Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ruling Class - Someone Found Their Playbook

How do you invade another country hundreds of years ago using religion as your sole justification? How do you pull all that off when some of the main principles of that religion are thou shall not kill or steal, do onto others as you would like done onto you and love thy neighbour?

How does a stock broker convince you to invest what little money you have left, into the stock markets just after they crashed? How do you convince a general population that injecting themselves with toxic chemicals (these ingredients in vaccines) will make them healthy?

How to you convince some educators that drugging students with behavior altering medications and passing them regardless of their performance lays the appropriate foundations of an educational system? How do you convince a population that more disease is the cure for disease? How do you convince a population that spending is the cure for debt? How do you convince the legal system to prosecute a poor person shop lifting food but ignore the billions in bail out money stolen right in plain view?

How do you bypass basic human logic and rational thought?

Easy, you just apply the simple formulas and equations from the above playbook on how to make people do what ever you want. In this playbook nothing is off limits. You could say it is literally a book of magic because you would think you would need magic to have people live their worst lives and then turn around and beg for more of the same.

Unfortunately magic has nothing to do with it. All it comes down to is studying how human beings behave and then making a complete science out of the findings.

Do you have any questions that you want answered because this documentary or the same one linked below has got some, if not all, of your answers. This documentary exposes the play book regarding how all this is accomplished. To say it is an eye opening experience would have to stand as one of the understatements of the century.

This video stands as the most watched documentary in Internet history.

If you were meant to watch it, you will be drawn to it. The first 14 minutes may appear slightly different than what you may be expecting but I ensure you everything after that is well worth the time.

To have the playbook of how we are governed as human beings should not be taken lightly, as it is very unique in human history to view how the ruling class sees and governs the masses.

Once you identify the sources of your pain and dysfunction, only then can you fight back.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Way It Was Supposed To Be.........

Click here or watch the same video below regarding the way life is supposed to be. This is a perfect prelude to the movie about North American life that I will be releasing in the very next blog.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Test Your Intelligence and Mental Strength

The more someone enters the North American health care system, the more ill they become.

What is the difference between going to the doctor because you are sick and going back to the doctor because the doctor is making you sick? There is no difference.

How the information is processed is based on the conditioning of the patient. Most people just blame themselves for their illness and never blame the doctor. This structure of self blame is based on turning a blind eye to a system that makes people sick for profit.

People generally cannot believe what they are seeing in this day and age because of these inherent mental barriers....

1. I don't believe I could be sold an untruth.
2. Advertising does not work on me. I am too intelligent.
3. Advertising is for people of lower intelligence. I am smart enough to know better.
4. If there was something that wrong occurring I would certainly notice.

Lets look at the situation below to see exactly how a structure of advertising gets people to willingly hurt themselves....only to have the same people turn around and demand more.

How do you get an entire nation to vote for taxing themselves when they are all bankrupt? How do you tax people's income at 30-45% and then make the public actually demand extra taxes on their everyday activities? this video (or the same one below) and tell me you were not already completely convinced to endorse taxing yourself and your fellow citizens until you rolled this same video.

Gotcha!.........that is how it is done. That video demonstrates how our worst lives are sold to us and how we are sold ideas that make us agree with our worst lives. To actually see it in action and to be part of it is an amazing awakening.

And there you have it (as evident in the above video)..............the exact structure by which you are sold misinformation throughout the ages.

Can't believe it? Don't want to believe it? That is also what the people who orchestrate these sorts of things are counting on.

You would have to first admit you are easily manipulated before you can come to grips with the truth. The first step in finding the truth starts with you admitting you really are not that intelligent. That is where all truth seeking journeys start. You need to admit that what you know is wrong or incomplete. I practice never thinking I know what is going on so I can see what is going on.

Using people's egos against is absolutely brilliant when you look back at it from a distance yet deadly for anyone who can't see it.

The lies are always circulated first because when the truth comes out second, many would rather keep living the lie than admit they were sold and believed in a fib. Just basic human nature at play......and all for massive profit and the creation of the new 20th century prison system.

The prison without walls, where we guard each other from ever telling the truth because the truth questions the majority's intelligence outright.

In conclusion our society is near the tipping point because we cannot admit that we are being lied to. Makes sense I guess........what is going on out there right now certainly can't come about from superior intelligence.

Gather as much new information as possible and move away from the mainstream media where all this occurs. That is the first step to healing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Basis of The Illusion

Regardless if the issue is vaccines, tamiflu, heart bypass surgery or even the recommendation of taking a baby aspirin once per day.......people generally believe these items are healthy although little or no observational evidence exists that they are.

If concrete evidence is presented that these items are not healthy, most people still side with their doctors.........against the empirical and observational evidence.

If the evidence was indeed taken as true not only would most people have to admit they were sold a false idea and that they hurt their personal health (while being sold the false premise of improving it) they would also have to accept that someone (somewhere) is actually trying to hurt them or maybe even calculate profit from their disease and even their death.

For most people this is the primary mental stop sign or the invisible wall that most people just can't get over. The last line in the mental defense system is always that people generally understand greed but not a type of greed that sees people and their very lives as "things" to be manipulated for profit.

Watch this video or the same one below to get a better understanding of what you need to know or order to become more clear on the idea that there are indeed people who see ill health or death itself as necessary for profit.

If a society is based on profit, the killing of the land or the killing of people on the land (in order to increase profits) is already programmed into the system.

Whether an entire paper plant is shut down, a Wal Mart wipes out a small town of its' entrepreneurs or drugs are sold to keep people sick for increased profit (or the drugs shave it too close and kill lots of patients) is only business. No one really is surprised, as anyone within the society is well aware that profit motives force people to modify their behavior for self preservation....even if they are good people.

If everyone thinks only for themselves the society is bound to implode. Just ask the Romans.

If the law allows it, do it. If the laws do not allow it, lobby to change those laws. If lobbying does not work create a fictitious environment (ex. swine flu, terrorists, communism....just create an enemy to rally the people) to make the public beg for what you wanted in the first place. If all that does not work then you use force, fly the flag and brand anyone who dares speak against this cycle of corruption as a terrorists, a communist, unqualified, not educated enough to provide a valid opinion, unpatriotic, a bad parent (in the case of vaccines), bad for the ecomomy, not supporting the troops etc.

It is just business and inside a profit system this is not fiction.........these are options and they have been for centuries.

To people who are programmed for profit.......there is no real difference in any moral calculations that increase profit and power. If you can increase profit and get away with are already programmed to do it inside a system that values profit above everything else.

Do you think a company has no problem polluting a river with oil for profit (saving money by not disposing of it properly) but will have a problem selling people drugs that make them sick so they always stay sick and need more drugs?

How about killing people outright to maintain profit? Can't believe it? Don't think anyone would do it?

Well, you need to watch this short video.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Profits from All Types of Dysfunction?

What does a bankrupt hospital, a bankrupt patient and any world government have in common? The answer is debt.

When things are bad, debt goes up. How do you think world bankers vote regarding the need for vaccinations when every country considering giving them out are already billions in debt? How do you think world bankers vote in regards to going to war in the middle east?

Do bankers want the soldiers or hospital patients healthy? The question for the banker is..."does health create debt or does disease create debt?"

Find a family that has encountered disease in your community. Now trace that family's accumulation of debt regarding everything from asking family members for loans, charity drives in their honor, (asking the general public to pitch in) government payments while not working, insurance payouts and the hundreds of thousands of dollars leaving the medical system via treatments, surgeries, staff wages, medications etc.

Now add on top of all that debt the fact that a diseased member of society cannot provide the services they once provided to that society (work), the spouse not working, the car trips to specialists, the potential funeral cost, the disease causing stress experienced by all people involved etc. Can you see the debt? Who benefits from all types of dysfunction?

When a hospital is bankrupt, when a nation is bankrupt or when a person is bankrupt those situations used to be clear signs that things were not working. To world bankers these are signs that things are working perfectly.

The profit behind debt is why there is such a big push to maintain medical systems that create illness, wars that create war, education systems that do not educate, justice systems that have no teeth and banking systems that do not restrict debt to people who cannot pay it back. (just force the government to repay the debt and then in turn tax the people to recoup the comes the HST)

The main stumbling block to understanding the extent of these ideas is usually a widely held mental defense position based on something like this........."I can understand greed for sure but I have a hard time believing some people would hurt or even kill others for money. My intelligence would pick that up quickly if it was happening".

Click here to watch a movie trailer regarding the unhealthy treatment of all troops stationed in the middle east. Click here if you want to watch the full movie.

Click here to watch a report about a highly dangerous (and often fatal) medication given to soldiers after they return from duty.

Click here to learn how some soldiers were placed in harms way in order to save money, while they were serving their country. If you can believe it, the company hurting the soldiers is owned by the vice president of the United States.

Were the reasons for the war legitimate? Click here and judge for yourself regarding the information that was kept from you.

Can you see the debt regarding the initial plan and then the extra debt the dysfunctional people produce after they participate within the plan.

A mental detainment camp now exists for many in our society that goes well beyond just turning a blind eye to what is occurring. We are now at a crossroads, staring out at a prison that has no walls. A mental prison where escape can happen at anytime but people are just so used to thinking within the limited space that escape is terrifying yet necessary for survival in the upcoming years.

There are 4 walls in the mental prison. The walls often consist of mental constructs such as....

1. I don't believe I could be sold an untruth.
2. Advertising does not work on me. I am too intelligent.
3. Advertising is for people of lower intelligence. I am smart enough to know better.
4. If there was something that wrong occurring I would certainly notice.

How do you get people believing one thing when the complete opposite is happening? How do you change the definition of the word "health care" to a new definition that means disease and premature death? How do you advertise in a way that makes people beg for the products that will hurt them? How do you make people work for next to nothing, tax what little money they make (in order to service the government's interest on debt) and leave people wanting more of the same?

How do you change the definition of the word "education" to a definition that involves passing children regardless of their performance? How do you convince a society that health can be picked up on the way home in the form of a vaccine? How do you convince a society that spending is the cure for debt? How do you convince a society that war will bring about stability and peace?

How do you convince a society that when you fail you deserve a raise, million dollar bonus or bailout? How do you convince people disease is the cure for disease? How do you sell a society their worst life and have them begging for more?

More importantly..............what is the exact structure that convinces the majority to endorse that system and label anyone not backing it as the enemy?

When did overweight, medicated, diseased, bankrupt, depressed, divorced, addicted and spiritually void become the life most apt to be valued, protected and defended.

When was the switch made?

How was this accomplished?

What groups are behind it?

I will link a movie this week, which will explain everything. This has been going on much longer than you may believe.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Child's Health in 2010

Click here to learn how the Monsanto chemical company forced an unhealthy medication into the food supply. A medication directed toward a food product heavily consumed by children. (as Canadians there is nothing to say this product is not being used in our food supply right now)

Click here to learn how the same company is hurting the health of your children, right here in Canada. The Canadian government has passed laws to let this happen.

Click here to learn about the thousands of toxins affecting our children today.

Click here to watch what happened to school kids when they removed chemicals from their eating habits for only 1-2 weeks.

Click here to learn about how processed food is concretely proven to initiate criminal and anti social behavior.

Click here to learn about how Health Canada fired prominent doctors who tried to protect your children from the toxin highlighted in the first video above.

First our government approves the foods that hurt the children and then they move toward drugging the symptoms of a bad diet with toxic medication. Click here and here to learn more about the medications designed to hurt our children's health and their ability to operate independently from government intervention.

Tamilfu is a medication now being handed out to almost everyone entering our hospitals, including many children. Click here and tell me if you think Tamiflu sounds safe? Is it just me or does death as a possible side effect sound extreme, given it is a medication marketed as making your flu last 6 days instead of 7 days?

Click here to watch a leading pediatrician come forward to warn parents about the unhealthy effects of all vaccinations for children.

There is generally a hierarchy of belief or growth with this sort of information.

1. Denial or ignoring that it is even happening and being at peace with oneself.
2. Starting to listen, down playing the dangers, still participating in the system but still believing solutions for the potential problems will come from the same parties who profit from the problems.
3. Coming to an understanding that these issues are happening but not seeing the web that connects all the issues and not seeing how our own actions are feeding the system, which in turn hurts all of us on every level.
4. Coming to a full understanding of the web that connects these issues.
5. After seeing the web connecting all these issues coming to an understanding that these issues are not only orchestrated purposely and deliberately but the end goal will only now accelerate given that the people hurting our health are starting to know that we know what they are doing.
6. Denial or ignoring. (denying the system of the food/money that feeds it and ignoring what everyone else is doing.....yet still hoping others make it to step 6 before a crucial tipping point is reached.........and being at peace with oneself either way.......)

The starting point and the end points are nearly identical, which is the meaning behind the Chinese symbol known as yin and yang. What starts as one thing evolves over time into the exact opposite and then again into the same starting condition. Basically just meaning history repeats itself and nothing lasts forever........not even the corruption behind the stories listed above.

Later this week I will release a movie, which will demonstrate everything you need to know in order to make your way to level 6. A more perfectly made explanation of what is happening in our world today simply does not exist.

If you were meant to watch it, you will know.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health News and Fun Stuff

Click here or watch the same video above regarding what the human body can really do. For more amazing humans click here, here or here.

Click here to see the Polish Health Minister say what everyone else is already saying about the swine flu vaccine.

Eating less healthy fat actually makes you fat. Click here to see how all the "low fat/no fat" non sense started.

Click here to see a leading pediatrician talk about the dangers in vaccines, parents are not told about by their conventional medical doctor.

Cholesterol is healthy and lowering cholesterol with statins only worsens health. Click here to get your free cholesterol report.

What are drug companies and North American governments most afraid of? Click here to find out.

What do you do with a 2 block farm in down town L.A. that feeds thousands of families and teaches people to be healthy? You bulldoze the life giving garden to make room for a Wal Mart.

Click here to meet Jane Burgermeister. She is the reporter who filed charges in world court accusing drug companies and certain government figures of planting the swine flu virus in Mexico, planting live viruses in vaccines (and being caught doing so) and planning changes of law that decreases a person's right to be healthy.

Click here to learn about one of the exact laws Jane Bugermeister is talking about in Canada, which severely limits or eliminates your ability to purchase supplements clinically proven to improve your health.

Click here and here for the 2 new taxes that are set to close at least 25% of fitness clubs across Ontario and BC.

The only way to fight any of this is for all North Americans to get healthy and stop using drugs. The food that feeds this system (the profit involved with people being sick and the huge profit involved with keeping them sick) needs to be removed. There is no other solution.

It is important to understand that the health of your children and your grandchildren are being set right now. Our youth do not need more Christmas toys or junk food. They need all of us to wake up and take notice that we are being surrounded slowly by new laws, which will enslave the next generation.

When my daughter asks me what I was doing during our society's transition out of freedom and into forced drugging I will be able to tell her I did my part to stop it.

This is not a time for more TV, more spending, more mindless celebration and more following the crowd. Action is needed when there is still time.

Avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quitting Smoking - Should You Talk To Your Doctor?

If you want to quit smoking, should you talk to your doctor about drugs that help? A situation that is described in this 30 second commercial and in the same video below.

Click here or watch the same commercial below to see a 1 minute TV ad, which started millions of people across North America smoking in the first place.

Here is how this works..........

Disempower a population where they believe they cannot achieve anything without third party interference. Condition a population to believe that help comes in the form of a pill, only available from said third parties. Continuously advertise in ways that creates distance between patients and the idea that they can indeed cure themselves with the foundations of health. (clean water, relaxation, exercise, organic food, love, intellectual growth and the avoidance of all chemicals)

Condition the third party prescribers of the drugs to never question any teachings from their governing boards (even if learned information is hurting their patients when the information is supposed to be helping the patients) and then make sure drug manufacturers control the information coming from said governing boards. Fire, pressure and bully doctors who do not tow the company line.

Financially reward doctors who lie, cheat and hurt their patients with the best jobs, large salaries, research grants and admiration going to the medical professionals who blaze new trails of corruption.

When the drugs sold in the name of health kill patients just apologize, deflect, fib some more, pay some fines and tell people it will not happen again.

Stake ownership over medical based areas of people's lives and also non medical areas like feeding children, quitting smoking, pregnancy, menopause, immunity, fertility, aging, baldness etc. Create demand where no demand existed before by developing an attitude that "medicine knows best" although all observational evidence points clearly to the exact opposite.

Employ hundreds of thousands of people either directly or indirectly within said industry in order to make sure good people turn a blind eye to the more than obvious unhealthy effects of toxic drugs and unnecessary surgeries. Then target said workers as the first in line for unhealthy products like vaccines for example, literally using the fear of employment repercussions to force good people into hurting themselves, their families and their fellow citizens.

All the while creating an educational system where entrepreneurial spirit is undermined thus leaving most people scrambling for the very jobs that perpetuate the entire system.

Help create the problem (by telling people to smoke from 1950-1965 etc) and then offer the solution to the disempowered masses. (with the medication to get people to stop smoking).........even when proof exists that smoking is a nutrition based issues and not a medication based issue. Smokers smoke because they are malnourished not because they are not getting enough toxic medication.

Starting to understand the way North American medicine operates?

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Inspired For Your Best Life

Click here or watch the same video below for an experience you have to see to believe. Get inspired for your best life.

In regards to this man's brother, it most likely did not have to be the case. Please watch this on line presentation, read this book or watch this movie in order to learn that you can indeed take control of your health and beat cancer.

When a person dies during cancer treatment the death is always attributed to the cancer, while within the medical field itself the toxicity of the cancer treatments are what are widely known to cause the death.

With death counts from cancer exaggerated and death from medical interference itself rarely mentioned, the fear that feeds the march into an often fatal system is perpetuated. That is where we are today.

This is similar to the H1N1 fear based structure, where some H1N1 deaths were not confirmed as H1N1, yet they were still used to sell the vaccine to many people conditioned to believe that medical interference poses little risk.

Some people listed by the government as dying from flu like symptoms were also provided Tamilfu by government sanctioned medical professionals who were following government endorsed treatment protocols. Tamilfu is a medication proven to be fatal in even small population samples.

The same patients may or may not have also been taking previous medications where sudden death is listed as a side effect like the use of asthma inhalers, painkillers, cough syrups etc.

The government has so far not investigated or reported some very obvious cases where drugs with fatal side effect warnings were given to Canadians (by the medical system itself) only hours before their death ....other than using the death to promote fear and the sales of vaccines.

Vaccines are linked to so many short term and long term side effects that they can't be listed in this blog.

Try to avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time. (try to avoid paying attention to your health only when you get sick and also believing chemicals are the right avenue when said illness comes about)

With the deaths never being reported properly, the public are further conditioned away from the idea that chemicals can cause disease and early death.

If Tamiflu related death can potentially be spun into a fatality based on coincidence or other health issues, which are in fact are known and listed side effects from the prescribed medications, it is easy to see how even the most radical vaccine injury or vaccine related death may not be reported to the general public.

Vaccine reaction reporting, back to the government, is voluntary for medical professionals and not even mandatory.

I know several people in the Cornwall area already vaccine injured from the H1N1 vaccine. Why do you think you have not heard about those injuries in the mainstream media?

The death of a vaccinated infant child will be reported to the public as crib death/SIDS. If a vaccinated infant (given the shot at 6 months of age) cannot walk after maturing past one year of age.... that condition will be blamed on a disease name unconnected with the vaccine. The death of a senior when their lungs fail, days after vaccination, will be reported as death from pneumonia etc etc.

The fear not only drives people into this system but also deactivates the part of the brain associated with high I.Q.. The fear also aids in the mind's inability to recognize the deception.

The medical industry knows that if everyone gets off drugs and awakens the part of the brain governing logical thought, the jig is up.........and people will be going to jail....if not much worse.

The people selling us death and disease in the name of health need the vaccine and other chemicals just to assure their safety. Targeting the next generations of males, by vaccinating pregnant women and young children, assures future safety from the violent and rebellious repercussions history is famous for....directed toward the ruling class when they cross the line like this.

Articles like this, which spread what this side believes is the truth, are also now the target of proposed government laws that will shut down your Internet access to them. They want the gun loaded when the masses wake up......if they ever do. They now know that more of you know what is going on.

It was never about the H1N1 vaccine. The people who push chemicals need to get more and more chemicals into the people in order for them to never develop the ability to figure this all out.

Not many in our toxic society are even aware of what their true potential is.

First create the problem (a flu pandemic that never existed what so ever), get the people stampeding in fear, step up quickly with a medical solution, have the taxpayers transfer huge sums of money to a small number of select companies and then use chemicals against the population in order to keep people as far away from the process as possible.

The game is to deflect all negative associations away from the medical industry in order perpetuate our society's love affair with pills, quick fixes and the idea of getting something for nothing. (acquiring health without doing anything healthy)

Isn't it time you made a move toward your best life? What ever you do, you need health to do it well.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Is The Government Paying For The H1N1 Vaccine?

How is the government paying for the H1N1 vaccine? They aren' are. Have you witnessed all the full page ads in local newspapers across Canada selling vaccines to the general public?

Do you remember the last time that the federal government took out a full page ad trying to convince Canadians to eat more broccoli and cauliflower? Do you remember? Remember when the Eastern Ontario Health Unit took out that full page ad trying to promote exercise and the foundations of health? (clean water, sun shine exposure, relaxation, family time, organic foods) What about that full page ad on breast feeding and proper nutrition for mother and baby? Do you remember that? Of course you don't.....because it never happened.

For everyone in the Canadian province of Ontario, the new HST is the tax that will help funnel what little money you call your own off to international drug companies. These drug companies are not only the richest companies in the world, our own government agreed that if the untested vaccine hurts any Canadians that the drug companies are not liable for any vaccine injuries.

Why run a business with all those ancient concepts like "incurring expenses" in the promotion and distribution of your goods and services? Why incur any expenses at all when you can high-jack an entire country's bank account and distribution system at no charge. All profit, no expenses. Great for drug companies....not good for Canadians.

That means if someone happens to get vaccine injured and they do sue the vaccine manufacturer and win, the Canadian government (you as the taxpayer) pays again. When the injured person can't work you pay again and when that person's spouse can't work because of the burden to care for their pay again. You pay for the wheel chair, the home care, the wheel chair ramp, the medications, the day care for the children, the motorized scooter, the new government buildings dealing with vaccine injuries and the new government workers inside said building who are paid to make sure everyone in that town knows that vaccines, Tamilfu, Tylenol, baby formula and what other products being promoted that month are safe.

You may even pay for the medicinal marijuana for the vaccine injured person to smoke, now sold and sanctioned by our own government at institutions across Canada called Compassion Houses.

The end result is citizen debt, provincial debt, federal debt and societal debt on every level imaginable. Can you imagine a system where products that cause illness are promoted as healthy? Can you imagine how much debt it would produce?

What you won't pay for is any service or product that may reverse the vaccine injury, improve the condition of the vaccine injured person and any information that would allow the vaccine injured person to cure their own condition. Things that make Canadians healthy are starting to be made illegal by our own government.

Are you starting to see the debt based business model unfold just from what you are reading in this e-mail? Promote unhealthy products, criminalize healthy products and watch the debt pile up to heights unseen in human history. Bankers have known about that exact cycle for centuries, as the most effective profit generating system ever devised. The more sick a population, the greater debt they carry as individuals and as a country.

Sign the petition to stop the HST in Ontario because if it goes through your gym membership is going up 8% July 1st 2010. That could mean the closing of many Ontario fitness clubs, which of course fits into the debt model where less people are healthy........leading to more debt etc etc.

Every service or product that now only has 5% GST will have 8% added to it if the HST goes through. Sign the petition to tell the Ontario government that if they can't afford to buy something, they can't tax us and our children for generations to come.

Tell your local MP and MPP we do not agree with using our money and public institutions to push any "for profit" product. Let the vaccine manufacturers sell vaccines the same way they sell other pharmaceutical products. What is next? Will the Health Unit start selling other medications in the same way. Why do Canadians believe that using our own money to sell "for profit" products is wise for our financial future?

Click here or the same video below to hear comedian Tim Hawkins put it all in perspective for you. For our Canadian followers just picture the Canadian flag in the background.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Vaccine Shot Heard Around The World

Remember Desiree Jennings (above), the lady who took a regular flu shot and experienced neurological damage directly linked to the toxic ingredients in the vaccine. Well she is cured. Read on for her amazing story.

Click here for a review of the hard science linking vaccines to neurological damage.

Click here or watch the same video above to see when Desiree was originally diagnosed with dystonia, a disease name thought to be invented in order to distance patients (and the repeaters who often pose as journalists) away from the idea that heavy metal poisoning (via the mercury in the vaccine) is connected to their neurological damage.

Click here to read why so many alternate names exist for what was called polio, only 45 years ago. (dystonia is polio but why is the name different)

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey (the founders Generation Rescue) then heard Desiree's story and moved in to do what they do best.

Leading medical experts at the two hospitals, which Desiree first visited, confirmed her injuries were indeed caused by the vaccine.

Although the leading medical experts of two prominent U.S. hospitals admitted Desiree was damaged by the vaccine, they appeared powerless to remedy the situation they had started by interfering with her body's natural operation via the vaccine.

With the medical business cycle appearing to be in full play (medical interference leading to more disease which leads to more drugs, treatments and additional medical interference.....the exact cycle this doctor warns of regarding vaccines), Generation Rescue entered the picture and escorted Desiree to a medical professional who has fought huge battles (with his own profession) to get his patients the treatments they need to be healthy.

This doctor's own governing board once sued him for curing a patient's cancer.

Click here to view the news report about Generation Rescue becoming involved with Desiree.

This doctor was well aware that Desiree was suffering from heavy metal poisoning, from the mercury inside the vaccine. After the body is disabled by the mercury, the other toxic ingredients then can completely debilitate the injured body as well.

All the doctor did was apply standard heavy metal removal protocols and guess what happened? If mercury in vaccines do not cause damage to the brain and nervous system why did the damage become completely reversed when the mercury was removed from Desiree's body.

Click here to view the interview with that doctor on how removing mercury from Desiree's metabolism saved her life.

Click here to see Desiree vastly improved after the heavy metal chelation therapy. If you get injured similar to this by a vaccination you can get these types of cleansing therapies at this location in Cornwall.

Click here to read the story of how vaccine manufacturers knew mercury in the vaccines cause this sort of injury (or death) and how they plotted to cover it up.

The makers of vaccines and all medical drugs hope you only pay attention to what they tell you to pay attention to.

The ingredients in vaccines are actually proven to reduce immunity as is stated here by one of the leading medical experts in the world on immunity, health and mercury induced brain damage from vaccines.

A vaccine's ability to decrease immunity was also confirmed just this year by this Canadian study, showing people who got last year's flu shot are more likely to get the swine flu this year.

What did our government do with the evidence that potentially shows a direct connection between vaccines and lowered immunity? The government recommended people get the H1N1 shot first and then get the regular flu shot second. True leadership for the drug companies and potentially unhealthy for millions of Canadians.

Why do people believe that injecting a body with these ingredients somehow makes the body stronger. They believe it because they were told to believe it and the fact that 80% of our population is diseased is ignored..........because people have been told to ignore the obvious and focus on what the doctors are saying.

What this means is that many Canadians standing in lines to get vaccinated think there is an injury risk but if they get the shot and nothing happens right away (vaccine injury sometimes takes months or decades to manifest) then it was worth said risk because they are now immune.

The truth is that people being vaccinated are not immune, the manufacturer states that they do not guarantee immunity what so ever (that is right on the H1N1 waiver - go right to the bottom of the insert itself to read how the maker of the vaccine does not guarantee immunity), vaccine injury can be immediate, subtle, delayed and any cellular injury makes people more prone to all other diseases in the future. Dead cells mean you do not work properly.

Click here to view what exactly happens when the smallest amount of mercury hits a cluster of brain cells. That is going on in the body when anyone gets vaccinated GUARANTEED even if they do not feel it or see it.

Has the dumbing down effect (talked about by Dr. Russell Blaylock) already reached critical mass. Is the brain injury from 70 years of vaccination the reason why many people seem unable to think this through in a logical way? Listen again to what Dr. Blaylock states in this one minute video.

Click here to view one of the world's leading scientists explaining how one vaccination has been concretely proven to injury the brain and nervous system.

If you want to get the story on how great and healthy vaccinations are keep listening to your local radio and your local newspapers because they are not covering any of these issues what so ever. Not even a whisper of journalism....not even a sniff of trying to protect the public.

Report a vaccine injury at this site and also e-mail me so I can post it as well.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thou Shall Not Fib - Unless It Is About Vaccines

In our society if you want to insult someone deeply you call them a liar. No word has started more conflicts throughout history. People take great exception to the word "liar," as lying has been passed down in stories through the ages as one of the worst things a person can do to another.

We have the ancient story of Judas who lied to Jesus and the rest of the disciples. We have the story of how Brutus lied to Julius Caesar and then participated in his murder.

The moral behind lying is that it can cause disaster and that it has the potential to lead the people being lied to into an ambush, which often ends with their early demise.

Today we walk into the area of lying carefully but we also walk carrying very strong proof that a calculated game is being played right now, where the fibbing around vaccines has been carefully orchestrated to achieve goals that are not being discussed in the mainstream media.

It is not only accelerated vaccine sales that are resulting from the fibbing, which is now common in an industry that bases its' income on selling you chemicals in the name of health.

1. In last week's CBS investigative report it was found that government agencies in charge of accumulating data on "confirmed cases" of swine flu and swine flu fatalities exaggerated the data wildly in order to sell "vaccine based fear" to the public. In some areas the actual swine flu confirmations were only 1% of what was actually reported to the public. In that case the remaining 99% of people (that were said to have the swine flu but did not)the majority did not even have the regular flu.......they just had colds and other minor issues.

2. Many media outlets and government agencies are stating that no more mercury exists in a vaccine than is in a can of tuna. Unfortunately this is not true what so ever and tuna has already been declared to exceed government guidelines for mercury anyway! The average can of tuna contains 0.35ppm of mercury. Here is the insert from the actual Canadian H1N1 vaccine and the mercury content appears to be listed as 5ppm.

As we can see here the amount of mercury within a vaccine far exceeds government toxicity limits for mercury. What is in a vaccine is considered toxic. As we can see here the Canadian government warns children and pregnant women to avoid eating Tuna because of the smaller amounts of mercury in it but also is giving pregnant women and children vaccines that have 14 times more mercury content than said Tuna. People are also not eating the mercury in vaccines (70% of your immune system is in the gut)....vaccines inject the mercury past your immune system.

Do you remember as a kid when you told so many lies, you couldn't remember which lie you told to whom?

Hand it to government officials for passing laws that help pollute the world and then trying to use that pollution of sea life as a stepping stone to promote vaccine sales based on said pollution.

3. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommends pregnant women get vaccinated but one of the world's leading scientist on toxins and brain function states that all vaccines given to pregnant women increase the chance of the baby being born with autism or schizophrenia by between 700% and 1400%.

4. We have this medical expert stating vaccines are safe for pregnant women and we have one of the leading scientists in the world saying that the data concretely shows vaccines have never been safe what so ever for pregnant women or their unborn children. (notice the slight aggressive attitude the first doctor takes with the female interviewer for daring to question him regarding her "mother's intuition" - the old fashion male dominated medical beat down in plain view)

5. The medical community who profits directly (financially) when vaccines are taken by the public and who also benefits structurally when people perpetuate the belief that chemicals can make them healthy (a modern day form of witch craft and/or snake oil sales) also tells people that targeted diseases have decreased because of vaccinations. One of the world's leading experts in vaccine injury and vaccine induced death looked over the data and found that the recent mass flu vaccination of children and seniors increased death rates in those categories by 500%-700%. Click here to watch and listen.

Is the 7 year term involved in medical training going to prove the exact length of time it takes to condition a human to follow orders from a text book without question, even if real world results prove the exact opposite is true?

I could do a top 100 but I believe the people who know.....already know.

Unfortunately some people still do not know..........but their numbers are decreasing daily.

Send this to someone who does not know and share the information.

Give them something to think about and something to link their unhealthy results to.

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Vaccines Concretely Proven To Cause Brain Damage of Fetus/Children With Only One Dose - Part 2

.......continued from part 1.

WARNING - this article is for advanced readers only. Please read part 1 before you proceed.

Vaccination (the inflammation it causes) has been clinically proven to increase the chances of autism and schizophrenia between 700% and 1400%.

Dr. Blaylock also goes on to state that no studies have ever been done on how vaccines affect the pregnancy itself or fetal deformities but with the Gardasil was also encouraged to pregnant women by government authorities and that ended with many women having large numbers of spontaneous abortions directly after the vaccinations and deformed babies on delivery in the vaccinated medical experts only then called of recommending Gardasil for pregnant women............but only after the disaster was in full play.

So why is the Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommending healthy pregnant women get the shot on every piece of promotional literature they have when the most qualified medical authority on brain damage in North America has already warned people to not get the H1N1 vaccination?

In a room full of doctors no one would ever dare engage Dr. Blaylock in an argument concerning vaccine safety because not only does he know too much, he does not even work.........all he does is research the subject of brain damage from toxins.....he stopped conducting brain surgeries because so many people had brain damage from toxins that he considered trying to fix brain damage after the fact completely futile...........Dr. Blaylock has the hard science to back up exactly what he is saying about how vaccines damage the brain and nervous system.

Why does Dr. Blaylock have medical study after medical study proving vaccines cause permanent brain damage, seizures, schizophrenia and neuro-behavioral problems from the top research scientists in the world yet The Eastern Ontario Health Unit lists no studies what so ever proving vaccines are safe and only lists pages like this on their website?

Why would The Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommend sick children receive Tamilfu when Health Canada issued a fatal Health Warning regarding Tamiflu in 2005? Out of 84 Canadians who reported adverse reactions after taking Tamilfu........10 died. You have a 0.00005% chance of dying from the flu but if you take Tamilfu your chance of death is potentially 11%. Makes sense right?

Dr. Blaylock explains that women who are vaccinated during pregnancy have a 1 in 50 chance of giving birth to a child with autism or schizophrenia. The same women only have a 1 in 300,000 chance of being admitted to hospital from complications related to getting the flu.

So why the decision to vaccinate all pregnant women and include them as a target group.........the first to get vaccinated......the group most susceptible to fear.........the group most manipulated by the conventional male dominated medical system throughout the ages.......the group that holds the future of our society in their wombs.........and when all the hard science states that they are most at risk for being injured by any chemicals.......let alone chemicals injected right into their bodies.

Should North American license plates come with a standard greeting, "A land where fantasy is king and reality is scoffed at".

Do you really believe chemicals are good for your health and that mercury and all these other chemicals in vaccines will somehow protect or make a unborn child more healthy?

Is it that people just don't want to believe this is happening or is it that people would still do nothing even if they admitted to themselves that this was indeed happening right in front of our eyes.

Does admitting the truth mean you are a bad person or a bad parent for giving yourself or your kids vaccines already when you later discover they are unhealthy. No, not at all. My parents vaccinated me and I have told them I forgive them because they did not know. If I found out they did know both sides of the story and still vaccinated me, I would not be so understanding.

It would be a crying shame to actually know and still keep vaccinating. That is the whole point. At least be able to tell yourself, your family and your kids that you made the decesion based on knowledge and not fear....and not just from a web page like this.

Take the time to watch this entire interview with Dr. Blaylock and get the other side of the story.

Do you think you can look someone in the eyes after vaccine injury occurs and tell them you could not spare the time to watch this interview with Dr. Blaylock to get both sides of the story. This is the other side of the story the people selling the vaccines have been keeping from you for decades. The reasons they want to hide the news will be obvious.

One sick cell in your body means you cannot function optimally. One sick child in your community means we cannot function optimally. This affects you on every level.

If you notice in the Health Canada write up cited above regarding Tamilfu the main inference from the writings is, "pay no mind to the 10 deaths regarding Tamilfu".

It is also easy to notice that when someone dies from something that is not even confirmed as being from the H1N1 virus that the Canadian Health Authorities jump into action right away, calling an immediate press conference to say, "pay attention over here ....we will tell you when to be concerned about a death and when not to be....."

Who thinks this makes any sense and why do people think they have to play a game of Russian Roulette to acquire health? When is the last time your grand mother made homemade soup that could make you healthy but could also kill you? If such a medical soup did exist would a parent take the child and stand 2 hours in a line up to make sure their children got their fair share of the potentially fatal soup?

It was never about the H1N1 vaccine. It is about following blindly. Many people have had the act of thinking independently surgically removed from them. 1 vaccine or 10 vaccines........some groups will be there in line regardless, responding to the call.

They are called the target groups. An interesting title indeed.

The idea that you need to become unhealthy first in order to acquire true health sometime in the future is just not logical or rational.

If you want to listen to one interview that will tell you absolutely everything that is scientifically proven to occur during or after vaccinations you need to sit down and take the time to watch Dr. Blaylock completely dismantle even the smallest hint that vaccines are safe for anyone, of any age and with any medical condition.

Click here to watch the entire interview.

I have met some parents who say they have no time to watch this short interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock but they had the time to take 3 hours out of their day to stand in line for the flu shot.

At least watch this interview first and then decide.

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Vaccines Concretely Proven To Cause Brain Damage of Fetus/Children With Only One Dose

Although no medical degree is needed to find out that mercury is the most or the second most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet, medical degrees do indeed count in a room full of doctors.

In a room full of doctors, everyone there knows some doctors are smarter than others. The students who finish tops in medical school are called doctors but the students who place last in their class are also called doctor.

The intelligence among doctors differs like any other profession. Some doctors never question anything they are taught, even though evidence to the contrary is widely available in research papers and in every day practice. Some doctors protect their patients by not following the crowd, even if the information leads them away from what they are told to say by their governing bodies or what they learned in medical school.

Here is Dr. Russell Blaylock's biography. There is literally no one more qualified in North America who can speak on what happens to a child's or an adult's brain when they are vaccinated.

He is regarded as one of the or the most brilliant mind to speak regarding how toxins affect the brain and behavior.

People who are familiar with his work regard him as the most intelligent person who has ever worked in his field.

Watch this video or click the same video below to listen to Dr. Blaylock explain that all vaccines have been concretely proven to cause brain damage in unborn children when their mothers are vaccinated.

Click here to watch the entire interview and to listen to how all vaccines (including the H1N1 vaccine) damage the brain and neurological systems of anyone who submits to them. (regardless if being a fetus, adult, child, healthy or unhealthy, medical condition, senior etc)

The remaining part of this article is for advanced readers only.

Please click here to continue.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vaccines Cleared For Causing Autism

The medical industry admitted vaccines cause Autism almost a decade ago so why have you not heard about that study and why do you often hear the exact opposite?

More importantly it was proven that the mercury preservative in vaccines (thimerosal) does indeed kill brain cells and cells of the nervous system. (more in kids than adults)

Only one dose has been proven to kill those cells.

Click here to read about the meeting where thimerosal was directly linked to Autism and nervous system damage.

Click here to see that there is mercury (thimerosal) in all doses of Canada's H1N1 vaccine.

A reporter goes deep into the world of the pharmaceutical industry and finds transcripts of a meeting between vaccine manufacturers and government officials.

This group of drug makers and government employees had indeed hired a prominent research scientist to look into the link between thimerosal (the mercury in vaccines) and Autism. (a word that describes death of brain cells to a point where normal function is impaired but a word that does not rule out the fact that all cells in the body are equally damaged by just notice brain and nervous system damage first)

The entire process started out under murky conditions, as all parties involved were to meet in private before the results of the study were published.

In the first hours of the meeting the scientist hired to investigate the records reported his findings...........vaccines (more importantly the thimerosal - the mercury based preservative in the vaccines) were indeed directly related to Autism and many more disorders of the brain/nervous system in children.

Once that was out in the open, the next 2 days were spent trying to cover the information up and make sure the public would never find out.

Do you remember when you told a lie so long as a kid that you thought it was easier to keep lying than to come out with the truth?

A new society is being created where government cheques for disabled Canadians (and the power over their lives that comes with controlling their source of income) is becoming the norm.

Less and less people are working because the vaccines have hurt I.Q. and performance to a point where the taxes of the working class will not be able to support the non working class for much longer.

What happens when the expenses of a country are more than what it can produce in labour? Why is this going on?

The answer lies in how the super rich have always made a game out of acquiring more wealth.

Such a game may go like this.

You disable a country's work force to the point where the government has to take out massive loans to keep operating from the international banking system. (at this point the citizens would also be holding massive debt because they cannot work to survive so they must borrow from others)

The country then pledges collateral (just like you do when you take out a loan) but the country pledges things like highways, buildings, the ability to tax and even their military weaponry. When the loan goes unpaid because the vaccine injuries cripple the country's health care system, welfare system etc, the bank collects and then owns more and more of said country.

This is called privatization in the business world. Just like when you take out a loan at the bank but all on a much bigger scale.

A poor man's conspiracy theory is often nothing more than a rich man's business plan.

Some highlights of the vaccine/autism cover up reported in this article are............

- the Center for Disease Control (CDC) gave all the vaccine injury government based records to a private drug firm so the public could never access them under the Freedom of Information Act

- a declaration was made between the people who control this type of information at the meeting that similar studies must be avoided in the future

- the recorded transcripted conversations only focused on how law suits, for hurting 2 generations of children, would affect profit

- a directive was placed to the Institute of Medicine to immediately embark on a mission to fabricate studies in order to white wash and put distance between the idea of Autism's link to vaccines

- the original data, which was slated to be published in a prominent medical journal, was pulled and the publication was then told the information would never come because it was "lost"

- the scientist who originally did the study (who proved thimerosal caused Autism and nervous system injury) was immediately hired by one of the vaccine manufacturers and he later published data results that refuted the link of Autism to vaccines - proving nothing more than doctors are also human -

- a politician then attempted to protect the maker of thimerosal (Eli Lilly) from legal investigation and subpoena by slipping a special clause into the Homeland Security Act in the U.S after 9/11. (the act of manipulating law during a time of crisis is called The Shock Doctrine - using shock to regress the public into a lowered I.Q and infant like state in order to pass questionable legislation)

- another clause was injected into a later bill (by the same politician) that denied financial compensation to vaccine injured children because the lawsuits would bankrupt Eli-Lily and the company was needed to fight terrorism - (a corporate bail out of the highest order)

You can again read the rest of that story here.

Click here to see that there is mercury (thimerosal) in all doses of Canada's H1N1 vaccine.

Click here (interview #9 - 4 minutes and 20 second mark) to listen to The Head Medical Officer of The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (have you noticed his position includes a military style title) tell the people of Cornwall (I was the caller) that mercury's connection to Autism is a myth and not to worry.

Do you think the Cornwall public might want to know what really happened?

The entrance test to medical school is based on remembering and repeating. A structure of education proving highly fatal if controlled by the wrong people.

More than 50% of people are not getting the shot? What is happening to the shot that was made for you, if you did not get yours. They are already talking about booster shots for the people who got the first ones.

If the educated won't get the shot, round up the first flock of sheep and hit them again.

Here are some other good documentaries on vaccines and Autism or vaccines in general.

Click here to watch "Autism: Made in the USA"

Click here to watch "Vaccine Nation".

Click here to watch "Vaccines: The Hidden Truth"

Click here to listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explain the dangers of all vaccines.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is the H1N1 Vaccine Safe For Me and My Children? Part II

WARNING - this is for advanced readers only. Please see part 1 for more information.

.......continued from part 1.

This chimp based cancer virus was found growing in many cancer tumors in people who took the polio vaccine and not in non-vaccinated individuals.

I know many people with gross immune deficiencies and I know many with cancer. Why isn't the medical community testing their DNA for traces of the chimpanzee AIDS or cancer viruses or even asking them if they were vaccinated with this polio vaccine?

The story does not end there unfortunately.

Prominent vaccine scientists at the time were caught testing the experimental polio vaccine on mentally challenged orphans, who were under government care, plus one of the first tests of the polio vaccine killed 10 children and gave 164 paralytic polio. Doctors at the time told everyone involved the vaccine was safe. Sound familiar? This became known as the Cutter Incident.

The story does not end there unfortunately

Many prominent scientists of the day contested that polio based paralysis, which only appeared early in the 19th century, was from heavy metal poisoning and was not connected in anyway to a virus.

The days top scientists testified in front of the U.S. government that the paralysis was connected to lead arsenate and other toxic pesticides sprayed in the crop fields where the infected children played, the infected adults worked or from which infected people got their crops to eat. This fully referenced book tells all. This full referenced article also sheds some light on the subject.

When the polio vaccine was rushed to market, the cases of paralytic polio jumped by as much as 400% because paralysis is actually tied to chemicals and the vaccine was loaded with chemicals..........which in turn caused more paralysis via poisoning.

Read more here about how polio is still everywhere today but how it is hidden from us, right in front of our eyes.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains all this in her lecture, which can be watched free in 4 parts on YouTube.

Outcome of the polio vaccine based on the evidence..... the creation of AIDS in humans, huge increases in cancer, huge increases in polio, the needless slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent animals, the creation of fear regarding a disease that never existed and a disease that is potentially tied to the exact heavy metals inside all vaccines today (like the paralysis that occurred in this lady and these people), the draining of money away from world governments into the accounts of unhealthy drug manufacturers (government debt), increases in taxes and decreases in life quality all across the planet (citizen debt) etc.

Why does the medical community ignore the elephant in the living room? It is because talking about the polio vaccine or any vaccine has really nothing to do with AIDS, cancer or a fake disease name that facilitated the creation of AIDS and increased cancer rates all around the world.

Talking about medical blunders has to do with the fact that the current medical structure wants and demands unwavering faith in the idea that health can be created with toxins, chemicals and poisons. They know chemicals can't make you healthy but they need you to believe that particular concept so you never stop showing up sick after taking their prescribed toxins.

In the polio vaccine case, like so many others, the medical community has proven that they really have no idea what they are doing in regards to what they say they are doing.

Conventional medical interference has been proven time and time again to hurt and kill innocent people. (25 million dead just by AIDS alone)

The foundational premise of modern medicine that chemicals will help you become healthy is absolutely, 100% and completely categorically false.

I base that statement on the evidence within this e-mail and the evidence I see everyday. The more someone goes into the medical system, the less healthy they become. It is so concrete that arguing with anyone about it means their conditioning just won't allow them to see it.

Once a population understands the fact that one chemical is unhealthy to the human body, the entire house of medical cards is set to collapse overnight. This is the Pandora's box that is guarded at all times.

It was never about H1N1. It is about more disease, societal dysfunction and the government/personal debt that comes when an entire society is so sick it teeters on financial ruin.

Once a population comes to grips with the fact that chemicals cause disease and premature death....... the drug manufacturers, the chemical companies, the food giants, the fast food outlets and the government are in trouble because the government gave financial incentives (our money) to make it all happen.

Getting shot in the face with a rifle is obviously cruel and unjust. Being forced to pay for the gun, the bullets, the wage of the shooter and having someone tell you that your death is being done in the name of health has to redefine what cruelty and injustice means.

Eugenicists point out that this entire toxin based medical system has eerie similarities to war crimes that occurred 70 years ago. A new concept, where the prison camp is completely out in the open and where governments are relieved of all expenses and liability. A no cost, "no one goes to jail" system of controlling certain populations.

How different is your TV from 70 years ago? The people who rule and govern populations have also been hard at work modifying and innovating. You get better at what you do overtime and the same rule applies to them.

The new concept revolves around the idea that walls, guards, disposal units and trains to transport prisoners are no longer necessary when you can advertise in such a surgical way that people drive themselves to the location, actually pay to enter and may even stand in line with their family demanding their fair share of toxins? The concept of controlling the population with toxins does have a name and it is "Agenda 21"

What sounds more unbelievable to you? Known toxins like mercury are good for women and their unborn children or that someone is using toxins like mercury for exactly what mercury is good for? Does it sound logical to you that you can lead any unhealthy lifestyle you want and then show up for 2 minutes, get a chemically loaded vaccine and your immunity is now great? Does it sound logical that they cannot find a cure for cancer, type II diabetes, lupus or even the common cold but they have the flu situation all wrapped up?

You will have to decide. What happened to the old dictionary definition of crazy? Someone called me crazy yesterday for not injecting my kid with known toxins that will kill cells in my child. What happened to the time when injecting yourself and children with toxins would be considered crazy? Advertising is more powerful than people believe. Another lady called me stupid.

My, how definitions have changed since I was a kid.

At this point in time if the chemical lie collapses (the lie that chemicals can make you healthy in anyway), our entire way of life will collapse because we now have a society where we think being healthy means hurting ourselves with drugs, vaccines and chemicals.

In order for most people to make a living these days, their fellow citizens need to drugged, dumbed down, misinformed, coerced, manipulated, crippled and even murdered......all in the name of health.

It is easier to build a new definition of health than to go back and salvage what health meant 100 years ago. Health now means drugging ourselves, dying early and living a sub par life on every level.

In the future being rich will mean being poor (debt), the good life will mean the bad life, reporters will mean repeaters, being healthy will mean being over weight, dying early and medicating yourself into an early grave, freedom will mean repeating what your government employer says for a heavily taxed pay cheque and being intelligent will mean doing nothing more than repeating what is on the radio or in the newspaper.

Are we not already there?

Is there time to back out? How many people are already damaged by the vaccines? Are we set for a future where 20% of the population who are healthy has to try and care for the other 80% who cannot work or produce any labour to run the country?

The only reason the medical community is afraid of you not taking their H1N1 vaccine is because of what taking it has to do with society's blind faith in what medicine stands for. If you don't take the H1N1 vaccine, what is next? Will you stop taking all the other toxins as well?

The use of such vaccine drives is to see what percentage of the population are still not putting all this together. The lines at the vaccine clinics represent the people who refuse to listen, the people why have not heard the other side of the story or both. The length of the lines indicate if the old style population control concept is needed again......the concept with the guards, the guns, the prisons, the trains etc.

The fear from the medical experts is that you start believing what you are seeing.....that medical interference often hurts people and has killed tens of millions in only 70 years. The potential criminal liability for our government and the medical industry would be unprecedented if you ever decided to take action.

The more they hurt you, the more they need to hurt you in order to make sure you are dead or crippled on the day all this is accepted as true.

You can't organize a rebellion if you are crippled or dead. Can you picture a fleet of motorized scooters bearing down on Parliament Hill? Neither can they. The more unhealthy you are, the easier they can push you around and colonize your mind.

The race is on between the truth and the government's drive to dumb you down so you couldn't find the truth, even with a GPS.

A poor man's conspiracy theory is often nothing more than a rich man's business plan. It just depends what side of the fence you are on.

It was never about the swine flu vaccine. It is about thinking on your own and the fear that thinking on your own sends into the ruling class. Collecting data, instead of listening. Leading instead of following. Thinking instead of repeating. Giving yourself orders instead of taking orders from third parties. Living a great life instead of living a life of fear and disease.

If you figure out you can be healthy without them, where do they fit in?

To the medical community the disease of independent thought and the idea of relying on yourself is the real disease they are trying to inoculate you against.

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