Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Appendix - is that thing really important? The Hidden Truth Of Organ Removal

North American medicine's take on organs like the appendix, uterus, ovaries, gall bladder, tonsils etc goes something like this, "if we do not really know what it does, it has no real essential function and we can only guess nature got it wrong...........such organs are either mistakes or mere announces........their removal will not affect your health". Sounds pretty silly but today that is the idea North American medicine is selling.

Logic is often left at the door when someone visits their conventional medical doctor. Think about it like this. Open the hood of your car and just take any piece out of the engine. OK, now close the hood and bet me your car will run better and longer without that part.

You understand it with a car, right? Why do so many people not even give it a second thought when a doctor suggests removing one of their parts? Nature did not get it wrong. You need all your parts. If parts are not working right, you fix them. You don't throw them out. If you were in an airplane (in flight) and it was having trouble staying in the air would you A) vote to start removing parts and throw them out or B) vote to keep working with the parts you have in order to find a solution?

What are the reasons certain organs stop working properly? What do you have to do in order to fix the organs that are malfunctioning? Your conventional medical doctor will never research the simple procedures to reverse disease because they do not receive any incentive or bonus payment for curing you or making you more healthy. Income for your doctor is based on you being sick and staying sick.

Whether it is heavy uterine bleeding from cysts all the way to an inflamed gallbladder.........there is a good chance it can be fully reversed with lifestyle and dietary changes. Here is a short clip on why it is so hard to be healthy.

Surgeons are not paid to be on call. It takes close to 12 years to become a surgeon and that means their careers are short. Surgeons need a steady supply of work and our medical system is more than happy to serve up patients for unnecessary surgeries to keep surgeons around for the situations when they are truly needed. Surgeons can't survive off car accidents and wars alone.

Due to the fact that all surgeries and all medications injure the body in some, way, shape or form and since hospitals feed their patients the foods that cause organs to malfunction, regular medical care becomes the ultimate employment feeder system for surgeons. (have you seen the food hospitals feed their patients and staff or the junk food vending machines in our hospitals)

Since North American medical education dismisses the ancient genetic healing mechanisms of the body, it is no surprise that the appendix has always been thought of as an annoying little piece of the intestinal track that could be safely removed when it becomes inflamed.

The fact of the matter is that an inflamed appendix indicates an infection most likely due to constipation. What causes the constipation? The answer is poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Where is the medical study that reviews the diets of each person with an inflamed appendix? Those studies don't exist because North American medicine never wants their patients to know which foods make them sick.

Once inflamed, the appendix can indeed rupture to cause death of the patient. Why does our health care system focus on reacting to illness instead of trying to stop it before it happens? If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know the answer.

Here is the ultimate health guru Paul Chek talking about constipation and it's dangers.

Waiting for the appendix to get inflamed from a bad diet and then performing surgery is akin to building a hospital at the bottom of a large mountain instead of building a fence at the top of the mountain. Sure the hospital comes in handy when people fall down the mountain and injure themselves but it would be much better for everyone involved to just build a fence at the top, so no one ever falls down the mountain in the first place.

Good health always makes a lot of sense but it never makes a lot of dollars. Any hospital employee smart enough to mention building a fence at the top of the mountain is often fired or ostracized because less sick people means layoffs.

As for the nasty little piece of the intestine (the appendix), it is actually designed to protect us when we have diarrhea. We need a good supply of friendly bacteria in our gut to operate our immune system, digest food, produce cellular energy, keep unwanted bacteria at bay and regulate the elimination of toxins.

When all our good bacteria gets flushed during a bout of diarrhea we need a little sample left to re-populate the gut with good bacteria. We need to re-seed the entire intestinal track. Voila, that is the function of the appendix. Due to it's curved shape the appendix keeps a sample of our original feces, even when we have diarrhea so life can continue again. Sort of like a Noah's Ark of feces.

Click here to read about the true function of the appendix.

So without the appendix the patient would be more prone to low cellular energy (which can lead to everything from fatigue to cancer), poor digestion, weight gain, over eating, increased hunger cravings, opportunistic infections of the intestinal track that spread to other parts of the body (dandruff, asthma, vaginal yeast, acne, rashes, thrush, sinusitis, ear infections etc), fertility issues, PMS and an entire collection of seemingly unrelated diseases. Great for the medical industry, bad for the patients.

Once the appendix is removed, obviously the patient will not die from an inflamed appendix anymore. The surgeon looks like a hero, additional dysfunctions are now coming the patient's way, the patient's ill health only accelerates with an essential organ missing and the cycle of turning healthy people into patients for life continues.

Point is...."keep your parts" because it does not matter which one the surgeon suggests for removal. They can work again, you just need the proper information. They all perform valuable metabolic functions. Just because North American medicine doesn't know the extent of their function does not mean you can remove your organs without hurting your overall health.

Scary stuff but an article that needed to be written. Sometimes it is about the next generation and not the current one when it comes to issues like this. We need to learn from our mistakes and forward this information onto our children and grand children. We have to protect the next generation. They are the future and they need to be healthy.

If you have already had some organs removed it is very important you live as clean and in tune with your natural cycles as possible. Click here for an interview and book that lays out, step by step, what it takes to bring perfect health into the body.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vaccince Bombshell

The general public are often told vaccines are safe and vaccines will keep you healthy.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (a medical doctor) lets the truth flow and lets her patients know that nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Tenpenny actually talks of vaccines as "business loss leaders". A business loss leaders is a product that is offered at a discount for the purposes of drawing you into a store. Then when you are there, the store just hopes you buy more stuff. Sort of like when people enter Jean Couteau to buy 2 liters of pop for .99 cents. While people are picking up the pop, which will take many years off their life, the same customer also picks up chocolate bars, Tylenol or some ex-lax at the same time.

Dr. Tenpenny states that vaccines actually cause more disease later on in life and inferes that manufacturers are well aware of this. (sometimes instantly or in the first few weeks or even decades later) Due to all the extra dysfunction vaccines bring the patient just keeps coming back to get more drugs, tests and surgeries.

I cannot impress upon my readers enough that this recorded interview with Dr. Tenpenny is ground breaking. It is not that I have never heard any of this information before but I was floored to hear a medical doctor actually lay it on the line in this manner. I was like, "Holy cow, people need to hear this right now!".

If you really think vaccines are safe or effective you need to listen to this interview or download it to your Ipod. I was literally floored at the content of this interview and I actually collect information on this subject.

All this oddly enough is coming on the heels of a doctor, out of our local Health Unit in Cornwall, writing an article in the Standard Freeholder on Monday talking about how safe and effective vaccines are. Why do you think a government employed doctor is taking the time to try and convince Cornwall citizens vaccines are safe? Do you think the word is getting out that they are not safe? Do you think doctors are getting tired and fearful of the growing number of patients who understand chemicals cannot improve health? You bet the word is getting out that vaccines are not safe or effective?

Things that are safe do not need defending and things that are safe are purchased freely by consumers. Things that are safe and natural are rarely promoted. When is the last time you witnessed a TV advertisement for broccoli or rutabagas? The fact of the matter is that large drug companies force their products onto us with the help of government institutions and government officials.

The doctor from our local health unit went all the way back to the basics of medical persuasion and brought out the only weapon they have left. That weapon is "fear". That doctor's article in the Standard Freeholder recounted the death of a new born and went on to hold vaccines as the miracle that may have saved the day if it was delivered in time.

What about the 24 sets of North American parents whose daughters just died from the HPV vaccine (Gardasil). This local doctor instills no fear about the possible fatal reactions to vaccines but injects as much fear as possible in regards to not getting vaccinated. Click here for more information on the dangers of Gardasil.

Click here to listen to Health Ranger Show #75: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Dangers of Vaccines.

Click here to visit her website called "Saying No To Vaccines".

Vaccinations are not mandatory in Ontario and no child can be banned from any school for not having them. Click here for the documents you need to fill out in order to keep vaccines out of your child's body.

I get asked by my clients all the time and "no" my child has not received any vaccinations. My daughter gets sick like any other child but her immune system is getting stronger through exercise. You cannot be a better fighter unless you fight on a regular basis and that is what I let her immune system do.

Do you think your doctor would sign a form guaranteeing that your child will not get sick or die from the vaccines they endorse so freely? Doctors claim vaccines are safe right? So a signature guaranteeing your child's safety should not be a problem right? Give it a try and click here to download a form for your doctor to sign stating that your child will be safe/healthy/alive after they are vaccinated. See where that will get you. That is when a doctor's true colors will shine through.

Guess who are one of the least vaccinated portions of the population? You guessed it...........doctors and their immediate families. Not a real shocker that the people who know the most about vaccinations steer clear of them.

The North American model for trying to make you better just makes you more ill. Look out the window on any given day. It is time to start your own personal health Revolution. With our North American medical system trying to convince you that chemicals will make you healthier, you best do something independently. Call Physical Limits today and get started with our 1 month trial for only $10. Give us a call at 613 932 4766.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Article Was Banned

I write health articles for a local newspaper and about once per year one of my articles gets rejected because it is loaded with controversy. The most recent rejected article is listed below.

The truth of the matter is that a large chunk of our economy is based on selling products that make people sick or selling useless medications/surgeries to the people when they become sick.

With so much of our economy based on sickness it is no surprise that the truth about health irritates a large part of the business community, both locally and across the country.

The last article that actually made it into the newspaper documented medically proven cures for learning disorders. (listed by Dr. Mark Hyman in his new book titled The Ultra Mind Solution) One local doctor in Cornwall called and complained to the newspaper that someone like myself should never be able to list such information in an article. Just another example of how some of our local doctors do not want their patients curing their disease. I say "too bad" and let the truth flow.

The censored article is below. Enjoy the day.

How Bad Food Is Bankrupting Our Nation

Bad food today is bankrupting our nation and we as citizens are always left to pick up the tab. Large unhealthy corporations lobby hard to force governments to pass laws, which continually place us between the cross hairs. To be shot with a gun is one thing but when the government forces you to pay for the gun, the bullets and the wage of the person shooting you........it redefines the word "unfair".

Unhealthy corporations are obsessed with the concept of “downloading”. The concept of “downloading” is the art of downloading the real costs of unhealthy products to regular people like you and me. It is done in a clever way, to a point where we do not even realize we are paying extra to help unhealthy companies post larger profits. This happens on such a large scale that it actually obscures reality. Our government plays a leading role in these “downloading” structures as they bow to special interest groups, who rarely have our best interests at heart.

To demonstrate what “downloading” means lets just start with something simple like why part-time student workers have a lower minimum wage than everyone else. That story starts with American greed and the main franchiser of McDonalds, Ray Kroc. He wanted to make sure the profits of fast food restaurants remained high so he approached the U.S. government to pass a law regarding lower wages for students. Voila, the true cost to produce/serve the food is downloaded to the students. A group of underpaid workers and it looks legal. Workers who serve liquor are paid even less using the same downloading tactics.

Most of us tip restaurant workers because they get paid less and have to make a living but the restaurant should be paying them a regular wage in the first place. Again, the public gets downloaded the cost of running the restaurant.

The wage minimums should be equal across the hoard. Our “tip” not only helps increase the profit of the restaurant but also helps unhealthy companies maintain lower prices on their menus so unhealthy foods are more affordable. Lower prices for crap food means a greater competitive advantage over healthy choices.

If restaurants had to pay all their workers regular wages what would be the real cost of the food that is killing our nation? Would the true cost of a burger and fry drive more people toward healthier choices? This is not even close to all that we are paying for.

Our government provides our tax dollars to farmers, in the form of subsidies, who produce the unhealthy corn syrup for the restaurant’s soft drinks and even the unhealthy canola or soy oils that are in the fryers, sauces and salad dressings. We pay again to give unhealthy products an artificially low price. Crap food is actually expensive to produce compared to an organic farmer tending their field but the government and greedy corporations team up to keep unhealthy products at a lower price, all at our expense.

Even big companies know the downloading described above is petty compared to where they really save. Unhealthy companies are rarely taken to task by the government for the other “real” costs of their crap products. What is the cost of the pollution, the obesity, the cancer, the heart disease, the learning disorders, the lost days of work, the premature death, the losses in productivity, the birth defects, the loss of dreams, the addictions, the crying, the medications, the surgeries, the fertility problems, the frustration, the poverty, the divorce and the crime? Study after study links unhealthy foods to all the above. Guess who pays for all that? We do.

Factor in the true costs of these products and a burger and fry may be $649. If that is indeed the true price, let it stand. The government has to stop keeping the cost of bad food artificially low.

Don’t count on the government or big business to keep you healthy. Vote with your dollars. Support healthy organic foods and hit unhealthy companies right in the wallet because that is the only way to get their attention.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Poison Lurking in Your Bathroom


Is the public's blind faith in their government one of the corner stones of our raging disease epidemic? Many health professionals, including myself, would say so. There must be a shift (and it has to be done quickly) toward just making sure our government stops endorsing policies that are scientifically proven to hurt our health.

Ill health can take down large empires. Just ask the Romans who poisoned themselves with lead pipes, as they tried to upgrade to indoor plumbing. This story has similar underpinnings.

"If it was that bad the government would do something about it", is a phrase that often roars through the average person's mind as they hear that their own government is directly involved in policies that hurt child and adult alike.

Lets take fluoride for example. Fluoride is and always was a poison. It is main ingredient in many pesticides for rodents and other large animals. Fluoride is listed as the most or the second most volatile chemical chemical known to man. (that means fluoride is one of the most reactive and dangerous compounds when it is exposed to any other element or compound)

Just how dangerous is this chemical? Did you know that study after study links fluoride to cancer, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis and many other popular diseases of our generation? Are you drinking tap water and using toothpaste with fluoride in it? Do you have hypothyroidism? How is your weight? Are you a little heavy? Are you tired sometimes? How is your general health?

If fluoride is supposed to help with cavities why are most people's mouths full of cavities even though they use fluoride laced toothpaste? Why are we accepting of multiple cavities and the myth that fluoride is good at preventing cavities, all at the same time? It just doesn't add up.

Lets watch these 3 short videos regarding the hidden poison lurking in your bathroom. Ask yourself why our local governments are placing this poison in our tap water? Why an investment to hurt the health of the public? Why are we paying for this? The Canadian and American situations are mirror images of each other.

Let Physical Limits Fitness and The Revolution Weight Loss Clinic teach you where to get fluoride free products and how to reinvigorate your health after a lifetime of fluoride exposure. Come try our $10 for 1 month trial membership to get started. Just call 613 932 4766. Have a great day and see you soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Allopathic Medicine Strikes Again

What is "allopathic medicine"?

Lets explain this very important term. Allopathic medicine is traditional North American medicine. One only needs to focus on the "all" part of the word in allopathic. It sort of means we know "all", we use "all" the good treatments, just trust in "all" we do, "all" our drugs/treatments are safe, we known "all" aspects of the body, "all" other forms of medicine/health simply do not work etc etc.....

For the sake of making this as short as possible, the North American allopathic medical system not only doesn't work it is extremely dangerous to anyone who subjects themselves to it. This model of health care is actually the third leading cause of death in the United States and although no similar study has been done in Canada, you can connect the dots as Canadians use all the same drugs and surgeries that are killing our friends to the south. If you go to the United States for a vacation, you are 5 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than by a gun. That is a real statistic.

Medical drug study after drug study has been coming up as completely fraudulent. As stated in many previous articles, drug companies are very aware of how to profit in a cycle of negative drug publicity.

Drug companies fake studies to push dangerous and ineffective medications. These bogus studies eventually surface as fraudulent. The authorities slap the hands of the scientists and drug company executives involved. To make the public feel safe, government officials call in the news cameras and play what looks like hard ball with the perpetrators. (this always amounts to all bark and no bite) Fines are paid but the massive profits are not even dented. With no real penalty, the cycle continues with the next fraudulent drug study. It is a business model on to itself. Oddly enough even when the fraudulent studies are highlighted many patients still take the useless medication for reasons too vast to discuss here.

Click here to read about one scientist who completely fabricated 21 medical drug studies. These false studies helped promote some of the most popular, least effective and highly toxic drugs of our time.

The drugs involved in these studies don't work and the patients who take them know they don't work because they are still dysfunctional yet they keep taking them because of our cultural "top down" information hierarchy. What this means is that doctors are conditioned to just trust their medical journals and the patients are just conditioned to trust their doctors and so on and so on.

How powerful is this conditioning? Well, most doctors know their treatments and drugs rarely help their patients and the patients know for sure that they are not getting any better yet they all just keeping marching in the parade because that is what is expected of them. That is what you call powerful conditioning. No one provides or receives any benefit but the entire system powers on at full blast.

These situations just provide the blue print of what is needed to get ineffective/highly profitable medications on the market. All you need to do is bribe and control the people at the top of the information pyramid. The trickle down effect just takes care of the rest. It happens all the time and the 21 fraudulent drug studies highlighted above are not the exception, they are the norm.

Lets end with one of the first cartoons to be a hit in the field of "real" health. It clearly explains what the phrase "allopathic medicine" is all about, why it is so dangerous and why it does not work.

Physical Limits is a fitness club that is different. We teach our clients what real health is all about. When you are ready we are here for you. Call us at 613 932 4766.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My School Boy Confession - School and Depressed Kids

Throughout my school career there was always a nagging little voice telling me to move away from what I was learning and to move toward things I was passionate about.

While I was in school, I always felt that the subjects taught were trying to break me down and somehow break my true human spirit. I always felt the conflict between trying to make people happy (teachers, parents etc) and always feeling that I did not want the boring existence that went along with mastering what I was being taught.

It was hard to ignore that voice but like all good students I eventually just put my nose to the grind stone and fought tooth and nail for high marks with my fellow students. What were we fighting for? What was our reward for our high marks? Are we happy?

Were you aware that there were no formal education systems in most countries prior to the industrial revolution? Were you aware that what is taught within our school systems is highly influenced by the needs of business people, who always seek to mass produce the skill sets necessary for their business ventures?

Are we taught just enough to work in a factory and just less than what we need to own the factory or make a living from our creative passions? Does our school system actually dumb us down? We know our school systems do not teach us anything about cooking, eating or growing healthy foods. Is our school system designed to make our children dependent on third parties for their survival? How is our spiritual and physical health connected to what is taught in our schools?

Have you ever had a passion you wished to pursue when you were young but were told, "you can't make a living at that"? Is it really true we couldn't make a living with our passions or is it true that North American capitalism just works better when evreyone is the same?

What was that little voice trying to tell me when I was in school? Is the violence our children are showing toward school a reflection of the spiritually unsatisfying job options that await them? Can our children literally smell a con job? Is this why so many children are depressed and not wanting to listen to what is being taught to them? Is it ADHD or is the curriculum the equivalent of spiritual suicide for our children?

With so many adults depressed and unhealthy, is it even logical that we expect our children to just follow the same processes that have already produced the most dysfunctional society in human history? Our children are smart and see the pain and boredom in most adults they come into contact with.

Many adults are depressed, overweight, medicated and generally unhappy. Are the depressed adults a mature function of the non-creative educational system they were exposed to during their childhoods? Does our education system sow the seeds of an unsatisfying life by teaching us to be afraid of "mistakes". Does our schools crush our creative and adventurous spirit? Is absence of spirit tied to an unhappy life?

If this discussion interests you, you may want to watch this video by a brilliant school teacher. Are you sure your children are being educated correctly so they become healthy and happy human beings? Sit back and watch. This is worth even 5 minutes, trust me.

Find yourself again at Physical Limits. Discover what is true once more. Call us at 613 932 4766. We are here when you are ready.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Health Revolution Explodes!

Eating healthy and moving as far away from the conventional medical paradigm is now a world wide movement. There are those who follow the mainstream info of medications, surgeries and medical testing. Then there are people who take care of their own health with organic whole foods, relaxation and exercise. The mind set of each group is completely opposite when it comes to their health.

One group thinks their MD's will take care of their health and the other group knows that conventional doctors only worsen a person's health with drugs, surgeries and an ever growing numbers of medical tests. (all designed to sell more drugs and more surgeries) One group thinks drug treatments are healthy and the other group knows that the word "treatment" means making a disease last as long as possible. One group goes to their MD for every little ache and pain and the other group avoids conventional doctors like death itself. One group thinks they can "buy" health and the other group knows you must "do" health.

How big is the "real" health movement getting? Who has the greatest number of followers? Just watch this movie to find out for yourself. This video is powerful.

The number of people taking drugs and submitting themselves to surgeries is getting smaller and smaller everyday. In reality once a key portion of the past generation passes away (usually with the aid of the medical system they love and trust) there are literally less and less trusting patients to take their places. The conventional medical system is killing off the last of their followers. The drug and cut industry is literally running out of people who are crazy enough to believe that cutting the body or taking chemicals will make them healthy.

Do you want to join the healthy generation? Do you want to look and feel your best in a very short amount of time? Call Physical Limits at 613 932 4766. It is time for you to live your best life. It is time to leave the unhealthy habits in the past for good. Let us show you how.