Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Hidden Fat Gain Factor

What causes disease also causes weight gain. Today toxins are everywhere and they leak into our water, air and food supplies quite easily. Over the last year there has been a steady supply of letters to the editor, in the Standard Freeholder, regarding the debate on pesticides. (a chemical the body cannot distinguish from any other chemical but a chemical none the less)

What must never be forgotten is that the basis of the pro pesticide endorsement is based on what can be called North American superficiality. North Americans are notorious for focusing on the exterior of things. (just the surface looks) From plastic surgeries to pesticides, the negative consequences of such procedures/chemicals go on well below the surface. Click here for a list of studies proving the dangers of pesticides.

"Out of sight, out of mind" is not a healthy way to think or live. Under the areas sprayed with pesticides is the death of the bugs and bacteria that keep the planet healthy. The pesticides then leak into our bodies in greater and greater quantities, affecting our health negatively forever. (as is pretty evident in the very sad video below)

Lets watch what really happens on the inside when North American living and it's disregard for the environment comes home to roost in our youngest generation. A sad story indeed of a highly toxic girl who can't operate normally because of her toxic body burden.

Click here for a lesson on how so many toxins get into the environment in the first place.

The key to reversing or avoiding situations like this is to live chemical free, as much as possible. You have to start somewhere. Chemicals are everywhere and the government indirectly gives the green light to most of them by legalizing their use in our society. Admitting these chemicals are dangerous would open up a flood gate of lawsuits so there is no end in sight regarding getting any of these off the market, in any quantity that would dramatically improve your health or weight. You just have to stop buying them and start avoiding them on your own. Click here to learn just how chemically laced our drinking water is in Ontario.

Chemical dangers are everywhere but Physical Limits teaches every member where those chemicals are and how to avoid them. See you soon at Physical Limits. Try our $10 for 1 month trial and start getting the toxins out today. 613 932 4766

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fat Gain - what causes it

If the information is wrong the results will be wrong. This statement applies to everything, at all times and in all places. How did we get here? How did we get to a point where near 75% of our population are considered overweight and 35% are considered obese?

Simple, the information is wrong and the structures spreading the false information are everywhere. The 3 biggest lies which lay the foundation for an overweight population are 1) that calories impact your health equally regardless of quality, 2) that saturated fat causes fat gain and 3) that dietary cholesterol and fatty foods raise your cholesterol levels and then in turn clog your arteries to cause heart disease. (throw in the lie that disease is a medication deficiency and we are really off to the races) A clip from this movie sums things up perfectly. (2 mins)

When you see any person or advertisement telling another person or a viewer about a great new "low fat" product (or a crap food that comes in a 100 calorie bag), it simply reinforces this type of false information. Low fat products and low calorie processed foods are unhealthy regardless of quantity and they actually accelerate fat gain and disease immensely.

I remember a well written letter from a reader of mine directed to City Hall, right here in Cornwall. She presented the new evidence against adding fluoride to our city's water supply. (click here if you are unaware why fluoride will damage your health) The return letter from City Hall basically said, "well, we have always done it that way.......but we will look into the matter".

This "we have always done it so we will continue to do it" stick your head in the sand approach is the reason we can no longer count on central authorities to make us healthy and give us the truth about what is hurting us.

We are all going to die and if we are unhealthy we die much sooner than we are supposed to. We just do not have enough time to wait for someone else to save us. If the fear of death can't motivate you to live well, nothing will.

World renowned health icon Paul Chek said it best when he described the world escalating to disaster by creating the most complex problems in human history and at the same time poisoning the I.Q.'s of all humans with chemicals and processed junk foods, continually eroding our ability to even recognize the problems.....let alone solve them. The solution for these complex issues is that everyone must take their own action and take care of their own household.

Get the right information about diet, weight gain and health at Physical Limits. You are all invited to my free health seminar Sunday June 7th at Summit Fitness. Call Physical Limits at 613 932 4766 to reserve your spot.

WARNING - side effects from attending my seminar and getting truthful health information include; weight loss, increased sex drive, bouts of chasing your partner playfully around the bedroom, increased enjoyment from the simple things in life, increases in confidence, self esteem and self worth, the ability to sit still and be at peace with yourself, higher IQ and the resulting increases in income it will provide and decreased consumption of the foods and habits that destroy the overall health of you and your family. Maybe it is time you ask your doctor if getting healthy, making more money, having fun, getting off your medications and living your best life is right for you.

See you there and it will be a great time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Type II Diabetes Scam

If you recieve this e-mail from "What Happened to Health" you can click the title of the article to go right to the blog in order to view the videos as well.

Dr. Hyman explains very clearly that type II diabetes is not only completely reversible in the overwhelming number of cases but he also explains that the medications provided for type II diabetes can actually increase the chances of premature death. Lets listen to Dr. Mark Hyman explain the basics of this metabolic imbalance.

Lets now listen to Dr. Mark Hyman explain how to reverse diabetes. It is simple and you do not need any medical training to do it.

The unhealthy portions of the population generally believe that the medical industry would openly share simple solutions for disease reversal. Oddly enough that false belief is at the foundation of most people's declining health status. If a person is ill you can bet 10 cents to a dollar that they rarely question anything their conventional medical doctor states to them.

People who visit their conventional medical doctors are indeed sick and they need help but these people rarely even consider the fact that their doctor may be making them more ill. Can you tell the difference between going to the doctor because you are sick and going to the doctor because the doctor's advice is making you sick? It is hard because both cases look identical. Do people generally go back to their doctors because the results are awesome or do people go back to their doctors because the results are terrible?

The medical industry has proven concretely that they are not interested in patient health, above what it takes to keep the patient returning to the doctor's office, pharmacy and hospital.

Lets listen to Dr. Fuhrman tell his story of what happened when he was invited to publish his stories of curing type II diabetes in a well respected medical journal. What do you think happened? Lets listen and watch.

Think the Canadian/American Diabetes Association (ADA) knows how to help improve or cure type II diabetes? Think again. Click here to see an article by Dr. Al Sears explaining that the diet recommendations, endorsed by the ADA, just make diabetes worse. (and not just by a little, their advice makes diabetes much worse) This does not happen by chance.

You would think most type II diabetics would really want this information yet this is not exactly the case. Many diseased people like the courtesies that come with being ill. Fundraisers, someone to talk/vent to, meetings, appointments, Internet groups, support groups, doors being opened with looks of compassion, offers of free car rides and other forms of support, extra attention from family members/friends, days off work, love, understanding, sick pay etc.

In the most populated yet loneliest time in human history who can blame people for falling into this trap. Everyone needs and wants love and attention. For some people they only get that when they are sick. Without a disease or disorder to blame a person has to automatically take ownership of everything in their life. The energy that is needed to make a positive change is immense but a good diet and exercise can indeed provide that energy.

Sick individuals often get given what is called the "guilt free green light" where close family members actually stop trying to coach sick people to better health because they are sick. Smokers are given the green light to smoke, drinkers drink and the junk food often flows without all the judgement or the guilt that usually comes with the patient behaving badly............all because the person is sick.

These combined factors can make being diseased highly addictive and downright inviting for certain people. This is something not many people are willing to talk about. For some people disease is becoming a way of life and getting healthy can be as uprooting and frightening as moving across the country to a new city, with no friends. Curing type II diabetes is easy to accomplish with the right mind set.

Need more proof type II diabetes is completely reversible? Here is a short clip of a documentary showing a group of type II diabetics being completely cured in as little as 7 days.

The worse thing about pre-diabetic medications like metformin is that they can starve the brain and other organs of essential energy, especially after bad meals. This can lead to brain damage and organ malfunction. Insulin (the main medication for full fledged type II diabetes) is a fat gaining, cancer growing and decaying hormone to begin with. Never stop any medication cold turkey. Work with your doctor to reduce you medications accordingly, as you become healthier.

So if you think type II diabetes is bad (and it is), wait until you get prescribed the toxic drugs that make sure you keep the disease for the rest of your life. Your doctor may call that "managing" the disease but who wants to keep type II diabetes in their life anyway when you do not have to? Pretty silly stuff considering the disease is completely within the control of the patient or the guardians of the patient and it can be reversed in as little as 7 days. Being sick is a choice but only when the patient is informed of the choice.

Click here to purchase Dr. Whitaker's step by step guide to reversing the type II diabetes and then come join Physical Limits. If you follow Dr. Whitaker's guide, attend the gym and do not reverse your type II diabetes I will personally refund your club membership dues no questions asked. Please inform your doctor of your lifestyle change and let them adjust your medication accordingly.

Thanks for taking care of yourself. See you at Physical Limits at 120 Ninth St. East.613 932 4766

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road Map For Child Health

If you recieve this e-mail from "What Happened to Health" you can click the title of the article to go right to the blog in order to view the videos as well.

The road map for child illness is simple. Unfortunately it starts with the nutrition and overall health status of past generations, as can be seen in PBS's landmark documentary The Ghost In Your Genes.

Then it moves onto the health of the parents themselves, as was researched and documented by Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Marion Pottenger.

Then it moves onto what the children are fed. This short video is a strong testament to how our government and big business have teamed up to make sure our children acquire illness. When you hear a politician talk about growing the economy, this is what they are talking about and this is why the "growing the economy talk" needs to be tempered with the idea of not killing the planet or our citizens to make it happen.

The foods talked about in the above video lead to much disease physically and mentally for our children. This is proven and Dr. Blaylock explains the dangers of processed foods, many of which contain not only GM ingredients but MSG and other chemicals. The US and Canadian situations are mirror images of each other.

Unfortunately, all those stages are mildly offensive compared to the drug stage of this process. (or the "end goal" as I like to call it) Once a child is sick and dysfunctional, only then does it become obvious why so much effort was placed into making sure our children are targeted in the above ways.

Below is a video regarding only one medication that was proven fatal and ineffective yet pushed on our children anyway. Again, the drug manufacturers start with manipulation of top government officials and policy. After that all the other soldiers usually just fall in line. Most times being afraid to use their better judgement due to the base fear involved in the employee/employer relationship. (i.e "being fired" for rocking the boat even if that rocking of the boat protects the health of our children)

A wave of change is sweeping over our population. Health is now in and the people involved realize that self responsibility is the answer. With the government, chemical companies and processed food manufacturers consistently teaming up in an attempt to make our population ill, there is only one way out. Each individual must learn how to be healthy independently. Learn the simple rules of life long health and also learn about the government based deceptions that lay in wait for the uneducated citizens. Physical Limits offers one of the most advanced nutrition, diet and lifestyle health education systems available and it is free with every membership. Come join today. Protect your health and that of your family. Call us with your questions at 613 932 4766.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Dangers For Being Healthy

Getting healthy is great for you personally but not so great for companies who profit from illness. My readers are aware that there is no "big profit" in healthy people. Healthy people control their household budgets properly, healthy people are more prone to consider the earth when they purchase items, they consume less of the planet's resources, they are rarely chronically ill (and if they are ill they never turn to medications) and their health allows them to enter a plain of existence that drives them away from unhealthy purchases and activities.

Healthy people will never grow the economy based on working too much, getting sick, running toward medications for help and then finding the spare time to spend their money (plus what ever they can get on credit) on things that just keep that deadly cycle moving forward. The people feeling the biggest pinch because you are getting healthy are obviously the companies who profit from illness.

These companies are becoming more and more irritated by the rapid move away from drugs, surgeries, chemo therapies and radiation treatments. Conventional doctors are also getting beaten back by well educated clients who question their MD's robotic prescription drug and surgery suggestions.

My friend's father was in the hospital lately and the doctor became very aggressive when he was questioned about why he was prescribing certain drugs. The doctor later admitted he was just using a "hit and miss approach" (that means he was guessing) with the medications, some of which were severely hurting the health of the patient and driving the patient more quickly toward death.

This highly profitable sector of our sick care system will not sit idle and watch it's profits slip away. They are firing back and I do not want to alarm you but you should be concerned. These companies often use various government channels to force their unhealthy products on people, against their will.

These are the new dangers of being healthy. If you want to be healthy and not take drugs our governments will change the laws so drug companies can hunt us down and force unhealthy procedures/medications on the population. Being healthy or living healthy is now being targeted for termination. Our government is becoming more of a "corporate headquarters" and less of a reflection of what we need as a society.

Click here to read about a court in the US that ruled a 13 year boy had to take chemo against his will.

Click here to read that this child and his mother are now on the run from the U.S. government, who are literally chasing them with a bag or bottle of chemotherapy proven to cause cancer. The evidence is crystal clear. Chemotherapy and radiation are carcinogenic (they cause cancer) and destroy the body. This is clearly documented in Dr. Russell Blaylock's Book Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients.

This movie, The Beautiful Truth, was just released by the Gerson Institute proving that cancer's best cure is indeed natural methods, which aid the body in fighting cancer. Making the body stronger and not destroying it.

The processed food and chemical industries always support the drug industry because all natural therapies are based on the removal of chemicals and junk food. The junk food companies, the drug companies and the chemical companies are all holding hands and are marching toward you. That is why you see fast food restaurants, medications and chemicals in our hospitals. It takes a good team to keep you sick.

I have a friend who had cancer and a nurse was assigned to visit him at his home. Dr. Blaylock's guide to treating cancer listed all the foods that increased cancer growth and spread. The visiting nurse presented diet recommendations that were all proven to cause cancer. (every food she recommended was on Dr. Blaylock's list of items that made every aspect of cancer worse) Dr. Blaylock also warns the readers not to be surprised when this happens so my friend graciously refused the diet yet the nurse came on stronger and said,"everything in moderation won't hurt ya". My friend could not believe that what he had read was actually coming true, word for word.

Lets listen to Dr. Thomas Lodi explain how he cures cancer everyday at his clinic without carcinogenic chemotherapy/radiation or body damaging surgeries.

Stay healthy at all costs and watch for drug pushers hidden in government policy attempting to push their toxic products on you and your family. Start protecting yourself today at Physical Limits. Come in for our $10 for 1 month trial and kick start your healthy lifestyle today. 613 932 4766

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I Got Healthy

With 85% of North Americans taking one medication or more it is easy to see that the conventional North American health care model is failing. A vacuum is being created in this empty space and natural therapies, which aid with healing the body, are rushing in to fill the void.

In short, North American medical care is designed to treat and manage symptoms of ill health and that produces a large population who always looks outwards for help instead of looking inwards.

When given a choice who really wants to manage a disease when it can be cured? When given the choice who really wants to treat a disease (a word that means making a disease last as long as possible) as opposed to just getting rid of the disease and moving on with other life challenges? The problem is that our population is rarely given the option between keeping the disease and getting rid of it.

As players in our modern society we are programmed to always look outwards for help. We look to our educational institutions for job possibilities. We look to our government for help with every possible issue and we are taught to look toward our medical system in regards to health. Our teachings always rotate around looking elsewhere for help instead of looking toward ourselves. Some children recognize this immediately upon entering school and are therefore spiritually conflicted every step of the way. School (to many children) is a spiritual con job.

The lifelong programming designed to destroy self reliance can develop a population unable to take action unless a third party is directing the activity. To say this can be dangerous for any society would be the understatement of the century. I remember suggesting to a friend that they quit smoking because of a serious medical issue and she said, "Well, my doctor never told me to quit". That is right where the drug and cigarette companies want everyone. Right between the cross hairs, unable to move even when we are right in front of the firing squad.

Children need to be cared for and adults are supposed to be independent and capable. The end result of teaching an entire society that they are "not capable" is a population of adults who act like scared children. Have you noticed North American governments are the global bullies on the block who do not want to share?

We are teaching our youngest generations that instead of taking care of our own health the best we can do is raise money for disease charities. We also see it with spirituality. Instead of working on the foundations of our bad behavior we often ask forgiveness from a preacher (and keep acting badly because we are never taught on how to work on being good). For example there is little benefit when someone confesses they are an alcoholic (to a preacher) unless the preacher can help them stop drinking and this is rarely the case. With no reliance on self the unhealthy keep going to the doctors and the confession booths, all the while potentially living a life of imbalance, guilt and shame. These scenarios are very dangerous and the results speak for themselves.

Do we really need outside help to make us healthier, happier and richer? Does our health status lie outside or does it lie inside ourselves, our kitchen cupboards and our attitudes? I can only speak for myself but as a healthy person I understand that nothing lies outside my door, my body or my soul.

My health, my income, my feelings of security, my spirituality and my self worth lies inside me and never with third parties. I have coaches but in the end it is me. The idea is to "work in" and not to "work out". The idea is to develop the inside of the body, mind and soul.

I was originally taught to look toward others for everything but now I know all answers lie within me. By being taught to look outside for help I often felt like a gutted fish, as no inside work was ever performed when I relied on others to solve my problems. This cycle ended for me when I just sat down and looked at my own habits and beliefs. It was hard but that is why it is worth it. We all need this searching/quite time in order to remove the habits and beliefs that do not serve us.

If you have a chronic illness and run out the door to your doctor I can honestly say you are running in the wrong direction. If you are in a car accident and run to the hospital I can honestly say you are running in the right direction. It is important to know the difference.

Your doctor did not make you sick so they cannot make you better. They will admit having no idea what causes disease so how are they supposed to cure it? Have you ever noticed there are no success stories of patients who got better in the hospital? It is because conventional medical care provides "attention" but few improvements in health.

If you are sick, you are responsible. Just like if you are healthy you are also responsible. Taking responsibility for the great things in life is easy. Taking responsibility for everything in life is a work of unconditional self love.

Lets watch this short video and learn about the healers in our home town that can help you work on the inside. They are coaches but you are the primary physician. All health professionals mentioned in this video are available in Cornwall. It is just a matter of finding them. Have a great day and thumbs up to Sylvie for helping me add to my video library.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Healthy Children Best Made Prior To Conception

The easiest way to make healthy children is to start at least 6 months prior to conception. It is also important to understand that the quality of a male's sperm is directly affected by their diet, exercise frequency and lifestyle habits. The mother is in control of what happens after conception but the health of the male's sperm plays a direct role in the health of the child. Both parents have to get active to produce healthy offspring, not just the mother.

In the book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" Dr. Weston A. Price recounts how he travelled the world for 10 years documenting how cultures, who produced the healthiest children, all had mandatory diets for couples who planned to marry. A child that could not fill their role in society always posed a threat to the entire tribe. That is why new couples were never permitted to gamble with their nutrition. This ancient wisdom and how it helps build a healthy society appears lost on our currently government regulators.

Parents should follow these simple rules before conception.

- perform a full organ cleanse 6 months prior to conception (we carry these at Physical Limits)

- apply these sleep habit rules to both parents 6 months prior to conception

- use the resources at the Weston A Price Foundation to make a pre-conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy diet for both baby and mother

- start exercising 3 times per week for 1 full year prior to conception

- move to a fully organic and healthy lifestyle - removing all chemicals from the household - this includes removing things like Teflon pans, the microwave, chemicals based personal care products, chemical household cleaners etc

- take a good prenatal vitamin from New Chapter (available at Physical Limits)

- take a good probiotic for 30 days - 3 months prior to conception (available at Physical Limits)

- breast feed for at least 6 months and preferable up to 1-2 years

- get highly educated on vaccines using these resources What Doctors Don't Tell You, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Could Save Your Life and the documentary, "Vaccines - The Hidden Truth", - children with low nutritional status are much more likely to be damaged by vaccines - regardless my family avoids all vaccinations

- create strong mental barriers against medically designed fear that lubricates the use of unhealthy products like anti-boitics, children's Tylenol and other medications that target parents in vulnerable states of trust in the body and the process of illness.......illness often means the body is working properly

-remove things like wireless Internet, cells phones, TVs and electrical devices away from baby and expecting mothers - do not even place anyone's bed/crib (that includes the parents) near an electrical outlet..........this short video explains why every parent needs to do this.

What parents eat has been proven to change the genetic expression of the child. The PBS Nova documentary titled The Ghosts in Our Genes demonstrated that the diet and environment that our parents and grandparents were exposed to does effect the genetic expression of future generations.

This is also seen in animals where signals from the environment (bad food quality, chemical bombardment, high metabolic stresses) reset the genes of the animal for shorter stature, lowered IQ, a reduction in rational behavior and violence.

These genetic adaptations are highly advantageous where bad food quality acts as an environmental signal to the body that a more aggressive animal is needed to compete for what little good food remains. If two animals exist with only one piece of food in front of them, the most violent animal wins every time and the body knows this. The body is designed to maximize it's chances of survival and you (as the owner of the body) have no say what so ever in these processes........but you can avoid the bad food that sets it all off.

The grocery store today is full of food like substances yet the body understands those products are little more than poison. The end result of ingesting these products is always lowered IQ and highly aggressive behavior associated with an increased need to compete for what good food is left. Oddly enough all medications (being that they are not food and all chemical) only accelerate this defensive genetic modification. Simple stuff really. If humans are healthy they are calm and intelligent. If humans are not healthy they are less rational and violent.

Our genetics are like a Swiss army knife, ready to expose the best blade for each given situation. Toxins, chemicals, non-organic foods and anything else unnatural sets our genes for the worst we are capable of becoming. Although control is the answer, many will turn their back on that responsibility.

For the best information on how food effects how we act please watch Dr. Russell Blaylock's video lecture titled, "Nutrition and Behavior"..

For the information you simply will not get anywhere else, count on Physical Limits. Start your healthy lifestyle today with our $10 for 1 month trial. Call us for more details at 613 932 4766.