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Is the H1N1 Vaccine Safe For Me and My Children?

Is the H1N1 vaccine safe? Experts say it is safe but the same experts said the polio vaccine was safe as well. Did anything ever come up proving they were wrong?

Take for example this CBC documentary forwarding overwhelming evidence that the polio vaccine manufactured from chimpanzee kidneys spread a form of chimpanzee AIDS into humans. (just watch 5 minutes if you can)

That is now what you know as human AIDS and that disease has been directly linked to the popular polio vaccine of the late fifties and the early sixties.


This is common knowledge among people who try and ring the warning bell regarding vaccination.

You most likely don't know how vaccine viruses are produced but live viruses are grown on animal organs. In this polio vaccine production the chimpanzees where often gutted alive for their organs. The cruelty of this is another story altogether.

In this CBC documentary we have all the usual suspects.

In the CBC documentary on The Origins of Aids we have medical doctors caught contridicting themselves (fibbing) on video tape about what happened in the past and what is currently happening. We have the medical community bullying people against their will to take the polio vaccine in the hope to receive data on if the vaccine was effective or not. We have the general medical disrespect for natural life (the monkeys) and human life. (the people bullied to get the shot) We have the medical community inventing evidence out of mid air when they are completely cornered regarding the issue, in order to make sure they maintain complete control at all costs. We also have the experts (as a team) stonewall any attempt to question them about their obvious blunder.

Basically it is exactly what you hear today from the medical experts, "We know health best and you do not. The fact that no one is healthy from our efforts means very little to us here within the medical field."

If drug companies are the richest companies in the world but no one is healthy, how do you think they make their money?

This polio vaccine's direct connection to AIDS is just the start.

A chimp based cancer virus also went along for the ride inside that polio vaccine, SV40. (simian virus 40)

The remaining part of this story is for advanced readers only. Click here to continue............

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Protect Your Children from Disease

Protecting children from getting sick is easy but even the most healthy people get sick, so avoid panicking if sickness occurs.

In order to stay as healthy as possible you need to build health and that can only be done by applying the foundations of health to you and your entire family.

All people in the family must be equally healthy because if one person gets sick they can easily spread it to others in the immediate environment.

The easiest way to get healthy is to move toward an organic whole foods diet as outlined by Dr. Mark Hyman in his book Ultra Metabolism.

A diet of clean water only for liquids, organic vegetables and fruits, whole grains like brown rice, small portions of organic free range meats, nuts, healthy fats, legumes and seeds will go along way to improving immune function. The idea is to get chemicals out of the body and nutrition into the body.

The keys for a lifestyle that builds health and immunity can be found in this movie, this movie and this movie. This free lecture is also very educational.

The keys to a lifestyle that builds health and immunity can be found in this book, this book, this book, this book and this book.

Learn about the detrimental effects of all chemicals common this time of year like processed foods, aspirin, vaccines, Tylenol, Tamiflu, alcohol, energy drinks etc.

Basically you need to place food in your mouth and in your body, not food like things or chemical substances.

To the body, anything that is not food is classified as a chemical threat. All chemicals remove life from the body. That means you get closer to death or as they liked to say in the middle ages........poisoned.

Try to make baby steps toward better health because health is like money, you never know when you are going to need some so you have to build some up in your account for emergencies.

My child has never been vaccinated for anything and she is sick right now with a mild cold. Below is what she ate today in order to build her health.

Do you think my wife would cook all this for Sophia if immunity and health were found in a pill or a vaccine?

If visible damage from a vaccine is not evident it does not mean no damage was done. The chemicals inside vaccines kill living cells, that cannot be disputed. Why risk the death of one living cell? It does not make any sense. Brain damage only becomes evident when up to 80% of the brain is damaged. Why work toward that level for any reason?

You do not have a vaccine free clone of yourself or your child to compare to the new vaccinated version.

I heard someone say yesterday, "we vaccinated yesterday, myself and my children are fine". You really have no idea because you have nothing to compare that to. How are the sperm cells, the ovary cells, the cells in the eye or in the brain? You just don't know.

Chemicals cannot increase your immunity. Chemicals can indeed drive your immune system crazy but that is very different than being protected from the flu.

We would do anything for our daughter (obvious when you see what she eats) and that would include vaccination if it was healthy, but we have researched the issue to ridiculous extremes and it was easy to decide against vaccination.

If anyone knows the operation of the immune system it is the genetic knowledge of the body, not a form of medicine that has only been around for 80 years. North American medicine has no track record of success for the reduction or curing of chronic disease. Why bet on a losing team?

I do not trust anyone with the care of my money, my house or my business. My health and the health of my family is no exception. Myself and my wife do not sub our family's health out to third parties who only push chemical and surgery based solutions to diet and lifestyle based issues.

Even if you take a vaccine, the worse your health status is the greater the chance of vaccine injury. Build health regardless of what your beliefs are.

Click here to read Dr. Russell Blaylock's advice for protection against the toxic effects of the vaccines if you do decide to get one.

The list below is how my wife and I build the immunity of our daughter. Build health, not disease. Chemicals act the same in the body regardless of what name science attaches to them. All chemicals deplete health and deplete life.

Breakfast - organic cauliflower, organic boiled chicken in Evian water in a stainless steal pot only, this green drink with water and carrot juice homemade with the juicer in the picture above, raw organic sprouted cashews, 1/2 teaspoon of Nordic Naturals Fish Oil, Dr. Jospeh Mercola's Multi Vitamin, half a vitamin d3 tablet and 3 tablespoons of an organic mash made of (garlic, ginger, spinach, turmeric powder, sea salt, pepper, onion powder, fresh lemon juice, basil and mint)

In between meals - my daughter drank from a glass Thermos full of Evian water with one drop of oil of oregano in it.

Lunch - organic celery, 1 whole avocado to make organic guacamole (with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, turmeric and onion powder) with 10 organic Salba chips, 1 piece of brown rice bread with sprouted raw organic nut butter.

Dinner - organic broccoli, 1 organic egg, hummus (crushed chic peas) with 6 organic salba chips and an organic cucumber

Now, it may be harder for some to get there but it can be done. Start slow and build health. Don't go backwards and get into the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) or the CRAP Diet (Carbs, Refined Foods, Additives, Preservatives).

Building health is essential for the best life has to offer or one can easily fall into the medical trap that is being pushed so hard this fall in our community.

Any questions you can e-mail me at

Doctors Speak Out Against The Vaccine

Click here, here, here and here to listen to various medical professionals speak out and warn people about the H1N1 vaccine.

Here is some other good documentaries on vaccines in general.

Click here to watch "Autism: Made in the USA"

Click here to watch "Vaccine Nation".

Click here to watch "Vaccines: The Hidden Truth"

Click here to listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explain the dangers of all vaccines.

Had a employee from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit come into my place of work today to let me and my staff know that what they say at The Health Unit was the truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth.

This health care worker let one of my staff members know that she was highly educated and my information (including all the information given by the doctors above) was wrong.

The people at the Health Unit are great. They are all fine and caring citizens of our community. It is the mandate that is incorrect.

I challenge anyone at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit to sign a form guaranteeing any citizen receiving the H1N1 vaccination will not be vaccine injured in anyway.

We actually have such a form right here already made by a medical doctor who tells his patients to avoid vaccines.

If vaccines were healthy, do you not think I would be the first in line?

As for the lady from the Health Unit who entered my place of work yesterday....educated in what, is what I would like to know? Lets put to rest exactly what I am educated in and what people who challenge me like this are educated in.

I challenge anyone from the health unit to a competition of third party health improvement. Lets get my education out in the open.

Lets take 2 people of equal health deficiencies and lets see who can nurse the person back to optimal wellness the quickest. The health unit staff member can even set any criteria they want to denote what health improvement means. Lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar balance, body fat, body weight, bowel movements, sexual function, hair lustre, I.Q. improvement etc.....anything they wish.

If I lose, I will promise to close this blog down and never write another article about vaccines ever again.

Any takers?

Lets see what my education can do compared to any health professional at the Health Unit. They can even work as a team. It does not matter to me.

I will even use my own money and anyone from the Health Unit is permitted to spend as much of the government's money as they wish. No budget limitations.

You can literally burn as much public money away as you can to try and make people healthy with ideas that don't make people healthy. So just business as usual I guess.

'Health' Unit..........I have never seen the word "Health" so misused since my arrival on the planet in 1970.

What does the Health Unit really stand for? Health or drugs.........the general populations need clear direction with this issue.

If you can't provide health, take the word off the building so the people are not so confused. Call it the brith control pill, Tamilfu, vaccine, tylenol and baby formula unit etc instead. Make sure the people know what is going on in there.

Again, the people at the Health Unit are great. They are all fine and caring citizens of our community. It is the mandate that is incorrect.

The Legal Swine Flu Ambush Is Set

One of the foundations of law is that if you know something is bad and you do nothing, it is your fault entirely for the negative outcome.

For example, if air plane mechanic knows a repair is bypassed, he is now liable if the plane goes down. If the mechanic told the supervisor and the supervisor does nothing, the supervisor is now liable and the mechanic is now not liable. The basic foundation of liability law is that whom ever knows and does nothing, is liable.

Lawyers figuratively tell their pharmaceutical clients, "look, if you may hurt someone with a medication or medical device tell the person that the product might hurt them so you can either share liability with the other person or blame them entirely for being silly enough to use the product after they find out it can hurt them".

This is basically the reasoning behind all medication and vaccine inserts. Anyone injured by this year's swine flu vaccine will become painfully aware of this legal concept very quickly.

Click here for a review of the Canadian H1N1 vaccine insert from the exact vaccine that will be given out as of this Friday to Canadians everywhere. Vaccination has started in some areas already. It reads like a legal text book on dangerous products and how to avoid legal liability for such products. But it does not stop there.

Will the swine flu vaccine be carrying any live virus? Meaning, can the vaccine give the swine flu to the people who get the vaccine?

Earlier this year a maker of one of the H1N1 vaccines was caught with live viruses in one of their flu vaccines intended for mass distribution. The vaccine manufacturer said it was a mistake, so mistakes can happen. (if you believe that story and many do not)

The viruses are grown live and then killed with formaldehyde/ultra violet light but with so many vaccines manufactured and the standard testing periods for vaccine safety bypassed, how can we know if all the viruses are killed in each and every dose?

The manufacturers also have their legal protection preset if the H1N1 vaccine does give people the swine flu (due to it containing live virus) because they are already saying vaccine recipients will only acquire 90% immunity after 10 days.

If you get the swine flu after you get the H1N1 shot, all the government will say is either a) the swine flu infected you before you became immune or b) you were only 90% immune.

Basically a blanket legal excuse (shift of liability) before the fact that the vaccine maker will in no way guarantee you do not get the swine flu whether from the vaccine itself or from catching it naturally.

The leading Medical Director at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit mentioned the chance of a waiver in this interview on a local radio talk show. (interview #9 - 4 minute and 20 second mark)

If people must sign a waiver in line just before they get a shot the waiver document will be most likely paraphrased, the signing rushed or both.

If there is a waiver, it is just another device to force the liability back onto the general public regarding their choice to stand in line for a voluntary vaccination. It means, you are demanding it so you take full responsibility.

The government is also free from liability because of the alert status the World Health Organization (The WHO) has provided during the vaccination drive. A pandemic categorization allows member countries of the WHO to duck legal liability for bypassing standard safety testing procedures set in the past regarding vaccine manufacturing.

The WHO not only made the laws regarding member countries not being liable for bypassing standard safety procedures but they are also the people who decide if it is a pandemic or not.

Aspirin killed 20,000 U.S. citizens last year alone but not a word from the WHO. Vioxx killed 75,000 people world wide and injured 120,000 with minor fanfare from the WHO.

In this situation a group of unelected officials at the WHO get to make the Canadian government not liable for the damage the government may do to their own citizens by simply writing some words on piece of paper and defining those words anyway they see fit.....all without asking Canadians for any input.

Members of The WHO include vaccine manufacturer representatives. Legally that is called a "conflict of interest" and it is illegal and immoral. The old game of, "we make the law so we also decide when it is broken".

In regards to the potential of getting partially paralyzed like this lady who was injured by this years' flu shot or like these people who were vaccine injured from the 1976 swine flu shot, vaccine manufacturers avoid liability again by making sure doctors never categorize the obvious signs of heavy metal poisoning and nerve damage from the vaccine........ as having anything to do with the vaccine.

For example, the first lady's doctor told her she had dystonia (a rare disorder that seems to happen to some people who come within inches of a vaccine clinic - that is sarcasm by the way) and the second lady was told she had Guillain-Barre syndrome. Heavy metal poisoning or nerve damage from the vaccine itself is never given any consideration by the medical community who endorses the vaccines.

As for the brain damage (Autism, aspergers, developmental delay etc) often thought to be caused by vaccines, a medical committee voted against a link between vaccines and Autism but a breaking story out of Rolling Stone Magazine exposed the transcripts of a meeting between vaccine manufacturers to fix the vote and do everything they could to kill the evidence they had in their hands that the vaccines were indeed the cause of Autism.

In the end if you or your child receive brain damage from the vaccine that bogus and manipulated committee vote will be shoved in your face to say, "see, vaccines do not cause Autism. We do not know how that happened but again you are responsible for giving the vaccine to your child because you signed the waiver and brought the child here under your own free will."

This documentary explains more on the Autism/Vaccine subject. This video is also good for summing up exactly what is occurring right now with swine flu vaccine drives across the world.

Liability for vaccine injury is set to be off loaded and entirely handed over to the general public for a vaccine that has bypassed all normal safety standards. If you get injured by the vaccine or your children are injured there is nothing you will be able to do what so ever because in the legal field you were warned and you still took it.

Imagine getting hurt or having a child get hurt and the legal field actually is set up to say, "you were dumb enough to take the vaccine after we told you the risks" ........all at the same time it is obvious all the risks were down played, covered up or both. If the vaccine injury does not kill you in that case, the frustration and stress about what happened most likely will.

Lets sum up the complete legal ambush waiting for anyone who decides to go get the vaccine and then gets vaccine injured.

The vaccine manufacturer has warned you inside the vaccine insert, you may have to sign a liability waiver on the spot before getting the vaccine, some imaginary third party government known as the WHO told Health Canada they are not liable for vaccine injuries to Canadians because the WHO said it was a pandemic when it is not, the vaccine does not guarantee you do not get the swine flu and if you do get vaccine injured like this lady, this child or these people they have bogus scientific studies and fake disease names already ready to make sure you can never legally tie your vaccine injury to the vaccine itself.

If you get vaccine injured, there is very little you can do about it because the makers of the vaccines, the WHO, the medical industry and our own government have done everything they can do to make sure you have no legal avenues what so ever to receive compensation.......not even an apology will be tabled.

Why such measures before the vaccine is rolled out if it is safe and effective?

Isn't it time you thought about this stuff yourself.

I can't make the decision for you.

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Canadian Flu Insert Tells Canadians To Beware Of The Vaccine Itself

Click here to view the actually pharmaceutical insert that comes along with all the Canadian swine flu vaccines being rolled out as of this Friday across Canada. Some areas of Canada are already underway with H1N1 vaccination drives.

You are free to interpret the insert yourself by clicking the link above, as it is produced so Canadians can investigate it.

Notes of extreme interest (concern) are the following..........

1. "The authorization is based on the Health Canada review of the available data on quality, safety and immunogenicity"......currently no standard testing on quality and safety of the H1N1 vaccine has been conducted thus far as the standard tests applied to all other vaccines
are supposed to be much longer. Real results on the safety of the vaccine will not be in unitl next year.

Health Canada officials do admit that they will collect data on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine as the H1N1 vaccines are administered. This means the people getting the H1N1 vaccine are the test subjects and most are not aware that they volunteered to participate in that experiment.

2. "H1N1 vaccine is favourable for active immunization against the H1N1 2009 influenza strain in an officially declared pandemic situation.".......most Canadians are not aware but when the WHO (the World Health Organization) declares a pandemic situation it automatically allows vaccine manufacturers to bypasses the standard safety and testing standards applied to vaccines and medications in the past in each member country.

Just by using the word pandemic the legal avenues and standard human right violations against or involved in vaccine injury are cut off for people who get injured by the H1N1 vaccine. The word "pandemic" drives fearful people to the flu clinics yet the word also triggers a form of martial law and a reservation of legal human rights.

If you are injured by the vaccine the legal system is preset to state, "Canada was set into pandemic alert status by The WHO (a group of unelected officials) and had to place the safety of everyone above the safety of you and your cannot sue us because the WHO said it was too dangerous to test the vaccine before we gave it out but it was not too dangerous to give it to you and risk your injury or death".

3. The ingredient (adjuvant) squalene is included in the vaccine......Canada has never approved the use of an ingredient like this in it's history. Such ingredients have been proven highly suspect in many experiments all over the world for actually damaging the immune system by asking too much of it at one time. In many cases the exact ingredient inside the H1N1 vaccine has caused extreme decreases in health in test subjects.

4. Formaldehyde, mercury and polysortbate 80 are all in the H1N1 vaccine being given out to Canadians. The dangers of those toxic chemicals can be found in the list here. There is no magic used in medicine where these ingredients will not damage your cells or the cells of a child, senior, infact or fetus.

5. Mercury's links to Autism were questioned when a committee (a group) voted against mercury's involvement in Autism but committee members with no financial ties to the vaccine manufacturers voted that the link of vaccines causing autism was sound while all others with financial ties voted the link was not sound. A story first broke in Rolling Stone Magazine showing vaccine manufacturers had the reports in their hands proving a concrete link between Autism and vaccines but orchestrated the cover up. Watch this documentary for the complete story of Autism's link to vaccines.

6. "There is currently limited clinical experience with Arepanrix™ H1N1.."...this means no safety or effectiveness results exist at this time for the Canadian H1N1 vaccine. Those results will be recorded as the vaccine is injected into Canadians adults, children, infants and seniors alike.

7. "Elderly (>60 years): No clinical data are available for Arepanrix™ H1N1 in this age group. One dose of 0.5mL at an elected date may be considered".......meaning they do not know if the vaccine works or if the vaccine is safe but they are going to inject it into the old people anyway and make them the first group to get it.

8. "Children and adolescents aged 10-17 years: No clinical data are available for any influenza vaccines with AS03 in this age group. Consideration may be given to dosing in accordance with recommendations for adults."...........same as #7 above

9. "Children aged 3-9 years: Based on limited clinical data available for AS03-adjuvanted H5N1...".......meaning they are basing the vaccine dose for this age group on very limited data from another vaccine that is not the H1N1 vaccine (H5N1 - not H1N1) so again they are doing this because no standard testing results exist regarding the Canadian H1N1 vaccine. They are giving out a vaccine that has not been tested under standard procedures.

10. "Children aged from 6-35 months: No clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with AS03 in this age group".......same as comments from #7, #8 and #9.

11. "Warnings and Precautions -Caution is needed when administering this vaccine to persons with a known hypersensitivity (other than anaphylactic reaction) to the active substance, to any of the excipients and to residues" you really think anyone will be given this list of ingredients or a similar list and be asked if they are "hypersensitive" to any of them? Are you hypersensitive to mercury? What kind of question is that and how are you supposed to know if you are hypersensitive to any of them when many are known toxins and carcinogens?

12. "As with all injectable vaccines, appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be readily available in case of a rare anaphylactic event following the administration of the vaccine".........not too sure how this applies to giving the shot out at Grocery stores like the Health Unit has done in the past.......what kind of emergency medication and emergency equipment is going be on hand if someone collapses after the shot at an off site non-medical location. The same clause openly admits a fatal result can occur from vaccination, although rare.

13. "Arepanrix™ H1N1 should under no circumstances be administered intravascularly or intradermally"........with millions of shots being given in weeks.......the statistically probability that a health care workers hits a vein is high.

14. "Antibody response in patients with endogenous or iatrogenic immunosuppression may be insufficient"........this means things like Aspirin, Tylenol, other pain killers and immune suppression drugs actually shut off your immune system so taking those painkiller chemicals/toxins may not be a good idea when you are being injected with vaccine chemicals/toxins. I am not aware of anyone who gets screened for taking those drugs before they get the shot.

15. "Pregnancy and Lactation -No data have been generated in pregnant women with Arepanrix™ H1N1 nor with the prototype AS03 adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine"......meaning health officials have absolutely no data on how this vaccine affects women who are pregnant but they are going to give it to them anyway and mark them as a group who gets bullied into receiving the shot first. The female has always been a historical target of the male dominated medical industry. All the way from the witch hunts (women curing with food/natural items) until today.

16. "CONSIDERATION SHOULD BE TAKEN OF ANY RECOMMENDATIONS MADE BY THE PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY OF CANADA."..........I believe this means you are supposed to do your own homework regarding the risks of the vaccine even though the media and the health care system are rarely telling people any particular risks (other than the blanket statement that there are risks in all vaccines) and the insert is hard to interpret even for the most informed individuals.

17. "No data are available on the concomitant administration of Arepanrix™ H1N1 with other vaccines, including seasonal trivalent influenza vaccines. Such data are in development, and this document will be amended to include them as soon as available. However, if co-administration with another vaccine is indicated, immunization should be carried out on separate limbs. It should be noted that the adverse reactions may be intensified"...........meaning they have no data on the safety of injecting this vaccine along with another vaccine but the medical industry gives a full speed ahead to do it just means the patient will experience more side effects........the exact same side effects they rarely talk about in public but list on the insert so they are not liable for your injuries.

18. Here are some of the potential side effects listed in the insert of the Canadian H1N1 vaccine. These side effects happened during the short testing period with another vaccine (that was not even the swine flu vaccine but only one similar) on healthy people (meaning they cherry picked their test subjects - not everyone getting the shot will be healthy) and the vaccine tested did not even include the adjuvant squalene, which is hypothesized to be one of the or the most dangerous ingredient in the new H1N1 vaccine.

Muscle Aches
Joint Pain
Blood and lymphatic system disorders -lymphadenopathy
Psychiatric disorders -insomnia
Nervous system disorders -dizziness, paraesthesia
Ear and labyrinth disorders -vertigo
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders - dyspnoea
Gastrointestinal disorders nausea, diarrhoea,pain, vomiting, dyspepsia, stomach discomfort
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders - pruritus, rash
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders -back pain, musculoskeletal stiffness, neck pain, muscle spasms, pain in extremity
General disorders and administration site conditions injection site reactions (such as bruising, pruritus, asthenia, chest pain, malaise
*two instances of ovarian carcinoma (highly rare/potential link only)
*a metastatic malignancy of unspecified type (highly rare/potential link only)
exacerbation of diabetes mellitus and hepatic cirrhosis (highly rare/potential link only)
*a myocardial infarction (highly rare/potential link only)
*Bell’s palsy
*anaphylactic reaction to food
*polymyalgia rheumatica
*Grave’s disease
*isolated IVth nerve palsy

* denotes effects from a vaccine test that did contain the adjuvant squlene
*** we can also be relieved that the makers of the vaccine have decided that many of these effects had very little or nothing to do with the vaccine.....that is a song they have played many times before.

That was a quick review up until page 10 of the 24 page insert. I had to stop because I believe that should be enough for anyone that these vaccines are highly questionable.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Insert of Swine Flu Vaccine Leaked - Proving Vaccine is Unhealthy and Potentially Fatal

Where do you start in order to describe just how unhealthy this swine flu vaccine is?

Lets start with how one of the vaccine manufacturers admits that their vaccine can cause the following metabolic injuries. An insert is the piece of paper that comes with medication or in this case the vaccine delivery.

Click here
to read the insert regarding just one of the swine flu vaccines hitting the market.

Here is the list of vaccine injuries listed on the insert that the vaccine is directly linked to......and that is only what happens within the testing period........not years down the road where vaccines have been linked to many other chronic conditions included cancer.

*Local injection site reactions (including pain, pain limiting limb movement, redness, swelling, warmth, ecchymosis, induration)
*Hot flashes/flushes
*Facial edema.
*Immune system disorders
*Hypersensitivity reactions (including throat and/or mouth edema)
*In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions have lead to anaphylactic shock and death
*Cardiovascular disorders
*Vasculitis (in rare cases with transient renal involvement)
*Syncope shortly after vaccination
*Digestive disorders
*Abdominal pain.
*Blood and lymphatic disorders
*Local lymphadenopathy
*Transient thrombocytopenia.
*Metabolic and nutritional disorders
*Loss of appetite.
*Nervous system disorders
*Febrile convulsions
*Guillain-Barré Syndrome
*Myelitis (including encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis)
*Neuropathy (including neuritis)
*Paralysis (including Bell’s Palsy)
*Respiratory disorders
*Chest pain
*Stevens-Johnson syndrome
*Rash (including non-specific, maculopapular, and vesiculobulbous).

As you notice on the first page of the insert the vaccine manufacturer warns the person getting the vaccine, "If Guillain-Barré syndrome has occurred within 6 weeks of receipt of prior influenza vaccine, the decision to give Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks. (5.1)".

What they are talking about is that people taking similar vaccines in the past have become completely paralysed or partially paralyzed like what happened here and here.

Here is the best one regarding pregnant women, nursing mothers and it appears on the first page of the insert as well, "Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children less than 4 years of age. (8.1, 8.3, 8.4)"

Guess who the Health Unit is recommending to get this vaccine first? You guessed it, the very people it has never been proven safe for.......pregnant women and children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Yesterday I actually got to speak to the Head Medical Officer of the Health Unit live on the phone on a local radio talk show. If you go to this page, click the #9 interview and go to the 4:25 mark you can hear our conversation.

The good doctor states that thimerosal mercury derivative in vaccines is not real mercury. Funny thing, the vaccine manufacturer does state that thimerosal is indeed real mercury "25 mcg mercury per 0.5-mL dose" on the first page of the swine flu vaccine insert.

The doctor bends the truth to make sure as many sheeple get the shot as possible and the vaccine manufacturer openly admits to it so you cannot sue them in court that they did not warn you. That is called an ambush.

Not only is mercury in the swine flu vaccine, the amount of mercury is beyond the government stated limit for mercury poisoning. Many scientists believe there is also no safe level of mercury to begin with. So if you blindly follow government statements, that should make your mental computer crash.

In the same radio talk show interview (#9..4:20 mark) we also hear the Head Medical Officer state that getting the swine flu shot is based on "informed consent".

The word informed is based on the word "information". People getting this shot have no information on it because the people who make the vaccine and who profit when they give it to you are hiding the information from the public.

Most of the people I talk to think the vaccine is about health, safety, family protection and doing the right thing. They have no real information at all except that doctor's are smart and government bodies would never fib to anyone. These are the two foundations on which most people are basis their decisions.

Even on the Canadian Government's website, they admit that everyone needs to be aware of the risks before getting the swine flu shot and they say to read the vaccine insert but the insert cannot be found anywhere on their website.

How many people getting the swine flu shot actually know that the swine flu vaccine manufacturer admits the vaccine can kill you or paralyze you or cause all the injuries listed above?

The way people in town are talking about deaths from the flu, you have to figure humans are immortal. People die every year from the flu, 22-25 deaths in Canada per day from the flu at last count by Canadian Health officials.

People want to run to the swine flu vaccine to avoid the deaths but the swine flu vaccine has never even been tested on humans for more than a couple of weeks and regular flu vaccines have never been proven to decrease deaths from the flu in the first the makers of the swine flu vaccine are openly telling you it could cause all the injuries listed above.

You need to be build your health to avoid dying from the flu or even the flu shot. If you are not healthy the flu could kill you but the vaccine could also kill you. It all depends if you are healthy. That is the only protection from death available today. The more healthy you are, the longer you can avoid dying.

Do those vaccine injuries listed above sound like the vaccine builds health or takes it away? Don't forget to think.

If you have any legal background you will understand instantly that stating potential side effects leaves the manufacturer free and clear from any legal wrong doing when the worst happens.

Those warnings on the insert basically mean, "if you are silly enough to take it after you read all about are on your own because we warned you that you could be hurt".

Not a very fair legal system considering everyone involved is fibbing directly the public at every turn.

This Friday the vaccine lands in the hands of smiling health professional near you. Come and get it.

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis also tells me live on the radio about something regarding "a wavier" for this shot meaning you may also be told to sign a waiver stating you have been told all the potential side effects of the vaccine before you take it.

Are you expected to read that entire insert while 1000 other people are pushing behind you to get the shot? People will just sign the waiver and with that............their fate is sealed.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Last Stand - Monday Oct. 26th 2009

I frankly have never seen anything like it before. Friday's Standard Freeholder, from cover to cover, was a fully biased advertisement for a "for profit" product not proven to improve health or increase immunity.

Vaccines have never undergone the highest standard of scientific testing, as is proven below in the first documentary.

No studies are cited in the vaccine ads in the Standard Freeholder, just a "trust us" we are doctors and we know what we are doing sort of presentation.

If they know what they are doing why is the hospital and the health care system bankrupt and where are all the healthy people?

Tomorrow a hurricane of tragic news will sweep through Cornwall, virtually sealing the town's health fate for decades to come.

Local health authorities tomorrow will be reporting the death of a young Cornwall girl from swine flu. Whom ever reports this tomorrow will only be repeating what health authorities are saying, no investigation.

Many people I know in Cornwall have died while taking their normal dose medications.........yet no conference what so ever.

After 4 months of hard nose investigating CBS just tabled a report proving the bogus reporting of swine flu deaths. In reality not many have died from swine flu at all. The people who did die were very sick already with some having cancer and other major/minor health concerns. This was done by government bodies, purposely manipulating the data to sell the flu vaccine. Click here for that CBS special story.

Anyone speaking against the swine flu vaccine as of tomorrow will be branded as basically someone guilty of child abuse, hurting children, hurting society and the like.

It all ends tomorrow for even the most rational and logical people. The fear will grip the town, the vaccines will be given on mass to the fearful and then the guaranteed next wave of disease will hit from the toxins inside the vaccine. This incident could also seal the fate of the entire country.

As eugenics experts often state :the manipulation is exact, where you can get entire societies demanding and screaming for the products that will hurt them and keep them under the heel of the ruling class.

Any death from the mass vaccine drive itself will be chalked up to the swine flu as well and any massive brain injury, like what happened to this girl, will be chalked up to a fictitious disease, invented in the minds of medical professionals and designed to deflect any negative press away from the vaccine.

The lady in the video above has what was called polio forty years ago and now she has a new name, dystonia. Click here to find out why the names changed but the damage remains the same from the mercury in the vaccine.

Mercury is in the multi shot doses of the swine flu vaccine and you cannot avoid it destroying a large number of your cells. Any brain damage is only evident after approximately 80% of your brain cells are destroyed.

Don't have time to watch the movies below? Got time for dystonia, MS, lupus, Parkinson's or Autism? This has to be given real consideration. What takes more time? Watching one short film or the potential of death and brain damage?

If you use the local newspaper as your only source of information it is a guarantee that you will be enveloped by the fear and move toward the vaccine. I ask you to get both sides of the story before you move. Below are listed 5 reports on the subject of vaccines and what you are never told about them.

This is nothing really more anyone can do.

The stage is set, everyone knows their parts and the swine flu fiasco starts at a theatre near you Monday Oct. 26th, 2009. The only question is if you will watch the fiasco from a far or play a direct roll in the production.

Click here to watch "Autism: Made in the USA"

Click here to watch "Vaccine Nation".

Click here to watch "Vaccines: The Hidden Truth"

Click here to watch Dr. Blaylock discuss the Swine Flu Vaccine.

Click here to watch Gary Null PhD discussing mandatory vaccines for Health Care Workers in New York State.

Good luck and take care of yourself.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vaccines For Pregnant Women, Infants, Seniors and Children Never Proven Safe or Effective...Plenty of Evidence Proving They Are Extremely Dangerous

If you think vaccines are safe for anyone you may want to watch the documentary "Autism: Made in The U.S.A". The trailer for the documentary is listed first below. This documentary discusses every issue regarding the vaccine debate, not just Autism or vaccine damage to children. Adults are equally damaged.

If you watch anything regarding the vaccine issue, watch nothing more than this film. Make your decisions based on hearing both sides of the story.

Click here to watch the trailer for the documentary "Autism: Made in The U.S.A" or just click the same video below.

Click here to watch part 1 of the documentary or double click the same video below. The remaining parts are listed down the right hand side of the web page where you watch the first part.

In a day and age when this kind of information is available for the first time in human history, it is important people get both sides of the story given the damage potential of vaccines in general.

To think this movie is available right now and that today the Head Medical Officer of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit endorsed vaccines to segments of the population documented to be most at risk for vaccine baffles the mind and appears to border on criminal negligence given the mountains of evidence proving vaccines are dangerous regardless of dose or type.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Health Care Workers Revolt Against Vaccine

50% of doctors say they are not getting the swine flu vaccine and that is what they are willing to say when they fill out the survey.

How many of that 50% who answered "yes" (to getting the shot) will just avoid the shot on vaccination day? 50% underestimates the situation, only indicating what medical professionals will admit to during the time of survey.

Click here or watch the same video below to see the mass protest of health care workers in New York against the vaccine. They don't want the vaccine at all and a judge agrees with them that it is against their constitutional rights to have the vaccine forced on them for any reason.

If the vaccine was healthy...........would people not just want it without the need for mass advertising or by force? If the vaccine was healthy, why are health care workers fighting to avoid it? Healthy things do not need to be forced on a population.

The workers inside the health care system are also becoming painfully aware of what their employer is famous for...........making people sick and keeping them that way.

Click here to see a memorial regarding children who have been damaged or killed by vaccines.

I never see that website referenced in any vaccine information handed out by the Health Unit.

It is actually Canadian Law that medical professionals must verbally tell a patient if an invasive treatment can cause death. Vaccines qualify yet that warning is rarely given, if ever. If someone dies from the vaccine in Cornwall do you think anyone will be charged with murder or even the violation of that basic law of medicine?

The reason those health care workers do not want to get vaccinated is because all vaccines have been proven extremely dangerous. The swine flu vaccine has been proven so dangerous that leading health experts are telling patients to avoid it at all costs. Click here to read more information.

Seniors are most at risk for brain damage from the vaccine, as is clearly evident in this report. If a senior becomes disoriented and permanently brain damaged after the vaccine it is really easy to just chalk it all up to aging and not the vaccine.

After the damage is done, the victims are all alone because everyone involved is above the law and protected against prosecution.

If you think vaccine injuries are devastating, wait until the people who injected you and organized the vaccine drives tell you that you should have known better and investigated the risks........even though they do everything they can so you never know the risks. You will want to scream but at that is already too late.

Learn just how unhealthy vaccines are by clicking here.

If you vaccinate a child when they are 6 months old how are you going to know if it affects their speech when they cannot talk? How do you know if it affects how they walk when they cannot stand up? How do you know if it affects their brain when they cannot communicate their thoughts? How are you going to know if it effects their fertility when that issue is decades away? How are you going to know..... and why would you trust the health care system to be telling you the truth when there is so much evidence that they are fibbing every step of the way?

Want proof? Look out the window, no one is healthy. If someone is not overweight and diseased (now standing at 80% of the population) they are often overworked, depressed or dysfunctional in one way or another. Why are most people ignoring the simple truth and the complicated truth.......all at the same time. It baffles the mind.

When did protecting a child or ourselves become synonymous with injecting these poisons directly into the blood stream? Why do some people think poisoning the metabolism will make it stronger?

Trust has to be involved because no one who was told the truth about vaccines would ever inject them into themselves or their children. Do most people believe everything a higher authority states? Don't answer.............those authorities already have the answer and have known the answer for centuries.

"If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it".-------Adolph Hitler

Next blog I may even release the short video explaining why all this is happening.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl Paralyzed By This Years Flu Shot

Click here or click the video below to witness a very sad and unfortunate case indeed. A beautiful healthy young lady completely crippled by this year's flu shot.

It reads like a short 3 minute film on all vaccines, with all the usual characters making their expected appearances.

We have yet another healthy person who was completely crippled and destroyed by a vaccine. She is middle class, as that class is theorized to be the primary target for vaccines. The extremely poor could not be bothered getting the vaccine in most cases. (and that saves them in more ways than they could even imagine)

The free thinking business class have the easiest time understanding the profit and public control motivations behind all vaccines and the health care system in general.

This healthy lady just wanted to do her part and walked right into the line of fire, literally taking the time out of her day to get the vaccine that would eventually destroy her. I call this the "March of the Middle Class".

That strata of society is loaded with the blind faith and the belief that the government would never do anything to hurt them. These are all primary ingredients that permits deception to walk openly among us.

The fact that this girl also got the flu after getting the flu shot is exactly what people who researched this story were trying to warn against 8 months ago.

The fact that the flu shot gave this girl the flu is just brushed off in the report. If a window cleaner at Wal Mart made windows more would get tons of press. If the flu shot gives the flu when we are told it prevents big deal. The deception is exposed but no one cares, not even the reporters.

This lady has a paralysis consistent with mercury poisoning from the vaccine preservative thimerosal and that is not touched on in the report either.

The reporters do investigate with the FDA if that batch of vaccine was contaminated but completely ignore the idea that this sort of dysfunction is often talked of as the intended affect of all vaccines. According to experts in eugenics the vaccine worked exactly as planned.

Experts in eugenics have been drawing eerie connections between eugenics drives of the past and the drive to pollute the middle and lower classes with everything from vaccines to fluoride and from MSG to the birth control pill.

We also have your typical government repeater playing a starring role in the report. The health care worker at the institution that endorses vaccines trades her better judgement for a pay cheque, simply ignoring what she observes those workers refuse the vaccine 50-70% of the time......and you can see why.

The best actor award in that short film goes to either the government repeater who says the vaccines are safe or the person playing the part of the reporter who utters the word "rare" five times so that the public never stops demanding the very item that will hurt them. That reporter could not find the truth with a GPS.

The cycle that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talks about in this video comes full circle as the vaccine damaged lady and her boyfriend intend on heading right back into the system that literally snuffed out her life.

There is no doubt that the medical system will just drug and cut her into an early grave from there. Then the medical industry will misclassify her premature death as occurring from a ficticious disease name. That will keep future generations from understanding her early death was kick started by a routine flu vaccine. Never go back into the system that hurt you looking for answers or help.

Medical doctor Tenpenny discusses this exact "repeat business model" in this interview with Mike Adams. Dr. Tenpenny actually states that vaccines are meant to make people sick in order to keep them medical patients for life. A play by play commentary of exactly what happened in this case.

Ready for your swine flu shot next week?

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A tip of the hat to Nicole from Calgary for forwarding me this video.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Polio Vaccine One Of Medicine's Biggest Lies

Click here to learn more about the book I am reading this week. As books go in the field of health research.......this book is an eye opener to say the least.

Many parents I talk to, who may be considering not giving some or even all vaccines to their kids, get very afraid when the word polio comes up......and for good they envision children who are paralysed.

What these parents are not aware of is that the research proves a concrete link between ingredients in vaccines and getting sick/paralyzed etc.

What these parents are also not aware of is that what is called "polio" was actually first discovered to be heavy metal poisoning from a pesticide called lead arsenate.

The pesticide lead arsenate paralyzes the targeted bugs (the pests) and so much lead arsenate was used in the early 1900's that kids playing in the fields or eating the crops also became sick and paralyzed.

Some scientists were baffled why polio outbreaks occurred in July and August when all other disease outbreaks occurred in the fall or winter months. People were becoming paralysed at that time because that is when farmers started spraying the crops with the heavy metal toxin or when people started eating the poisoned produce.

Free thinking scientists identified the culprit as heavy metal poisoning from the highly toxic pesticides but there was too much money to potentially be made off the uneducated public, regarding tagging the culprit as a virus and then making a vaccine. Fear was the primary weapon of choice used by the medical community then and it still is today.

Also big chemical companies constantly pressured government agencies to consistently steer any negative press away from their products.

Why was polio around in the early nineteenth century and not around today if the vaccine was a complete fib right out of the gate? Get ready for this........

This is a prime example of how easily we are fooled and how you can learn the tricks of government manipulation.

Polio is indeed around today and it is still going strong but here is the big secret...........both the governments of the United States and Canada (with pressure from vaccine companies and pesticide companies) played the biggest game of "switch-a-roo" in human history. Both governments passed legislation so polio was never to be called polio again. With one law it was made illegal for a doctor to report any paralysis as polio.

Same symptoms, different names. This way the public would think that the vaccine was a success when the vaccine itself caused huge increases in reported paralysis, in the people who took it, because it was loaded with mercury. (mercury is a heavy metal just like lead in the pesticides and mercury is also in the new swine flu vaccine).

When the people given the polio vaccine were paralyzed from the mercury and toxin loaded vaccine, they were in turn told they did not have polio at all. They were now paralyzed but unfortunately came down with MS, MD, ALS, (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Parkinson's, Muscular Atrophy, Bell's Palsy and today it continues where paralysis from pesticide/heavy metal poisoning is now being called West Nile, Gulf War Syndrome and potentially even SARS.

Polio rates dropped because having polio was made illegal......and that is the story where polio can become worse than ever but the public celebrates the success of a vaccine that actually initiates more polio.

This information is purposely kept from the public to keep the least educated, the most vaccinated and medicated. More on this subject in the next blog.

Avoid taking the day off to stand in line with the other sheeple. Most people believe that no one could trick them into actually begging and standing in line for the products that hurt them. Watch for the lines of sheeple at a Health Unit near you for all the proof you need that you can indeed get people to hurt themselves and think it is a great thing to do.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Health Unit Says Take Tamiflu - Health Canada Says It Can Kill You

On Oct. 8th our tax dollars rented space in the Standard Freeholder so the Head Medical Officer of Health at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit could talk about ways to deal with the swine flu.

Here is a video and article (from the Standard Freeholder) that sums up the stance my readers are well aware of, in regards to local health authorities constantly selling the population the idea that health can be found by placing chemicals in your mouth or injecting them into your body.

Just look at the article linked above regarding how to avoid the swine flu.....there is absolutely nothing mentioned about living a healthy lifestyle. None, zero, zippo, nada...

Here are the results of extensive research just released today that proves vaccines are pushed mainly on "belief" and that vaccines have very little scientific evidence to back their use. Basically the use of vaccines is founded more on superstition than science.

That is not even the point today. The point today is that within both the Standard Freeholder article on Oct 8th and this video/article link, an anti-viral medication is also advised called Tamiflu to help deal with the swine flu.

Here is the odd 2005 Health Canada issued a warning on Tamiflu stating that out of 84 adverse events reported regarding Tamiflu..10 were fatal. That means 84 people reported problems while taking Tamiflu.........10 of those problems were that the people had died. Not to sure why there is not a better category at Health Canada for people dying after taking medication. Calling death "an adverse event" just seems to fall short a bit........don't you think?

Just one year later Health Canada had to issue another warning as people taking Tamilfu were reporting.... delirium, suicidal tendencies and suicide itself.

Recent news clearly demonstrates that Tamilfu's manufacturers used calculated fraud and manipulated science to get Tamiflu approved for use on the general public.

Basically, North Americans are so used to being lied to that there is probably little use in trying to explain that when the "Medical Officer of Health" in Cornwall promotes a drug like this without any warnings.......that it should be looked at as highly suspicious.

......and the story of how these chemicals will hurt your health does not stop there.

Oddly enough Tamiflu is only recommended for people who are really sick. The sick people get the most dangerous chemicals. Makes sense, right? Not really.

An unnatural chemical that people call medicine, which potentially killed 10 out of 84 people who reported adverse effects regarding the drug, is recommended for patients who are really sick and weak. Sounds logical, right? Not really.

If I take poison and my sick grandmother takes poison, who do you think has a better chance of dying from it? She does of why are they recommending this poison for sick people? Why do most people accept poison being labeled as medicine and why do most people think poison will improve their health? It literally baffles the mind.

It doesn't even end there.... Drug companies and the government repeaters are scrambling to cover up as much as this information as possible, as they try to move this nearly expired stock pile of Tamiflu. If you "Google" Health Canada Warnings For Tamiflu today you get this sort of report coming up.

The immense number of hits regarding a new dosage based Health Canada warning literally floods out all the other "web hits" that appeared last month about the 2005 "fatal" warnings on Tamiflu. It appears the new warning was designed to hide the old warnings from view because the new warning is less damaging.

The new dosage warnings regarding Tamiflu basically states, out how much Tamiflu you take because too much can kill you. Thanks for the heads up. Take poison in small doses. OK, I get it. Great advice.

When is the last time one serving of broccoli or cauliflower would make you healthy but two servings left you dead. People are not committing suicide around the world by eating 5 servings of organic food...........they grab for drugs.........because drugs are poisons. If you think a little dose of any poison is good for may want to give yourself a time out and not come out of the corner until you know why you were bad.

Not much time left now. The count down is on. Watch for the line ups of sheeple at the Health Unit and the hospital.

The common man's conspiracy theory is usually a rich man's business plan.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dr. Oz Gets Flu Shot But Wife Says NO!

Although Dr. Oz received his swine flu vaccine on live TV his family is not getting the swine flu shot. Click here to watch Dr. Oz admit that his family will not get the shot. It occurs at around the 5:00 minute mark of the video.

The main benefit of not being in the medical field is that non-medical personal have an unbiased view of the landscape. Medical doctors are heavily programmed from the first day they enter medical school. For doctors to admit that they have been manipulated by anyone (especially by the system they rely on for an income) is usually beyond what any ego can handle. That is just another barrier to moving away from many of the dangerous practices common inside the medical field today.

Just watch this short video as medical professionals and repeaters alike rush in to support the vaccine that killed this girl just two hours after she got the shot. Do you find it odd that everyone involved blindly endorses the vaccine even though it killed this girl? It appears everyone is already expected what to play their scripted part in the vaccine hoax.

You are also expected to play your role as "less intelligent" person, who is conditioned to believe anything a higher authority or someone with more education has to say. You are supposed to say "yes, the vaccine killed that girl and others but scientists somewhere say it is it must be.....they would not lie to us".

If you think the potential death/paralysis/strokes/brain damage etc from a vaccine is bad.......wait until everyone involved says the vaccine is still safe even though you end up in the hospital or the morgue. That is when you will be exposed to the harsh reality of what is really occurring and by that time it would be too late.....just like what happened to the parents of Brandon Holder and the parents of Lorrin Fink.

It is obvious Dr. Oz's wife is like other non-medical professionals who can easily cut through all the misinformation to know that any chance of death or paralysis is not worth it in order to avoid a mild flu for her or her children. She knows what protecting her children really means and she is not going to have that definition set out for her by people who profit from vaccine drives. A mother's instinct can prove vary valuable in this situation. This is also why my wife and myself did not give one vaccine to our daughter Sophia.

The companies who force unhealthy products on the uneducated population desire huge groups to be vaccinated so there are no unvaccinated populations to ever compare the vaccinated against, in terms of the brain damage vaccines are famous for facilitating. The Amish do not vaccinate their children. Guess how many cases of Autism are in the Amish communities? Click here to find out?

Regardless, no amount of proof is ever enough for the sheeple.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ads That Keep You Sick and Fat

If you get this directly from WHAT HAPPENED TO HEALTH, click the title to go right to the blog or just click "play" on the video below if you are already on the blog.

The organization highlighted in the video above is actually making people's cardiovascular health worse by not even touching on the high MSG potential of conventional soya sauce.

MSG is proven to cause massive heart attacks and strokes. Can't really get "worse" cardiovascular health than a fatal heart attack or stroke but that "cardio wise" organization is indirectly endorsing the consumption of MSG. A typical health organization making people unhealthy with fibs, half truths and superficial explanations.

Don't take your health education from organizations who don't have a clue what they are talking about. Click here to watch Dr. Russell Blaylock talk of the MSG/heart attack/stroke connection.

If you think you can find MSG in your processed are wrong. The government gave the green light long ago to deceptive food labelling after Dr. Blaylock's book on excitotoxins came out.

MSG is permitted to be under any name at all. That is right, any ingredient name is permitted to contain MSG as long as the MSG content of that ingredient combination does not exceed 98%.

If you are conditioned that the government has got your back on such may possess many other conditioned beliefs known as the cluster effect. The only place you will not find this deceptive labelling is in organic products. MSG is banned outright from certified organic products.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Doctor's Child Brain Damaged By Vaccine

Dr. Jon Poling is a brain specialist. His daughter came down with Autism right after being vaccinated. The government admitted the vaccine caused her Autism and the Dr. Poling admits it caused his daughter's brain damage.

I am sure most people are no stranger to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who has to be in line for some sort of award for being one of the world's most effective repeaters.

Dr. Gupta takes it upon himself to lead millions of North Americans away from a better life and optimal health by repeating what drug companies tell him on a daily basis. To say this man will make you more unhealthy with his information, is the understatement of the century.

Click here to watch the short CNN interview between Dr. Poling and Dr. Gupta or watch the same video below.

Dr. Gupta has been conditioned to believe that anything that happens in front of him is not true.......especially if he sees it with his own eyes. His experiences and his daily observations are not permitted to impact or override anything he has been taught in medical school. He gets his truth told to him, piped down to him by medical studies and medical authorities.

If a medical study came out that concluded the sky was green instead of blue, Sanjay would be the first to hit the air with the filtering and no debate.

Like a hand puppet (with the drug company's hand up his you know what) Dr. Gupta does what the drug companies have always taught the medical field in general. When a medical induced injury occurs.........blame the patient.

Do not let this orchestrated and fixed interview confuse you. The legal defense position against law suits when vaccines cause neurological damage is to bring out the phrase "genetic mitochondrial dysfunction".

All that means is that when you inject poison into a person's system sometimes their cells have a hard time breaking down the toxin. In those cases the toxin roams free (instead of being broken down) to poison all cells equally in the body. If the cells that control your speech and behavior are killed, you will obviously notice that right away.

Cells in the toe, bowel, eye etc would also die at the same rate..............but you do not notice that dysfunction right away. All cells die equally. The damage is never confined to the brain.

The 7 year conditioning term in medical school is ultra powerful as Dr. Poling still states he is pro vaccination and that is why he was purposely brought on CNN. People against vaccines are never given 5 minutes on CNN and Dr. Poling has been interviewed several times on the same subject by Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Poling is strung up constantly as the ultimate "medical trooper", still endorsing the very poison that crippled his daughter.

Dr. Poling is the best walking sales pitch vaccine companies have. The pitch they are hoping you pick up is, "hey, vaccines crippled his daughter and he still likes what are you worried about?" Proving again that length of schooling is in no way connected to intelligence.

Advertising has convinced 25% of our population to smoke even though it leads them to premature death and facilitates sub par life performance on every level imaginable. With 7 years of pro vaccine advertising in medical school, most students are easily conditioned in a similar way.

Never think that what we do has to make any sense because in most cases, what people are doing or believing today, makes no sense what so ever. 80% of the population currently believes that chemical medications will somehow make them healthier.........need I say more.

Have you noticed that even though the medical stance is "people with mitochondrial dysfunction are at a greater risk of brain damage from vaccines", that they still don't test any children for that "potential danger" before they vaccinate them? Not to sure what BS tastes like but that has to be pretty close.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctor States He and His Family Will Not Take Dangerous Swine Flu Vaccine

What happens when a doctor (who was most likely invited onto this TV broadcast to promote the swine flu vaccine) admits he and his family will not be getting the vaccine.......because it is dangerous and not worth the risk.

Well, the reporter has to scramble a bit. The reporter starts to play the part of "repeater" on cue as he quickly recounts that 3 other doctors he interviewed earlier in the week all stated they would get vaccinated.

The reporter goes on to state that, "we have now heard both sides of the story".....leaving the impression with the viewers that 3 doctors for the vaccine and 1 doctor against the vaccine is a fair representation of what occurs inside the medical field.

Not exactly fair and unbiased reporting as 70% of medical professionals have been shown to reject all vaccination attempts. Why do you think 70% of medical professionals refuse to be vaccinated? No degree in rocket science needed to understand the answer to that question.

Watch out for "repeaters" in the news media trying to pass vaccination promotion off as journalism. You can bet someone got fired after that report aired. Click here to watch the video or watch the same video below.

Needle $1......

Vaccine $10......

Ignoring the facts that the people in charge of your health are making you sick and charging you for it.................priceless.

Not much time left now to find out who is up to date with this information and who is not. Watch for the lines of sheeple (half sheep/half people) coming to a Health Unit near you.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet A Doctor Who Is Not A Repeater

Dr. Rowen is a medical doctor who is not a repeater. Being intelligent punched his ticket into medical school but his teachers knew there was something different about him.

His above average I.Q. immediately identified that what was being taught was not in the best interest of the patients. His core values quickly rejected the idea of doing something, he thought was not right, for a paycheck.

Regardless of how the general population are conditioned to admire doctors and regardless of the higher than average income conventional medical doctors receive for repeating what the drug companies tell them........Dr. Rowen could not ignore what he was seeing. He decided to finish medical school, as he realized he could do more to fight the system from the inside.

Giving people toxic medications in the name of health was not working and could never work. A simple observation that is lost on most medical students today. It was simple for Dr. Rowen. No patient received an improvement in health with what he was taught to do.

Get it straight from a doctor who is willing to risk everything in order to warn the public about why they just cannot seem to get healthy when they go into the conventional medical system. Click here to watch his short video testimony or watch the video directly below.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cancer Cover Up

What grows cancer? Leading scientists have known what causes cancer for decades, as can been read in this book.

Why is the public not educated as to what causes cancer? Simple, sick people are not only highly profitable (because they are conditioned to just keep consuming drugs and surgeries that make them more sick) but they are more easily governed in their weakened and panicked state. It is easy to bully the weak, the poor and the malfunctioning.

Control their health, control their education, control their wealth and voila....a society of unhealthy and weakened people....unable to take action.....even if their very lives depend on it.

Today people would rather take their place at the funeral home because it is just easier to die instead of fighting for what is right and just. It is easier to keep the party going than to lift the veil of deception.

Who is keeping crucial information about cancer from the general public? Would you believe it is the very people charged with protecting our health? If you think I am going too far, reserve your judgement until you watch the film below.

Click here to watch a documentary regarding the cure for cancer that many charities just can't seem to find............even though it is right in front of their eyes every single day.

Why does this information have to come from a fitness club owner in Cornwall, Ontario Canada? Should the cancer society of Canada not be showing this film daily? Should local oncologists not be giving every patient a copy of this movie or book?

All studies regarding cancer prove chemicals somehow cause cancer and natural substances can somehow reverse cancer. So why do the general public think chemicals (chemotherapy and radiation) are the best ideas for treating cancer? It is because we have been turned into a society of repeaters and not thinkers. We would rather be told what to do at all times because thinking for ourselves has been conditioned out of us.

Click here to visit the new Revolution Health Magazine. Click on the banner regarding how to beat cancer and learn the steps necessary to reverse your cancer.

If you have been conditioned to only react if your doctor tells you to............just close the blog.......and keep waiting. How much time do you have to wait before you take independent control of your health? What proof do you have that our conventional medical community can help you get healthier? If you are under the care of our conventional medical system right now, go look in the mirror. How do their efforts stack up against what is in the movie above? Tired of playing "hide your head in the sand" with the rest of the ostrichs? Do you have an urge to make a change?

It is never too late. Take action today.

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