Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready for Your Swine Flu Vaccine

It is better to be safe than sorry, that is for sure but is the swine flu incident going to be used to force vaccines on a frightened public? If aspirin and similar non prescription pain relievers kill 20,000 Americans every year, why so much attention on 7 deaths?. The answer is simple.

Are you panicked? What do panicked people really want? They want the panic to stop and that is when a vaccine manufacturer (with the help of our government) will present you with their product to ease the panic. This involves millions of dollars trading hands behind closed doors and the sales pitch always centers around the general public receiving the biggest benefit. The public rarely benefits in such scenarios as harm from vaccines are more common than people are led to believe, our government pays inflated prices for vaccines and these pandemics rarely occur.

Can you see the line up at the health unit now for a brand new (untested) swine flu vaccine? If mass vaccination is endorsed, the government always starts with their own workers first and this is an abuse of the employee/employer relationship if there ever was one. If you are a government employee you have a bigger target on your back than the public at large. After the government workers are hit it becomes a "if I got it/you are getting it" sort of slide from there.

Do vaccines provide immunity in the first place? Is the risk of dying from a vaccine larger or smaller than dying from the disease for which a vaccine is given? Are you even aware that you can die from getting vaccinated? The answers will surprise you and they are listed in this great book by medical researcher Lynne McTaggart. There is plenty more you do not hear about.

Did you hear about the vaccine manufacturer, just last month, who was found to have placed live avian flu virus in their flu vaccine? This would have started a fatal outbreak of avian flu if one of the countries involved had not tested the vaccine on animals before distributing it to the public. Some accusations against the vaccine manufacturer center around them placing the live virus in the vaccine on purpose to drive sales of their own avian flu vaccine.

Basically this company is being accused by some of actually trying to kill people to sell more vaccines. The same company has now been appointed to get moving and make the new swine flu vaccine. A brilliant way to protect the public I thought. Click here to read about what happened. Do you think that information is in the waiting room at the local hospital or health unit?

Many people will jump out of their seats to give the "right answer" (the answer they have been taught to give) regarding vaccine safety but they will often reserve no time to read any medical documentation that proves vaccines are not safe. Click here to listen to Health Ranger Show #75: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Dangers of Vaccines.

Vaccines do provide an increase in specific antibodies and authorities use the existence of those antibodies to sell you the idea that your immunity has improved. What the public is rarely told is that some of the largest outbreaks of the diseases vaccinated against have occurred in vaccinated populations. On top of that the infected people (who were vaccinated) tested positive for having the antibodies bragged about by the vaccine manufacturers. That means there is a chance you can get vaccinated, have the antibodies and still get the exact same disease you were vaccinated against.

The whole vaccination idea is just so North American medicine based: 1) getting something for nothing without any work (like implying a person with type II diabetes is healthy as long as they take insulin etc) and 2) making someone appear healthy with drug manipulation. (like lowering someone's cholesterol artificially just to pass a test to also make them think they are healthy). In North America the idea of getting something for nothing is rampant.

With lifestyle concepts like this people are encouraged to avoid the work that comes with being healthy or the pain of actually getting sick to build stronger and natural immunity. The lessons of "work for reward" or "going through tough times to become a stonger person" are being turned on their heads. It is like trying to sell people the idea that they can be stronger by not exercising.

In some cases the chance of death attributed to the disease is less than the chance of death from getting the vaccination. That means, that in some cases, your chance of death from getting a particular vaccine has been measured as higher than dying from the disease itself. All these facts are clearly and professionally documented in Lynne McTaggert's book cited above.

Click here for Dr. Joe Mercola's recent report on what you need to know about the swine flu. Take a deep breath and relax. Panic is sold first and the medical solution is always sold second. The triple P's. Pandemic......panic.....profit. Panic has been proven to actually disengage logical thinking and lower IQ. That is why the formula works so well. It is a business model to be admired for it's effectivness but feared for it's motives.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Daughter Loves To Eat Butter

I think that picture sums it up. Why is my daughter (Sophia) naturally attracted to butter? Why does she get so excited to have some butter when I bring it out? Well, the answer lies with how healthy it is. Lets listen to the health experts at the Weston A. Price Foundation explain why butter has always been a healthy choice.

As we sat in our classrooms as children we were praised for simply regurgitating the answers that our teachers wanted to hear. Information was laid down by the teacher and the "right answer" reflected the same information. That cycle really does subvert independent thought at every turn and it holds plenty of potential for abuse, especially if the information is wrong.

In school we were taught things like how Cortez conquered ancient Mexico but it was rare for students to discuss if that was fair or how it must have felt like to be invaded like that or how our governments are still involved in similar acts today. Very few independent thinking assignments were given to me as a student and if they were I was always marked according to "the right answer". There was always a part of my spirit that knew the information I was receiving was a little biased and therefore my school years reflected my spiritual turmoil.

To be healthy we really have to re-teach ourselves to think independently. Just start with simply questions.

Have you ever heard of a lion having a heart attack because they ate too much red meat? Why did lions at a New York zoo become extremely ill when white meat was subbed in for red meat? Why is it illegal to sell un-pasteurized butter but not illegal for pregnant women to smoke? (I have actually observed 2 pregnant women smoking lately) If cows get their calcium from grass (enough calcium in fact to make their own bones strong and produce milk for their offspring) why all the static about needing milk to get calcium. If cholesterol is bad for us why is breast milk loaded with cholesterol? Are we to assume mother nature got it wrong? Your answers will show you that illusion is king and reality is often scoffed at.

When our schooling provides no incentive for independent thought, not thinking can become a concrete habit. Habits are hard to break as we all know. Think more about your health, even if your thoughts are not the "right answers". It is hard to believe the modern information is right when the results are so wrong. It is just common sense. Listen to your inner voice and let your results guide you.

Health is a lifestyle. Come to Physical Limits today to learn about that complete lifestyle. Call 613 932 4766 and get your healthy lifestyle started today. Get started with our $10 for 1 month trial.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Big Pay Day For A Job Not Even Done

If someone rakes my lawn, I pay them. I derive the benefit of the job being completed and the person who raked the lawn acquires money to spend. (their benefit) What does this have to do with health? The answer is plenty.

Inside that small scenario lives all the mechanisms necessary to keep a society healthy. The reward system of receiving a benefit (the person raking the lawn getting money) for providing a benefit (me having a clean lawn) actually re-enforces very valuable lessons within a healthy society. The proper functioning of the "give a benefit/get a benefit" system acts like a miniature protection mechanism for a healthy society and keeps everything progressing forward.

What would happen if the person, who was suppose to rake my lawn, got paid regardless if the lawn was raked or not? That person then starts to believe that working (effort) is no longer required to acquire the benefit. (the money). That person would miss the lessons associated with hard work, they would get paid anyway and I would still have a dirty lawn.

North America is starting to apply this new inverted reward model to it's health care system, it's economic system and many other facets of our society. Just like other empires throughout history, when people do not want to work...the empire eventually crumbles.

We see auto companies in Canada and banks in the U.S. receiving money (a big benefit) for doing terrible work or not doing work period. This may look good initially but it overrides the natural "give a benefit/get a benefit" system meant to keep a society progressing.

These companies deserve to be punished in a natural way and they deserve a negative outcome for not running their affairs properly. By interfering with the natural "give a benefit/get a benefit" system, our own government is actually re-teaching everyone involved that a lack of work or an excess of shoddy work is what gets a positive reward. Hard work and the positive results that come with it are being discouraged and subverted.

You can't say being good brings positive results and also say that negative outcomes can also bring the same positive results. That is confusing. A society must be very clear on what is negative and what is positive so that the majority of people move in the same direction.

This foundational flaw is also in our health care system. Instead of encouraging hard work and the rewards that come with it our health care system encourages inefficiency, inaction and negative outcomes.

I am healthy and so are you. This takes plenty of work. My blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal. When a citizen has similar functions that are out of whack (like high cholesterol or type II diabetes) from a bad lifestyle, they are given medications to bring those functions into normal ranges. The hard work to be healthy is subverted and a perceived benefit is provided for doing absolutely nothing positive.

The body stays sick, the patient's health decreases because of all the side effects and the society becomes more dysfunctional. Only one party benefits. (the companies that make money from sick people) Why would anyone living in North American put in the hard work to be healthy when our medical community tells people that all the effort can be subverted by taking medications and getting surgeries?

The message is also "why work when you don't have to"? Everything from welfare to our health care system and from corporate bailouts to gastric bypass surgery. The message is always the same.

When our government invents a new system that promotes inefficiency and inaction, the outcomes will never be good. We are seeing this now, it will only get worse, humans are easily attracted to such a system and no one is talking about it.

Have you ever talked to a teacher who passed a student because the modern school system is afraid to adopt a normal punishment component? (keeping kids back who need to be held back) Have you witnessed our courts being unable to hand out proper punishments? Have you seen someone getting government welfare payments who is fully capable of working? Have you ever heard a doctor threaten to stop seeing a patient unless they stop smoking? Have you ever taken an aspirin for headache after a hard night of drinking?

Sometimes the pain, failures and bad situations are the benefit. The valuable punishments and life lessons are always avoided here in North America. Imagine running your entire life like this. (where everything is done to keep the party going and avoid the hangover) Now imagine running an entire country like this. We are not only subverting valuable punishment and life lessons inside our health care system, this avoidance of reality is rampant throughout our entire society. Once you learn about the invisible forces designed to keep you down, only then can you fight back.

Watch part 2 of this BBC report on the anti-depressant Seroxat and watch how we have become a society obsessed with bypassing the "give a benefit/get a benefit" system. The end result is that most of society receives no "benefit". In short, people who do not provide a benefit to society need to get negative feedback. That is just not happening right now.

Lets get moving toward a healthy lifestyle at Physical Limits. See you there. 613 932 4766.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Inspirational Video and Fat Burning Recipe For Sunny Weekend

This lady is an inspiration. I watch plenty of clips on youtube and the most views I have ever witnessed for one video was 2 million. This lady has 42 million views and counting. The reason she is so popular is that something in the human genome understands that following your dreams is very important. Always pursue your dreams, even though many around you may not think you can do it. If you think it can happen, it will happen. Keep your fire! For anyone who has not witnessed the Susan Boyle clip, this is worth the watch. Talk about overnight fame. Just look at the reaction of the judges when this lady starts to sing!

Click here to see her video.

This weekend indulge yourself in this amazing healthy dish.

Mediterranean Chicken Sausage with Chickpeas & Spinach in a Rosemary & Sun-Dried Tomato Broth.

(organic sausage can be purchased at Sasloves Meat Shop on Wellington Street in Ottawa or at the Atwater Market in Montreal - or you can substitute organic chicken from Farmboy in Cornwall in place of the sausage if you wish)

Robust organic chicken sausage balances a light, flavourful broth for a Mediterranean meal in minutes. Unlike other sausage, which contains cancer-causing nitrates, organic sausage is nitrate-free and made from chickens not administered hormones or anti-biotics.

Time To Table: 20 minutes
Serves: 4

The Benefits
Excellent Source of: Protein, Vitamin A, Niacin
Good Source of: Fiber, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin C, Folate
Preferences: Gluten-Free

2 cloves organic garlic, sliced
1/4 cup bottled spring water
4 pieces organic sun-dried tomato
2 tsp organic rosemary
1 Tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil
4 cups organic chicken broth
2 cups fresh organic spinach
1/2 cup chopped organic red onion
1 cup organic chickpeas (try Eden, PC or CHIC)
3 pieces of organic chicken sausage or 3 small pieces of organic chicken

First, make the broth. Add the sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, water and extra virgin olive oil to a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour the tomato-rosemary mixture and chicken broth into a deep skillet over medium heat. Drain and rinse the chickpeas and add to broth with the garlic. Click here to read about the most healthy non-stick pans.

Meanwhile, slice sausage or chicken and sauté with the onions in a safe, nonstick skillet just until lightly golden. Add the sausage or chicken and onions to the broth. Stir to combine and heat through. Remove from heat. Place the spinach on top and cover to wilt. Stir to combine. Pour among four bowls. Serve.

Nutrition Information
265 Calories, 7 g Total Fat, 3 g Saturated fat, 0 g Trans Fat, 3 g Monounsaturated fat, 1 g Polyunsaturated fat, 60 mg Cholesterol, 306 mg Sodium, 21 g Carbohydrate, 4 g Fiber, 2 g Sugars, 10 g Protein

Being healthy involves many different things. Being healthy is a lifestyle. Come to Physical Limits today for your $10 for 1 month trial. We will teach you everything you need to know to be healthy and protect the health of your family. See you soon at Physical Limits. 613 932 4766.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guess What The Brits Found Out?

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After a 2 year long investigation, the BBC put together a complete documentary on the SSRI (anti-depressant) Seroxat. What they found should be no shock to any of my readers. Cover up, corruption, patient suicide attempts increased and the health of the patients were constantly placed last on the priority list.

That is why you rarely see this drug around anymore. Drug manufacturers just formulate new SSRI's to get around this sort of negative exposure and the whole cycle starts again. Our government plays the part of, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". Why does the public accept on-going tax increases when the money is not going toward the right initiatives? How much money would it take to watch this documentary, review the information and protect the health of the public?

Here is the first part of the BBC series. After it was aired the BBC was hit with a tsunami of phone calls, letters and e-mails from people wanting to back the documentary with their own similar experiences, after being placed on the drug. This proves that a large secret society of people does exist, whose stories parallel those exposed in the documentary.

Within the North American medical community all these phone calls, stories and e-mails are considered invalid of course unless a group of doctors conduct a controlled, peer reviewed, double blind study regarding said information. The public is consistently told to keep their fears at bay until they are granted (force fed) what to think by a small group of doctors, often paid by the same company that makes these drugs. A flawed system to say the least and that is what this documentary is all about.

A new book has also been written by Dr. Peter Breggin (M.D.) titled "Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications". Click here to read about the book.

It is not only the people who profit from drugs who do not want you to know about well organized documentaries/films or doctor authored books, that tell of the dangers involved with modern medicine. There are many other sectors of our society willing to aid in protecting the status quo.

More often than not people who work within the system or the users of the drugs themselves are more than willing to protect their positions or their own personal drug use by firing back and using a wide range of tactics.

A local Cornwall citizen goes so far as to call doctors like Dr. Breggin, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Ray Strand quacks. We cannot afford to discourage doctors like these, whose only crimes are trying to protect our health. They need to be encouraged. Evil can only exist when good people sit around and do nothing. It is time for the good people to be heard once again.

Click here to go to the Seaway News where a Cornwall citizen takes various shots at the truthful presentation of this sort of information and the doctors who are literally risking their careers to try and protect us. (she calls them quacks)

Go down and read her comments (Sue Poirier) near the bottom of the page and then add your comment on top of mine. All we want is freedom to be healthy and to even get truthful information before drugs are consumed. I know it may take some time but I believe the healthy voices of Cornwall need to be heard once more. Please use your first initial and full last name to keep your comments on the page, as the editor does look for that to keep the comments up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Force That Makes People Poor and Sick

Have you ever wondered how we, as a society, went from traditionally having one income earner in a family to both people working? How did a family go from working 40 hours per week and having everything they needed to working 60-80 hours per week and never having enough? Have you noticed that regardless of what people make they often spend it all and carry some debt on top of that? How do you get both parents out of the home when preparing a family's food is the most important job anyone could ever have? When you know why, only then can you fight back.

Whether the food preparation is executed by a man or a women, we are seeing this essential function continuously being placed on the back burner. If a society prays consistently at the alter of bigger, faster and cheaper that religion will become expressed within the society.

Why bailout money for greedy corporations (who lost their money because they are incompetent) when the answer to our faltering economy rests with parents making their families' healthy? Our economy is under stress because our bodies are under stress. How can we get the economy rolling when more and more people cannot even make it to work or are on leave for health and mental problems? We are approaching a tipping point where the healthy people can no longer chip in to cover the work the sick people are supposed to be doing. Just like in the body, the liver will jump in to cover the kidney's work when it is sick...........but it can't do it everyday! Eventually the whole system collapses and sickness enters the entire body.

Every time you hear a politician talk about jobs and not talk about how sick the population is, you should understand it will only get worse. Our government's goal is more consumption, more working and less attention to your health. The big problem with the government's goal of consumption is that basically there is just no more wiggle room to buy stuff or work any more hours. The country is maxed out in every possible way. You can't get to the shopping mall when you have just filed for bankruptcy plus you are laid up in the hospital. The all out consumption model our government endorses is not working and it is highly dangerous for all Canadians.

How did it happen? How do you convince an intelligent human that looking and feeling like crap is worth it, as long as they have the newest fridge and TV? Only 60 years ago most families had one phone in the house and no TV. How does it go to several TVs, several phones, several cells phones and several computers? There is an art form to redefining what is considered normal asset acquisition for a family and that is how you get people working more to spend more money on things they really don't need. All the while, the health of everyone involved fails.

Even though we see the results of ignoring the tradition of food preparation, not many people can stop themselves from literally eating and working themselves to death.

What is the powerful force the makes people sick and/or poor? (because we know there are plenty of rich sick people as well) Why are there so many lonely rich people? Why such a drive to be the richest person in the grave yard or to have the nicest car in the hospital parking lot? What is the equation that can make people ignore their basic instincts to live a long and healthy life? What sort of tricky is involved in overriding the basic instinct to protect our offspring by providing them healthy food? How do you convince a parent that taking their child to McDonald's or Dairy Queen is a treat when really it sets the child back in every possible way? What sort of tactics are involved in convincing parents that toys, sports equipment and DVD's are more important than a child's nutrition? The answer is explained below.

We are currently the most unhealthy, depressed and lonely society in human history. How did it happen? This clip from the movie "The Story of Stuff" gives an amazing clarification of what "forces" are involved in keeping the great majority of our population unhealthy, fat and poor. Once you can identify the tricks that keep you down, only then can you fight back. I could have not produced a better explanation myself. Enjoy.

There is more to health than just exercising 3 hours per week. Health is a lifestyle and you can learn about that complete lifestyle at Physical Limits Fitness. Come into Physical Limits Fitness today or call 613 932 4766 for our $10 for 1 month trial. Today is the best day to get started.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Cow! He Is How Old???????

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Check out this 1 minute video and see what being in shape is all about. What kind of life and body can you get when you dedicate yourself and your resources to health? You will not believe the set of abs on this guy! This guy is in good shape and when you hear his age you will be floored. Can you believe that this man was near death only a couple of year ago?

Do you think this guy eats the donuts at his place of work just because they are there and everyone else is doing it? Do you think this guy makes excuses about his health or do you think he makes progress? Can you see how many plasma TV's he has in his house? (the answer is zero!) Do you think this guy gives in to peer pressure to eat the worst foods when he goes out to a restaurant with his friends? Do you think this guy smokes or drinks alcohol to "relax"? Do you think you will catch that guy with a mouth full of pizza saying "ya got to live, right?" Do you think that man understands Dairy Queen is not a "treat" but a "poison"?

Do you think this guy is a leader or a follower? Do you think he takes care of his own health or subs it out to others? If he gets sick, do you think he runs nervously out the door to the hospital or do you think he takes care of it himself? Do you think this guy spends most of his day talking about how sick he is, how tired he is, how disease is genetic, how many new medications he is on or his appointments with out of town medical specialists? Do you think this guy gives out Halloween candy? Do you think this guy sells cancer causing pop and hot dogs on the weekend to raise money for a cancer charity? Do you think this guy stops at Tim Horton's every morning for breakfast?

Can you imagine how many medications you have to take in order to be that healthy? Drugs obviously have nothing to do with this man's optimal health. In order to be healthy, in every possible way, you can't take any medications or chemicals into your body. Healthy people are natural. Plain and simple.

What an inspiration. What is this guy's secret? He has no secret. He does nothing except live in tune with his genetic code. He lives naturally. His drugs of choice are the sun, deep breathing, exercise, sex, human contact, whole foods, clean water, personal growth, artistic expression, passion, cleansing the body on a regular basis, family, laughter and proper sleep. These things are free and you don't need any medical degree to know how to use them. Don't run to anyone looking for health when you have everything you need already. Just change your habits. That is what he did. North Americans have to stop running to their doctor when their own lifestyles are the problem. People need to stop making disease first in order for health to show up in their lives.

If you want to enter your e-mail onto David Wolfe's site, in order to receive the full video of this amazing story, just click here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

One Cure for Bipolar Disorder

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One must even be careful with such titles as they hold the potential to reinforce many foundations off ill health. Dr. Mark Hyman, in his book The UltraMind Solution, states that descriptions and names of behavior disorders are just that..........they are only descriptions and names. Regardless of the name, they are never designed to help any patient address the root cause of the problem.

A child at age 3 starts to ask "WHY?", in regards to everything they see. WHY is important. Patients are taught never to ask "WHY?" Finding out WHY someone is not feeling well is obviously the best way to address the issue.

Why such a focus on the "name game" when the symptoms of ill health are just covered over with medications. Patients with various behavior disorders are obviously not suffering from a lack of foreign chemicals in their body. (and in many cases they are proven to already have an excess of foreign chemicals in their bodies)

These patients need body support, not body attack. They need to improve their level of health, not to decrease it. The more medications a patient takes the more ill they become, just read Dr. Hyman's book.

Does this commercial for Abilify (a medication for bipolar disorder) sound like it increases health? If I offered a health program that had the same side effects listed in this commercial, would you join? People only see what they want to see. What are your impressions of this TV ad? I only see additional ill health. What do you see? Roll the 30 second commercial.

These names (bipolar disorder, bipolar mania, manic depression, schizophrenia etc) come from the imagination of doctors in the associated fields, for the sole purpose of increasing the number of drugs permitted to be used on patients. Don't believe me, believe the doctors and psychiatrists in this movie who say exactly the same thing.

The drive of all medical testing and diagnosis is to first come up with the name of the disorder or disease. (in the depression field diagnosis is all no concrete test even exists to diagnosis someone as depressed or bipolar etc) These names (all just pulled from a doctor's imagination) simply correspond to a drug. The more names, the more drugs and the more profit.

Taking only one depression medication is so 90's. Being on a 4-6 drug cocktail of sleep aids, anti-depressants, stimulants and anti psychotics is the new trend. To get more profit you need healthy people on drugs and/or you need the people on drugs to take more drugs. It is that simple. If these medications worked, where are all the happy people? Would these medicated people not stand out as the "happy" people in the work place?

In a world where everyone wants to be different, inventing different disease names also makes new patients feel special. Having a different disease name can also make patients more accepting (almost attaining a sense of individual pride) of their medication and their associated disorder. Who wants the same disease as half the people on the street? The fashion industry cranks out new styles every season, auto makers change car models every year and the antidepressant industry knows new drugs and new disease names sell much better than last year's old drugs and old disease names.

As we can see from the video below, there is overwhelming evidence that behavior disorders are linked to a lack of nutrition. A simple multi vitamin marketed by TrueHope called Empowerplus is showing remarkable results with people having almost every "name" across the behavioral disorder spectrum. Regardless of the "disorder name" this simple supplement is curing people and the reason it is so successful is that most of these disorders are nutrition based.

I like the idea that these people are getting help but one must understand that eating the foods that hold these vitamins can provide even greater benefits than vitamins on their own. (even though the vitamins themselves are helping cure many patients outright) Either option is great compared to the mountain of negative side effects associated with all anti-depressants. (as can easily be seen in the Abilify commercial above) Below is the video showing the curing ability of Empowerplus, a simple vitamin combination.

What is really disturbing is the psychiatrist, at the end of the Fox News story above, saying that high dose vitamins are drugs. WOW, what a dangerous step in the wrong direction that is.

Drugs and vitamins are not the same. Such a statement simply reflects how nervous the medical community gets when people don't want their drugs. Drugs have side effects at regular dose and vitamins do not. Regular dose, properly prescribed medications have killed over 2 million patients in the U.S. (that is just the US!!) over the past 25 years and vitamins have killed 10. (and those 10 deaths are just reports with no concrete link being demonstrated). When you hear stories of people trying to committ suicide, is it with medications or vitamins? Vitamins help people and drugs hurt people. To place drugs in the same category as vitamins is an insult to basic intelligence.

That psychiatrist does not know how to cure anyone, lets face it. He knows how to give pills to his patients. If patients want healthy pills, the doctor in the video (and most of his entire profession) wants to own access to those pills instead.

If that doctor was asked to make people healthy he would be out of a job. That is why he is worried. I would be nervous as well if my education taught me nothing about health and everything about toxic medications. Take away the chemicals that hurt his patients and his income is zero! That was not the deal society offered that doctor when he entered medical school. The deal was he would always receive a high wage and higher societal status for drugging his patients. If the world does not want drugs is these doctors that are going to do everything they can to keep the world of dangerous drugs alive.

Start a new day tomorrow. Do you need to take back control one piece at a time? Are you tired of being tired? Are you sick of being sick? Listen to your inner voice. It may be time to drift toward information that helps you live a better life. Call Physical Limits at 613 932 4766 and start with our $10 for 1 month trial. See you there. Feel free to attend any of my free seminars for more information that can improve your health and that of your family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What My Daughter Eats

I often get stopped by many clients who ask what I eat, what my wife eats or what my daughter eats. I came across my daughter this week eating a hardy breakfast and decided to snap her picture. Good nutrition is a top priority in the Christoff household.

Unfortunately, many parents I talk to (and I enjoy all the conversations I have with them) get confused as to how my daughter avoids the processed foods of our modern era. My daughter has no money, cannot drive a car and cannot make it to a grocery store. The food she is given, is the food she eats. The parents are in charge of what is brought into the house. Simple stuff.

Many parents know that feeding a McDonald's hamburger to a family pet would end in a mess of diarrhea and vomit on the kitchen floor in the morning yet that does not stop some parents from feeding their children the exact same foods. In a world that begs for complicated answers, the simple solutions and explanations are often overlooked. If it is not in the house, it can't be eaten.

My daughter was at a birthday recently and my wife decided to provide her with her first piece of birthday cake (after nearly 3 years of always keeping it away from her) and guess what happened? She tried the cake, pushed it away and asked her Mom for more broccoli. If they never have sugary food.............they just don't know. She may get a hold of it eventually but that is no reason to feed it to her today.

Yes, the North American rights of passage sometimes rotate around unhealthy foods but I look to the other North American rights of passage that come with that food (the disease, the weight gain, the mood disorders, the dysfunction etc) for my motivation to stay strong when it comes to what we feed our daughter.

If it ever came down to is organic food before all toys, movies, games, extra sets of clothes and anything else not essential to survival. Health is not a luxury, the toys are. I have seen kids driving miniature mechanized cars worth $600 while they are drinking Strawberry Quick! In North America it appears the toys are mandatory and healthy children are an after thought.

My daughter's breakfast above is a hard boiled egg (boiled in spring water and in a stainless steel pot) with some broccoli sprouts, turmeric, sea salt and organic garlic powder. We add certain vitamins to her egg as well. She also loves sprouted mung beans. Those are the green things in the bowl. Sprouted beans and seeds possess higher nutritional values. Sprouting also develops properties that aid with digestion and overall health. She has a spoon full of omega 3 fish oil every morning and she is also having a good helping of organic cashews and organic blueberries.

These are the foods she is used to and these are the foods she asks for everywhere we go. We just bring all her food with us. Having a sick child is expensive, heart breaking, stressful and time consuming. We just always look toward what happens when kids are not healthy to make sure we understand why we go to all the extra effort. Times have changed and cooking full meals is all we do. We focus all our efforts on freshly prepared meals for the entire family.

This is the extra effort I talk of, as the breakfast on my daughter's plate costs less than a bagel and coffee at Tim Horton's. It is never a matter of money. Being healthy is less expensive in every imaginable way. Money never matters because you can't BUY a healthy lifestyle. You need to DO a healthy lifestyle. Why work so hard when money can't get you the most important things in life.

There are just too many dangers with regular processed foods, which are more chemical than mineral. (and getting worse everyday) The dangers of just one piece of processed food is in the thousands and this new movie (set to be released this summer) tells all about those dangers. Here is the 3 minute trailer of this amazing new movie.

Given that what I ate during my lifetime effects my daughter and even her children, I really started watching my diet as soon as I was aware of the information in the documentary clip displayed below. This video link is just a short clip of a complete documentary proving that what your grandmother ate affects your genes, the genes of your children and many generations after that.

Good nutrition is the most important part of a child's life.

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