Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Common Food That Is Making Millions Fat........

Click here or watch the same video below in order to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman discuss the common food component millions are eating......which is making them fat and taking years off their lives.

At the Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic our diet eliminates gluten right away and this helps kick start our client's amazing weight loss results. Call Mari or Tara today at The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic (613.932.4766) for your free consultation and your free samples of our delicious diet product. Revolution ships across Canada for anyone not in our immediate area.

Lose 12-28lbs per month and have those results guaranteed or your money back. Call Mari or Tara at 613.932.4766 for full details. Revolution is also now providing 2 week trials of our rapid weight loss protocol. (average weight loss during 2 week trial is 6-14lbs)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toxic Weight Gaining Poison - remove it for health and weight loss

Click here or watch the same video below in order to understand why one of my clients wrote me last night to say that I had saved her life.

One of my clients was experiencing a large number of seemingly unrelated disease symptoms, which her conventional doctors could not connect. I simply went through my standard list of items regarding general health/toxicity and we discovered her mouth was loaded with mercury below for her direct e-mail to me.

I have been to the dentist in Ottawa the past 2 months ½ and it has been a life-saving decision. I have to thank you for helping make that decision. When I attended your seminar at the Parkway, you stressed the importance of getting rid of those mercury amalgam. My old amalgam were a disaster to happen. The dentist had never seen such putrefied teeth. While mercury is harmful it is what you find underneath that is alarming also. Under my fillings were decayed teeth, black as asphalt. It is a miracle I wasn't more sick. She said I must have a very strong immune system. In those months , I had 6 extractions and 3 composite fillings. A horror story. Thank you for having the courage to voice your beliefs and persevere even through criticism. Along with my dentist, Dr France Chevalier, you saved my life.

Thank you


Make sure your dentist is complying with standard and safe mercury filling removing protocols. Click here for more information.

Thank you Raymonde for having the courage to change directions in life. The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic teaches each and every client how to take full control of their health.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dr. Hyman Explains How to Get Perfect Skin

Click here or watch the same video below in order to view Dr. Hyman explaining the steps necessary to achieve perfect skin.

Bad skin (acne, rashes etc) and premature aging of the skin are tied directly to the body's internal environment. As our bodies become clogged with toxins, the metabolic pathways force excess toxins through our skin. Unhealthy skin is not a sign that you need prescription medication. (as all medications are toxic and therefore only increase the chances of worsening the issue) The key to having perfect skin is leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you are in Cornwall you can certainly start that healthy lifestyle by visiting The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Not only do our clients experience rapid weight loss (12-28lbs per month on average).......they learn what it takes to stay thin, toned and disease free for life.

Being healthy is about getting the right information and that's what The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic is all about. Click here for complete details regarding The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic.

If you're in the Montreal area you can also visit Canadian health guru Annick Robinson. Annick Robinson offers a highly effective 10 day detox protocol out of the Victoria Park Health Club. Click here for more information. Contact Annick at this e-mail address..... or call Victoria Health Club directly at 514.488.5182.

For some quick nutrition tips right now via video (from Annick) you can also click here.

Thank you for keeping your health a top priority.

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