thin it?". I hear everything from "No, my doctor never explained that" to "my doctor told me it was genetic" to "does anyone really know why these things happen". When I show them how dangerous aspirin is they often get very confused, frustrated and wonder why their doctor never told them.

Never get confused about such matters in a capitalistic society. It is always money, plain and simple. Patients are worth more ill than they are worth healthy. For example, a full round of cancer treatment is tagged at $1.4 million. The longer you have your disease the better.

One of the main foundations of medicine is to make sure the patients never know why anything happens because if the patients knew why they were sick they could easily reverse their illness.

When that fails other tactics are often used like inventing complex and confusing names for common body reactions to processed foods. (ex. eating badly turned into heart burn and then into gastroesophageal reflux disease -GERD) Keeping appointment durations to less than 10 minutes (so patients never really have enough time to figure out that conventional doctors offer mostly symptom masking drug solutions) is also a tactic designed to keep patients from gaining any valuable information as to why they are ill. We must never discount the power of the ultimate tactic to move prescription drugs into the mouth of any patient.....telling the patient their disease is genetic.

The truth about aspirin (and all other over the counter pain killers) is that they kill over 20,000 people in the US alone every year and place over 100,000 in the hospital. Aspirin does indeed thin blood but it does so by interfering with the body's immune system. It is like saying you need a leg amputation because you have a toe nail infection. Sure you address the problem but at what price?


Blood can become too thick for many reasons. One, blood can become as thick as ketchup or yogurt (this directly from Dr. Russell Blaylock) when people do not have adequate water in their system. The second reason blood can clot dangerously is that blood cells actually keep their distance and separation from each other by holding a negative magnetic charge. (just like similar poles of two different magnets - they repel each other). Processed foods and stress can alter and weaken this negative magnetic charge by causing the blood's PH to change, thus forcing the blood cells to clump together. Oddly enough, the body's fight or flight response also causes blood to clot.

When a person is threatened (with a physical confrontation for example) their blood will clot in case a fight breaks out. A heavy blood clotting factor is an advantage just in case the person is cut in the fight, so they do not bleed out. Oddly enough, any stress (anything from bad food to worrying about a marriage) can set off the body's fight or flight response and thus set off this clotting effect.

Aspirin works by interfering with the stress/immune/defensive systems in the body. That system's effectiveness is compromised by painkillers. So if a cancer cell is roaming the body, it does not get efficiently targeted for attack if you are taking aspirin or any other pain killer. If the liver/kidney needs it's nightly cleaning or if the intestines need to be cleaned of tissue eating parasites those functions will also be compromised when you take painkillers. (when the immune system does not target parasites in the intestines for destruction you get the gastric bleeding deaths talked about in the above article because the parasites then eat right through the intestine) Not exactly minor stuff.

Do you think your doctor should let patients know this information? As I said before, there is no money in dead people and there is no money in live people, the big money is in the "in between". People who are not quite alive but not yet dead.

Those are the reasons why the clotting happens so the obvious solutions are to drink more water, stop eating processed foods and work on relaxation techniques but how much money can drug companies make from handing out your grandmother's advice? The answer is very little money.

Ginkgo biloba, garlic and omega-3 fish oil all do as good or better jobs at thinning blood, all without the dangerous side effects. (death being one of the potentional side effects from taking aspirin and other pain killers)

A new study just came out today and it falls right in line with the historical track record of many drugs. Aspirin does nothing to prevent heart attack and actually increases death rates. Why does it increase death rates? Simple, the immune system that protects you...............aspirin cripples it's function so the chances of dying from infections etc skyrocket. Your blood is thin but you may die from other causes.......not the best strategy when real food was the answer in the first place.


Here is a 3-minute video showing the blockbuster news story that Bayer (the makers of aspirin) knowingly moved medical products containing HIV overseas for sale, after the same product killed many in the US. The drug in question is actually one for children. It is odd that any citizen thinks this system is the right place to turn to when they are sick.

I often ask people what do they think would happen if they did not go to the hospital or take their drugs and they often reply, "I am afraid I would get sick". Interesting.......very interesting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fired!! - The Stories of People Who Tried To Protect You

After reading the last 6 blogs regarding the ineffectiveness and the medical industry's deceit involving antidepressants many readers were wondering how all this is allowed to happen.

The bogus studies, the willingness of doctors to push new drugs on their patients without any investigation on their part, the willingness of doctors to recruit existing patients for the trials of these dangerous drugs before the drugs were even approved, the drug companies' refusal to publish any study showing the drugs negative effects (which amounted to half of all study results), the doctors willingness to keep prescribing the drugs when the majority of patients were showing signs of extreme side effects and the government policies that actually lubricate the entire process. It is obvious why many readers are concerned.

Where are the people who are hired to protect us? Where are all the policies that are meant to systemically catch this sort of abusive? Well, this short video below shows what happens to people who try and protect you from harm. They do exist but they are going extinct for what will be obvious reasons. In most cases the whistle blowers are pressured, coerced, bought off or simply fired.

The video below shows not only the plight of a group of Fox News reporters who tried to protect the health of a nation but also highlights a doctor employed at Health Canada who decided to speak up to protect the health of Canadians. After Dr. Shiv Chopra (and two others doctors) did their job to protect the public, they were all promptly fired.


Health Canada showed Dr. Shiv Chopra the door in a hurry when he started making a habit of telling reporters what was really going on at Health Canada. If your fellow medical professional gets fired for telling the truth and trying to protect the health of Canadians, what do you think you would do the next time a similar situation arose? You need the money and you have a family. So you are literally forced to tow the line and that is how situations like this start in the first being placed in front of everything else.

Watch below as to what lengths chemical and drug companies will go to make sure their unhealthy products make it into your body and how the checks and balances are easily compromised in a continent that places money as the ultimate measure.

All levels of North American government know the recipe to keep integrity and professionalism locked down. First, most governments become the largest employer in a society that places money above most other concepts. Second, the government indirectly or directly financially threatens the people in their employment when they do not tow the company line.

This is the reason why vaccination drives target schools, fire departments, police departments and hospitals. It is an abuse of the employee/employer relationship. Corporations who push dangerous and ineffective health products don't sell them door to door. They simply lobby the government for instant access to their always compliant workforce. Why work under the concept of one sales pitch for one sale. It is much more profitable to make a concentrated pitch to the government and make over 2 million sales instantly.

Is it plausible that everyone at our local hospital believes in medications, surgeries, vaccinations or the even the chocolate bar machines littered throughout the hospital? No, some of my clients work at the hospital and are well aware of the illness that comes with a symptom masking "sick care" system but does that mean they talk openly about their concerns? It is not just the administrators who pressure people below them to "shut up and fly straight". Workers pressure other workers to just tow the line and not to rock the boat. Pennies are paid for this silence. It is a cycle that will come back to haunt most of us as we are all bound to enter the "sick care" system at some time.

I believe the most unfortunate case of this is when drug companies enter our schools, with needles in hand, to vaccinate our youth on mass. The vaccination issue is highly debatable, with every year that goes by bringing more evidence against the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. Watch the interview with Jenny McCarthy as she discusses how vaccination caused her child's autism. (a word that describes the end result of when brain cells explode as they suck in too much water in an attempt to dilute the pollution found in the vaccination) Regardless of what type of public employment we talk about, the government uses the same "big stick" (the potentional loss of employment) to ensure all workers fall into line.

Watch this short trailer regarding the dangers of vaccination. Most interviewed in the movie are doctors trying to warn the public. If vaccinations brought health, where is all the health? Never underestimate the law of keeping it simple.

Changes in this system will not come from the top. It has to come from nurses who refuse to give pop to their sick patients, from teachers who refuse to roll up their sleeves for vaccinations, from parents who do not give out disease causing candy on Halloween just because it has always been done (when did hurting a child's metabolism become synonymous with good parenting) and from patients who openly question why they are offered pop and chocolate in the hospital emergency room.

Be more like Shiv Chopra and the reporters from Fox. Once you take the fear of monetary loss out of the equation, the corporations who profit from our ill health are completely powerless. Many are literally trading money for ill health. Many would rather fit in than make a stand.

Don't be afraid to speak up. Fear nothing and trust you will be rewarded for standing up for others. If you have any personal stories of what happened to a whistle blower at your place of employment, just send them along. Change names if you wish but try to share your story.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Cause and Cure for Depression

In our final blog on depression we focus on the foundations of depression and how to fight depression at the root. Today many patients are clearly unaware that most medications and doctor endorsed treatments merely aid with covering up symptoms.

For example, if someone is standing on a nail they can either a) step off the nail or b) keep standing on the nail and take an aspirin (or other pain killers/ anti-inflammatories) to deal with the "symptom" of standing on the nail. Standing on the nail comes first, the pain comes second. If we never step on the nail there is never any pain and therefore no need for the aspirin.

The question is, what causes depression so we can avoid it altogether? What comes first? The reason simple cures for depression are never discussed with most patients is that there is very little money in helping people cure themselves.

There is no money to be made off healthy people and there is no money to be made off dead people, the focus of conventional medicine is on the in-between.......people who are not truly alive yet are not yet dead. Conventional medicine traps people in the middle or the "in-between". Oddly enough North America's health care system focuses on citizens having a long (drug dependent and expensive) comfortable death and never a long vibrant life.

These patients (otherwise known as the "lost generation" or the "walking dead") are the cash cows of the North American medical system, with every new medication bringing additional side effects that are in turn treated with more medication or ineffective surgeries.

Dr. James Gordon and Dr. Mark Hyman both agree that new thinking is needed in regards to the root cause of depression. These two pioneering modern doctors are well aware that although the symptoms of depression are shared by many, the root causes can be very different. Even though the root causes can be very different they all do in fact stem from one basic principle. Living unnaturally is the foundation of depression and depression is just that.....the body is feeling down and depressed because of what it is going through.

The body is designed to operate under certain Natural Laws. The Laws of Nature apply to all people, at all times....and in all situations. The law of gravity is another natural law and it means that if two separate people jump out of a window they will both fall at exactly the same speed, even if they really don't want to. When we lead a life that is highly unnatural the body is designed to give signals to lead us away from anything that will end our life prematurely. Depression is our body's signal that change is needed. Lets listen to Dr. Hyman on this subject.

If you look at the list of items scientifically proven to be directly associated with depression we find a long list of highly unnatural compounds and activities.

A lack of sleep, working with the chemicals, inflammation, yeast infections, thyroid malfunction, high sugar foods, alcohol consumption, financial stress, narcotic abuse, smoking, believing only bad things happen to us, brain damage, molds, dangerous electrical fields, a lack of sunlight, a lack of exercise, make-up, vaccinations, a lack of a meaningful career or the inability to express our self through our occupation, medications, a lack of sex, food allergies, heavy metal poisoning, a lack of omega-3 fish oil, a bad childhood, traumatic experiences, the birth control pill, surgeries, a lack of human interaction, negative thought, a lack of travel, a lack of adventure, always playing the victim, not taking responsibility for the results in our life, always chasing the good life, letting life do us as opposed to us doing life, a lack of intellectual growth, losing the ability to think rationally, believing in false concepts like disease is genetic and that we have no control, always relying on others for survival, a lack of clean water, playing the game of "Keeping up with the Joneses", the pursuit of stuff at all costs, not spending time with our families and much more. The one item that effects depression the most is what we place in our mouths.

The most unfortunate part about everything listed above is that they often come as a package. One leads to another. Bad food leads to medications, medications lead to surgeries and a loss of income, a loss of income leads to more bad food, alcohol abuse, a feeling of being victimized and so on.......

You can add as many items to that list as are scientifically and observationally proven to cause depression but they all have one common link. That link is that everything listed above threatens how long we live and our ability to be contributing members of society. The body is designed to reject such factors and warn the owner of the body just how dangerous they all are. Every item listed above is "bad", in every sense of the word because they all will compromise our ability to live a long fulfilling life. The body purposely attempts to make sure that we associate highly negative emotions with all the above activities or products. Our body is an ancient tour guide as to what makes a great life. Our body does what it can to steer us in the right direction.

If someone does not drink clean water, smokes, eats donuts, takes toxic medication, talks negatively, plays the victim all day long and works at a job they you think their body is designed to just accept such a life? Depression is just an icon on the road map of life. The depression icon means "stay away, extreme danger, avoid at all costs, nothing good will come of this, do not underestimate the power of this one thing to completely derail your entire life".

Depression means you are going down the wrong road. Depression is not a signal to take antidepressants and just keep walking in the wrong direction. That is why we see the body actually get more depressed and extremely violent when it is given toxic antidepression medication. The body just sends louder messages and clearer signals the farther off the path we walk. This is also why our youth reacts the most violently to these medications. Interfering with a young spirit and polluting their bodies equates to the breaking of one of nature's most sacred laws.

It is time we all started listening to our bodies instead of taking medication that traps us in a dark valley on our journey through life. The body uses depression to facilitate a necessary reorganization before it tries to scale life's next mountain or challenge. The body never gives up trying to make us achieve our true life mission. Taking medication only treats the symptoms of a bad lifestyle (and even that is highly questionable as proven in the previous 5 blogs) and forces us back into habits and foods that will never bring us a fulfilling life.

Very simply, the exact opposites of the factors above are all scientifically proven to cure depression. Exercise, eating whole live non-processed organic foods, eating the colors of the rainbow, giving thanks or prayer, getting sunshine without sunblock, (when your skin turns red you seek shelter - just the way the body designed it to work) a great sex life, meaningful human interaction with people of similar interests, clean water, (not tap) travel, adventure, reading, education, the expansion the mind, life variety, relaxation, dreaming, no chemicals, no medications, taking responsibility for our health back from doctors, positive thought, helping others, volunteering, never playing the victim, taking full responsibility for one's life results, never playing "Keeping up with the Joneses'", no fear, believing all things in life happen for a reason, a belief life is good and all will unfold as it should, never rushing life and letting the good come to you, expressing your creativity, believing anything is possible and much more. We must live life in harmony with the way our bodies are designed. These good factors also compound, just like the bad factors. The more of them a person can combine, at anyone one time, the better they will feel and the better life they will live. Good only brings more good.

In the next 2-3 weeks I will be unveiling a complete health program using the nutrition protocols talked about by Dr. Hyman and used within Dr. Gordon's guide to curing depression. Dr. Gordon's book is called "UNSTUCK". If you read this blog you will receive information on my newest program in the upcoming weeks. As an end note I would like to declare for my readers that I have lived this complete depression cycle (minus the medication/it occurring to me from age 20-30) and a whole food diet cleared my depression instantly within 4 weeks. Thanks for following this series.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Antidepressants - summary

In the last 5 blog posts I believe there are several key points to be remembered when talking about antidepressants. To fully understand the scope of these 5 consecutive blogs they should all be read in sequence and all videos watched.

Never attempt to get off these drugs cold turkey. You will need to work with your doctor, even though all conventional doctors know that the only way they get paid is if you stay ill. A doctor's pay is not tied to curing the patient, that much should be obvious. It is more an insurance issue than anything else. Regardless of the tapering schedule implemented, getting off these medications is often like a 5 mile ride on a 3-legged horse. It is a long, uncomfortable bumpy ride but you eventually get where you are going. Back to the main points regarding this issue.

#1. Antidepressants have been officially proven not to be effective at controlling depression and in many cases they make it worse or facilitate side effects that are much worse than the conditions they are designed to treat.

#2. Antidepressants have been highly correlated with violent outbursts and suicide attempts (and the completion of those attempts). Drug companies were well aware of all these side effects during trials but know the habitual patterns of human behavior so well that marketing dangerous medication is now second nature to them.

The reasons why humans take dangerous medications, even after finding out they have been lied to and that the medications are dangerous, are reviewed in the first blog within this series. Once someone lives a lie, sometimes it is easier to just keep on living it than it is to make a change. Humans rarely like to change, humans often cannot admit they fell for a sales pitch and humans often would rather give control of their lives to others, even if the "others" are doing a terrible job.....this makes sure the blame for a terrible life lies elsewhere and never with the person.

This is basic observational human behavior and it is so set in genetic concrete that drug makers count on it to keep driving sales even after the news finally comes out about how deadly these medications are. These fatal side effects (suicide and murder) appear not only in children on this medication but also in adults, as can be seen in the British News Report below.

#3. Antidepressant manufacturers continually expand their market share by inventing diseases or expanding their medications to new populations. Once the adult market was saturated, the antidepressant manufacturers targeted our children as the new untapped market. There is nothing more appealing (for some parents) than the idea of drugging their out of control children, to keep the stress at a manageable level after both parents come home from work. Due to our modern societal structure (the pursuit of "stuff" at all costs or what is now known as "Keeping up with the Jones's Syndrome") the demand to drug children into a more manageable state was already increasing rapidly. The demand was if the drug manufacturers could just convince parents it was a good and safe thing to do. The recipe for that simply involved some good TV drug commercials, some bogus scientific studies and the usual connections in government, which make Pablo Escobar's drug trafficking administration look like a mickey mouse operation. (hospitals, health units, press releases etc) It just snowballs from there, no real extra effort needed.

Most parents are unaware that the only drug their children need is whole food and that the processed foods being fed to children only aggravate their age-based behavior issues. I am privileged to be able to share with you the best documentary ever made, regarding the child antidepressant issue, by Dr. Gary Null. It is called "The Drugging of Our Children".

Click Here To Watch This Ground Breaking Documentary

Click Here To Watch A Great A PBS Special On The Same Issue

#4. The pharmaceutical industry primarily and consistently targets the poor and uneducated. Is it hard to predict how this cycle plays out? Drug makers move their drugs to the most vulnerable in our society with the tax payers footing the entire bill. Low income earners with low levels of education are the part of society least likely to question conventional notions like a doctor's intentions or knowledge. It is the ultimate trap as antidepressants only bring decreases in health, decreases in income, decreases in life performance and proven decreases in I.Q. If someone who is statistically overweight and uneducated thinks they cannot make ends meet before, just wait until they gain more weight and are completely zoned out on this medication. Drug manufacturers target governments to push their medications on an entire population with no overhead costs for these already mega-profitable corporations. Watch the ABC News Report below on how the poor and vulnerable are targeted as easy prey for antidepressant manufactures.

This is simply a reflection of every drug, not just antidepressants. People on medication rarely want to hear this and the constant thought of many drug users are; "not my drugs, the drugs I take are different and good for doctor could not be influenced like this". This notion is ego protective and has little basis in reality. Healthy people are healthy because they avoid chemicals. Chemicals cannot bring health. It is just common sense.

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In the next blog I will highlight everything (diet and certain activities) known to reverse depression but for now lets end this long investigation with some reflection from comedian Bill Maher. (warning - some politically incorrect humor). Laughing does improve mood dramatically, so feel free to laugh out loud. We could all use a good laugh everyday. Not to worry, all will be well very soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Antidepressants - the violence/suicide connection explained

There is a reason the body reacts in a violent way when it is poisoned with antidepressants. Everyone can agree that the body is a survival based organism and many of our defense mechanisms, which come as standard equipment in life, are well known.

For example, if someone "threatens" you or your children with violence your body will react in a millisecond. Your heart races, your blood pressure increases, your blood acquires an increased clotting ability (just in case you are cut in the fight), your senses heighten (allowing you to hear, see and process all sensory information at an accelerated rate) and you become more prone to violence. You have no say in the matter, you could not turn off that is automatic and it is meant to protect you.

If you are attacked, this reaction is a good thing. If you were to have the same violent reaction while attending school or when you were talking to your parents during dinner, that would be a bad thing.

Can this exact reaction be set off by different "threats", not just physical "threats"? Can things we place in our mouths activate this primal defense mechanism? Is your body designed to be as afraid of poison as it is to a knife wielding attacker? The answer to that is a resounding "yes" and there lies the path to understanding why antidepressants facilitate extreme violence.

Although the potential for violence increases dramatically, while being physically threatened, that violence is actually beneficial to survival. Without this reaction your survival could be in jeopardy. When someone reacts violently in this manner one increases their chances of surviving substantially. The body adjusts to it's environment in order to improve the odds of survival.

Oddly enough the body is only equipped with one defense mechanism against all "threats". One must continually focus on the word "threat" to clearly understand the connection between toxic substances (like antidepressants) and violence. The average population is well aware that getting mugged or physically attacked is a "threat" yet not many are taught that if poisons are placed in the mouth (anything that is not life giving food) they are also considered very "threatening" to the survival of the organism. A threat is a threat and the body has the same exact reaction to every threat, whether internal (a poison being the enemy) or external (an attacker being the enemy).

This is well researched and it has been proven 100% that if any organism consumes toxins or chemicals the body activates it's flight or fight response in the same manner as when it is physically threatened. Reverse engineering easily demonstrates that the more violent a person becomes after consuming any substance, the more of a threat the substance in question has to be. Judging from the reaction to antidepressants one would have to conclude that these compounds are indeed extremely toxic. There is no other explanation.

Lets listen to Dr. Russell Blaylock explain this documented effect regarding what we place in our mouths and how it triggers different behaviors. (poisons/threats only bringing about negative behavior/violence - good nutrition bringing the exact opposite effects in the same people) If you place garbage in your mouth you will behave badly, you have no choice in the matter.

Dr. Blaylock talks about a high sugar diet that triggers hypoglycemia (starving to death) and that in turn triggers the violent reaction. All chemicals trigger hypoglycemia, with antidepressants being highly correlated with hypoglycemic rage and violence. The word "diet" means anything you place in your mouth, it does not necessarily have to mean what you know as "food".

Click here to watch this ground breaking lecture in it's entirety.

Basically, modern science fails to recognize the most fundamental design of life itself. All living creatures are designed to be nice in a non-threatening environment and designed to be very violent when the environment is threatening.

When you combine highly processed nutritionally void foods, a lack of sunlight, a lack of intimate contact with other humans, a lack of sex, a lack of meaningful occupations, a lack of exercise, a lack community, useless surgeries (body parts are not optional) with an intake of toxic chemicals (antidepressants/more processed foods/household chemicals/make-up/personal care products etc.) the body becomes hardwired for violent or suicidal tendencies.

The body is depressed because the owner of the body may have lost their way in life. The body is only trying to issue a "depression warning" so the owner of the body can make the changes necessary to have a fulfilling life. The body is simply trying to associate a really gloomy feeling with something that the body is not enjoying. The body may want someone to quit their job, change their diet, exercise, think more positively, get a nicer mate, travel or to just start pursuing their dreams. The signal is basically "please change what you are doing". The body is certainly not trying to promote a further disruption of the metabolism via toxic medication. By turning off our "body communication" with toxic medication, the body not only gets very upset but the owner of the body is destined to wander the earth, never to find true happiness. Your body will always drive you in the right direction. Drug companies and conventional doctors will always drive you in the wrong direction.

If you were a cell in your own body would you be depressed or happy? Think of your body as a collection of 100 trillion cells and they all have a vote. Our modern society not only facilitates depression with it's promotion of stuff over spirit but it's medicating habits only worsen every issue they try to address.

If you take anything away from this article today it should be that what you eat effects your behavior. If you place medications in your mouth you are literlly eating toxic chemicals. I will touch on the issue of a proper diet after the next blog.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Antidepressants and Violence

What appears clear is that antidepressant medication triggers extreme violence in young men. Females appear to show an equal frequency of violence while taking antidepressants but it appears in the form of suicide, instead of violence toward others. Every school shooter in the U.S. (within the past 15 years) has been on antidepressant medication with the exception of one, who was just coming off them.

Just this year in Cornwall we have had a son murder his father, a person set himself and a police officer a blaze and a student stab another student to death inside St. Lawrence College. All these cases have eerie ties to antidepressant medication and the side effects reported below.

In a society where most citizens simply act like large satellite dishes (only taking in what information is thrown at them and then just regurgitating the same information as their own) these trends can be easily overlooked. A medicated society affects us all. The more medicated one part of the population is, the harder the other side must work to make the society function. Lets watch a news report on the issue.

We also see violence of the same magnitude (as reported in the video above) with females but oddly enough the violence is usually turned toward themselves, with increases in suicide very prevalent among that gender while taking antidepressant medication. The violence among younger males taking this medication is true evidence of just how toxic these drugs are to the metabolism. Here is a ground breaking report on the extreme primal tendencies triggered by this highly toxic class of medication.

Here we have another report of a women who was given antidepressant medication and then had thoughts of killing her husband, her cats, her neighbors and her newly born child. There is a bill before the US congress in which drug companies are hoping to legally drug mothers (against their will in some cases) with antidepressants during pregnancy. If passed in the US it will be easily instituted (directly or modified) in Canada.

The drive is to medicate as many citizens as possible with or without their permission. Your local MP and MPP are impotent to stop this even if they took the time to educate themselves on the subject. In the upcoming election every party is promoting a platform of more publicly funded drug dispersal.

As a taxpayer you pay for every level of the dispersal and in the end you may end up paying the ultimate price. To protect yourself you either act independently or get caught in the cycle. There is no middle ground. If you have conditioned yourself that someone else will swoop in to save the day, that conditioning can literally cost you 15-20 years of your life. You either take drugs and provide the incentive for this to keep happening or you reject the drugs in order to remove the profit based accelerant that fuels this fire. It is that simple.

In the next blog we will discuss the very simple explanation of why the body reacts in a violent way when poisoned in this manner.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Antidepressants - what you don't know

This week we will dedicate most of our time to this one subject so people can get a good look into the murky world of medications and more importantly, the dangerous world of antidepressant medications. Like the majority of all other medications, the side effects are usually much worse than the original symptoms that caused the person to seek medical attention in the first place.

Increases in suicidal tendencies are actually a documented side effect of most antidepressant medications. Increases in weight, increases in depression, increases in negative thoughts, wild and violent mood swings......oddly enough these are all noted/listed side effects of the great majority of medications designed to increase well being and mood.

Click here to read Dr. Mercola's commentary on this odd pattern, where the great majority of medication side effects are much worse than the diseases they are prescribed to treat..

Lets watch the Fox News Report that once again goes over the extreme dangers of antidepressants and the massive withdrawals symptoms that seem to be actually designed into the drugs. Doug Kennedy also reviews the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that proved these drugs were not only ineffective but they provided increases in depression. (3 mins)

When you combine the fear of getting off medication with a withdrawal reaction so severe it holds the potential to only escalate the disease, it is well advised people steer clear of these drugs. These drugs are so controlling to the mind, psyche and body (in a negative way) that I have witnessed the most intelligent people quickly reduced to a childhood state in a matter of months, never to fully recover.

Depression is a purposeful reaction of the body designed to initiate change. (quit bad job, stop eating toxic foods, stop current relationship/start another, pursue real calling in life etc) This reaction is nothing different in function than a common sunburn, sweating on a hot day or becoming violent during a mugging. These are body reactions, defensive reactions and they are all designed to give the person valuable information necessary for survival. These medications trap the patient in the situation that is causing the depression and dulls the body's signals that are designed to save/help the person. With millions of people taking these drugs one has to ask, "where are all the happy people?"

This is why the ultimate focus should be to make sure people, not currently on this medication, keep it out of their medicine cabinets at all costs. People must recondition themselves before it is too late. A symptom of illness is not a fire alarm to rush to the pharmacy, doctors office or hospital. If you are sick, something within your control is bringing on the illness. Taking responsibility for one's state of health is the largest mental leap of faith anyone can make.

Thank you for taking care of your health. If you want to find out more about the nutrition protocols that are proven to aid in better gut/brain function (a primary factor in depression) just e-mail me at

Friday, October 3, 2008

Psychiatry - what you don't know

Inside the North American medical system, the ties between drug manufacturers and the profession of psychiatry are indeed the strongest. Psychiatry is well informed about how the human mind operates and the behavior altering drug manufacturers have used that science to their advantage.

Drug manufacturer's leading "behavior altering" medication line, SSRI's, (Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox, Prozac, Celexa etc) have been recently proven not to offer any benefit above what can be obtained by simply taking a sugar pill. Lets listen to Dr. Mark Hyman review the meta analysis (a study of studies) that brought this to light.

Oddly enough the drug manufacturers were also aware of this during trials. Not only were SSRI's ineffective, they also provided side effects such as increases in depression, weight gain and suicide. What these drug manufacturers were also very aware of, thanks to their friends in the field of psychiatry, is that humans are creatures of habit. The plan was to lie about the trial results, move the ineffective/dangerous medications as fast as possible and when the news came out of their ineffectiveness/dangerous side effects....human nature would take it from there and keep sales strong.

Once a human is convinced they are ill, it actually becomes ingrained into their psyche. Getting off any anti-depression medication entails 1) admitting you were lied to and that you are taking dangerous medications 2) admitting you are depressed for reasons other than an SSRI deficiency 3) turning your back on all the societal attention and courtesies extended to the sick 4) working on a medication tapering schedule with your doctor (who always wants you to stay on the drugs so it literally escalates into a fight) 5) working on the real causes for the depression (processed foods, toxicity, unsatisfying jobs/relationships etc) and 6) taking responsibility for your own health. (#6 is the mother of all steps regardless of medication/illness) That is hard to do and drug manufacturers knew this when they lied to the public. It is easier to keep moving ahead sometimes even if it is in the wrong direction. Drug makers knew the ending before they even started to test the SSRI's because they have used the same blueprint for years.

Lets watch a parade of medical professionals (including psychiatrists) discuss that there is really no scientific basis to psychiatry.

You can watch this entire movie, in parts, free on youtube. This is a short introduction.

Thanks for taking care of your health. Natural foods and a reduction of toxins in the body works best for improvements and the reversal of depression. Want to get super healthy in 4-8 weeks? E-mail me (at about the only program I offer personally, which will heal the body on all levels.