Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nice Kitchen - Where is The Wheel Chair Ramp?

In what could act like a post card for our modern society, many people continually place "things" above "health".

Yesterday I talked to one of my friends and the usual conversations started about chemical free organic food. My friends main concern was price. For example, chemical laced cheese full of antibiotics and growth hormones is $3.99. Clean cheese that makes you live longer and lose weight is $4.59. Bread that will give you a heart attack is $3.49. Bread that keeps you thin and vibrant is $4.99. Basically my friend was hoping that he could eat the same foods and get a different result with his health. He was hoping there was more magic in health and less chemistry.

Again, health cannot be has to be "done". It takes time and not money. If you think being healthy costs money, wait to you get the bill for being sick.

My friend also told me with pride that he and his wife just finished a brand new $25,000 kitchen renovation. I asked my buddy, "did you build a wheel chair ramp into your new kitchen because you will need it soon with the way you are eating."

Today our society is always chasing the wrong concepts. There is nothing wrong with a new kitchen but if you do not have your health a new kitchen is insignificant, especially if someone's battle cry regarding health is "I can't afford $20 extra in organic food per week".

In our "more, more, more" society we often forget to understand that our North American "concept" of living is merely an experiment. The results speak for themselves and millions are screaming for change.

Do we really need more stuff? Can we even sustain keeping the economy rolling with the pollution we create? Why do we think the cure for debt is more spending? Do we really need our mothers and fathers working at WalMart on public holidays, like family day? Can we continue to trust in a government that allows all this to happen? Can we really find more hours to work and spend our money when there are only 24 hours in a day? How many cells phones are enough? How much luxury is enough and why does the North American definition of luxury only include health as an after thought?

Lets watch this short 3 minute video regarding a rich American meeting a poor Mexican fisherman. Lets see who has a better life? Which lifestyle brings true happiness? As a society, are we spreading happiness to other countries with the products and lifestyle we export to them? Are we exporting pain or happiness to our global citizens? Are we the problem? This video has the answers.

Start your new habit of true happiness at Physical Limits or The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Give us a call when you are ready at 613 932 4766.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drugs Substituting For Parenting

Like all health issues today, they are a matter of time and not money. Our modern society is designed to allow plenty of time for activities that make us unhealthy and mentally detached from one another but it leaves us little time to do what matters most.

You can't buy health, you must "do" health. Health does not take money, it takes time. Time to prepare the family good nutritious meals is 95% of health. Our society has consistently told parents that everything from hockey practice to toys are a higher priority than good nutrition. A $60,000 car in a McDonald's drive thru is a good postcard for our modern society. A child with $1500 worth of hockey gear eating fast food after a game is another one. What effect is this having on our children?

A new film explores not only the dangers of behavior altering medication for children (never designed to be prescribed to children in the first place) but also investigates how the educational system has been using strong arm tactics to medicate unruly students. Lets watch the 3 minute trailer.

Everything is connected. Whether is it malnourished teachers who may have less patience (patience depends on adequate vitamin/mineral stores - nutrition acts as a buffer to all stressors) or children who are malnourished and cannot focus............the result is an ever increasing amount of pressure on the system.

What no one is talking about is that the number of school classrooms, teachers and resources that are dedicated to children with learning disorders is exploding at a mind boggling rate. Learning disorders have increased 1000% in the last 10 years alone.

Who will look after them? How will the economy react with so many citizens mentally unavailable for higher end jobs? Does a medicated society make us an easier target for our country's enemies? Why does the government keep poisoning these children with chemicals and teaching the parents to look toward drugs (more chemicals) for the answer? Why do parents not question the poisoning of their own children?

No one is looking at the nutrition of the participants involved (no one is reviewing the nutrition of the teachers or the children) and drugs are sold as the easiest solution. Drugs are the best solution for the first week until the side effects become obvious. Today we are all living in what our government, parents and grandparents have put off. You know when you had a whole week to study for an exam but you left it to the last day.

North American living is all about the party and never about the hangover. North American living is all about doing what ever you can do to maintain your standard of living even if that pursuit is killing you, the planet and everyone around you. It is literally a race to the grave. First one in wins.

The drugs just help people keep the race going a couple days longer. If your hip hurts take a painkiller, if you bleed from the rectum take an anti-inflammtory, if the kids are going crazy because they are eating chemicals instead of food......give them some anti-depressants........just keep working and spending. Just keep the race going.

Just like the recent economic crash and the exploding disease can only put off the consequences of ridiculous behavior for so long before you have to pay the piper. Welcome to the generation who are paying the piper. There is hope and it can be found at Physical Limits Fitness.

If you want to break free from the standard North American living model and if you want to join a new generation of people who live their fullest lives, give Physical Limits a call today at 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to make you and your family live a life of optimal health.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can You Tell The Difference?

One of the questions I often ask my clients is, "Can you tell the difference between going to the doctor because you are sick and the doctor making you sick?". The patient's mind set or belief system would be the only factor involved in steering them one way or another because both situations look exactly the same.

I have experienced this first hand. When I followed the standard advice (getting my flu shot on time, drinking my milk and eating according to Canada's Food Guide, avoiding the sun, taking my Tylenol for those little aches and pains, not thinking in a rational way about my health etc) I was literally near death on many levels. (energy wise, emotionally, spiritually, financially and even with my personal relationships etc).

After using the hole in my face (my mouth) as a port of entry for organic whole food only, instead of junk and chemicals, my life turned around overnight. My energy went through the roof, my mind went into high gear (cranking out business ideas that dramatically increased my families' income) and my over all health has never been better.

Everyday that goes by I feel my body getting stronger. Aging is not a part of getting older unless you fall for the standard medical "aging means you are doomed to pain and decay" sales pitch. That sales pitch is designed to get you onto the surgery table or get you using your food hole (your mouth) for toxic medications.

I got healthy because I changed my gene expression. Your genes are not set. Your genes operate like the keys of a piano. Every song in the world are options and what we eat determines what songs are played. Low quality foods play songs of disease and early death. Organic foods and a chemical free lifestyle plays the songs of optimal health.

The biggest lie ever told by the North American medical system is the lie concerning disease as being genetic. If you hear your doctor utter anything along the lines as your disease being genetic, make a quick exit because they are trying to sell you a lie. A lie that is meant to lubricate the pathway of drugs or surgery into your body. If an entire family consumes the same bad foods, they get the same diseases. It has been shown that even adopted children magically acquire the same diseases as the family they are brought into. The same bad habits bring the same diseases. 3 generations of Pepsi drinkers will provide 3 generations of obese, type II diabetics and so on.

Lets hear Dr. Dean Ornish explain that your genes can be turned on for complete health tomorrow if we just follow some simple rules. (3 mins)

For anyone looking to step out of the darkness and into the light you can come to Physical Limits Fitness and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. We will teach you everything you need to know to bring optimal health to you and your entire family. Call us today at 613 932 4766.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Young Girl Maimed by Gardasil

Click here for more information on the dangers of Gardasil and how the general public are convinced that this highly toxic liquid is a good thing to inject into their children's blood streams. Immunity is based on nutrition, nothing else.

Ask simple questions to get your answers. If modern medicine worked, why are so many sick? Are healthy people healthy because they take drugs or because they avoid drugs? You would not take a part out of your car engine and think it would run better, so why do surgeons think they can remove their patient's body parts to improve health?

If medications worked, why doesn't anyone get off them and why do people just start taking more and more as the years pass? When suicidal people grab for something to kill they grab for medication or do they grab for organic food? If lots of medication can kill, what do you think small amounts of daily medication does to your health?

If medications were healthy why do they have side effects? If medications were healthy why do drug companies spend 33 billion dollars per year in advertising to convince us to buy them? If medications were so healthy and good for us wouldn't we just seek them out on our own? (without having to be "sold" that they are good for us).

Find someone taking medication. Are they healthy or not? If I am medication free and have a healthy blood pressure and the person next to me takes medication to lower their blood pressure to my you really think our health status is the same? If I have no pain in my gallbladder and the person next to me has no pain in theirs because it was you really think our health status is the same?

Don't be fooled. The world is changing fast and health is the new "cool". Step out of the darkness and into the light. Call 932 4766 today and let Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic show you how to start living a healthy lifestyle today.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Osteoporosis Scam

How dangerous are most osteoporosis medications? Medications like Fosamax actually make a patient's bones dangerously weak and that is just the beginning. Other side effects include chronic or acute joint/muscle and bone pain, sudden serious fractures of the femur, atrial fibrillation, osteonecrosis of the jaw, inflammatory eye disease and now cancer of the esophagus.

The osteoporosis scam goes something like this. First you need to invent a machine that legitimately measures bone density. Then you have to petition top levels of government in order to convince them that this sort of testing equipment is needed in every hospital across the country.

It is important to never tell the public or the government officials that all testing equipment is currently designed to accelerate the sales of medications and surgeries. Since neither the testing equipment, nor the drugs they are designed to sell, help any patient actually reverse osteoporosis it is obvious that anyone involved in this deceptive process cares very little for the long term health of their patients.

Again, reversing bone density is never the aim. Medicating the patient for as long as possible is the primary goal. The secondary goal is to associate the osteo drugs with getting a passing grade on the bone density scan.

The next thing to do is for the drug and equipment manufacturers to high jack the government's cross country advertising network, at no charge to themselves. (we pay for that) The manufactures of the osteoporosis medication and the osteoporosis testing equipment convince the government to engage in a cross country campaign advertising the dangers of low bone density. Low bone density is indeed unhealthy, so that much is true but that is where the truth abruptly ends.

The first three ingredients in the osteo scam are: 1) inflated prices charged for the testing equipment, 2) a free government backed advertising campaign to get the general public running away from healthy food/activities and toward tests that convince them they need drugs and 3) an ever growing number of over-eager government employees looking to tow the company line at all costs. (even if their mandate decreases the health status of their fellow citizens)

The profit in this situation is obviously astronomical. No normal business expenses and not many who will ever question what prices are being charged for the scanning equipment.

If the hospitals are out of money and already running a deficit the powers that be will just go get the city's group of perpetual do gooders (every town has got these people - people who back anything without question) to raise money for the osteo machine. These groups usually do this with or in conjunction with foods/activities that cause the same diseases they are raising money for. Money is raised, celebratory pictures are taken, the do gooders feel great/promote their businesses and the local population just gets more ill. You can never buy health, you have to "do" health. Health takes time and not money.

The goal of the advertising campaign is to create fear and panic. (similar to what you see with Garadsil, flu vaccines, cholesterol etc) As the villagers start to panic, you plant the bone density scan and it's associated miracle drug as the knight in shining armour who will save the poor villagers from their life of broken hips etc. Once a patient is tested to have low bone density the people involved have to make sure never to tell the patient that what they eat is the primary factor (if not the only factor) involved.

In the next step we see a jump from scam to potential conspiracy as most of the drugs that are promoted to treat osteoporosis actually increase fractures and make bones dangerously weak.

Although it is hard to believe, most osteoporosis medications will help the patient pass the bogus bone scan test even though the bones become weaker while on the medication. Fosamax and other drugs similar in nature (bisphosphonates) actually stop the bone matrix from moving dead bone into the blood stream. This is a natural process, as dead bone is removed and new bone is produced in it's place. Medications like Fosamax actually prevent the dead bone from leaving, leading to what looks like an increase in bone density but it is just an increase in dead bone.

Dead bone is weak and more dangerous. So the patient thinks they are doing a good thing but their health decreases rapidly. Much of the body's immune system is housed within our bones so it is also no surprise that this class of medication has been linked to increases in infections, including some forms of cancer. Click here to learn more.

That is why Fosamax is the target of many class action law suits, most focusing on the accelerated decay of bone. These dangerous decreases in bone integrity are first found in the jaw (because that joint is used frequently when we talk or eat) and then the decay moves to other lesser used bones/joints like the hips and back. Click here to see what you have not been told about osteo medication.

Want to hear a lecture on how to reverse osteoporosis naturally and the dangers of these medications?

Here is Dr. Mercola weighing in on the exact same issue.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Again - Just When You Thought You Heard Everything Bad About Anti-Depressants

When practitioners like myself want to start clients off with a story about how they have been deceived by the medical system, there is no better place to start than the story of anti-depressants and psychiatry.

Although all medications are equally as dangerous, the story of anti-depressants is so transparently corrupt that it makes for the perfect opening story for anyone still believing that health can be found in a pill or a surgery.

Although one could list hundreds of films that document the corruption in the medical industry, this movie trailer certainly caught my eye.

In the last year anti-depressants were declared by the medical industry ineffective for treating depression. In the same study the drug companies, who produce them, were slammed for modifying their studies to down play dangerous side effects while exaggerating the benefits. Exaggerating is a generous word because in reality the positive results just did not exist. Here is Dr. Mark Hyman discussing the dangers and corruptuion that became apparent after the findings of this study were released.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Illegal to Be Healthy

If you ask anyone to rank "health" as a priority in their life, most will at least rank it in the top 10 or even the top 5. It is good to rank health as a top priority in one's life but how about if the majority of the population associate getting healthy with activities that are guaranteed to make their health worse?

Do you know anyone on medication or who has had surgery? How does a person taking no medication eventually end up on 5 medications? Why do people who undergo one surgical procedure usually end up needing so many additional surgeries?

How does that cycle start and is it actually illegal for your local hospital or local health unit to make you healthier? Who controls what treatments you are offered?

Ask this doctor and find out what millions of North Americans already know. Click here to read what happened to this doctor when he actually attempted to make his patients healthy and provide advice that did not involve side effect laden drugs or surgical mutilation of the body.

All medications hurt the body. The exact ways to which they will hurt the body are listed on the packaging as "side effects". Drug treatments and surgeries differ dramatically from natural healing methods. Side effects associated with healing the body naturally are simply things people would want anyway like weight loss, younger looking skin, improved sexual function, thicker hair, lower body fat, better sleep habits and increased libido etc.

When I meet someone on many medications or who have submitted themselves to multiple surgical procedures I have to ask myself what is the most dangerous ingredient in their situation? Are the medications the most dangerous or is it the surgeries? Are the doctors who hand out the medications the most dangerous or are the drug companies who control the doctor's education the most dangerous? If I could remove or change one thing to save the patient, what would it be?

The most dangerous ingredient in that whole recipe is the patient's belief that chemicals or cutting their body will improve their health? If someone thinks illness is a call for toxic medications or surgery they will only become more ill after the fact. After their guaranteed drop in health arrives, their false belief brings them right back to the hospital for more drugs and surgeries. To stop the cycle you must work on what the patient believes, nothing else.

It is never too late to change the way we think. It is free and it can take less than a second. That means everyone (rich or poor) can be healthy and it can happen overnight. Change your mind and your life will change instantly.

The veil of secrecy applies to most who work inside the North American medical system, as they are all too aware that there are very few success stories relating to the area of chronic care medicine. Lets hear from a nurse who actually quit nursing when she grew to be aware how the system "really" operated. It did not take her more than a couple of years to place it altogether.

We need more people like this nurse who are willing to stand up for the health of the population. Lets watch the story she placed together regarding the reasons she had to quit. The U.S. and Canadian medical systems are mirror images of each other, in regards to making sure it is literally illegal for patients to receive treatments that make them healthy.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.