Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is Your Take Out Coffee Affecting Your Fertility and Increasing Your Cancer Risk?

Do you know that there is a plastic liner inside your take out coffee cup? Run your finger nails across the inside of your empty take out coffee cup. What is that stuff?

How about the same plastic liner inside your milk carton or even inside every beverage that comes in a carton? A similar plastic liner is also found inside all canned goods. Just open any can and take a look.

What happens to food when it comes into contact with that plastic liner? What happens to you when you eat the food that comes into contact with that plastic liner?

As usual with processed foods and the breaking of natural laws, the answers are not good.

What does the hard science say regarding the safety of this petroleum based coating used inside many of your food carrying containers? The answer is everything from cancer to weight gain. Sexual function and fertility being the areas most greatly affected.

Click here or watch the same video below regarding what was uncovered when a North American news agency went digging for answers regarding this plastic liner, approved to be in contact with your food.

Click here
to watch the full report.

Click here or watch the same video trailer below regarding a CBC report, which forwards overwhelming evidence that these pollutants (and many others like it) are responsible for a severe decrease in the number of males being born.

Click here to watch the full CBC documentary, "The Disappearing Male".

What is never researched or pursued is the overwhelming observational evidence that nature itself is designed with such a deep intelligence that it can recognize the pollution (made by humans) and consequently control human population numbers independently.

The higher the pollution numbers the more the body is designed to interrupt it's own fertility or "thin the heard" with aggressive diseases such as cancer. The body appears to actually have a self destruct mechanism already present within its' DNA. The body appears to have the ability to vote us off the planet for the betterment of all life. (humans generally think they count above all others but life itself appears to think much differently)

Being controlled by nature is so foreign to conventional science (a human ego is based on the human being in full control) that science may even be blind to considering such an idea. This could be the ultimate Trojan horse, as the human ego could indeed foster the complete downfall of the human species.

The evidence is literally overwhelming, as pollution's direct link to cancer is one of the only conclusions shared by every camp in the cancer field. The more we pollute the planet the quicker we die. The more we pollute the planet the shorter our life spans. Has anyone noticed that cancers of the reproductive systems are growing exponentially, along with pollution? Someone needs to look hard at this simple equation.

Can nature itself also recognize that males are the most dangerous of the two genders? (and there by decreasing male birth rates as is evident in the documentary linked above) How intelligent is nature? Is nature intelligent enough to assess variables, set goals and design the necessary frame work to accomplish those goals.

Many are now only coming to grips with the idea that everything that we can do, nature can do nature obviously designed all life. Like in all situations, the designer holds the greatest intelligence and can control what was created.

Although science is crystal clear on the fact that pollution causes the body to cease fertility, infect reproductive organs with cancers and reduce male birth never dares investigate the idea that nature is smart enough to be doing all this on purpose.

Nature talks in very firm codes, signals and hints. Are we missing out on those valuable signals? Has conventional science lead us completely astray? What are the punishments for breaking natural law? They are the exact same punishments as breaking our own laws.....with the punishments becoming more severe the more we ignore the hints.

The more someone self educates the more this designed intelligence is harder to ignore. Make 2010 a year you walk off the beaten path into your best life. Think outside the box, live by a higher standard and invest in your health. 2010 is going to be your best year yet.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Programming with Canada AM

I was watching Canada AM over the holiday and could not help but notice that this program was designed in a way that reminded me of the book "Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein.

The primary idea behind the shock doctrine concept is that government and corporations have discovered that the best way to persuade a population to get behind unhealthy ideas is to first get the population into a state of fear or panic. (a prime example of this is the tabling of a cancer diagnosis and then moving to the endorsement of cancer causing chemotherapy and radiation) The fear comes first and then the selling of unhealthy products comes second.

From that platform of panic, ideas or products are easily sold to the people who have been unknowingly broken down into a child-like state.

The two episodes of Canada AM I was forced to watch over the holidays were indeed shock doctrine in action.

Click here for a short video going over the basis of the book "The Shock Doctrine" or just click below.

As I watched Canada AM I would first see a short clip about one person dying in a car accident over the holidays........that starts the fear moving unknowingly in the viewer's mind.

Right after that we then had the Head Medical Officer of Canada on to discuss why Canadians still need to get their H1N1 shots because a third wave is coming. Canadians are supposed to forget that a first wave never came, let alone a second. Ontario's health Minister has already declared the pandemic a "dud" and a complete waste of our money. (but no mention of that of course)

Right after that we would have another segment about another single death somewhere in the country (like someone slipping on the ice and knocking their head) and then they cut right to a clip reviewing why food addiction is now a disease to be treated with medications.

All this when the primary chemical that makes foods addictive is approved for use in our foods. (and again no mention of that)

Most people watching this would be thinking this is valuable information but I see it as a double poisoning. First a poisoning with the addictive food additives and then a poisoning with medications. Poisoned people actually react better to shock doctrine type promotions. A polluted mind is already in a permanent state of chemical fear.

Right after that on Canada AM was yet another report of a single death somewhere in Canada. (like someone dying at a shopping mall etc.......this is not real news but that is never the point). Right after that yet another clip comes up reviewing a new chemical that can be added to french fries and other fried foods, which is said to reduce the cancer causing end products of high heat cooking.

What that clip did not mention is that all unnatural chemicals are directly linked to increases in cancer and that includes what ever chemical they are now adding to the deep fried food. Nothing about eating healthy, just keep eating french fries......they are now safer. WOW!

The pretty people telling the news are front men selling ideas, nothing more and nothing less. They are now known as repeaters and not reporters.

Many Canadians do watch this show and most likely cannot pick these things out of a newspaper or the newscast etc. Believing any of this sets the stage for the worst life possible and that is exactly why many people are overweight, depressed and overworked. The information they are basing their lives on is simply not true.

After Canada AM concluded, the older people (who had just watched the program) starting telling anyone who would listen the exact same news.............just as they were programmed to do...........and that is exactly why such programs are designed this way.

As they were reaching for the remote control to turn on the show they would say in a panic...."I need to watch my PROGRAM." Eerily appropriate I guess. (getting programmed by the program)

The idea is to get the average person to become a participant in their own demise, by having them spread fibs and half truths to their family and friends. This is often called spreading of "mind viruses".

Why are most people in trouble? Find me any other animal that lies, other than man. We need to redefine our morality, with each person reporting to a higher standard or authority.......not a standard set down by a third party. A system of complete personal responsibility.

The system can change but we have to become more aware and conscience of how we are targeted by such systems.

I just turn it off and my best life has unfolded ever since.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Vaccine Blow Out Sale

What happens when you order a couple billion dollars worth of vaccines and over 50% of the population does not get vaccinated, despite your best fear based advertising campaign?

Well, you ramp it all up again by telling Canadians a second wave of the flu pandemic is coming even though the first wave never came in the first place.

Just a couple billion wasted in a country where our provincial government (Ontario) is near $200 billion in debt and the federal government is near $500 billion in debt. Nothing to see here. Ready for your new 8% HST July 1st, 2010.

If our government was a business, it would be closed yet many citizens continue to cheer on the mind less spending. What many Canadians are not aware of is that this money is owed to off shore banks. The money is borrowed and the interest on the Federal loan is $84 million A DAY! Can you fathom a guess as to what collateral a country has to put up in order to attain loans of this size? I suggest you find out in order to get a firm understanding of how this all works.

Why are government officials and conventional medical professionals more willing to lean toward the idea of vaccine safety in the face of the mountains of evidence, which directly links vaccines to gross metabolic damage and decreases in health?

Click here or watch the same video below in order to see that exact question discussed?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 Child Only Rule in Canada - Already Suggested To Fight Global Warming

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide (a gas that we breath out of our bodies) as a "pollutant that endangers public health and welfare" .

The general public are already buying in hook, line and sinker to the idea that life itself is in fact the enemy. Humans are the biggest threat against themselves so we need government to tax and control us, to make sure we get behind this global warming agenda. All this based on science that has been proven to have been manipulated for profit reasons.

Protesters are literally outside the environmental meetings right now demanding their respective government bodies start limiting their freedoms and tax their very existence. Can you see the leaders laughing inside? The structure of having people demand their worst lives is now coming full circle. The "fear/solution" structure of government is now peaking in efficiency.

The global warming situation is the political Christmas gift that keeps on giving, with no end in sight. The dangers involved when people ask their governments to tax them and limit their freedoms are astronomical yet it is actually happening right now. Talk about letting the wolf in the hen house.

Many people are so conditioned never to help themselves that they ask the government to step in for any reason what so ever. The government is not meant to act as parent to all. For people who have forgotten how to guide themselves, asking big brother to run their lives is obviously the next best option.

Name a situation where government involvement actually made the situation better in the long run? How is your health right now? How is your wealth right now? How is your general satisfaction level right now? The more the government gets involved, the worse things have become.

You know what is right and wrong already. By relying on others to judge ourselves, we lose the ability to decide right and wrong when the government is absent.

If you find a wallet on the road (full of money) what do you do if a police officer is not around? If you apply definitions of goodness above what the government defines, you return the wallet. When we allow others to set the rules, we can forget what is right and wrong when they are not around.

When you feed a farmer for life they will forget how to farm and when you define right and wrong for people, they will forget how to act in a just way. Government interference always leads to more government because each new law guarantees more and more of the population are conditioned into a childhood state.

Not knowing what is right and wrong (when government rules are absent) is how people lose their way in life. What the government is trying to do, nature has already done for free for millions of years. (making you immune to disease, regulating temperature on the planet, punishing, rewarding etc etc)

Just this week a Canadian journalist suggested the best way to diffuse the warming situation is to adopt China's one child per family rule. This is how the press plays into the story.

The press starts suggesting rules that limit basic human freedoms so that Canadians can start conditioning their fellow citizens that this sounds like a good idea. Although this idea makes no sense what so ever (as is evident in this article) it does not stop the story from being planted in plain view, to start getting Canadians comfortable with the idea of having less and less freedoms.

Does anyone realize how dangerous these ideas are? Ideas that declare a gas we create by breathing is pollution. The gas we breath out has been declared to endanger public health and welfare? How many steps are we away from this idea or this idea .

I am sure most people reading this article believes that some how we have advanced past such issues of hatred, segregation and societal stratification. I suggest everyone look at the world today and ask themselves ,"what physical proof exists to prove our society is more peaceful and tolerant of others today, as compared to 70 years ago?"

Having a thin TV and a cell phone are very different than advancing toward a peaceful existence where people are permitted to govern themselves by the laws of nature. (not laws created for profit and control)

Canadians need to awaken their inner spirit and ask that internal intelligence for clarification, as to what is true and what is not true. There is hope. Participate in the solution. You already know what to do.

Develop your inner spirit. Please click here or watch the same video below in order to learn from a great master about what it takes to lead a peaceful and enlightened existence.

If we all learn to live like this or like this we will have much more room than we could ever wish for on planet earth. There is room for everyone. We just need to rid ourselves of our leaders who believe otherwise.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Contridictions That Are Increasing Your Waist Line and Decreasing Your Bank Account

Barack Obama receives a noble prize for peace and then sends 30,000 more troops into a war that his country started. Makes sense right? Picture driving to work today and having to be spot checked by tanks and heavily armed soldiers. When your spouse and kids then leave the house, they are also spot checked or searched in that manner. Think the reasons for being in Afghanistan are sound? Get other opinions and then reprocess the idea.

The HST passes and all tiers of government tell the reporters (so they can tell the people) that less money in the pockets of the working class is good for the economy. Makes sense.

Doctors are told by drug companies that mercury laden vaccines will make you immune to sickness. Just get the vaccine on your way home from work and regardless of your lifestyle you are instantly immune to getting sick. Sounds logical.

Surgeries that remove organs from the body are healthy. You need all the parts in your car but you don't need all the parts in your body. Makes sense.

The Canadian government fires Dr. Chiv Chopra at Health Canada because he dared question a drug proven to increase cancer risk. No big deal.

The Canadian Federal government starts passing laws suggested by an unelected off shore board made up of bankers, pharmaceutical interests and business leaders that make healthy supplements illegal in Canada. The government calls taking away your freedom of choice "consumer protection". Nothing important to see here.

We now have climate change controversy setting the stage for the biggest global tax scheme in world history and a massive reduction in freedoms, giving governments the potential right to enter homes without warrants, conduct personal searches etc without court interference.............all to see if people are complying with new global warming laws. Sounds reasonable if we are indeed in danger but the science behind the global warming movement is proving to have been manipulated for profit. Don't worry, nothing important.

How can you lie right to a person's face and then have that person turn around and spread the lie to everyone around them as the truth? How can you make a person, who is the target of a scam, cheer lead and fund the scam.

It is one thing to be shot with a gun but to be forced to pay for the bullets, pay for the gun, pay the wage of the person using the gun and then to have actually supported the entire situation by doing absolutely nothing to stop it............this must set some new record level of laziness in human history.

Either a new record for low I.Q or a new record for how a government manipulates it's people. Either way, this is happening and it can be stopped but you do need to particpate. The solution is much easier than you may think.

How is this all done, right in front of us? Dr. Russell Blaylock explains the entire ground work that makes all this possible.

What we eat matters greatly because what we eat affects our brain function. Learn what it means to eat well with this book or this book. It is the only way to disassemble what is discussed above. You can do it. There is time and there is much hope.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stop Eating This And Lose Weight Today

Most people do follow what the government states regarding what are healthy food options and what are not. The problem is that at least 75% of our population are obese or overweight and the government's food recommendations are often seen to be at the crux of the problem.

When someone is programmed to eat a certain way it literally means they are programmed to eat the same foods everyday even if the person does not like the results they are getting from those foods. Programming means people are likely to keep doing what they are doing even if it doesn't serve them what so ever.

Milk products fall into this category. Milk is advertised by our government (and also by various bodies who have a vested interest in milk sales) as healthy but unfortunately there are decades of scientific and observational evidence directly linking milk products to weight gain and many modern diseases. (like cancer, ear infections, asthma, type II diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders, acne and many more)

Although people generally want some different results with their lives, many dig their heels in to keep the habits that are producing the lives they so desperately want to get rid of. They want to do the same stuff and get a different result. They want 2+2 to one day equal 8 when the day before it equalled 4.

I met a lady this week who said she would do anything to get rid of her Crohn's disease. I recommended that she eliminate eating her yogurt for 2 weeks and eliminate all dairy for 2 weeks, just to see how she would feel. (as dairy is highly related to digestive disorders) You know the story from there without me even detailing it. Many people want change without making changes. It is the Trojan Horse of North American society.

(also met a man yesterday who said he wanted badly to find a cure for his cancer - when I produced a medical document showing his cancer could be cured he debated me that I was incorrect.............)

If someone really wants the true story on milk/milk products and their connection to weight gain and disease they should click here to view a documentary trailer on the subject. The documentary itself would make a great Christmas present.

With the false advertising around milk and calcium we also get an expansion of that myth with medical professionals suggesting calcium supplementation. Click here or watch the same video below regarding just how dangerous calcium supplements can be.

Lets listen to Dr. John McDougall regarding the dangers of milk by clicking here or watching the same video below.

Who is right and who is wrong? Is milk healthy or not? I never drink milk and I am healthy. My wife Jennifer never drinks milk and my daughter has never had any cow's milk what so ever in her entire life.......and she is three and a half and she is healthy. You know what.........that means absolutely nothing.

Do this experiment in order to decide for yourself.

Good results are never wrong. Weight loss is never wrong. Feeling more healthy and being in less pain is never wrong. Try removing all dairy from your diet for 2 weeks. No one can tell you that your own personal results are wrong. Break out of the matrix and live your best life, free of unhealthy products that are sold as healthy.

Change just for the sake of changing. In the beginning change itself is more important than the results of the change. The ability to change directions is the most valuable skill in nature.

Although the first 10 seconds of this video clip are a little over the top, the remaining two minutes holds some more controversial and valuable information regarding milk as well.

Thanks to young health student Sylvie for getting me onto this suhject last night.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cure Depression Naturally and Banish It Forever

Click here to view the 60 second TV commercial or watch the same commercial below regarding the new anti drug depressant Prestiq.

The most powerful forms of advertising actually rework the definitions of certain key words within the language.

As we can see in that anti depression commercial, the definition of health has been changed to include getting more ill. The more this computer program is played in some one's brain the more they will become programmed to associate disease and medication with health.

The stronger that association becomes the more ill the person will get. Given that patient's existing "switch blade" programming to take drugs when ill, they only take more and more drugs to mask the side effects of the initial drugs. At that point the cycle is obviously set to end badly.

The most dangerous part of that entire cycle is the invisible mental conditioning the patient carries with them every where they go. The drugs are not the problem. The person's conditioning about the drugs becomes the problem. That conditioning can be so strong that a person will ignore the fact that the drugs are in fact causing their premature death.

Click here or watch the same video below to view a trailer regarding the other side of the anti depressant industry.

Dr. James Gorden is successful at reversing depression naturally. Click here to meet Dr. Gorden. Dr Hyman's book The Ultra Mind Solution also lays down a step by step guide for reversing depression naturally. Food Matters is also a very forward thinking company who offers a step by step guide for reversing depression.

It is time to take back the definition of health for what it really means and has always meant. Health is about exercise, eating whole unprocessed foods, consuming clean water, leaving medication and surgeries for car accidents/emergencies, getting proper sleep, reducing TV watching, relaxation, getting in the sun without sunblock, working less, spending less, self education, family time, fun, adventure, constant change and everything else it means to live in tune with the natural laws of our planet.

If you would like to learn what it means to live a strong spiritual and fulfilling life you can click here or watch the same video below from a master in the art of living in tune with our planet's natural laws.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Global Warming Hoax......... BUT WHY?

Educate yourself on the Global Warming Hoax with this video or the same one below.

The strategy has been around for centuries. First invoke fear so that the general population panics and then demands solutions/action from their leaders.

This is how the decision making of a nation is gift wrapped and placed at the feet of the people who actually initiated the fear cycle. This cycle is the political Christmas present that just keeps on giving.

Yes, this is hard to believe for most people and I understand that.

What is even harder to believe (and I again understand this) is that although the fear based cycles look very different (the swine flu, the stock market crash, the war on terror, SARS etc) they all have one very dark factor in common.

All those incidents allow the government to seize power in a way that ends with a worsening of the population's life on every level. Not only does the population suffer immensely under this cycle of manipulation but the population actually demands and cheers on the changes that will imprison them.

The most sinister fear based sales pitch and subsequent power transfer may now be underway.

A pitch that may be much more sinister and much more complex than any other pitch ever enacted upon any population in world history.

There is plenty of evidence to point that global warming has been a complete orchestrated hoax from day 1 with the goal to actually convince humans that they are the biggest threat to their own existence.

This way humans will demand and cheer laws the completely restrict their own lives. With the world being convinced the Co2 is the main problem and given humans produce Co2 when they breath (live) it does not take too many steps on the logic ladder to see where this may all be headed. (complete population control in the name of global warming which means there is not enough room for everyone on the planet)

The below video depicts something that just happened 80 years ago in North America. The forces behind this sort of thinking are still around today. That way of thinking is simply based on the idea that some people (or groups of people) are smarter than others and the "not smart" people need to be controlled for their own good. (and that the dumb people are too dumb to know otherwise)

Trying to openly control the "not smart" people has not been highly successful in the past. To actually be caught doing this has proven highly dangerous throughout history for the people who do the controlling.

The newest form of control is based on the manufacturing of fear and the resulting panicked public, who then demands that the government control them for their own good. Then when the orchestrated restrictive laws turn out to be anti human, the government can then turn to the people and say.............."well, you were the ones who wanted it in the first place".

A brilliant change of strategy for governing yet highly detrimental for our society on every level.

Avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time. It has been a classic mistake made by large populations throughout history. Try not to realize things are "not right" when the soldiers are already in your home and forcing your family to do something against their free will etc etc.

Take action when there is still time for action. Read history and become educated.

Spread the word. Take action and get energized. Avoid cheering on any law or government action that takes away any of your money or freedoms because of manufactured fear.

Please pass this on to our good police officers or members of the armed forces because they will eventually be the ones asked to enforce the manipulated laws. If the people with the guns know that this is happening, it can never complete it's historical cycle.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

There is plenty of WOW factor below......

When life is taught to be the result of chance occurrences, as opposed to being designed by a caring force, it can indirectly move people toward a "me me me" sort of mentality.

It is a lot harder to answer the question "why am I here?" if you believe your existence is based on nothing but chance occurrence.

It is also easy to be violent, tough and addicted to self protection if you were taught that only the strongest survive. (the survival of the fittest) It is easier to be a bully if you think that domination of your environment (and the people in it) is the primary factor determining your survival.

Survival of the fittest means some die and some live, based on their ability to adapt. If you live this to the nth degree you could want to start controlling everything in your world with this theory as your sole justification.

Controlling others regardless of the consequences or means can be justified if you think the environment is going to start picking who lives and who dies. If you live this to the nth degree you may also graduate to taking the place of the environment, in charge of who lives and who dies.

It is easy to look at others as the enemy if you believe the survival of the fittest theory.

If you do not see the design and intelligence within your existence you can also miss the super intelligence programmed into your body. By never being exposed to the discovered intelligence found inside the body and nature people are just more likely to trust pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

If someone has health issues and has never been taught about the intelligent design within the body, they will turn to third parties for help instead of turning to that designed intelligence.

If you have no faith that your body can take care of things, then you will rely on third parties to take care of things.

How intelligent is the design behind the inner workings of nature? Click here or watch the same video below to find out. It would be really hard not to find this information completely mind blowing.

If you are interested in the complete documentary from which the above clip was taken you can click here or watch the same video below.

Why don't you think that information has ever appeared on your Internet homepage?

Test Your Detective Skills...................

Only good things will happen when we think more deeply about what occurs in front of us everyday.

Can anyone explain the connection between these 3 items?

What does this H1N1 vaccine victim, the original name of Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species book and the information within this video clip have in common?

I hope that sheds some light on the theory of evolution that is still being taught to our children today. Hate can be hidden in many ways.

Our best society will certainly be different than what we have today. In order to bring about the changes that you know are necessary all you need to do is to be healthy. Fear nothing and be healthy. That is all you can do and that is all you need to do.

Friday, December 4, 2009

As Your Wealth Decreases So Does Your Health

Health and income are directly related. Every time the government taxes you, you will have less money for the products and services that bring true health and enlightenment into your life. If you do have money to buy healthy products the government is also right there making them illegal so you cannot buy them.

If you have a gut feeling that our own government is actually trying to increase products/services that make you sick and restrict ones that make you are certainly not alone. To get 80% of Canadians overweight and diseased takes more than just chance happening. You know this to be true.

Ontario's HST is getting rammed through the provincial legislature even though the majority of Ontario citizens do not want it. Click here to sign the petition in order to place your vote against the HST.

As it stands now in Ontario (if the HST goes through) people earning over $60,000 per year will literally pay 65% of their income in various forms of tax. This does not even include government fees like on your driver licence renewal fee, license plate renewal fee etc.

The government is also not seeing their growing deficit as any sign to stop spending our money. The more money that flows the government's way the more unhealthy corporations line up to try and manipulate the government to release that money to them. This is automatically built into the system.

Canadians are marching, without any major protest, back into an era where every cent they make goes toward the government.....who in turn hands it over to select business interests. Billions for vaccines that were not needed. One billion dollars wasted and millions unaccounted for in Ontario's e-health scandal. 30 billion for the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan.

Not spending money is not an option for any person who does not earn the money. Our government just takes our money, they never earn it and we sit around doing very little. Why?

Although an opposition party could have easily rode into power and popularity by voting against the bill, only the NDP took the stand against the HST. Why did the other parties turn down the gift wrapped opportunity? Are the different parties really enemies or do they work together for a common shared interest?

Click here or watch the same video below to view how a real politician (a member of British Parliament) talks to their Prime Minister who is bankrupting their nation. This is the way it is supposed to be done.

The companies who are bankrupting our provincial and federal governments lobby all political parties in order to hedge their lobbying investments. This way each political party gets paid if they win or lose elections and the same laws/policies are forced on Canadians regardless of who the Canadians vote for.

We are told that we can acquire healthy immunity by injecting chemicals into our blood streams, that the HST is actually going to be good for the economy and that an expanding hospital in a town that has had the same population for 50 years means progress.

We are told to be excited about new Pizza Hut in Cornwall, which is opening right next to a new Shoppers Drug Mart mega pharmacy. (selling drugs to the people who eat the unhealthy pizza) We are told to be excited about a new fast food restaurant/medical complex that may be opening up next to the new hockey arena. We are told to get excited about standing in line waiting for our turn to jump off the cliff.

The only way to change these outcomes is to change the way you view them. Change your mind and you will change your life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Are These Kids Passing Away?

In a world where we are usually fed our information, we tend to only get concerned about things we are told to be concerned about.

On Nov. 12, 2009 we had another healthy young person die for no apparent reason. Simon Fraser University quarterback Bernd Dittrich died while swimming in the University pool. He was 21.

Britney Murphy has also passed away of a potential heart attack Dec. 21, 2009. She was 32. It is not natural for our youth to die of heart attacks, so why is it happening?

The answers are simple and what is odd about these stories is that our own government is approving all the products that are causing these heart attacks.

Earlier this year rising tennis star Mathieu Montcourt (ranked just outside the top 100 tennis players in the world) died of a heart attack. He was 24. Late last year Alexei Cherepanov (a New York Rangers first round pick) died of a heart attack while sitting on the bench. He was 21. Earlier in 2008, Ontario Hockey League's Windsor Spitfire Captain Mickey Renaud dropped dead in his home. He was 19.

How about Jiri Fisher or Jonas Gustavsson? No big deal. Just top athletes having heart attacks.

Our reporters are not reporting this because a switch has been made that not many people are aware of. Reporters are now repeaters and they simply repeat what they are told to repeat by the people who own the newspapers.

One of my friends told me last year that she visited the Ottawa Citizen and was informed 4 reporters covered the entire city of Ottawa and 1 was just fired. She was told that the Ottawa Citizen simply gets "sent" their news or "buys" their news from the military, drug companies or government.

If there was something odd about that, they would certainly let you know. Nothing to see here. No big deal.

"Profits Gone Wild" could be the name of this story, where business interests trump public safety.

Why are these young people dying? Simple. A potential fatal combination of regular dose painkiller use, energy drinks and MSG laced processed foods. All these products are directly and concretely linked to heart attack. Combine those factors with the dehydration sports is famous for plus the mass alcohol consumption sold to our youth as "cool" and we have a recipe for disaster.

Alcohol is a diuretic (a substance that removes water from the metabolism) and water itself holds minerals responsible for conducting healthy electrical impulses to the heart. No water = no heart beat. Low water = irregular heart beat. Both can trigger heart attack.

The government officials are never told to look into these issues during autopsy (after heart failure) because there would have to be subsequent warnings about government endorsed products and services that billions of people already use. No one even bothered to see if Bernd Dittrich was vaccinated before he died in the pool.

Why doesn't the news media report it or investigate? It is because once you find out our government has approved all those substances proven to kill, you may start understanding that the government is not really the is business interests pushing an agenda that goes well beyond profit at this point.

Nothing important to see here. Just young people dying. Nothing worth taking note of. Just minor stuff. If there was something that bad out there, the government would be doing something about it.

Try avoiding doing the right thing at the wrong time.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where Is The Swine Flu?

The swine flu is coming so get your vaccine. The swine flu is not coming so get your vaccine just in case. Just get your vaccine regardless. Just get your vaccine. How many people are listening? Not many........

Click here and here for hundreds of personal stories of miscarriages and other complications experienced after receiving the "safe" (yet never fully tested) H1N1 vaccine.

Click here or click on the same video below to view more information regarding this topic.

66% of Canadians are not getting vaccinated for the same reasons they never take the word of a person selling a car or a house, as to the quality of the product.

The medical professionals who are telling Canadians to trust the vaccine not only have a vested interest in people getting the vaccine, their track record for making Canadians healthy is outright horrendous.

The blind trust has not only been outrageously abused, the results scream that the abuses are obvious. No one inside the health care system is healthy and it appears obvious that the parties within the medical system make it their job to block or discredit information that allows Canadians to pursue health improvement without medical interference.

When a conventional health professional tells a person to trust the vaccine there is much more at stake than just the vaccine itself. These factors are also at play.

1. If vaccines are questioned by the medical professional themselves they automatically have to admit they may have caused massive damage to at least 2 generations. This is a mental barrier that just makes blindly towing the line the best option plus the idea of riots, law suits and imprisonments for crimes against humanity are never far from a medical professional's mind in this day and age.

Many inside the system know the "show" cannot go on much longer and they are worried about the historical consequences relating to when a population wakes up to the fact that they are being abused for profit.

2. By allowing the idea that medical interference is not necessary in one area, medical professionals jeopardize their own incomes.

3. By allowing the idea that medical interference is not necessary in one area it places pressure on conventional medical professionals to potentially return to school in order to learn about sunlight, water, organic food, farming, cooking. sleep cycles, exercise, sex, herbs, relaxation, quantum healing etc. Who wants to go back to school to learn about things that nature gives away for free?

4. If vaccines are questioned by the public it slowly chips away at the societal foundation of blind faith many people have in their conventional medical professional. This would make doctors "normal citizens", on level with the average person.

5. Once the public comes to the realization that one foreign chemicals is not healthy the public then starts to rely on natural methods, of which the medical community does not currently control.............(but they know you are moving in that direction and that is why the medical establishment is quietly trying to make healthy products illegal and retain full control over them before you get healthy and get conscience)

So when your doctor advises you the vaccines are safe they are also thinking about money, their status in society, their physical safety and the safety of their family, the spiritual pain of considering their intelligence is not complete, the mental pain of considering the possibility that they have been made puppets of an unhealthy establishment that hurts people for profit.........and to have been hoodwinked while holding a personality that baths itself daily in the perception of high intelligence and immunity from manipulation because of that perceived high intelligence.

Nothing scares humans more than having to admit they are wrong, that they were sold a false idea or that they may not be as intelligent as they believe.

Thinking otherwise is to ignore the obvious.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can You Follow The Profit and the Dysfunction that Follows................

First you spray a heavy metal pesticide (lead arsenate) on crops in the early 1900's. When the people develop classic symptoms of heavy metal poisoning (nerve cell death leading to paralysis of limbs and lungs etc) you tell people a new virus has emerged and call it a brand new name, polio.

You take taxpayers money and fly to Africa to develop a vaccine for a disease that does not exist. Scientists then use monkey kidneys on which to grow the ingredients for the vaccine but monkey HIV and monkey cancer viruses are transferred into the human vaccine from the monkey tissue.

This starts the AIDS epidemic, beginning in groups that have lower immune function. Most people that had that vaccine version will have the AIDS/cancer virus within them but doctors are told not to test certain groups for AIDS when people from that group present AIDS symptoms.

Next scientists, governments and various traditional "do gooders" (they are in every community across the world and they raise/take your money for issues they are not always completely informed about) raise money for a new AIDS vaccine even though vaccines have already been proven to have started the problem and are worthless at invoking long term immunity to the targeted disease.

When the new polio vaccine also increases polio in the vaccinated people (because it contains a heavy metal) the Canadian and U.S. governments lay down a new law that polio cases have to be classified as new diseases with the same paralytic symptoms like MS, dystonia, ALS, muscular neuropathy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome or infantile paralysis etc. This way polio looks like it decreased yet it actually increased because of the vaccine itself.

This number based manipulation allows the vaccine myth to move forward at lighting speed among the uneducated population. The trend of medicine making disease worse is again hidden from view for profit.

This fine tradition continues today.

All this when good nutrition is believed to protect the body against all viruses, even AIDS.

As the population is placed into a diseased state by a medical system that only brings disease, the population and their ruling governments keep spending money in areas where no solutions are to be found. (these are complex historical issues that are connected through various scientific disciplines so don't expect your local politicians to have any idea that any of this is occuring)

This bankrupts the people and their government. At that time, both parties are forced to bow to world lenders and literally sell away their freedoms one piece at a time to keep the money flowing into the areas of futility.

You could at least sign the petition to stop the HST I hope.

The bankrupting of our nation is where we are in this story. The constant draining of money away from the people and into a system that will never find solutions because they are looking in the wrong places.

More rules just means more rule breakers by definition. More government and more laws are not what is needed

You need one of two things occurring to solve this problem. We need scientists to admit their intelligence is not complete or parents need to come forward and forgive their government and medical system for hurting their health (and the health of their children) consistently for the last 100 years. Who wants to go first?

Don't wait around too long for any of that to occur.

There are 2 choices. Take care of yourself or submit to the system that moves forward only because admitting to the mistakes is just too painful. You see the road ending at the cliff's edge but you just keep driving because that is what you have always done.

If you can't change your mind, don't expect to change your life.

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