Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will Obama Make You Thin and Healthy?

There is new hope with President Obama, that is for sure but is President Obama out to make the American public any healthier? What happens in the U.S., in regards to health policy often flows directly into Canada.

Canada is the bullied kid at school who pretty well does everything they can do to keep out of a fight. What happens in the U.S., in regards to the laws that govern medications, surgeries and public health policy does affect you as a Canadian.

Does President Obama hold the same deep wisdom about health that he appears to hold about foreign policy or his country's need for change? Could it be that President Obama knows what millions of other Americans know? Could it be that President Obama knows that a fat and medicated America will always fail on every level, regardless of how much bail out money you place in it's hands?

Could President Obama know that the corruption he is out to crush hides mostly in the pharmaceutical and medical industries? Are we going to see the great American Phoenix rise from the ashes because their president knows that a healthy economy is tied directly to the health of the population? Did President Obama view the video below (2 mins) on how bad food lowers I.Q. and increases criminal behavior?

You would think government officials should start focusing on "why" U.S. citizens keep making very bad decisions, regardless of their wealth or educational status. Does President Obama want to make the U.S. healthier?

Unfortunately not many people are aware that Obama is pro-medication. Prior to the election, Senator Barrack Obama (the co-sponsor of the Mother's Act), Senator Hillary Clinton (you would really think a woman would be more likely to vote against this bill) and Senator John McCain (no real surprise here that his vote was/is up for sale to the highest bidder) all voted in favour of the highly controversial Mother's Act.

Sounds like a cozy piece of legislation but it was tabled by the pharmaceutical industry to promote anti-depressants to new mothers. Here is a mother's story who adhered to her doctor's advice and took the anti-depressants after the birth of her child. (5 mins)

Here is a short video about how anti-depressants affect our youth. (4 mins) Anti-depressants will cross into the child during pregnancy and also after birth, via the breast milk if the mother is taking them. (or has taken them in the past)

If you want your money back from the stock market crash in order to build your retire home in 25 years then President Obama most likely is your man. You also best draw into the plan for your retirement home a good sized wheel chair ramp for you and your family members because President Obama's view of health care appears completely in line with past Presidents. It appears the score is not going to change in the next 4 years. That score is.........Big Business 1..........The General Public 0.

There is much hope on many levels with the new President. Lets hope he sees the light in regards to the drugging of his citizens.

It is time for you to step away from the corruption of North American living and embrace your best life. There is hope and you can find that hope at Physical Limits Fitness, right here in Cornwall.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Dying to Fit In?

If you stopped someone on the street and posed the question, "would you live a lesser life and die early if it meant fitting in with the people around you?" you would get "NO" as the answer in the majority of cases. This goes to show just how much our actions and our words can differ.

There is no doubt in my mind that people today are afraid to step outside the norm and because of that fact many people are paying with their lives. Not only are the majority of people today afraid to step outside what is considered "the standard belief system" they have also been conditioned to believe they are not intelligent enough to formulate their own rules of conduct...........even if those rules are based on simple logic.

Everyone reading this knows the truth about health because it is encoded into every cell in the body. Everyone is already blessed with the genetic intelligence to acquire their best life. We all need to start ignoring the "standard" advice of the day and let our body guide us.

Lets take the "staying out of the sun" advice that our health units, our local government officials and their press releases, our local hospitals and our local doctors trumpet like it is some of the most important health advice anyone could give. Most people are just dying to fit in so they take that information and spread it to their kids, family and friends. This is the driving force that grows the cycle of ill health at break neck speed.

The government knows that good citizens take it upon themselves to spread any information they have received to others. In the "real" field of healthy living there is nothing more dangerous than any above ground life form avoiding the sun.

Here is a short video about that exact subject by Dr. J Cannell. (this would be a doctor who is not dying to fit in and who would never endanger the lives of his patients by telling them to stay out of the sun or advise his patients to use cancer causing, highly toxic sunblock)

How about this doctor who found that sunlight aided with elimination of the flu, osteoporosis, auto immune diseases, depression, fatigue and cancer. The government and the drug companies, who insist on using government channels to distribute their unhealthy products, want to make sure you keep taking your toxic flu vaccine etc. ( CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE EVIDENCE PROVING VACCINES ARE HIGHLY DANGEROUS - ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN AND SENIORS.)

This information is kept away from you on purpose. It is all part of the larger plan to keep us sick. When we are sick that is when we generate the most profit for the big players in our society. Have you noticed unhealthy people are usually in debt. Unhealthy people are the spenders and the coal that drives our economic steam engine. Unhealthy people may make lower levels of income but they often spend every penny they have and then some. Bad health creates an over spending, easy to manipulate population. Great for big business and government. Not so good for the average citizen.

People who believe standard government based advice unfortunately believe it all. Bad health gets really bad in a hurry because it usually comes in a cluster of unhealthy beliefs. That means if someone gets the flu shot they are also very likely to stay out of the sun or usesunblock, avoid butter, eat whole grain products, not question surgery recommendations, eat margarine, take antibiotics, use sunblock, drink red wine, take aspirin/Tylenol and other painkillers, feed their children baby formula, avoid breastfeeding to get back to work or avoid breast feeding altogether, eat whole grain cereals, juice and yougurts for breakfast, take any drug their doctor prescribes to them, consume milk products, tell their friends their diseases are genetic, help charities funnel hard earned money to drug companies who push unhealthy and often fatal agendas, eats lots of fruit, think fruit juice is healthy for their kids, think cardio exercise will make them thin and healthy, think continental breakfasts are a good item to consider when picking a hotel, think high cholesterol is bad, participate in all medical tests without question (all designed to get you on drugs or on the surgery table more quickly) travel to specialists outside of town for more unhealthy advice/tests, shop food based on price, have coffee addictions etc etc.

Can you guess the health status of the people who make a sandwich out of this advice? Ill health hits these people like a Mike Tyson right cross, devastating their lives and the health of their entire family unit. The more someone believes in this system the quicker they get sick. The more sick they become the farther into the system they walk. There is a way out and there is hope. It is never too late to get healthy and it can happen overnight. It starts with what you believe and it starts with you taking action.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Health and The Electric Car

Do you think you are a savvy, well-informed health enthusiast? Can you draw the connection between this 2 minute video below and your health? Everything is connected.

Lets first view the 2 minute movie trailer for a documentary film titled, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" You will be surprised that we just gave millions of dollars to the same company who did everything they could to destroy the electric car only 10 year ago. Guess what that company promised to do with the bail out money we just gave them? Build electric cars no less! Why do we let our government give our money to such companies?

The same forces that killed the electric car (big oil, general motors, corrupt politicians) are similar to the forces that keep the greater population living an unhealthy lifestyle with medications, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Illness is big business.

The biggest hurdle to people getting healthy today is the belief that the government is always out there working in our best interest. There is nothing farther from the truth. The results are just not there to believe that our government officials (at any level) have our best interests at heart. Our government officials may believe they do but those beliefs are always based on us working more and then spending our hard earned money on stuff we do not really need. Their beliefs are never based on the general population just being healthy and then trusting everything else will just work itself out from there.

Drugs and surgeries that cause more disease are given the spotlight because there is no money in healthy people. The biggest profit lies in the middle, people who are not yet dead but are not truly alive either. People who have no energy to read and no energy to educate themselves are the easiest people to manipulate. Work them 60 hours per week, get them seeking "goods" to fill the voids in their lives, keep the food supply processed/toxic and just medicate them enough so they can make it to work and then back to their house to sit in front of the TV for some more hypnotic programming about how drugs are good etc etc....

Regardless of the arguments, shock or outrage........this is going on. There is hope and you can avoid this trap by getting healthy.

Sometimes people will stop me out on the street and tell me (usually with much enthusiasm) how many drugs they are on or how many medical tests they have scheduled in the near future. This is a daily occurrence and this never shocks me. What is shocking is that these people fail to see that their health only gets worse under the care of our modern medical system. It really does leave people like me at a loss for words. Cutting the body or taking drugs only makes the body less healthy and more vulnerable to advanced disease. The proof is everywhere but people only see what they want to see.

Just how many people in the world today know that our modern medical system is designed to perpetuate ill health by making a patient's disease last as long as possible? I could name hundreds of websites, hundreds of doctors and dozens of movie's that attempt daily to get the word out to our citizens in the most need. This movie below is a great example. Run the 3 minute trailer for an eye opening experience.

This movie below also does a great job at trying to get the word out about how drug companies invent diseases and then market those diseases to healthy citizens. A drug company knows that when they run out of sick people that the next step is to convince healthy people they are sick. Run the 4 minute trailer.

Let 2009 be your best year. Let 2009 be the year you step away from the government endorsed advice that keeps you on a treadmill of depression, weight gain and accelerating disease. Let 2009 be the year you place the health of yourself and your family above "keeping up with the Joneses". Healthy is the new cool. Start your best year with Physical Limits and The Famous Revolution Weight Loss Clinic. Call 613 932 4766. We will teach you everything you need to know to protect your health and the health of your entire family.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How To Be Happy

Our new year's resolutions usually center around becoming more happy and satisfied in the upcoming year. Exercise and an optimal diet definitely increase the chances of someone finding true happiness. We also need social interaction and loving relationships as well in order to be truly happy. The short video below reviews what was discovered when happy people were studied. Happy people hold many habits in common. There is a recipe for happiness.

Get Happy!:How To Be Happy

In order to be truly happy one must also live in tune with all their natural cycles. Good sleep habits (getting to bed no later than 10:30 and rising no earlier than 5:30), consuming unprocessed organic foods, avoiding the ingestion of all medications and others toxins, getting 30 minutes of raw sunlight per day (without block), working 40 hours or less for others per week and participating in regular sexual/intimate activities have all been proven to prime the body for ultimate lifelong satisfaction. Humans just being human..........nothing complex.

It has been proven time and time again that when we do not live in tune with our natural cycles the body activates the depression and manic behavior part of the brain in order to try and associate negative emotions with the bad lifestyle. The body is designed for survival so when the owner of the body does things or eats things that will end with premature death the body sends out concrete signals (unhappy thoughts, depression, high anxiety etc) in order to try and drive the owner of the body away from such negative activities. Today our medical system thinks shutting off these valuable singals with medications and then continuing with the lifestyles that are killing us is our best option. Smart people say, "thanks but no thanks!"

The human body is hardwired to let the owner of the body know if they are on the right track in life. This short video describes our evolutionary protection mechanism, which is designed to always lead us in the right direction and away from harm. The depression and negative emotions that come from living a bad lifestyle and eating bad foods are highly intelligent and calculated hormonal reactions designed to tell the owner of the body to change direction in life.

The key to being healthy and happy is found in what are known as the "simple things in life". You cannot buy health and happiness. This ultimately frustrates and confuses many North Americans who have always been taught........"when there is a problem just throw money at it".

From our recent billion dollar corporate bail outs to the epidemic of disease based fundraisers right here in the Cornwall area.............the trend of hoping money will heal everything without any adherence to the real issues is ever present in our society. Throwing money at things and ignoring the obvious is the disease and not the cure. Today our leaders have the exact opposite approach to what needs to be done. We can tell this is true because we keep getting the exact opposite result to what we want.

You are different and you know what it takes to be healthy. It is time for you to live your best life. Exercise, sunlight, relaxation, real food and interactions with other humans are just some foundational ingredients to a perfect life. Happiness is not found in video games, flat screen TVs, new kitchens or perfectly manicured pesticide laced lawns. No one knows who or what encoded our genes with their current priority system. None the less it should come as no surprise that the body will never react well to being polluted with medications or toxins, being kept out of the sunlight or working 60 hours per week at a job that has little meaning.

The body is designed to be happy when treated well. Start treating yourself well by coming into Physical Limits, exercising and learning what foods/habits will set you on the track for life long happiness. Call today at 613 932 4766 and ask about our $10 for 1 month trial. Today is the day.