Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Fruit/Fruit Juice Weight Gain and Disease Connection


The main concept to remember with the issue of fruit consumption is that these items were traditionally seasonal. If you were in the Britain 500 years ago there were indeed some fruits around but their availability was usually limited to a couple months per year.

Fruit worked great during the summer months and delivered what fruit is famous for.........large spikes of blood sugar and the massive weight gaining effect that brings. Fruit does carry with it some vitamins and minerals but along for the ride is also large quantities of fruit sugar.

Fruit sugar is no different than any other sugar. All sugars enter the blood stream as glucose so whether your sugar came from a Pepsi or a papaya, your body does not know the difference. Many people who have a hard time losing weight and staying healthy believe that fruit sugar is different because it is natural etc. Natural or not......large spikes of blood sugar facilitates disease and weight gain, regardless of source.

The primary advantage of nature's bounty for such short periods of time (during the summer months in areas farther from the equator) is that the extra fat gained dramatically improved one's chances of surviving the harsh winter. A healthy layer of fat and the extra energy it provided were always essential to survive the harsh winter months in primitive societies far from the equator.

Sugar also triggers the production of the over-eating hormone called Grehlin. This hormone spurs an appetite that never ends. The body was well aware of how rare and valuable sugar was in the natural environment so if you came across a strawberry patch in Norway 500 years ago your body simply rewired it's metabolism for you to eat as much as possible, as fast as possible.

The body is genetically designed to overeat sugar when it is found. Survival used to depend on it. Unfortunately it is this genetic adaptation that is now hurting our chances of survival. The body had no idea the humans would rearrange the natural world to a point where fruit was available all year around to vast portions of the population. Modern society is the titanic and the body's ancient metabolism to use sugar as a massive fat storage device is the iceberg. Obviously the collision has already occurred.

Cultures farthest away from the equator do very poorly when exposed to chronic spikes of blood sugar. Sugar alters brain function dramatically and cultures farthest away from the equator appear to be at greatest risk of experiencing these changes in brain function for the simple reason that their metabolisms just are not used to it.

As Dr. Blaylock discusses below, changes in brain function (more toward violence and away from logic, compassion, ambition etc) are highly associated with large spikes of blood sugar and the sugar crashes that quickly follow. (the sugar crash is called hypoglycemia)


Other interesting observations show the overwhelming percentage of serial killers are from non-equatorial regions. The connection of violence and anti social behavior to sugar consumption is firm, as is shown in the clip above. Maybe cultures not conditioned to chronic sugar spikes do worse when the world changes to provide them with that daily sugar?

One can only guess and speculate but one thing is for sure......a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves what you can observe on the street everyday.........chronic fruit/fruit juice consumption has some very negative health consequences. Read below.......


As a personal trainer, this became obvious to me over 10 years ago. If I consumed a large amount of fruit my muscularity always decreased and my fat content increased. This effect increased 5 fold if I consumed fruit on an empty stomach. My energy levels dropped dramatically during different times of the day, my temper was hard to control, other carb addictions started to form and I often got dizzy after consuming fruit. Almost exactly what Dr. Blaylock talks about in the video above. If I had a training client who had a hard time losing weight or reversing disease they always had fruit a couple times per day and if a client had a unruly child I often observed the child with a bottle of fruit juice in their hand.

The proper message on fruit went in the wrong direction thanks to our friends at the Canadian Food Guide and The USDA Food Pyramid when they started to join the words "fruit and vegetables" together in our cultural vocabulary. Those items are like night and day, even though they are both natural sugar products. Vegetable sugar is a very slow digesting sugar and fruit sugar is very fast. Vegetables are super healthy and fruit is not wise in many weight and disease based situations.

In the end if you are having a hard time getting healthy, eliminating disease or losing weight try taking all fruits out of your diet for 30 days. I am sure you will see some wonderful effects. Just do not replace fruit with other high sugar products.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Cure for Depression and Learning Disorders - how to fix a "broken brain"

The medical industry tries very hard to make sure there are many names for the same malfunction. The more names there are, the more different drugs can be marketed toward a sick population and the more work for different specialists.

For example first there were kids who behaved badly, then there were learning disorders, then ADD, then ADHD, then Aspergers, then Autism and then adult ADD and so on. All this means is that everyone gets their own special t-shirt to wear around to let others know that they are not functioning well and what special name that disorder has been given by the friendly neighbourhood medical professional. No one wants to be the same and that is why selling new disease names is so easy.

All humans like to compete, as they are genetically programmed to do so because being different ensures a way to stand out to prospective reproductive partners. The medical industry takes full advantage of the genetic drive to be different by inventing as many disease names as possible (even though they describe the exact same malfunction) in order to lend an attractive quality to being ill and getting on the medication train.

Our current culture has gone so far off the beaten path that many of our great citizens are only left to compete on issues of illness and the length of one's medication list. Sad commentary to say the least.

50 years ago no one would even talk of having any sort of mental deficiency (bottling it up and holding it in was not wise either) but today many people throw these new disease names around like they are badges of honor and many more will list their medications and disease names to anyone who will listen. Disease is in! Drug ads drive to make being sick, the new cool. Unfortunately, one might say they are doing a stellar job at it.

Teachers and social workers often tell me about the newest names for the learning disorders their students have. You can hear the medical industry reflected in their explanations because once the disease name is placed on the child, to them the cure has already begun because the proper medication can now be administered.

Traditional medical professionals always stop the health improvement journey right where it is supposed to begin. Naming diseases and drawing lines, with a ruler, to the medication that matches the disease name does nothing to improve the patient's health. It only worsens it. Toxins are the disease, not the cure. This cycle just traps the patient in the habits that are destroying their brain and adds more toxicity to the body.

If a student tried to kill themselves today, everyone will try to stop them and rightfully so. Oddly enough if a child wants to kill themselves over a much longer period with medications and bad food, they appear to get all the help they need from their care takers. Sorry to say that but it is true. A mistake so large and so profound that it may go on for many more decades because people are just too embarrassed to admit to it. The world is in desperate need of people who are willing to discuss such issues.

If you are cut and are bleeding, that is an obvious diagnosis but mental disorders are often diagnosed based on a doctor's subjective assessment. This lays the ground work for the most abuse of the disease invention/medication cycle. Mental disorder names hold a record for the most titles, which describe a similar finding. (a broken brain)

When the brain is poisoned via chemicals or processed foods the brain does not work very well. The medications for all these disorders have been proven some of the most poisonous to the body and the side effects speak louder than any warning I could give. Lets watch this 30 second commercial for Abilify, a medication for bipolar disorder. (a disorder based on malnourishment)

Mental disorders will never have their cure in medications. All cases of "broken brain" will only be cured by giving the broken brain the necessary food ingredients to make the repairs. Lets listen to Dr. Hyman regarding his amazing new book just out in time for Christmas. A step by step guide to fix anyone's broken brain. It is called "The UltraMind Solution".

The terrible thing about mental disorders is that they do not present themselves in most cases until 80% of the brain is already compromised so this book is not only perfect for people who have a broken brain but is great for preventing neurological disorders as well. One must also remember that what cures the brain will also cure the rest of the body at the same time.

If anyone wants to watch a great documentary on the field of psychiatry and it's dark history, they can start with this short clip and watch the remainder on YouTube for free.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

75% of Doctors Would Refuse Chemotherapy

The reasons doctors give for wanting to avoid chemotherapy and radiation (if they or their family members ever had cancer) is that it is too dangerous and highly ineffective. We also see this trend with many doctors scrambling to make sure their families and themselves avoid vaccination.

Why cancer starts has been proven to be tied to toxins. Pollution starts cancer. The more toxic the substance, the higher the rate of cancer and premature death. Cigarette smoke is a toxin but so is processed sugary food. The consumption of all toxins are tied directly to cancer. What cancer does to the body is obvious but why the body allows cancer to start or fails to defend against it is highly debatable.

Conventional medical professionals (representing the youngest and least effective medical system in world history), with their "accident" or "chance occurrence" based theories chalk all body reactions/actions up to metabolic mistakes. Making sure the body is seen as a non-intelligent/blundering organism allows for the medical industry to ride in on it's shiny horse to save the day with their cut, burn and medication options.

On the other end of the spectrum many health professionals believe that cancer is a fungus and that fungi are involved in the death cycle of all organisms. Death occurs to all organisms and when that time comes it is theorized that cancer and many other "changes" associated with the death cycle initiate from within the body.

Life is a circle. One half of the circle is life and the other half is death. You cannot have one without the other. The body is designed to die in a certain way as much as it is designed to live in a certain way. The reason toxins are associated with cancer is that all toxins literally suck the life out of us and start the death cycle much earlier than usual. This built in self destruct mechanism also controls population when our immediate environment becomes toxic. To believe that theory you would also have to believe the body possesses designed intelligence.

Trying to sell North Americans the idea that their health is something they can control or that disease is self imposed is much harder to accept than a theory of blaming the body for it's general stupidity. The sales pitch for conventional medicine is very slick to say the least. It is well thought out and highly refined.

Taking away self blame for disease (blaming the body for it's blundering ways and taking focus off the fact the most disease is caused by the patients themselves) acts as an instant guilt relief mechanism. After guilt is relieved the prescription drug pathway from hand to mouth is now lubricated. Doctors use guilt relief (falsely blaming genes or the body in general) to befriend the patient and to make the sale of drugs easier.

One thing is for sure. Simple cures for cancer are available and they are not reaching the general public.


Here is actual video footage of cancer disappearing (cancer being cured on tape), in a matters of weeks with a cheap and highly available therapy. A doctor is doing the curing and the interviewer is one of the world's leading experts on fungi. Why is this not on your Internet homepage?

There is no money in healthy people and there is certainly no money in dead people.......big profit lies in what is known as the "in between". People who are not really alive but are not yet dead.

Here is a news report of how a promising cure for cancer was "lost". Not only was the cure lost but the hospital that lost it was sued and paid a huge fine. The news report on YouTube has also had it's sound tampered with to discourage viewing. (the disturbances are minor and the report shows how far certain forces will go to keep the population sick) Chance happenings hover around 50%. For 80% of the population to be sick it is hard to fathom that it can be chance.

This short video below not only shows doctors themselves talking about how they cured their own cancers, it shows simultaneously the overwhelming wall of ignorance conventional oncologists place around themselves and the industry of sickness they perpetuate. This ignorance is costing millions of people their lives every year.

Cancer grows off toxins (bad food) and can be reversed with good food, which is involved in the therapy talked about above. Pretty simple. The most simple ideas are the hardest to understand. (especially for people who were told that 7 years of medical school is what is needed to help the sick)

If you think your local hospital cares about your dietary health just take a look at the pop, chocolate bar and chip machines that await you when you enter. All those non-foods are proven to cause cancer. Enter at your own risk. Toxins are the disease and not the cure.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Make The Whole Family Healthy This Christmas

More of the same + more of the same = more of the same. This is a Law Of The Universe that operates with the same certainty as other natural laws like the Law of Gravity and the Laws of Aerodynamics. The Laws Of The Universe apply to all people at all times and in all situations.

In order to be healthy, many things must change and not just things related to diet and exercise. We must think healthy and consider overall planetary health anytime we ask something of mother earth.

Christmas is traditionally a time for family, healthy food and love. Over the past 60 years Christmas has developed into an all out barrage on mother earth (with North America leading the attack) and if you follow my blogs you certainly understand that our planet is showing the exact same signs of inflammation that the human body shows when injured and sick.

Life imitates life and the earth's sickness is also shown by increases in temperature (the heat of the planet is going up - our planet has a fever) and increases in water retention/weight in order to try and dilute the poisons being dumped upon her. (the polar ice caps are melting as the planet tries to gain water weight in order to dilute the oceans of their toxic load). The defenses associated with fever and water retention, in times of sickness, is something all organisms hold in common. We have all come from the earth so it is only logical we are bound to have some similarities.

As you look at your shopping cart this Christmas there must be an understanding that everything you purchase is destined to eventually be thrown out as garbage. How much room do you think is left for the garbage? Do you think the people producing these products have mother earth as their top priority? Jobs are great but not if you need a wheel chair to get there.

Do you want to make sure your children and partners understand exactly what is needed to be truly healthy? Do you want to teach your family the traps that await them in regards to processed foods, medications/surgeries and low life performance? Well, I have found a new DVD you could purchase (or you can watch the movie on the Internet to save plastic pollution) that will educate your family on those issues.

As I watched the movie trailer I was very excited because every point that appeared in the trailer are points I teach to all my clients. Lets watch the trailer. It looks like an amazing story and it is already in my stocking from Santa.

If you go to this movie's website you can order the movie plus receive a downloadable guide to diet and healthy living. I have not viewed it personally as of yet but just by the trailer I would place a bet it only conveys sound modern health principles.


Friday, November 21, 2008

What your grandmother ate can make you die early or live long!

This is the ultimate reason to eat whole organic food and to take care of the environment. In the ground breaking documentary, The Ghost in Your Genes, the natural truth is exposed. Our genes hold the instructions for how we are going to be born, how we are going to live and even how we die. Our genes are set but our genetic expression is not!

Our genes are what is now known as being the ultimate intelligence. Our genes can think, act and move us depending on our environment. If we look into a bright light our pupils constrict to protect the eye. If we place our hand on a hot stove we pull it away in a tenth of a second to protect our skin. Our sensory equipment tests the environment and then our genes do what is best for us on a second to second basis.

Genes can be turned on and off depending on what stimulus they encounter. Everyone holds the ability to be mean or to love and to nurture or to kill. All potentials come as standard equipment. Each potential is activated based on what we experience in the environment. Our genes are keys of a piano. The type of music played on any piano depends on the player, not the piano itself. The piano just responds to the stimuli.

Unfortunately what science is finding out is that our genes are very logical in their design. There is also little need to question our gene's motives too deeply. If one observes genetic expression based on the principle that, "life always protects life" then guessing at why genes do what they do becomes child's play.

Our genes are designed to shorten life span (among other protection based mechanisms) based on the pollution of our environment for one simple reason...... a polluted environment cannot maintain the same amount of life as a clean/lush environment.

In a polluted environment certain genes activate disease, shortened lifespans and inhibit reproduction in order to "ligthen the load" on the environment. If and when the environment starts showing signs that there is enough room for everyone again (clean water, non polluted food sources, less activation of the aggressive part of the brain) then the genes are designed to simply revert back to the program of increasing the number of organisms in the immediate area. (or on the planet in general)

This does not bode well for our generation as we are smack dab in the middle of the most polluted period in world history. When a human eats a factory made cookie, a white flour bagel, a coffee or even pasteurized milk the body receives this as signals/signs that food must be very rare/scarce so it activates it's disease, premature death and reproduction halting mechanisms.

What we are eating today, in most cases, is not food and the body has always been taught that when food is not available it literally has to start reducing life in general. The body's ancient dictionary that contains a memory bank of what real food is does not include chemical laced cookies, highly refined flour, chemical laced/tap water based coffee or milk that was boiled to death. Just like in all human based situations......when things get tight, you start cutting back. Cancer and reproduction elimination is how nature does it's "cutting back".

The first 3 minutes of the video below explains everything. The entire documentary is available for free on YouTube.

This is actually old science documented as far back as the early Egyptians, who wrote of how a bad diet and pollution/toxic materials always spurred cancerous growths in animals and humans. Dr. Weston A Price also documented this "bad food/disease effect" in the 1930's during a 10 year research study.


I have some bad news for anyone who is waiting for this information to come from their conventional GP, the area hospital or from their local health unit. One must act independently and take action with their own habits to make a positive change.

We can no longer be walking satellite dishes, taking in what ever information is thrown at us....without question. We must regain the ability to apply logic to our health regardless of mainstream views, manipulative medical studies or the profit based opinions of highly educated medical dictocrates. (most of which are failing us at every turn)

If conventional health care understood health, why does it fail to produce any improvements in health for our population? Why are the healthy people the people who do not go into the health care system? Why are people like me actually afraid to enter the hospital? Simple questions always provide the most accurate answers?

The message is simple. We not only need to eat organic real foods but we must also purchase products that do not pollute the environment. Are you willing to apply this philosophy during Christmas? When will our population understand that for every product produced, much pollution must enter the environment? (and eventually our own bodies because we are also in the environment) Do we even have enough time to change our views and understand that the plastic toys our children receive at Christmas are what will eventually give them disease and that medications only bring an accelerated death? Only you have the answer because only you can change what you do.

As we can see in the videos above. Our children's health depends on it much more than anyone ever imagined.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Opps! Vaccination Manufactuer Rep Slips Up

Below is a video of a reporter calling a particular vaccine manufacturer. The vaccine company rep is very forth coming with her information and she is actually quite truthful in her response to the reporter's questions. What will surprise the general public comes at the end of the 2 minute recording.

Oddly enough vaccination avoidance is very common among doctors themselves and their families.


The vaccination manufacturer rep contacted in the video above is also avoiding her own product. The question is no longer "Why?" because we already know why.....the question is; "Why are we submitting to this toxic and dangerous ritual without question, when there is so much evidence against it's overall safety?

Here is another ABC News Report trying to inform parents of the potential vaccination dangers. (the vaccine landscape is similar in Canada minus the fact that vaccinations are not mandatory in Canada)

Here is Dr. Rene Jenkins, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics trying to calm the general public with misinformation about vaccination safety. (40 secs) That means she is uninformed and that is not good or she is just lying and that is not good as well.

Are we really to blame doctors for not wanting to hear about how bad vaccinations are after they have been giving them out for their entire careers? Are we to be surprised that many doctors don't want to hear that drugs are bad? If drugs are bad and doctors only know how to give out drugs then where does the future employment for these highly educated people come from?

If you were a doctor and were making $300,000 per year to dispense drugs and it took you 7-12 years to acquire the education for that position, how eager are you going to be to jump on the anti-drug bandwagon?

The pressure is coming at conventional doctors from all angles. Conventional doctors are not taught to improve the health of their patients. Conventional doctors are taught to cut the body and prescribe drugs, none of which improves the health of a chronically ill patient. (a patient who has made themselves ill because of bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle) If the patient is an "emergency" based patient (car accident, war wound etc) that is when medications and surgeries are highly effective.

Convectional doctors have a choice. Go back to school and do another 7 years to learn nutrition based disease cures or drive for the retirement finish line and hope you reach it before the public holds you accountable for a 55 year reign of accelerated ill health. Most are keeping their heads down and hoping retirement comes sooner than later.

The answer is simple. Conventional doctors are not going to stop giving these substances out or stop suggesting that your body parts are optional...... so it is up to the general public to start looking both ways before they start crossing the street in regards to all medications/surgeries. (and not just vaccinations)

Lets listen to a modern doctor regarding vaccinations. A doctor who graduated from medical school but could not turn a blind eye to the fact that prescribing drugs to his patients made the majority much worse. The more he followed his educational requirements the more the majority of his patients started to acquire additional illness. This doctor went back to school and learned how to cure disease, not just treat it. Lets listen to Dr. Joseph Mercola regarding vaccinations.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Gold Star Effect and Gardasil (The HPV Vaccine)

When we were little kids our teachers and parents were well aware of how to modify our behavior to what they desired. Good marks or good behavior meant a "gold star", a celebratory ink stamp or some form of physical/verbal praise. That is called positive reinforcement and it actually works well at all ages. This is called The Gold Star Effect.

History shows us that even if the behavior is questionable the Gold Star effect can easily override any hesitation to participate. Everyone wants the positive reinforcement and we all want to fit in so regardless of what the Gold Star is attached to, most people are automatically questions asked. The Gold Star Effect can override even our basic instincts with ease.

For example, a mother will watch her diet and try to eliminate chemicals during pregnancy. I have even observed life long smokers quit cold turkey when finding out they were pregnant. (not the best strategy but much better than the alternative) Healthy living and a chemical free lifestyle is given the Gold Star during pregnancy so most comply. Most mothers work very hard on this health based and chemical free battle for 9 months and do their best to avoid foreign chemicals at all costs, most going to extreme lengths to protect their child.

Then when the baby is born the majority of mothers rush their new borns to get chemicals injected directly into their blood streams, multiple times via vaccinations. Formaldehyde, mercury, antifreeze, aluminium, 2-Phenoxyethanol, phenol, methanol, borax, glutaraldehyde and MSG are just some of the ingredients in vaccines.


Why the immediate about face for most parents?

The reason this happens is that our governing bodies (and the businesses who solicit them to sell us dangerous products) know we will run after the Gold Star, even if it is illogical and regardless of what it is attached to. The Gold Star effect is based on fitting in and the safety of being along side many others in what is called the "majority".

The government is best at initiating this sort of structure since their decisions affect large numbers of people simultaneously. That is why Gardasil and other vaccines are never sold door to door or individual to individual. Big business knows that to move products of questionable safety they must use the invisible pressure other citizens place on each other to fit in and tow the line. The Gold Star effect is the only sales structure that works with products like these.

Today we discuss this effect in regards to Gardasil. It is more widely known as the HPV vaccine. It has already killed 24 women and also placed 4000 in the hospital with severe reactions. It has a shiny Gold Star attached to it so mothers actually are escorting their daughters into the medical establishments to expose them to this toxic product.

The Gold Star effect regarding this product starts with manipulative commercials made by the producer of the vaccine, which are then broadcast via TV. (and the tax payers pay for the commercials.) I find this the ultimate "salt in the wound" as we are actually paying for the products that hurt our health and the health of our children.

Never forget as well that for every vaccine someone receives that person may fail to pass on the natural immunity protection to their children, as one must actually get the disease and fight it naturally for natural immunity to be present. When is the last time you doctor told you that getting a vaccine may make your children more vulnerable to all disease?

Do you think the Gardasil commercials talk about the deaths or the severe side effects? Do you think the commercials inform the public that in 90% of cases the body will clear the HP virus naturally? Do you think the commercials inform the public that any infection (not just the HP virus) is tied directly to low immunity via a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle? Do you think the commercials inform the public that vaccines are thought by many to confuse the immune system and are thought to be tied to immune dysfunctions later in life like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Parkinson's and many others?

Do you think the makers of Gardasil will give you a written guarantee you will not get sick from the vaccine or you will not contract the disease they are targeting? No, they will not.

Lets take a look at the commercial and watch for the message to fit in with the rest of the girls. It is a play on natural human instinct and it is directed to a portion of the population not fully aware of the evils these companies are famous for.

When they say, "with Gardasil you could be one less".........they are serious. This vaccine has killed 24 so far and put 4000 in the hospital with serious reactions. Less than 10% of adverse reactions are reported in regards to the majority of medications and vaccinations.

Barbara Loe Fisher started an organization to help parents understand the risks of vaccines after her child was severely crippled after receiving a childhood vaccine.

Although vaccines are not mandatory in Canada, many Canadians actually believe they are. In Canada there is really no need to make any medications/vaccinations mandatory because of the unique educational structures and high percentage of government employment that makes the Gold Star effect more successful in this country than in many others.

The drive to fit in at all costs and the drive to receive a Gold Star appears higher in Canada than many other countries. Government employees unfortunately are most likely to fall under the vaccination Gold Star effect because compliance also comes with the weight of trying to please your employer and not just your neighbours.

Jobs are great but the more government jobs invented, the more of this blind compliance will likely occur. I am not an anarchist by any stretch of the imagination but as government grows it means there are more and more people who will lean on the general population to blindly comply. Again, this is why these drugs are pushed through government channels. The automatic and often mass zombie like compliance is just too profitable to ignore.

Lets listen to Barbara Loe Fisher regarding the Gardasil (the HPV vaccine).

If you are interested in the documented dangers of vaccination in general Mrs. Fisher gives a long, very informative speech below.

WARNING - the first 3 minutes are emotionally charged. The statistic laden and highly informative speech follows.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Dangers of Antibiotics - what you don't know and what is just being discovered

There are many situations in history where the overall acceptance of one false concept has lead to unimaginable and completely disastrous results.

For example, for over 20 years The American Medical Association (and many other "healthy" associations) have used various tactics to encourage people to stay out of the sun and to utilize sunblock, when exposing themselves to the sun.

Research over the last 10 years proves conclusively that our skin produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and that vitamin D is a primary component of our immune system that fights cancer, MS, fibromyalgia and depression. It appears that without raw unprocessed sunlight (sunlight without block) that the body breaks down very quickly.

Conventional sunblock ingredients have also been found to be carcinogenic. So the very disease that these health professionals were trying to avoid, actually increased based on the idea that they somehow got it right and mother nature somehow got it wrong. When you think that all living things rely on sunlight to live (in one way or another) it is odd that we blindly accepted such illogical advice in the first place. Here is a short clip on the benefits of vitamin D.....that means the benefits of raw sunlight.

(This doctor appears very friendly and I am sure he means very well but it is the medical profession that started this problem in the first place)

The use of antibiotics falls under a similar umbrella. (wrong/illogical advise, disastrous results) Here is a list of the documented side effects regarding antibiotic use. There are huge and long lasting side effects that patients are never informed of.


The mass use of antibiotics is solely based on the germ theory placed forward by Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur proposed the germ theory of disease early in his career while one of his peers, Antoine Beauchamp, proposed that disease actually hatches from inside the body because of the body's terrain.

Although Antoine Beauchamp's theory was never disproved and even though Louis Pasteur eventually started seeing the merits of Beauchamp's theory, we as a society have completely embraced the idea that germs are the enemy and that they should be destroyed or kept at bay at all costs.

This is just another example of one concept moving forward, facilitating disastrous results. Like the sun example (avoiding the sun is now proven to increase cancer) the use of antibiotics only increases the potential for infections and weakens the immune system. The suprising news is that something much more catastrophic is now being hypothesized.

Think about the two theories (Beauchamp's vs. Pasteur) like this. If we had a very fertile field, full of grass, we may eventually find cows grazing there. Think of the cattle as being bacteria. Pasteur first theorized that the bacteria (the cows) were the enemy and that they should be destroyed yet Beauchamp theorized that the cows were attracted to the grass so if you destroyed what cows were first there, more would eventually come to replace them. If the cows were really a problem, one simply must remove what is attracting them (the grass) and the problem is solved.

Beauchamp understood that bacteria and infections do not just happen randomly. There is order in disease and disease only occurs under certain conditions. Unhealthy people get sick for concrete reasons, not chance happenings. Talk about a leap of faith for many North Americans.......that they are actually the ones making themselves sick.

Modern medicine continually deals with bacteria, viruses and fungi by trying to kill these organisms when in actuality there is much proof that the patient's bad dietary habits actually lays down the perfect environment for these foreign invaders to grow and prosper. ( infections from car accidents, war wounds etc are not the same as why millions of North Americans are taking antibiotics every year)

Some even go as far as saying that the infection is a reflection of the body's own defense systems working. What medicine titles as "disease" is simply a description of the body attempting to protect itself. If this is true, antibiotics would completely disengage our own defense mechanisms allowing the bacteria to theoretically sneak behind enemy lines to cause more disease down the road.

Beauchamp was also aware that bacteria, fungi, yeasts and cancers were all part of the decomposition side of life. All designed to decompose dead and dying material and that is why disease always infected life forms that no longer could support life independently.

These organisms were nature's clean up crew and you could not stop them as much as you could not stop death itself. Dead things must die, you cannot get around that. Patients simply needed to stay healthy and prove they were worthy of life and the decomposition based organisms would always stay away as long as possible.

It was a law of nature that worked as systematically as the law of gravity. It applied to all people, at all times and in all situations. Treat your body badly and you will pay the ultimate price. If one wants to drive away dangerous microbes all you need to do is create an environment they do not like by eating good food and living in tune with nature's laws. If you look like a good snack, these dangerous microbes will always return.

That discussion does not even come close to laying down the biggest argument against antibiotics. The largest argument against using drugs that kill bacteria is that scientists are now discovering that we, as humans, are ourselves 90% bacteria. This is not only shocking to the general public, it has caught many scientists completely off guard.


Life itself is no longer being looked at as a survival of the fittest scenario but is being re-examined as being completely attributed to team work. Similar to a sports team or a large corporation, our bodies are now being looked at as a cooperative effort between trillions and trillions of different cells. A large group of workers entering into an agreement for one common goal. We are collectives of cells, working together as a team and when one cell gets sick....the whole unit suffers.

Being that humans are now seen as 90% bacteria, taking antibiotics (drugs that kill bacteria) may endanger up to 90% of things living along side us in our own bodies. Those bacteria are also being discovered to be the very things that keep us alive and healthy. Antibiotic use may pose much greater risks that anyone first suspected.

Just another minor mistake brought to you by the North American medical system. It may be time to ask your doctor if getting off drugs, eating healthy, getting in the sun and living in harmony with nature is right for you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet Your Meat - and your cause of illness

How do you pick out a typical North American? Well, they limit their thinking to all things involving money. Nothing else, just money. For example a typical North American's favourite saying when it comes to health is, "I can't afford it".

It is the battle cry of anyone who has ever had a hard time getting their health rolling in the right direction. North Americans are famous for looking at superficial and immediate "money based" concerns regarding their decisions and that is the exact construct that gets them into so much trouble with their health. You never hear of anyone declaring personal bankruptcy or getting into trouble with their credit cards because they are overspending on organic foods. People generally overspend on things that will never make them healthier or happier.

Many people rarely think about lost days of work, gas in the car travelling to medical specialists (who never really specialize at anything other than giving you experimental medications), depreciation on the car, dying early, wearing a diaper, not being able to have sex, looking terrible, feeling terrible, living in fear, not sleeping or even the non-monetary satisfaction of a regular bowel movement etc. (we will not even touch the cost of coffee, cigarette and alcohol addiction that usually accompanies ill health)

If raised in North America our mentors (schools, teachers, parents) rarely try to teach younger generations about the indirect costs of being sick and thinking in an unhealthy way.

It is odd that someone can look at a factory farmed $4.00 chicken breast and tell themselves that a $7.00 organic chicken breast is not worth it. The question should never be, "how can I afford it?". The declaration should be. "how can I not afford to take care of myself when ill health is 25 times more expensive".

We must also remember that we should not even have to list food items as "organic" or "non-organic". They were all organic only 70 years ago. Thanks to the North American model of "increasing profit at all costs" our food supply has become more chemical than mineral. The slight higher costs of organic foods should give all citizens a wake up call as to the what it costs to produce real, live, organic, healthy food. Of course food items that hurt our health will be less expensive. Plasma TVs or organic real food for an entire year? The choice is our own.

Well today lets get a good look at conventional meat (non-organic) produced from factory farming. The North American model goes something like this. Land to pasture animals is too expensive so feed the animals grain, (animals are not designed to digest grain efficiently - soy, corn, wheat), land again is too expensive so lock them inside a large barn, death of the animals is too expensive (because they get very sick when you keep them out of the sun and feed them grain) so lets spike their feed with antibiotics and make sure we move near dead animals into the food supply etc. I think you get the picture but if you do not understand, just hit the videos below. It may be time for you to meet your meat.


Here is what your local Ontario Health Unit is not letting you know. When the animals are sick they become full of viruses, bacteria and parasites. (in the same ways humans get infested with bacteria when they eat bad food, don't see the sun and don't exercise). These microscopic organisms enter your body when you eat the meat. These organisms trigger large immune responses that can cause cancer, auto-immune disorders and many seemingly unrelated diseases.

Fully organic fed, free run animals (animals who are allowed to run outside and play with their friends) are generally in great health and have dramatically less health issues as compared to the factory farmed animals highlighted above.

The only reason you eat as a human/animal is to acquire nutrition. You eat other organisms to literally absorb their life so you can live longer. These meats will obviously have very little nutritional value and that means you live a shorter more disease prone life. That is exactly the way our genes are designed. When there are food shortages the body is designed to live a shorter life. (to the body, factory farmed meat does not count as good quality nutrition)


If 80% of North Americans are over weight or diseased, what do you think is the key to being in the other 20%? The key to health is to completely disassociate yourself from the main foundation of the North American culture and that false ideology is the habit of making every decision based on money alone. Make your decisions based on health and you will become richer than you could ever imagine. The North American system will never provide good health for the majority of it's population. Change is needed and it will always start from the grass roots upwards. You can it. Just start and it will turn into a concrete habit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Stuff That Will Make You Healthy

On the Internet modern health professionals often give their information away for free to attract you toward their products or just to make you aware of who they are and what they do. This is very beneficial for them but more beneficial for the general public, as the information given away for free is very valuable in most cases.

Here is one tonight at 8:30pm from Dr. Liz Lipski. Dr. Liz Lipski is a healthy doctor you can trust. You have my word on that. She is hosting a recipe make over tonight with a brilliant cooking guru. It is an hour and it is free. If you want to know free recipes that will burn fat off your body and that will reverse disease then you can tune in for free tonight. (good food burns fat and reverses disease without any other effort needed on your part)

If you are looking for a cure for depression (an unhealthy diet is the primary cause of depression) look no further than Dr. James Gordon's free on line workshop for curing depression. Here are the details and again it is free. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER FOR FREE.

Just released this month was a study showing that Americans are 300% more likely to be killed by prescription drugs as compared to being killed by street drugs. Although the law of averages is involved in the story (more people take medications than do narcotics) no one should ever forget that drugs are drugs and if anyone does drugs they are drug users. All drugs are dangerous regardless if the dealer is in a leather jacket or if the dealer is in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around their neck.

In 100 years large classes of elementary children will wonder how something so obvious was completely ignored by an entire generation. IN 100 years a University student well enter a Halloween party covered in prescription drug bottles and blister packs. He will respond to the questions of, "What are you dressed as?" with the response, "I am a healthy person 100 years ago". Everyone will laugh and giggle........... Is this the way we want to be remembered?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Are Males Disappearing?

If you do not believe the body is highly intelligent, think again. The body is equipped with many metabolic functions that are designed to protect us in all situations.

For example, if it is hot out we sweat. If our skin is exposed to excess sunlight it will turn red. If our food is bad we will throw up or have diarrhoea. If an attractive mate is in our area we will take notice. If we are suddenly scared we actually breath out rapidly, triggering instant strength in our back/core just in case physical confrontation is required. If something comes flying at our eye it shuts automatically. Everything the body does has a purpose. Everything the body does is designed to protect us. We have no say in controlling these actions. We could not turn them off if we tried and they operate whether we like it or not.

The questions are.....

"Does the body have a genetic function designed to control our own human population?"

"Does life itself have a program to target dangers and eliminate them, even if it means targeting ourselves for destruction?"

"Does nature operate just like our very own justice system, with a series of progressive warnings and punishments?" "Humans have the death penalty as the ultimate punishment for people who cross the final line in the sand..........does nature have the same?"

"Can nature throw itself on the proverbial grenade to make sure that things, which threaten the planet, are targeted for termination".

"Is nature voting us off the planet?"

These questions are pondered by many scientists and free thinkers in regards to cancer rates, auto-immune disorders, high suicide rates, the sharp decreases in the bee population and similar deceases in the bat populations etc. (without bees and bats pollinating flowers the humans run out of food).

When modern science is telling stories of these occurrences being chance happenings many others are giving credit to nature's ultimate design and intelligence. Are these chance happenings or purposeful modifications designed to take down the largest threat to our plant's

This theory of nature's superior intelligence was subtly exhibited in M. Night Shyamalan's major motion picture "The Happening". Here is the movie trailer. The movie is about a mysterious force that causes humans to just start killing themselves on mass. The culprit is eventually found out to be a hormone secreted by the trees.

The reason this blog is being written today is because this trend is starting to appear everywhere. That trend is in regards to nature finding out ingenious ways to slow humans down or eliminate them altogether. That trend is in regards to how the human body is rearranging it's DNA to make sure there is less and less of us as time goes on. This effect is now accelerating and is brilliantly exposed in a brand new CBC special that just aired last week.

This CBC special documents the fact that males of all species are disappearing at an alarming rate. The world's sperm count has dropped by a mind boggling 50% over the past 40 years alone. Of the 50% of the sperm that is deemed of a good quality, 85% has been proven too slow to make a positive impact on fertility. Man's over use of chemicals, which mimic estrogen, is highlighted in the documentary as the reason behind the change in fertility patterns. (we also see this effect based on pollution of all types - not just estrogen) Lets watch a trailer for the documentary below.

One of man's greatest underestimations is in the intelligence of the human body and nature itself. Today our scientific leaders declare all metabolic malfunctions as mere accidents. There are many scientists who believe these modifications (like the elimination of males or a male's ability to reproduce) are purposeful and intelligent responses of the body, to control a population of organisms who are destroying the planet.

Sacrificing one's life to preserve another is not unheard of in nature, far from it. Just ask a Kamikaze pilot, a bee that just released it's stinger or a mother defending her child. A body is designed to willingly perish if it means life will continue onward. Could it be possible that nature is willing to sacrifice the human race because humans just don't get it? Could cancer inflict smokers more because the body is designed to punish those of us who do not respect the time we are given on the planet? As the evidence piles up so does man's insults to nature. If nature does hold the judge and jury on our fate, you can bet she ain't to impressed with the last 100 years. Something to think about.

We must never forget that "life" itself has certain characteristics. If we went to another planet and wanted to declare something as being "alive" it must have certain traits like the ability to grow, reproduce and also to defend itself. Nature is certainly "alive" but man's ignorance has never even tried to estimate her capability to defend herself.

With this documentary, I believe we get a firm and conclusively look at just what mother nature is capable of doing. Below is the link to the CBC page where you can watch this ground breaking documentary.


As the theory goes, everything mother nature does is highly calculated. Males are indeed the most dangerous of the two genders so if you believe in the foundations of the theory there is little to ponder as to why the males are being targeted.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Think You Have It Tough? Meet Nick!

There is a point of no return for some people. When I say that, it does not really mean that they cannot physically return their bodies to perfect health. When I say that I mean that some people have beliefs, that are so far from reality, their thoughts will always imprison them.

For example, I met a man at the grocery store and he asked me what brand of juice my child drank and I replied (as I always do), "my daughter does not drink juice". He asked "Why?" and I told him, "juice is pure sugar and liquid sugar on top of that, sugar is very detrimental to the human body (child or adult) and just because you throw some vitamins in sugar water does not make it good for you". He was shocked and said, "how did you make sure she never had juice" and I said "well she does not drive a car, have money or shop so if I don't buy it she obviously cannot pick it up herself". This man forgot who the parent was in the child/parent relationship.

I remember talking to another man, before I had my daughter and his child unfortunately had autism. Autism is just a technical word for brain damage and this metabolic condition has it's basis in bad nutrition and chemical exposure. The brain can defend itself and clean itself of toxins but it uses certain minerals to do that. (minerals you can only get from real food) If a bad diet is consumed, the nutrition to defend the brain would be missing and if chemicals enter the body (like mercury from a vaccine - it could really be any chemical but nothing is more toxic than heavy metals) the brain is defenseless.

I asked the man what the child ate and he said "chicken child loves chicken fingers". I was well aware that the omega 6 oils in the chicken fingers plus the lack of nutrition would never aid the brain in recovering efficiently from what ever caused the Autism so I nicely informed him, "the oils that the chicken fingers are cooked in are very detrimental to brain and intestinal health". He snapped back, "wait to you have children and you will see if you can control what they eat." I thought that was fair but I am now proud to say I do have a beautiful 2 and 1/2 year old girl and guess what? No chicken fingers, no juice, no chocolate, no cake, no cookies and much more.

I am well aware that giving children bad food is for some reason considered good parenting but I teach my child that health will always mean she sticks out and that she should be proud not to fit in.

Again, if the parents don't bring garbage food in the is the child supposed to get it? So simple but apparently so hard to do. Again, these are all examples of how our thoughts and beliefs lead us right to the cliff's edge.

Thoughts are not made up of concrete or steel and therefore many people are actually caught inside personally guarded, maximum security "mental" prisons. Like an invisible prison without walls.

Being that changing the way we think is always free, it overcomes the most frequent excuse of the Lost Generation........"I can't afford it". Being that changing our thoughts can happen in a millisecond, it overcomes the excuse of....."I got no time". Most people do not like the life they have but make every excuse in the world to make sure they stay in that same life. The word "can't" is the most pronounced in their vocabulary.

Well today we roll an absolute gem of a video regarding what can be done when we do not let excuses get in the way. What ever excuse anyone makes regarding any goal they have, they will have those excuses disappear.......if they watch this short video. This is your vaccination against excuse making and I am proud to have it on my blog today.

Humans have always protected themselves throughout the ages by calming their souls with the understanding that everything happens for a reason. Has our blind faith in medical studies and professional credentials etc actually lead us right to the cliff's edge. Are we literally taking everything that is good in our life for granted because we think there is something better right around the corner. Relax and let Nick show you how to be happy and just how to "be". Are you sure you really have it that bad? Meet Nick!

Lets get things moving in regards to our health. Take advantage of what you have right now and make it happen. You are powerful and you can make that change.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Lost Generation - The Drugs I Take Are Good

As discussed in the previous blog, The Lost Generation describes a large group of the population who are being born sick, living sick and dying sick. I documented a short list of the most common false beliefs held by The Lost Generation in the blog just under this one.

It is those false beliefs which facilitate very low life performance inside this group. Making The Lost Generation healthy would be simple if they could just get the right information they need to change those false beliefs.

One of the false beliefs held by The Lost Generation, which was listed in my last blog was "my drugs are safe.... the drugs I take are different". Well this ends in disaster for over 120,000 North Americans who die on the spot from taking properly prescribed medication each year.

In reality, this false belief could be looked at as the foundation of The Lost Generation. In my lectures I mention the dangers of drugs numerous times, even though my lectures deal almost solely with nutrition and exercise. I do this because in 95% of cases the drugs are the only factor causing illness in my clients. If most of my clients did not take drugs, I could make them better in a matter of weeks or they may not need my help at all.

Daily drug use simply has more power to hurt the body than good food or exercise has to make the body better. A perfect diet and exercise routine can only achieve a 60% -70% improvement if someone is taking drugs. The drug use eventually deactivates the body's health based metabolic systems and the health program then starts to show less and less results.

Poisoning oneself daily will obviously interfere with any health improvement journey. Total health can only live in a drug free body. Drugs are drugs. The Lost Generation will tell their kids not to do drugs and then do drugs themselves but think it is OK because a doctor told them it was OK. Drugs are foreign to the body and therefore only interfere with the body's optimal function. Name one person who has taken drugs and got better because of them? You may be stuck there awhile.

Any chemical substance causes metabolic changes in the body, which will end in weight gain and disease. These extra diseases are always listed with each medication and this leads us back to even more false beliefs held by The Lost Generation. The Lost Generation discounts the warnings because third party medical professionals prescribe the drugs.

The Lost Generation gives the responsibility for things, they can only control, to third parties who have no ability to accomplish the goals. Conventional doctors do not receive any training in health improvement or in the curing of disease. Conventional medical schools do not teach any health improvement protocols, just the art of matching symptoms to disease names and then disease names to drug names. These facts are always overlooked by The Lost Generation because they have been conditioned to believe that drugs bring better health. (which they obviously do not because people on drugs are sick and people who are healthy take no drugs at all)

The Lost Generation always returns to their MD’s because of bad results and never because of good results. Basically if the conventional MD was a plumber, they would be fired by the 2nd or 3rd visit. The Lost Generation are sold the false idea that a slow comfortable death is all that can be done for them. It is not truly their fault as deceptive advertising is everywhere, as is highlighted below.

Drugs and surgeries are good in emergency situations, like car accidents etc and doctors know this. That is when drugs and surgeries are a must. This is when doctors do their absolute best work.

If I were in a car accident I would personally demand most (if not all) the drugs and surgeries recommended at the time. Emergency medicine is where North America excels. When we apply emergency medicine to chronic illness, caused by bad diet and bad habits, we get what is now known as potentially; "The 6th great mass extinction on our planet". (that is us losing our ability to survive because we are polluting ourselves and our planet faster then we or mother earth can detox)

This weekend I was saddened to see a couple members of The Lost Generation on a TV report out of Toronto. It was terrible. Their daughter had committed suicide after being given Paxil by their family doctor. After the suicide, some simple research on the Internet exposed the true dangers of Paxil (and all SSRI's) and their direct connection to suicide. (the reporter was baffled by the lack of warning given to the parents but ofcourse I was not) The video below tells all about Paxil. A complete story can be found in my 7-blog report on the dangers of antidepressants.

The Lost Generation is very main stream and that is how they obtain a bull’s eye on their heads because the drug companies are well aware of where to find them and how to manipulate them. Take for example this article on my MSN homepage today (a very mainstream information source) singing the praises of the very drugs highlighted in the video above and the type of drug that aided in the suicide of the Toronto teenager.


What is also interesting is that in the related stories section, at the bottom of the page, we find an endorsement of the flu shot and early AIDS treatments.....more free plugs for drugs and more false information for The Lost Generation. Vaccinations are not healthy for children or seniors (their target markets) and AIDS treatments are notorious for accelerating the deaths of the patients.

While the above article highlights Zoloft as good, this website documents literally hundreds of negative news stories regarding the same drug.

One of the keys to removing oneself from The Lost Generation is to avoid drugs altogether because once drug use starts it only escalates. (whether legal or illegal - the pattern is the same).

I am well aware that getting off drugs is hard and that is why many simply just keep moving ahead with the drug use. The Lost Generation often keep taking the drugs even when they receive the proper information because it is just easier to keep moving toward the cliff’s edge than it is to step out of line. The drug manufacturers' count on this very reaction after the truth surfaces. That is why it is better to say no to drugs, even if the dealer is a friendly face in a nice white coat with a stethoscope around their neck.