Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Autism Cure - The Environmental Toxin Connection

Click here or watch the same video below to learn about the toxins in our children's bodies. These toxins force the body to give up nutrition stores, which protect our cells.

When a colon cell gives up it's life to eliminate a toxin in the body, you most likely would never notice at first. If the toxin bombardment continues, many colon cells will die, finally resulting in digestive disorders after years of toxin exposure.

Our metabolisms are a function of how much nutrition our cells carry. Toxins reduce nutrition in all cells, often killing them in the process. Our cells give up their lives to neutralize pollution in the body. When the pollution never stops, the cell death never stops and death of the complete body accelerates.

Today it is common to burn the candle at both ends, consuming toxins and ingesting nutrient poor processed foods simultaneously. Again, a cell's ability to stay alive in a toxic environment is based on how much nutrition it has in its' "bank account". The body can only take so many toxins before cellular death boils to the surface, in the form of visible signs that something is drastically wrong.

When toxins enter the brain and brain cells die (because all toxins literally extinguish life in every cell they come into contact with) you get a modern form of brain damage, which is now commonly diagnosed as landing inside the vast autism spectrum.

That is why toxins are bad and that it is why it is very important to learn where the most dangerous toxins lurk inside the average North American lifestyle. This information will be provided during my Autism Reversal Seminar.

What most people are not informed of is that 1) the brain has its' own store of stem cells in order to make new brain cells and 2) "brain plasticity" is the proven capability of the brain to rework electrical pathways in order to counteract damage. (restoring lost function to damaged areas and fixing those damaged areas after the electrical detour is established).

In short, autism is reversible (if the brain is given nutrition and not drugs because the brain is made from nutrition and not drugs) as can be seen in this short documentary.

To place yourself on the interest sheet for the seminar please contact me directly at The last 12 blogs have also been dedicated to information regarding reversing autism.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Does The History Of Women Fold Into The Autism Story?

Am I an expert in female history? No, I'm not but I did meet someone once who was and she had some very interesting information to share with me about how the power of women was targeted throughout history.

The drive to disempower women and strip them of their health knowledge is directly linked to the health issues of the family/children etc that plague our society today.

As you can see in the documentary below, this war to disempower the female gender was won using the tactic of incrementalism. Incrementalism is the process where small steps are used against a target group, as opposed to larger steps or more aggressive steps that would alert the society as a whole.

We see incrementalism today in something like taxes. In 1917 in Canada there was no income tax and today the average Canadian loses 40-60% of their gross pay to taxes, in one form or another. You can only do that using baby steps. You can make dangerous things appear perfectly normal using the tactic of incrementalism.

Women were the original doctors, healers and medicine manufacturers. It was not long ago that women helped comfort the dead on their journey from this world. In the same age women helped other women with all matters of the female body; female contraception, child birth and child nurturing.

Women were also the masters of food production, food preparation and food preservation. The women passed on their knowledge by constantly meeting in small groups. Women were the original secret society and their power base was immense.

Could you have convinced a women of that era to let a man interfere with their areas of expertise such as child birth, reproduction or their children's health? The answer is a firm, "NO, not a chance". So how did we get to a point today where male based systems dominate these areas, which were traditionally held by women? How is the track record of these male based systems for delivering health to our society's women and children?

What would these knowledgeable women think about male doctors examining their reproductive organs? What would these knowledgeable women think about baby formula, having both parents out of the home, the birth control pill, prescription medications, vaccinations for their children, hysterectomies, mastectomies, mammograms, processed foods, junk foods in schools or even slapping the butt of a new born child to "start them breathing" etc? A women's intuition would always lead them in the right direction, with all issues.

Everything listed above would have never happened if the women were permitted to pass their knowledge from generation to generation. In order for any of that to happen, women as a group had to be dis-empowered to the nth degree.

When females walk into the male based medical system today, are they even aware of the historical manipulation that had to occur in order to transfer traditional female based knowledge into the hands of men? Are men the more nurturing of the two genders? No, they are not. So how did they get in charge of "caring", "child's health", "caring for the dead" etc? Yes, I know there are female doctors but that argument is not going to have much weight in this discussion, once the video below is viewed.

Click here or watch the same video below of the documentary "The Burning Times" by Donna Reed. Did you know that male groups forbid women to practice healing and traditional medicine (their traditional area of expertise) without a medical license and then the same male groups forbid women from applying to medical school.

Did you know that male based groups declared it illegal for women to own property and then promptly evicted women (and their children) onto the street from their own homes, which their families owned for centuries? Did you know that the Pope made an official declaration for all men to beat their wives, not for punishment but for a woman's spiritual salvation?

So the next time you are in the stirrups and a male doctor is present and not a female (which should be the obvious choice) or when a male based health professional is telling you to get vaccinated or bad things will happen to you or when a male surgeon suggests a hysterectomy/mastectomy yet rarely advises any male equivalent surgeries for his male patients (like removing the scrotum etc) or when a male talks about baby formula like it is as good as breast milk................this is the historical story as to how all that came about.

Regain your power. Our health is out of balance because the relationship and power between female based forces and male based forces is out of balance. An imbalance in one area always leads to an imbalance in another area. It is unnnatural for one group to dominate another on every level. Educate and bring back health to our great nation. Lets stand together against what ever force is behind this grave injustice. Who is with me? If the system is making you or your family unhealthy, just stop entering it. Without profit, the entire system of domination will collapse.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Autism Cured - A Mother's Story

Click here or watch the same video below about a mother who cured autism in her child. When did the child get autism according to the mother?

According to the mother it was right after a vaccination. The child went completely blank and stopped breathing for 2 minutes. After coming around the child was mentally blank. Listen to how this brave mother dealt with the guilt and fought the system to make her child healthy again.

(youtube is now running short commercials prior to the free videos so be patient)

I am having an autism reversal seminar in the upcoming weeks. To be placed on the waiting list for the seminar please contact me personally at

In the next blog I will provide a complete documentary, which proves that getting mother's into this powerless position actually started as far back as 400-500 years ago.

The documentary I will provide (free for viewing) is interesting to say the least, as it proves women were the original healers of the family and society in general. (male doctors were not......yet they wanted to monopolize what women did like child birth, contraception, healing, caring for the dead, food preparation, medicine formulating etc and charge money for it)

It took plenty of male based manipulation to create the situation that is occurring today. What does it take for the most powerful organized group in human history (small groups of women passing down valuable cross generational information about health, family and personal protection to each other etc) to turn their backs on all that knowledge? How do you convince that group to abandon what they know is true?

The video documentary in the next blog will explain everything and hopefully it will rekindle the inner bastion of ultimate power that resides in all of us.

When you discover the historical forces behind female dis-empowerment (including how women today are literally forced to rely on unhealthy forces outside the home for family food, child health care etc....when 400 years ago it was the women themselves who knew those responsibilities are best looked over by someone within the home), only then can the true healing and family protection begin.

When a fib is placed into society before someone is even born, it actually settles into the brain as completely normal and this is where the entire story of autism begins. Fibs always end in pain so where there is pain there are fibs. Lets walk down the road of discovery together.

This historical issue will also be discussed in the seminar. Knowing the history of women and the power they once had within our society is very important in the story of autism. The last 10 blogs have also been dedicated to this subject, so feel free to scroll down. When you reach the bottom of the blog page just click "older posts" and keep going.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Cure For Autism - Removal of Inflammatory Foods

In the blog below this one, Dr. Russell Blaylock reviews some of the common allergies that inflame the body. This inflammation becomes like a low burning flame in the brain, literally destroying brain cells and causing brain dysfunction......especially if the allergen is consumed frequently.

Click here and here or watch the same videos below to view Dr. Mark Hyman explain the dangers of today's most common allergens, cow's milk and gluten.

Gluten is the protein fraction in many grains, including wheat. (the only grains that do not contain gluten are corn, rice, buckwheat and millet) The link of these allergenic substances to gut inflammation and autism (brain damage) are concrete.

But what do you feed a child if milk, yogurt, cheese, wheat breads/crackers/pastas and even baby formula contain these allergenic compounds tied to autism? These questions will be reviewed at my seminar for reversing autism.

Why does our government and government employed health professionals endorse these foods as healthy? Why are parents not warned about inflammation and it's ability to destroy the body's tissues, including the intestinal track and brain tissue etc? (as no tissue is immune to the destruction of chronic inflammation - you just notice decreases in brain function first...decreases in scrotum function, ovary function, eye function etc are more difficult to narrow down compared to brain function........even though all of those functions would be destroyed at the same rate when inflamed)

The answer to these questions and many more will be explained at the reversing Autism seminar.

If you would like to attend the seminar please e-mail me directly at

Autism Cure - The Foods and Factors That Deactivate Learning and I.Q.

Click here or watch the same video below to hear Dr. Russell Blaylock talk about the common food allergies that affect brain function. The allergies Dr. Blaylock talks about are also as common or higher in children with autism and impaired mental function.

The allergies and their solutions will be discussed during my cure for autism seminar. If you are curious if your health professional is aware of these issues all you have to do is recall the last time your autism based health professional reviewed the diet of your child, for the factors talked about by Dr. Blaylock. All related issues will also be discussed during the seminar.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this short documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at

Only 20 spots are available.

Have a great day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

An Austism Cure - How Processed Food Affects Brain Function

Click here or watch the same video below regarding the overwhelming evidence that our food affects our brain function and our ability to learn. Children are more sensitive to processed foods than adults and infants are the most sensitive.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at

Only 20 spots are available.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Natural Autism Cure

All permanent cures for autism will use natural compounds because the tissues affected in autistic children (neurological tissue, intestinal walls, immune based organs etc) are made of natural compounds.

Have you ever observed a car mechanic demanding wooden car parts for a repair? No mechanic demands wooden parts because all cars are made of metal and not wood. To fix any problem you first have to start with understanding what is needed to fix it permanently.

The body is made of food, not chemical medications. Medications can only manage or treat autism. Learning what the words "treating" and "managing" really mean is key to getting motivated for a move toward the cure.

Treating and managing a disease means that the patient usually keeps the disease for life. This is hard to avoid when chemical ingestion is prioritized above giving the body what it needs to repair itself. (how much effort does anyone have to put into a cut healing, if the body is healthy???)

Patients being sick for life is good for drug profits and professionals who work with autistic children but not good for the autistic children unfortunately.........especially when one protocol has been so successful at reversing autism.

I remember exercising next to a police officer at my health center. The man told me of his boy who had extreme behavior issues, including ADHD like symptoms. After only 5 minutes I told the officer exactly what to remove from the child's diet. Only 1 in 10 apply any recommendations that involve changing what a child eats (I will review why at my reversing autism seminar) so I was shocked when the officer returned to thank me for saving his son. The simple recommendations worked in only 7 days and the child's therapist was dumb founded.

That therapist was charging this poor family for information that only made sure the child kept his autism and massive behavior disorders. Is the cure for autism that simple? The good news is that the cure is simple yet getting mentally positioned for change is a little harder...............and that is what my seminar is all about.

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. Mark Hyman talk about just one of his patients, who was cured of autism in only months.

The father of this autistic child was brave. When the industry who appeared to create the problem offered to solve the problem, his gut feeling got him moving toward a permanent cure with Dr. Mark Hyman. The father literally could not believe it when his son reemerged, in only weeks, from the darkness.

What causes the gut dysfunction and inflammation that Dr. Hyman speaks of in his lecture? All those factors will be reviewed in my upcoming seminar on reversing autism.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at

Only 20 spots are available.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Autism Vaccine Connection

The autism vaccine connection has already been discovered by leading scientists in 1999-2000. Your first question may be, "Why have I not heard about this?"

Leading scientists were employed to find out if there was indeed a link between autism (and other forms of brain damage) and vaccines. The scientists returned with a firm "YES", vaccines and autism were directly linked. Find out what happened next by clicking here.

For a full movie regarding the subject of vaccines and autism please click here.

For large amounts of other material regarding vaccine safety please click here.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at

Only 20 spots are available.

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A Cure For Autism - The Feingold Diet Protocol

Click here or watch the same video below regarding The Feingold Diet, a cure for abnormal behavior in children. Basically there are huge quantities of common chemical-based "food-like" products that kill the brain's ability to perform properly. Eat these products and you can facilitate brain damage in children and adults alike. (poison does not discriminate)

Visit the Feingold Diet website by clicking here. This website is a great place for parents to start with understand the role food plays in the function of the gut and the brain.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Cure For Autism

Click here or watch the same video below regarding several more stories of autism recovery. Today's clip is from the autism cure documentary titled "Finding The Words".

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Conventional Autism Approach Questioned By Leading Doctor

Dr. Hyman is a leader in functional medicine. Functional medicine is different than conventional medicine because functional medicine believes the entire body is connected.

All that really means (for example) is that conventional medicine believes that a type II diabetics' pancreas is broken but the rest of the body is separate and therefore OK. This is not logical.

Functional medicine believes the entire body is connected. Functional medicine's amazing results speaks volumes about their approach.

Conventional medicine sees a child with a learning disorder and does not believe the food the child is eating or the environment in general is connected to how the child behaves. In conventional medicine the child is looked at as being made up of separate parts. The brain is the brain and the intestines are the intestines but what about the science that proves the health of the intestines affects the brain? What about the science that proves the intestines are the brain?

Conventional medicine endorses the covering up of symptoms with chemical medications. Is that the right approach for autism? Click here or watch the same video below regarding what Dr. Mark Hyman thinks about the conventional approach to treating autism. (a leading North American doctor within the field of functional medicine)

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to this documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Autism Reversal Seminar

Click here or watch the same video below in order to view a clip from the autism reversal documentary titled, "Autism Yesterday".

Click here or watch the same video below for the first 26 minutes of the same documentary.

I am having an autism reversal seminar where the protocols for reversing autism (according to the documentary) will be explained and questions answered. Other videos will be shown. A juicing demonstration will also be given. Juicing is the best way to introduce nutrition rapidly into a child's body. (and an adults' as well)

For more information please contact me directly at

Only 20 spots are available.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Science of Good Luck....and Bad Luck

You cannot have good luck without bad luck. The brightest minds within the science of physics will tell you that the Universe behaves like a beautiful and perfect mathematical equation.

The systems are preset for perfection, almost like someone thought them out precisely with the goal of maintaining a system that always seeks to balance itself.

Inside these "life" equations are things as complex as anything you will see in your lifetime. You will also find simple equations in there as well, like the law of attraction or the law of giving thanks.

Basically the law of attraction is a law of respect where saying "thank you" to something or someone (and respecting people in general) brings with it what can only be described as "good luck".

Giving "thanks" is like respecting the energy and effort of everyone and everything that has come before you, as they literally laid the ground work for you to actually be living today. By thanking everyone and everything that has ever been here, we eventually go down the line to the first force that placed us here long ago. A sort of universal hug for all life. A return of the love that placed us here.

What the ancients understood was that if nature was honored (like honoring foods as Gods) or even if you gave thanks to those same foods before you consumed them (or just thanked nature in general) ............there was good luck coming to you down the road. They never knew how it really worked but they knew for sure it did work in most cases, so it was worth the time to try and harness its' somewhat predictable nature.

If there was bad luck in an ancient society they would often wonder what they had done to "upset the Gods" so they could learn from their mistake and avoid making that same mistake in the future.

Our outcomes reflect how close we are following these Universal laws (the mathematical codes within our genes). Our rewards (positive results) and punishments (our worst lives) are simply meant to help us learn what we should be doing and what we should not be doing.

For example, if someone takes toxic medications to try and be healthy, they will only get more sick. The sickness stays because the laws of health are being broken over and over again. Sickness will only leave once the laws of health are followed. A simple system of reward and punishment to help us lead our best lives.

Even if no science ever existed we would all know what sickness is because it feels bad. We are programmed to avoid all pain, at all times. If we are already pre-programmed to avoid pain and bad foods bring pain into our lives on all levels, I would say that is a pretty good system to produce our best lives. Wouldn't you?

Today we are sold fibs and that is why so many get bad results with their health and their wealth. Conventional medicine tries to sell us the false idea that breaking natural laws will make us better in some way. Obviously that is a fib and we know because their promises rarely materialize, if ever. By living lies we summon this bad luck, which is designed to remind us that this is not the path to walk down.

It does not matter if you fall down a flight of stairs, have a heart attack, are divorced or are depressed..........that is bad luck and it is clear communication that what is being done is not working. That is exactly the way life was designed. Do bad, get bad. Do good, get good.

Basically everything I am talking about, in one way or another, can be found in the movie "The Secret". All "life masters" have always talked of the same "laws". Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Lao Tzu. (and every wise person in between)

This takes me to my main point today. Click here or watch the same TV commercial below, which literally breaks every single rule of honoring these laws.

The commercial is for Nike and unfortunately it includes many main stream Canadian athletes who are going to the Olympics. This Nike commercial tells "fate/destiny" (the invisible hand of the Universe) that it has no impact what so ever in helping anyone become the best they can be. You might as well be slapping every ancestor, to ever walk the face of the earth, right in the face.

When ancient cultures talked about a "curse", this sort of thing is what they were speaking about. Spit in the face of destiny/fate and you just lost the best advantage you could ever hope for. Not the smartest thing to be doing when you are headed to the Olympics but what do you expect from a culture that honors nothing but the almighty dollar.

Who cares what ancient texts say, we are the smartest culture ever....can't you tell from our awesome results?

Throw in the fact that many Canadian athletes are also advertising for McDonald's (and other unhealthy organizations that break natural law) and you are basically giving the Universe the bird.

Since this ad has run Jarome Iginla has been in a scoring slump and his team has fallen form the top of the standings to a spot where getting into the play offs is going to be tough. Dion Phaneuf has been traded from a team, which considered him family, to a team in the NHL basement. What will the next 2 weeks bring? Lets wait and see. I am still cheering for Canada but I wish they did not insult fate in that TV ad.

Live your life according to these natural laws and listen to your body, as it provides hints to you (pain, depression, bad luck, wealth, a nice body, a perfect mate etc) regarding how well or how badly you are following those natural laws. Spell "live" backwards and you get what awaits you when you work against life and not with it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Magic Involved With Making Smart People Sick

In a society that can never really decide for themselves if something is right or wrong......without a third party letting them know what to think........let me state the obvious.

Having McDonald's anywhere near the Olympics is as wrong as it gets. Click here or watch the same video below to view a typical McDonald's commercial, which conditions the masses to believe that processed foods are associated with world class health/performance.

This is classic human shield effect advertising.

Rule #1 of unhealthy food ads..........never talk about the food because if you focus on the food, no one will eat it. Make sure to avoid the food and focus on emotion. Insert good emotions and the human mind will take care of the rest, conditioning itself to associate that emotion with sticking garbage into the mouth.

Find someone who quotes the excuse, "everything is OK in moderation" and look at them. (not just physically...look at them financially, spiritually etc) Does it look like they do anything in moderation. Seriously?

We have black boxes inside bobsleds, we have scientists developing never seen before fabric for our racer's clothing, we have an entire Canadian government/corporate program called "own the podium"....all designed to make sure Canadian athletes can shave off even a hundredth of a second during their event.

Then we have McDonald's inside the Olympic village serving the same athletes foods proven to cause brain damage, obesity, liver dysfunction and all other diseases.

Yes, all other diseases.

Not many other medical systems on the planet, other than the conventional drug and cut North American medical system, believes diseases are separate. In ancient Chinese medicine you are either sick or you are healthy and McDonald's will make you sick....guaranteed. If 10 people eat McDonald's, they all will show different disease symptoms yet every single person will be sick. What ever your level of health, if you eat McDonald's even once........your health level decreases.

You can even visit the "own the podium" website and donate $20.10 of your hard earned money to the act of doing everything to an athlete except the most important aspect of human performance.......and that is eating real, live, whole , organic food.

Boycott McDonald's and maybe start to talk about how ridiculous this really is. Click here or watch the same video below to get a good laugh. I am happy I'm not the only one picking up on how crazy this all is.

I have known athletes who ate at McDonald's while they stayed at the Olympic village. They didn't do well at their events. Shocker.

When you pass from this planet into the next stage you only leave with what you have become. Your cars, your medals, your mansions, your get to take none of it with you. You need to find out who you are before that day arrives or it can get really scary in a hurry because the only thing you get to take with you is what you have become. At the end, that is your only possession.

Teaching kids to eat McDonald's during their life time could make the last minutes of some one's life rather unnerving. Whom ever the athlete, they were not placed here to promote junk foods to children and adults alike.

If you are a young athlete, write your own book of rules before you make it big because this is what happens when you focus too much on developing the outer body and not enough time developing the inner spirit. This is disgraceful and it reflects just how far off the path of truth we have gone as a nation.

The picture below reflects what it is like to eat McDonald's...........not Patrick Chan playing "nice nice" with a thin Mom and her thin daughter. Eating McDonald's is the equivalent of calling the Universe directly and asking for your worst life to be delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How Stress Makes You Fat

Click here or watch the same video below in order to listen to fat loss and health expert Marc David explain how stress makes us fat.

I see many people every day who complain they cannot lose weight but are eating healthy. What those people never consider is the speed of their lifestyle. Standing up to eat, eating while watching TV, eating while reading the newspaper, eating while talking too much, taking 15 minutes to eat an entire meal, eating while their kids run around them for the entire meal (today many parents aren't too big on shutting down all TVs and making the children sit to eat) etc etc........this has plenty to do with stress and stress makes us fat.

Reduce your stress right now. Click here to watch a very funny clip from The Onion. The Onion is a comedy "fake" news channel that has a funny take on our society at times. Enjoy and smile...........nothing burns fat like happiness.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What You Don't Know About 1984 Could Definately Hurt You And Your Family........

In the book 1984 the main character was involved in the process of rewriting history, in order to make sure the population believed what the government wanted them to.

That means history was no longer history......history became advertising and mere propaganda.....all fabricated so that a small group of ruling elite could govern and control billions with an iron fist. Freedom gone and in its' place a new fake freedom based on "not knowing" what is really going on. Sound familiar?

In the book 1984 as well, you could be charged with "thought crimes". Thought crimes were any idea that went against what the government wanted you to believe. If you were caught even thinking a thought that went against what the government wanted anyone to could be put to death. (in the book 1984)

Now here is where it gets a little bizarre and more than a little scary.

Click here to see how the U.S. government has already laid the ground work for punishments regarding thought crimes. By extension this means someone like myself could be charged with multiple thought crimes regarding each article I have on this blog but only if I was a United States citizen.

Well, oddly enough the same forces are also trying to work around that little stumbling block as well by attempting to merge Canada, U.S. and Mexico into one North American Union. (similar to the European Union) Think a North American Union is far fetched? Sorry to be the one to highlight this but the papers have already been signed without the consent of any citizen, other the same power elite behind this 1984 style manipulation.

Click here or watch the same video below to learn move about The North American Union. Just think about the corrupt vaccine manufacturers licking their chops, waiting to apply the U.S. compulsory vaccination schedule to you and your Canadian family within the New North American Union. (against your will of course and that is what this is all about)

So we just covered the thought crimes and government manipulation of entire nations. Now on to the rewriting of history.

This year was a terrible year for vaccines in general. The false swine flu scare exposed the profiteering and corruption within the pharmaceutical industry to the general population. The curtain also went up on the government repeaters who cried wolf so loud that many will never believe a word they say again.

People like myself also came out of the wood work and educated millions collectively about the dangers of all vaccines and for the first time in a long time, many discovered the truth.

The drug companies and the government officials, who sell their drugs, are also well aware of all this so they started to rewrite history. First this group struck down a peer reviewed, published medical study proving that the MMR vaccine caused autism........thus removing it from history. This obviously resulted in massive protests from freedom and truth based organizations across the entire planet.

The other shoe dropped when the same doctor, who was professionally attacked for linking the MMR vaccine to autism, recently published another study concretely proving monkeys given vaccines endured massive brain damage compared to their non vaccinated counterparts. The attack on the old study completely discredited the new study of course.....and many sheeple currently walk clueless toward the abattoir.

Also hidden from public view is the fact that vaccine makers and government officials have already been told by their leading scientists that a direct link between brain damage and vaccines exists.

Welcome to 1984. Fear nothing. Stay healthy. If no one took drugs, the companies who do these sorts of things would have no money to do it.

Cell Phones Causing Brain Cancer - The Dangers of EMF's

Do you talk on a cordless phone in the house? Do you have wireless Internet in the home or office? (and think it is great step forward in convenience) Do you ever talk on a cell phone?

Do you live around cell phone towers or power lines? Do you know someone with cancer or more importantly, brain cancer? Well, unfortunately Electrical Magnetic Frequency Pollution from these sources is being described as the next insider "tobacco" like cover up.

Click here to read more about the link of electrical pollution to cancer and many other diseases. You can also click here to watch a great documentary on the dangers of cell phones and the low frequency microwave radiation that many of our modern "toys" utilize today.

I took my cordless phones out the house years ago because of this danger and to this day my friends complain plenty about not being able to contact me by cell phone. I have a cell phone yet rarely, if ever, use it...........and yes I still manage to make a living without the use of this device that many people deem absolutely essential for the "good life".

Life is about living and not about dying early. A simple rule many people are just not thinking deeply about these days. Avoid being the richest person in the graveyard or having the nicest car in the hospital parking lot. Count how many $40,000 cars roll through the coffee drive thru every morning to see how far away from reality many people are currently living. The nicest stuff and the worst food. Not exactly the good life. All looks, no substance. All about outward impressions and little about inner health. Take away the cars or stuff and what is left? Not much in most cases.

If you think radiation from cell phone towers, power lines or even your cell phone is not powerful then you need to look closely at the picture below where an artist planted several hundred fluorescent tubes in the soil around a string of power lines. Yes, the tubes turned on like they were plugged into an electrical source. (insert a gasp of disbelief here)

You cannot attain optimal wellness with these invisible immune suppression agents flying through the atmosphere.

Funny thing is that humans consider themselves as living at the tip of the evolutionary sword. Unfortunately you can look at that idea as either meaning humans are the smartest in the animal kingdom or it can also mean humans are the youngest (and least experienced) of all species on the planet. Being the youngest, it means we are more like children compared to the other organisms. If we are the children it also means that the earth itself is in fact our mother.

Anyone else thinking Mom is getting really annoyed and about to correct our behavior with a little spanking? There are many signs that spanking is coming soon and this one will not be as gentle as others in the past. Can't say we're not asking for it. Everyone needs to do their part to avoid the spanking. The first step is to get as healthy as possible.

Ellen is on Idol tonight. Wonder what Paula's doing now?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cancer Cure on Film - Some Graphic Content

Click here or watch the same video below that demonstrates massive cancer tumors being reversed using The Gerson Therapy. Such cancer reversal therapies focus on increasing nutrition and decreasing toxicity. Simple cures that work. Simple cures that are actually illegal within the conventional medical system.

If a conventional oncologist applied the Gerson Therapy to their patient in our fine town, they could be charged with medical malpractice and stripped of their license to practice medicine.

The conventional medical licenses are licenses that do not allow healing of the body. Those licences are very strict....healing is not permitted.....drugging and the masking of symptoms is all that is legally allowed. Break those rules and you are removed from the game, your 7 years of education and your $250,000 average salary vanishing into thin air.

If you were a conventional oncologist would you rock the boat by trying to cure patients of their cancers? Why mark yourself as a healer when the patients just keep lining up for the treatments that increase their disease state? The patients are not noticing and all your other fellow doctors seem to be getting away with it. Why risk your income and your family's security? If it ever comes to light how ineffective conventional cancer treatments are you just plead ignorance, site some drug company funded cancer study that refutes the observational evidence or blame the medical textbooks.......even though you plainly see that the conventional therapies rarely work on any of your patients long term.

These therapies (like The Gerson Therapy) that cure cancer appear nowhere inside any conventional medical text book and appear nowhere on any mainstream cancer charity website.

The cancer tumors are not the cancer because if they were the cancer, they would never grow back once removed. The cancer is the lifestyle and that is why Gerson Therapy is so effective at reversing cancer. The Gerson Therapy addresses the patient's diet and lifestyle habits.

When the conventional goal is finding a pill to cure cancer and pills in fact cause cancer, you would think people would start understanding that undeniable truth after 50 years and 1 trillion dollars spent toward the war on cancer.

War is such a male based idea in the first place, is it not? War has never worked at curing anything. The cancer cure finds its' way in peace and the support (love) of the body with healing foods and a less stressful lifestyle. The profiteers inside the cancer industry love using the phrase "war on cancer" because it subliminally conditions us to accept all the casualties of that war......because we accept those casualties elsewhere within the other wars we have started all over the planet.

In a violent society we cannot help have our medical system reflect our destructive and war like mentality. Getting a tough warrior like face on before the application of cancer causing treatments (like chemo and radiation) is brave for sure yet highly ineffective. Regardless of attitude, you cannot fight the destructive effects of chemo, surgery and radiation. We are all made up of live tissue, not Kevlar.

How silly will many people feel when they come to realize that they walk by the cure every day when they enter the grocery store? Plants don't have cancer because they have been around so long, they figured out a way to make sure cancer never enters them. By eating and drinking the plants we also acquire their immunity to cancer.

How will history judge a society where disease is created in the pursuit of curing disease? How will history judge the greater population who actually cheer leaded and funded their own premature deaths? Not too fondly I assume.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Children Will Accuse Us - New Cancer Documentary

In Europe every year, 100,000 children die of diseases caused by the environment. In Europe 70 percent of cancers are linked to the environment: 30 percent to pollution and 40 percent to food. In Europe cases of cancer in children have been increasing by 1.1 percent yearly for 30 years.

In France the number of cancers in males has increased by 93 percent in 25 years. In a little French community at the foot of the Cvennes Mountains, the mayor has decided to take a stance by making the school canteen organic. Here, as everywhere, people are confronted with the anxiety of the dangers of industrial and agro-chemical pollution. It's the start of a fight against a process that could become irreversible, a fight to stop our children accusing us in the future.

Click here or watch the same trailer below regarding the New French documentary, "Our Children Will Accuse Us".

Cancer is a disease of malnourishment, plain and simple. The only people who will tell you cancer is complicated is someone who makes their livelihood from the cancer industry or a member of the general public who likes repeating what authority figures say. (you know the type.........they say everything they heard on the news or read in the paper the night before like it is fact)

Cancer is life in motion. Cancer is a made up word given to a natural life process.

If you run up a hill and are out of breath, it does not count as a disease because being out of breath after running up a hill is natural for everyone. If I called it "Out Of Breath Syndrome" and convinced everyone it was a sign of disease I could make a fortune selling everything from asthma inhalers to motorized scooters that drive you up the hill.

While you may not be fooled if I tried that..........cancer is no different a natural process than being out of breath because you ran up a flight of stairs. Cancer is life in motion.

Understanding this "life process" is the key to understanding the cancer cure.

Raising nutrition levels is the only way cancer will leave a rotting body alone. For every molecule of "chemical poison" or "stress" that enters the body, the body will sacrifice one or more molecules of nutrition to neutralize the poison. This is how the defense of the body works and has always worked. When nutrition is low we start to rot and that is when cancer enters the picture.

Today we have chemicals in our environment (and food) sky rocketing and nutrition in our foods plummeting. Voila, instant cancer. Cancer affected 1 in 30 people in 1900 and it affects 1 in 2 today.

When an animal dies in the forest, many different bugs show up in order to decompose the rotting flesh. This is the cycle of life we all know so well. Cancers are the bugs showing up earlier than they should (in most cases) because the flesh is already rotting, due to malnutrition. Cancer is a "rotting on the vine" effect that we can easily see with many live plants. You don't need to be completely dead before the bugs charged with decomposition decide it is your time to go. (and their time to move in)

Cancer is a fungus and all fungi are parasitical organisms that seek rotting organic matter. That is why all cancer cures rotate around increasing nutrition, decreasing incoming chemicals and detoxifying existing chemicals trapped in the body.

Again, chemicals reduce nutrition and that makes us rot. A lack of nutrition in our processed and commercially grown foods also make us rot. When we rot, bugs come into the picture in order to place us back into the soil. Someone along the way decided to call that cancer.

It should really be called "Rotting from Malnutrition" and anyone with it needs to be treated with the foundations of health. (not an increase in nutrition depleting chemicals, radiation and nutritionally depleted hospital foods...........all that does is increase cancer and that is exactly why the cancer returns for so many........they never learn why the cancer started in the first place)

Refuse to give to cancer charities who avoid the simple cure of addressing the nutrition level inside a cancer patient's body. Refuse to give money to charities who actually have a hand in killing our loved ones prematurely, by constantly focusing on treatments that use chemicals and therefore foster increases in cancer. (stress from any source needs to be reduced for cancer patients.......and if they were taught these simple rules most people would never end up patients in the first place)

Move on and turn the page. The cancer cure is exactly as described above and it works in the great majority of cases to reverse cancer. For the times it fails, it is often not applied correctly by the patient. (i.e. they do not clean up all parts of their lifestyle simultaneously and often live by the rule; "well, one cookie can't hurt ya"......well one cookie can hurt ya and that is the problem.......eating chemically poisoned foods in moderation is not a wise rule to live by.........unless you want to be one of the millions of other "sheeple" in the line headed over the cliff)

If we had the time, I could be less blunt. Cancer now affects 1 in 2 North Americans so we best start getting this idea out of the garage and onto the highway ASAP. It works, it's cheap and it's effective.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lying or Truth - Depends Who You Ask

Recently President Obama received a Noble Prize for Peace after sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan.

We have Forbes magazine awarding Monsanto with business of the year honors when Monsanto is known to have crippled millions of people with their products.

We have Walmart's slogan as, "SAVE MONEY LIVE BETTER" yet observation proves no one is living better by buying themselves the lowest quality products and lowest quality foods on the planet.

Supporting the troops is now about sending them to war and not about bringing them home.

Increasing taxes is sold to us as improving the economy.

Invading other countries is sold to us in the name of fighting terrorism.

Being sick is sold to us in the name of health.

Cancer causing mammogram screenings are sold to us in the name of cancer prevention.

Organ removal is sold to us as improvements in functionality.

Non elected boards of business men (from the World Health Organization and World Trade Organization) are developing policies for Canadians without our consent.

Laws that limit our freedoms are sold to us in the name of democracy.

Laws the hurt our health are sold to us in the name of protection.

Charities who keep people sick for profit are sold to us in the name of caring and humanitarianism.

Education that breeds a type of conformist type failure is sold to us in the name of intelligence.

High wages that are taxed at near 50% are sold to us in the name of wealth.

Giving police extra powers is sold to us as protecting the public.

Supporting companies who can't pull their weight in our modern economy with bail outs is sold to us in the name of economic efficiency.

Funding for a hospital that cannot make anyone healthy is sold to us as a wise investment.

There is no doubt about it. From taking a Tylenol to giving money to companies who don't deserve to stay open..............North America is in the reality avoidance business. You can't do that forever..........and that is why trillions of dollars are heading off shore before the whole place goes up in smoke.

Here is a dose of reality that is well needed. Lets hear what this American soldier actually has to say about the war he just came back from. Truth so real......that most people who hear it think he is talking a foreign language. The truth is now heard by so few, that not many can even identify it when they hear it.

Is invading another country and killing innocent people to hunt for a couple thousand bad people wrong? Did you see Idol last night? I think Posh Spice was a judge.

I recently interviewed a high ranking government official (off the record) who said; "yep, all the non-sense, from American Idol to those trashy magazines, it is all meant to be like a shining toy to a child.......look over here.....look over there........and in the mean time we are doing our thing behind the scenes......that is how it goes down......can't say I like doing it........but they will only stop if the general public does something......and right now they are just sitting around enjoying the luxuries that eventually will be taken from them."

Eat organic food and get healthy. This is and was always the best defense against all of this. Fear nothing. Stay healthy. Stop looking away from the issues and look right at them. If not for you, do it for the next generation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad Food Impacts from The Neck Up........

"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid".........John Wayne

(if you cannot see what she has in her is a cigerette!)

I think we all have to admit that the picture above displays the ever decreasing I.Q of some people in our society. The question is, "what happens when people of lower I.Q severally out number people of higher I.Q, within any given population?" Well, you get to find out the answer to that question over the next 20 years because the food most people are eating has been directly connected to low I.Q and sub par life performance.

Click here or watch the same video below to hear Dr. Russell Blaylock explain the exact same problem.

Click here or watch the same video lecture below where Dr. Blaylock proves bad nutrition can do everything from making you fail school to making you a career criminal.

Don't think unhealthy food is that bad? Think everything is good in moderation? Think again. I watched this video lecture 4 years ago and still remember every word Dr. Blaylock said. It was that powerful an information session about what most people don't know about their food and how it literally controls their behavior. If you are not living the life of your dreams, what you eat has plenty to do with it. Just watch and strap yourself in.

Cancer Cure

Click here or watch the same video below about another great documentary I just watched (called ReThinking Cancer) regarding a cure for cancer. (watch as many films regarding cancer cures as you wish but they all offer the same nutrition based's not like each movie or documentary talks of a separate cure.......the cure is the same in each article I read and documentary I watch)

The best part of the Rethinking Cancer documentary had a patient battling with his decision to stop chemotherapy because it was making him so sick. As he approached his oncologist to discuss the issue the oncologist pleaded with the patient to stay with the chemo. (the only treatment a conventional oncologist will be paid to provide....other than radiation or surgery)

The oncologist then admitted something that the patient could not ignore. The oncologist admitted he had tried his best but had lost his own wife and his own mother to cancer. This helped the patient make up his mind pretty quickly because if the oncologist could not save his own loved ones (because radiation, chemo and surgery don't help the body heal from cancer) than he did not stand a chance.

The patient was originally given only a couple months to live and he left the office, turning his back on the conventional medical system that holds no track record what so ever for successful cancer treatment. 13 years later he is alive and healthier than ever.

Click here for a full page of information and great documentaries, which will teach you how to cure cancer. In the majority of cases it is not the cancer that kills the patient, it is the conventional cancer treatments that destroy the body's ability to heal itself.

The treatments of chemo, radiation and surgery just make the patient more ill and what starts off as battling cancer turns into battling MORE cancer plus at least 15 other disorders that the conventional treatments initiate. The patient's health declines at an accelerated rate with family members often demanding more medical treatment when their best bet is to just get out of there altogether. I see it happen everyday. The patient passes away and the family and friends raise money for the system that took the life of their loved ones prematurely.

When does giving money to someone who failed make any sense when the same avenues of research are the only ones explored with the donations? It's not that the system needs more money, it's that what they are doing just doesn't work. When something doesn't work you don't reward it with charity money.

If you give money to procedures that don't work, what do you do with treatments that do work at curing cancer? Oddly enough you ignore them I guess. WOW!

Again, the cure is already out there..........the big secret is that no one employed inside the cancer industry is really looking for it because if they find it......they are out of a job. Do you want to feed your family or cure people and be unemployed. An insane system where no motivation exists what so ever to expose the simple cure for cancer and all disease for that matter.

To cure disease we need to tell all medical professionals that they will be paid regardless if anyone is sick or not and only then would you see the cures come out of the woodwork. This way doctors would only work if people were sick and play golf (and be paid) if people were healthy. Today the more sick you are, the more doctors get paid. Not exactly a system that is designed to produce healthy patients.

I have a close friend who was taken care of by a government nurse when he had cancer and that nurse encouraged him to eat food that has been proven to grow cancer. My friend knew this because he read this book on curing cancer, so he refused to eat the food that nurse was endorsing....yet he never discussed his decision with the nurse.

Many months later (after his cancer was gone) he ran into the nurse again and they starting talking. Turns out she already knew that the foods she endorsed increased cancer growth and cancer spread but that was all she was "permitted" to endorse by her superiors. For this lady to get paid, she had to increase the chances of giving more cancer to cancer patients. Nothing important. Nothing to see here....... No big deal. Did you see American Idol last night?

Cancer is a lifestyle, not a tumor. If you cut out the tumor and continue with the same lifestyle the cancer will grow back. Learn what it takes to let the body heal using the doctor within. Don't be surprised when proven carcinogens (chemo and radiation) decreases the body's ability to heal and therefore brings on more disease. Poisons don't heal the body, they do the opposite. Plain and simple.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Cure For Alzheimer's and Dementia

Don't tell anyone but Dr. Hyman cures people of brain disorders (like Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson's, depression etc) on a regular basis at his clinic.

Click here or watch the same video below to listen to Dr. Hyman talk about the cure for brain disorders, that he uses everyday at his private clinic. His protocol works so well that he wrote a book that anyone can follow so they can cure themselves. The cure has been found!

You would think that the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada would be celebrating the fact that Dr. Hyman found the cure for Alzheimer’s. You would think Dr. Hyman's book, which teaches people how to reverse and cure Alzheimer's, would be for sale and highly visible on the Alzheimer's Society of Canada's website. You would think the cure would be headline news and that we could stop looking for that cure now and move on to redirecting our money elsewhere (like maybe even keeping our money for ourselves)..........but unfortunately that is not how it works.

These charities will never find the cure because they just are not looking for it. You can't find anything if you are not looking for it in the first place. Toxins cause brain damage and all medications are toxins. That means every new drug increases the brain damage that they are trying to cure and therefore the search for the cure never ends. A brilliant business plan but nothing more than that.

The cure was never lost in the first place, it is just hidden away from us by the companies and forces who pretend to be looking for it. The cure is simple and inexpensive but it just doesn't make any money......and that is why they just keeping hiding the cures away from the general public. The people who profit when you are sick and fat don't want you to come within a mile of any information related to you taking control of your health and curing yourself of all disease.

Disease charities need diseases to stay in business and like any business, they are not in the business of putting themselves out of business. Beyond the local "do gooders" who raise money by selling disease causing foods to diseased people in order to spread more disease, there are thousands of paid employees behind the scenes who depend on the disease to exist for their livelihood. The more people are employed within any disease structure the more votes you will always have to make sure the cure is hidden from view.

The more charity work, the more disease will occur. Just study Cornwall alone and the statistics are clear.

This corruption is already built into a capitalistic system and you just need to stop being part of it if you want it to go away. Good and evil have always existed together. Hunt the good and avoid the bad. It is that simple.

Stop giving to charities today if they have any connection with drug information or drugging anyone. Even if you give to a child's orphanage, find out if your money is going to drugging the children and giving them the worst food money can buy.

Refuse to participate in any fund raising drive where they kill people with bad food in an effort to raise money for disease. Raising money for disease by causing disease is just an insult to your intelligence. You are smarter than that.

If the people who are raising the money are not healthy themselves or willing to sacrifice their lifestyles to be healthy, why should you sacrifice your money toward their cause. A typical "do gooder" has no problem sacrificing your health (by serving you bad food at a charity event) or your money to get into the paper yet will often sacrifice nothing on a personal level to cure the disease. The people behind the fund raising are often sick themselves, won't read any books on curing the disease, will not speak openly of natural cures or do anything that requires more action than signing a cheque.

Be aware of the North American mentality......really good at the "spending" but really bad at the "doing". You can't "buy" health, you need to "do" health and this confuses many people raised to believe money can solve all their problems.

Leading by example is the best form of action to take so keep YOUR money and use YOUR money to make yourself healthy. Plain and simple. You will need YOUR money to make you and YOUR family healthy. That way you are the cure. Stop talking about it and raising money for it..........just do it yourself. Show everyone how easy it is and that curing disease has nothing to do with giving your money away to companies who couldn't find the cure with a GPS.

For more information regarding this charity issue that is destroying our society you can click here or here for other blogs I have written on the subject. This is just not about The Alzheimer's Society of Canada, as I could literally write about any mainstream charity and find the same or even worse, in most cases.